Ka Tunying's Cafe

UG/F Caswynn Bldg., 134 Timog Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ka Tunying's Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I've always been a fan of Pancit whether Bihon, Canton or Sotanghon. I though Chinese makes the best Pancit there is but I was wrong until I had one at Ka Tunying’s Cafe in Timog.

Located in front of GMA, at Caswynn Building, Timog, the place is easy to catch as it has a huge singnage of the name. Ambiance was homey too. When you enter, different kinds of breads are available as well as they are known to have a Bakery in Nueva Ecija.

For starters, we get to try their Cheese Bread. Soft dough with cheese toppings and cheese on the dough as well. This is perfect for your favorite spreads but even without it, it’s still delicious.

Ukoy: Traditional Filipino version of Shrimps Fritters with Kalabasa and dried Shrimps. 
I love the fact that it is made of Kalabasa. There’s small shrimps inside it and you can still taste it but there’s a bit of a sweetness to it because of Kalabasa. Dip it in vinegar for added flavor.

Bruce Tawilis: Fried cripsy Tawilis served with Vinegar.
So delicious. Fried to perfection with its batter for that crispy taste. Can’t help but dig in.

Inasar si Caesar Salad: Their own version of Caesar Salad with Traditional Chicken Inasal. 
For you healthy people. They also have Caesar Salad with chicken strips. Yum!

Arroz Ala Tunying: Arroz Caldo with Boiled Egg and sliced Chicken Breast. 
This dish tasted to good. The glutinous rice was boiled perfectly. It was so soft and so easy to eat. Chicken breast and egg added more flavor to it. I think Ka Tunying needs to advertise this more. Since Timog has a lot of bars in its area, this dish is perfect as a cure for hangover.

Cabanatuan Longsilog (Recado): An original from Nueva Ecija. Served with Longanisa, Eggs and Adobo Rice. 
Surely, this dish will put a smile on your face and on your plate too. Look at how it was served. Its Adobo Rice was oozing with flavor. It’s like you actually have Adobo already. Longanisa has a garlicky flavor which what I love in Longanisa. You can ask them to cook the eggs the way you wanted. 

May Asim pa Ako, Pero Sweet Naman – Escabeche Salmon Belly: 
Tender Salmon Belly strips fried and sauteed with butter, ginger and sesame seeds. Salmon Belly fried to crisp. They already perfected how to fry dishes so well. Another block buster hit from their menu.

Pancit ni Nanay Benny: 
A special recipe of Ka Tunying’s Mother.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best Pancit I’ve tasted. This has a generous amout of vegetables, pork, shrimp and a lot more. Just the noodles tasted to good. This definitely is on my top favorite Pancit in the Metro.

Tinapa Carbonara: 
Local version of Carbonara with Tinapa. I was expecting it to be more salty but it’s not. Probably their Tinapa wasn’t that salty enough.

Ka-Love-Asa Lasagna: 
No meat baked dish layered with Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomato Sauce, Cheese and lots of Kalabasa. This dish is again for health conscious. There’s no meat in here but you won’t be asking or looking for it anyway. This tasted sourly and creamily good and you will not feel any regret eating a lot as this is all vegetables.

Bakbakan Platter: Roasted Lechon Pork Belly, Fish Fillet and Salted Egg Rolls, Gising-gising with Rice. For those people who’s not on diet. Perfect combo meal for us! 
Love the taste of Fish with Salted Egg inside it making it taste more addicting.

For drinks, we’ve tried Tsoknut Frappe, Mochabayan Frappe and Maharlikape. All three tasted amazing.

They also served us with desserts. My favorite would be Biko Latik with Mango on top and Ube Macapuno. Turon with Tsoknut also tasted good.

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Chizbun - Cherrie P.
4.0 Stars

Ka Tunying's Cafe is one of those local homegrown restaurants inspired and cultivated as a family heirloom. In this case, most people would think the Ka Tunying monicker refers to the famous radio reporter and TV celebrity Anthony Taberna, Jr. The original Ka Tunying is none other than his father, whom the restaurant and the monicker was lovingly dedicated. It was the patriarch's great love for food that started this vision of their restaurant - from a humble bakery that served pan de sal, Spanish bread and crinkles to this new hit up North of the metro that serves traditional Filipino food laced with much-loved Ilocano goodness. Many have been drawn to its menu of local favorites, but the restaurant has strived to evolve with the times by introducing innovative spins to homegrown Pinoy dishes.

The younger Ka Tunying himself was there to serve us a spread of this hearty lunch and merienda feast and to introduce us to the fresh new changes and additions to their menu. His signature wit can be easily seen from the names of the dishes he brought forth, and we can't help but laugh and be amazed at how inteelent these puns were!

For starters, we had Ukoy or shrimp fritters made even more appetizing with the use of kalabasa. I was surprised that these golden crispy nibbles were made from kalabasa as they somehow looked and tasted like shoestring fries. The Bruce Tawilis, the famous Batangas tawilis fried crispy and served with seasoned vinegar was indeed a crown favorite. I can't help but munch on these while waiting for the rest of the food. We also had warm fluffy cheese rolls and Spanish bread, best dunked in hot coffee.

I can tell that KTC caters to everyone when I saw their Pa-healthy Options. We enjoyed their version of Caesar Salad, aptly named Inasar si Caesar, made more Pinoy with helpings of Chicken inasal strips on top of the greens and vegetables.

