Jungle Trail

Puerto Princesa Underground River, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Jungle Trail
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Shayne B.
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128070๐Ÿผ Photo of my friend with our "tour guides". 128522

"Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but pictures,
Burn nothing but calories~"

So we chose to go to Puerto Princesa Underground river via trek. After securing our permits, we met our tour guide, Ate Vangie. Since it was just me and my two friends, we allowed Ate Vangie to bring her kids with her when she asked for permission and let them experience the underground river (and the trail) too! 128522 She told us that the kids are born and raised in Palawan, but never had the chance to experience the PPUR. Blessing other people won't hurt, right?

The trail is 3.6 kilometer trek. There are little bridges with names-- Ate Vangie told us that they were from foreign volunteers who made those bridges. She even told us some tips in case we get lost-- how to get water and what tree/fruit to eat in the jungle. She even pointed us one part of the jungle used to be called "Orchid Corner" (?) I believe, but now it was just a plain rest area because she told us that locals tend to pick those orchids and sell it in the market.

We heard monkeys around. Ants were too big so be careful where to sit temporarily when you rest. We also passed by few caves and took photos there.

The mid part gets steeper so we slowed down a little. On our 4th rest area, we met some Germans who did the boat-underground river-jungle trail route. Just the opposite of our jungle trail-underground river-boat route. They told us to be very careful as there are lots of monkeys when you get near the river. We all talked for 15 minutes and went on.

I fell a lot of times because of my shoes and clumsiness. Good thing I have a guy friend who is strong enough to catch me whenever it happens. At first, my friend is at the back of our group but when Ate Vangie and her girls noticed that I fall a lot, she told my friend to stay at my back instead. Ate Vangie can't stay at my back because she must be in front at all times and guide our path. They somehow enjoyed my falling series cos it was something they laughed about during our trek. 128514 Atleast I made them happy! Hahahaha 128513128584

As we get near the underground river, there were already lots of monkeys on the way. We were told by Ate Vangie to put our water bottles in our bags as well as phones. Sometimes the monkeys think that the stuff you hold are foods, so they tend to attack people sometimes. We even passed by some "bayawak" or monitor lizard. Hell, the animals there aren't like zoo animals who will go away when people get near them. In the jungle trail, THEY WILL BE THE ONE WHO WILL GET NEAR YOU. 128513128581๐Ÿผ128517 There are huge centipedes and wild butterflies also.

Soon as we reached the end point, Ate Vangie got our life jackets and helmets already for the underground river tour. We waited in line. Slots for the tour is limited so better secure your permits and slots few days before you desired date of tour.

We thanked Ate Vangie and her kids for all the help and they thanked us back too. 128522

128074๐Ÿผ APPLY OFF LOTION. Mosquitoes there are quite healthier than Manila mosquitoes. Hahaha.
128074๐Ÿผ Wear long sleeves, jogging pants/leggings and rubber shoes! Some people only wear slippers on the trail but To avoid insect and wild ant bites, wear shoes.
128074๐Ÿผ Bring water. 128166

PS. There is another trail called Monkey Trail, but it is now closed down for some reasons. According to our guide, Monkey Trail is a bit harder.

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