Kabab & Curry

20 Jupiter St., Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila

Kabab & Curry
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Middle Eastern
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Most Recent Reviews

Naveen M.
3.0 Stars

Best biryani in town. That's all! When your order biryani make sure you tell them spicy.

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Dell C.
3.0 Stars

Since lazy bastard is still full during our visit and we are already very hungry, we decided to try this place for appetizer.

We got the afghan beef kabab since it is suggested by Bam A. and also the Beryami (not sure with the spelling) suggested by the server. Both are really spicy even if we requested to make it just mild. But since I am into spicy food I did enjoy it. Both orders are for sharing and is actually good for 3 at a reasonable price of 375 each. We are 4 sharing since we are leaving room for Lazy Bastard.

I just don't like the smell of the store. Smelled very much Persian and it sticks to your shirt. And we still plan to drink in ABV so it is quite a no no. 128586128586128586

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Livid G.
3.0 Stars

A bit on the pricey side for several pieces of meat - the kebab in the picture is 375 already.although masarap naman :) just wish it had more garnish. For a single order it's 150php I think.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

If you want the best of both worlds, spicy food + meat, then you can have your fill of Pakistani food here at Kabab and Curry. Pakistani food is influenced by other South Asian cuisines, such as Indian cuisine, so they have a lot of dishes with curry. Unlike in Indian cuisine, however, meat plays a much more dominant role in Pakistani cuisine, so they have barbecued meat, or "kebabs." 128077

Tried this new place out, thanks to Bam A's recommendation! We ordered the Beef Afghani Kabab, their best-seller, according to the waiter, plus basmati rice.

It was so spicy! I forgot about Bam's warning, and I neglected to tell the waiter to decrease the spiciness level. Haha! But it was still delicious! It was already the "mild" version, said the waiter, but it was super HOT! 128540 He said that the oil that they glaze the meat with is what makes it spicy, so you can ask them to adjust the spiciness level, if you're not into spicy food.

Enjoyed the food a lot, despite having to stuff in more spoonfuls of basmati rice into my mouth to tame the heat of the meat. Haha! The tamarind sauce is also a good complement to the smoky flavor of the meat. This is a change from the usual garlic yogurt sauce they serve in Mediterranean establishments. Since you're not tempted to smother your food with it, you get to appreciate the actual flavor of the meat. 128522 128077

The place is fairly new, so their interiors looked clean and spiffy, although a bit eclectic. There was this buffet table at the front of the room, so I'm not sure if they have a buffet spread during dinner. The counter also looked like the stainless steel ones they use in cafeterias. Maybe it was intended to be cafeteria style, but they changed the concept upon opening. 128563

They also have a Happy Hour promo...budget meals offered at 10pm onwards. Perfect for those who just came from drinking at the Distillery next door. 128516

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Ross A.
4.0 Stars

This is my new go-to place in Jupiter! Kababs are so smoky, juicy and flavorful. Sauces offered are not run of the mill either - the tamarind sauce lends just the right amount of zest, while the matahari (?) sauce has just the spicy kick that you need. It's super budget-friendly too, they have meals for as low as P145 on non-peak hours.

Special shout out to the staff who were very helpful in choosing, and even let us order budget meals even if it was only 9pm (i think they offer it 10pm to closing only, and 3-6 in the afternoon). Highly recommended and will definitely go back.

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Bam A.
5.0 Stars

So psyched to try this new place! Dinner last night was hot! Literally! Lol.

If you like authentic kababs and curry, this place is definitely for you. The food, the manager, and and chef screams authentic Pakistani 128516

Place looks new, has a feel of a regular restaurant. They don't accept cards for now. Cash only 128181 Good thing we had some cash on hand.

We were super excited to try this place out. So we ordered their supposed best seller and specialty.
🔸Afghani Beef Kabab - charcoal grilled Kabab made of minced marinated beef, with supposedly mild spices. It's not mild though. This one set my mouth on fire. (I have low tolerance for spicy food) Anyhow, I kept on eating til my mouth cant handle the heat coz it's that good! 128513
🔸Chicken Haleem with a side of Chapati- slow-cooked chicken meat, six types of lentils, and wheat. It's like a dipping sauce for the chapati. This one is a little bit spicy too but again, it's so good it made me eat til my mouth burned lol.

This place is worth the visit if you love Kababs and spicy food 128077 I will definitely go back for more! Just need to conjure up enough courage to do so lol.

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