For all-day breakfast lovers, KTC also coined their Umagang Kay Sarap meals, yes, that title is straight off Ka Tunying's famed morning show. We were welcomed by this smiling sunny side up egg and Original Cabanatuan longganisa, adobo rice sinangag. Another hearty dish that would surely wake you up anytime of the day is their Arroz ala Tunying. One might think this looks like normal arroz caldo but there is something in the rice, boiled egg and chicken breast combination that makes you want to eat bowl after bowl of this even on a hot morning. One of my foodie friends pointed out that this could be one selling point for their restaurant as well, since Tomas Morato is known to be home to various bars and drinking spots. A bowl of this after a night out drinking can surely cure a nasty hangover!

For their Main Event, KTC brought out their classics - May Asim Pa Ako, Pero Sweet Naman - Escabeche Salmon Belly and Pancit Ni Nanay Benny. The escabeche salmon belly is a new treat for me, as I usually shy away from salmon belly due to its texture. But for this dish, I can't help by munch on the tender yet crispy salmon belly strips made more flavorful with tangy sweet salty sauce.

The Pancit Ni Nanay Benny looks simple, like one of those pancit bihon varieties that your mom would make for a celebration at home. This was a special recipe by Ka Tunying's mother herself, and I must say, this beat out all the pancit bihon I have tasted, yes, even our family's recipe might have met its match with this! The noodles were flavorful, even without without the zing of calamansi. I don't know what makes them that flavorful but I believe this dish was seasoned so well that it has this distinct taste you can find in just the noodles alone. The vegetables on top were well cooked and gave the dish its balance of taste. For this, I'd say Nanay Benny is our MVP! Hahaha

They also have pasta dishes on their menu - the Tinapa Carbonara and their Ka-love-asa Lasagna. The Tinapa Carbonara still leaves a little room for improvement though. I hardly tasted the tinapa, and the dish itself needs more seasoning. Either they use a saltier variant of tinapa or they mix the tinapa in a more oil-based sauce than a creamy one to further highlight the use of tinapa in pasta. I felt the tinapa flavor got lost in the cream of the carbonara, making it too bland for my taste. The lasagna ,on the other hand, was quite a surprise as it felt there was meat in there but this was a no-meat layered dish of zucchini, eggplant, cheese, tomato sauce and yes, Ka Tunying's favorite Kalabasa, another good choice for vegans and healthy eaters.

The highlight for me would be the Bakbakan Platter, aptly called due to it being a group meal and also the thought of you fighting your way to get a piece of everything, as all the offerings on this platter were deliciously crowd pleasers! The roasted lechon pork belly were crisp but tender, the fat perfectly fried with an equally perfect crunch! Dip this in the gravy and eat this with rice definitely! I also love the fish fillet and salted egg rolls because you can actually see salted egg in every bite of the fillet. They have a pesto cream dip that also complemented this unique recipe. The gising-gising has the right amount of heat and balances the whole platter out.

We finished the spread with a KTC dessert platter, which consists of biko-latik, ube macapuno and that decadent turon with tsoknut. Yes, turon with tsoknut sauce! How cool is that?!

The meal was rounded off with KTC's own selection of juice and coffee drinks - from the Maharlikape, an iced coffee drink that has coffee ice cubes to prevent your drink from watering down, to the sweet Paatillas de Latte, a vanilla shake that does taste a lot like pastillas. They also have the Ligaya, a sweet pink melond cooler, the Tsoknut Frappe, a tsoknut laved infusion and the Mochabayan, a mocha blended drink, among others.

I must say, the service was a tad bit slow during that time we had a tasting menu. But this was well-covered with how attentive and courteous the staff were despite the busy afternoon.

Ka Tunying's Cafe is now proudly backed and managed by the famed Bistro Group. But don't fret, essentially, it is still the same Pinoy comfort food with a twist stamped with the signature Bistro brand of service. As part of this milestone, expecr more great things from Ka Tunying's Cafe as they enhance their best selling dishes and introduce new dishes that will not only tickle your tastebuds but delight all the senses as well.

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Thelma B.
5.0 Stars

Full and hearty meal 128525

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Melodee N.
4.0 Stars

My office mates and I have been hoping that there would be more food choices in our area. Then, just a few months back, Ka. Tunying's opens right across our building. Thank you, universe.

Well, I'm always stuck on my desk even during lunch but one glorious day, hallelujah I managed to take a break.

The menu was interesting. It's Pinoy food with a few twists. But I'm a pasta kind of person so I ordered the Tuyo and Kangkong Pasta --- Linguini with sauteed kangkong leaves and tuyo with garlic, parmesan, olive oil topped with poached egg. It was good. It was simple yet it was flavorful. It somehow tasted like carbonara but with added saltiness to it because of the tuyo. Serving was generous, pricing was adequate. I think I paid P205 for this one.

They also have Kalabasa Lasagna, Daing Pesto Pasta, more Pinoy food like Chicken Pork Adobo, Pork Chop Sinigang, Pusit Bicolano, Tinapa, Daing, Batotay longganisa etc. in their menu. They have desserts, pastries and I heard they serve good coffee too.

Since this one's right across my work place, I would definitely be back. And as for the peeps reading this review, if you're really into Pinoy food but looking for extra creativity then I can recommend Ka. Tunying's.

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Hydz T.
4.0 Stars

Bread and food was ok. No extra ordinary food, except the name in the menu... Service was great! Place also was good. Has a parking lot.

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