Jump Yard

Road E cor. Las Fiestas St., Frontera Verde, Pasig, Metro Manila

Jump Yard
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Open: 12:00p - 10:00p


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    • 10:00a - 10:00p
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Most Recent Reviews

Gia N.
1.0 Stars

The place was unorganized and smelly. There was so much trash they could’ve cleaned up, and the service was terrible. The staff was very rude because they acted superior, and the bathrooms were dirty. The toilets were leaking, while the tissues were scattered all over. Not visiting any time soon.

The Jump Yard itself was fun, but again, smelled like feet. There wasn’t much to do since the pictures on the internet make the place bigger than it actually is.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Maye D.
5.0 Stars

Super fun experience for both kids and adults. It is an indoor trampoline park that has different sections. You can freely jump and bounce around, tumble and flip (at your own risk as they say), shoot hoops on trampolines at the olympic area, play dodge ball, wall climb and drown in foam pits. The foam pits are quite smelly though, as everyone is sweaty and of course foam is super absorbent. 128518

The rate is Php 350/hr + Php 100 for grip socks. Bring grip socks if you have so you won't have to pay an additional hundred. I like how systematic they are when letting people in and out. They have time slots. We arrived at 10:40am hence we didn't make it to the 10:30am batch so they made us wait until 11:30am for the next one. Arrive 20 minutes prior to your preferred time since you still need to register, pay and change clothes if ever.

We went here for a date and it was fun but I would recommend this more for family bonding. 128522

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5.0 Stars

Jumpyard is a fun, happy and 1000% smelly place128514128514128514. First of all, it's awesome that more and more playgrounds are opening and kids now can interact with one another and physically move around rather than get stuck with digital games. Kinda feel bad we didn't have this back then, #butyesageisjustanumber 128530128522. So, it was a great experience for the kids and I know they really enjoyed it. They were sweating like hell and smelling like they were under the sun the whole time lol. My only concern here is the ventilation. They should really do something about it. As we opened the door, a swoosh of air welcomed us and the scent was a mix of sweat & old socks from smelly kids! It's like being trapped in the boys gym & mind you, the scent doesn't go away nor will you get used to it after a while. It just lingers around the waiting area which happens to be the cafeteria too. The trampoline area is just as bad, of course 128586 haha. We tried a few stuff they sell there for snacks and mostly are just for kids. It's all fried pancake mix, hotdogs and not even tj kind but for worn out kids, I know these would be heaven for them 128522128513

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Glenzy C.
4.0 Stars

Dubbed as the first and biggest indoor trampoline park in the country today. There are tons of activities that you can do and enjoy.You can jump as high as you can, bounce off walls, play a game of dodgeball with friends, wall climb, dive into a foam pits and so much more.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Last Sunday, we felt like kids again - my girl friends and I decided to try this place out. We were 1 of 2 groups of adults at that time, but we had so much fun. We thought an hour wouldn't be enough yet it was. The activities can be exhausting. 128514

Make sure to bring grip socks. If you don't have any, they sell that at the venue for 100pesos. Also bring change of clothes because you'll definitely sweat.

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

What a workout!

I felt like I burned at least a thousand calories! Just a few minutes of jumping... Already gets you soaking! Woah!

It was surely a fun experience! I spent two hours jumping with my family and yeah it was definitely a good bonding venue! I was lucky that there wasn't much people around so you can do lotsa tricks freely and bounce your way around without waiting for people to finish.

My fave would be the basketball. You do dunks and different tricks. Well, it makes you feel tall for once haha!

It is totally safe here so don't worry, there are lotsa martials there to supervise and they got first aid kits on hand.

I surely recommend this place ! It is a good summer activity! For kids and kids at heart. 100841008410084

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Nicole S.
5.0 Stars

'Twas a great experience, kids and adults will love them all the same.

There are various types of play areas such as dodgeball and basketball. There is also a free play and an Olympic trampoline area for the non-competitive jumpers.

There are different rates but we got the 1 hour for 250 pesos this is sufficient as after the first 30 mins you will already be tired. You also will need to purchase P100 grip socks to not slide on the trampolines.

You cannot bring your own water though and phones are not allowed in the jumping area.

All in all it was a good experience and I would go again!

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Pia Christine B.
5.0 Stars

I LOVE THIS PLACE! We spent our Valentine's Day here. We always love doing activities to celebrate Valentine's Day, Anniversaries etc. I think it now costs 350/hour for Fri-Sun. At first I thought mabibitin kami. But no, just after 30mins we were sweating like crazy and really really tired from jumping around. 128522 Will definitely come back. 128522

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

With vouchers expiring soon, I asked R if he could accompany me to visit Jump Yard, an indoor trampoline place near Tiendesitas, beside Ark Avilon Zoo. We have a very tight schedule to work on so we decided to visit last night.

Hello, Jump Yard!

The place was packed with kids and their parents when we visited. There were a couple of teens but it was undeniable that we were among the oldest (but not the least fit individuals in the trampolines, I hope).

It was a good thing that the place gets cleared up every hour to make room for new jumpers. And when it was finally our time slot, there were not a lot of kiddos around.

We were a tad too excited that we started to jump without warming up. As soon as we saw available trampolines with hoops, we played basketball, super jump style. 127936⛹🏻

And that was when I realized that it was hard to get the rhythm, timing, accuracy and... endurance. I was panting and sweating after 5 minutes! Yes, FIVE MINUTES. Talk about being flabby and unfit!

Anyway, I wanted to maximize my voucher so off I go to the other trampolines. (Note: Do not jump on a trampoline with another jumper. It is not allowed and noncompliance can get you kicked out.)

We went to the foam cubes next and... it was a bit nasty. It smelled like gym lockers. But I have to admit, it was still fun.

We also climbed the mini wall and jumped off to dive in the bigger pool of foam cubes. (Careful with your grip socks! It took me a bit to find mine!)

Want to go crazy or extreme? There are four trampolines that are a lot bouncier (because these are bigger and longer and made of different material) where you could do some stunts like flips and back flips.

Hungry? They also have a dining area outside that serves comfort food like nachos. We didn't try it though because the place was too packed!

Would I go back? Definitely! The registration process was so smooth and the marshals were friendly. I just hope that they put room diffusers and air fresheners along the spiral staircase and inside the trampoline area.

Note to parents: If your little ones are below 48 inches, they might not fully enjoy the indoor trampoline experience as there are a few areas where they are not allowed to jump.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Yen D.
4.0 Stars

I’m sure you’ve heard about the opening of the first biggest indoor trampoline park in the Philippines – JUMP YARD!

This 2,000 sqm. jumping space occupies the old location of the Blue Whale Grill Restaurant. Renovated, spacious and air-conditioned to give each customer a great experience.

Before you start jumping away, a safety video will be played for you to watch to make sure you’re aware of the dos and don’ts inside the facility. Make sure to pay attention because no one wants anyone to get hurt! After watching the video, you can go ahead and wear your Jump Yard grip socks, remove your accessories, secure your things and have a fun time! You’ll notice that there are trained Marshals always on the look-out and ready to assist anyone any time of the day.

At Jump Yard, you can play at the Slam Dunk Basketball area, Cage Ball, Dodge Ball, Foam Pit, Open Jump Trampolines, and Olympic Trampoline built for high bounces.

Jump Yard also has a working restaurant where you can order light meals and beverages. Be reminded, though, that bringing in of food is not allowed. If you don’t plan to go inside the trampoline area, there is a viewing deck area where you can watch all the fun. For parties or celebrations, Jump Yard has attractive party packages available.

My family and I definitely worked up a sweat and burned lots of calories jumping around. But isn’t that the whole point of this incredible playground? The amount of fun that could be had is immeasurable.

So, head on over to the Jump Yard where fun and excitement can be measured by “leaps and bounds”!


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Aileen L.
3.0 Stars

The first ever largest trampoline theme park in the metro! Located at Frontera Verde in Fun Ranch Tiendesitas.

Another new attraction for kids , teens and even adults. Perfect for all ages. This trampoline park just opened recently and after my 36 bday celebration last February at the Venice Grand Canal we decided to treat the kids as it was my daughter who 's having her bday real soon.

The place was so full and were about to back out but glad we don't. The process was fast. Place has two floors. You need to sign a waiver first then fall in line to the cashier. Fee is around 300 pesos then socks is 100 pesos then locker so around 500 pesos per person. We paid around 2t. Our kids wanted to join them and we had no choice. We're a cool parents anyway. Another family bonding for us. You are allowed to use the facilities to one hour.

We left our valuables at the locker then had some warm up then we enter the trampoline park already. The kids enjoyed the basketball area. Hop hop and dunk!127936

In the 30 mins of stay were all sweating. I swear magandang exercise ito , feeling ko I lost a lot of calories. It's a unique experience but I had a stiff neck for two days so be careful .

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