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Kafé Batwan
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Most Recent Reviews

Ian P.
5.0 Stars

2nd time to try chef Jayps restaurant. We were suppose try cafe batwan but was informed by their staff that it was now called sarsa.
We were 13 when we dined and was not able to take all the pics but we tried their different Sisigs, chicken skin, twice during cooked fried chicken, etc. very good food. Will definitely try again!

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Michaelangelo M.
5.0 Stars

Crispy hito, Nose to tail Kare Kare and chicken inasal taste heavenly

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Mickey S.
4.0 Stars

Filipino cuisine is having a moment! Locavore, Balay Dako, and now, Kafe Batwan. All of them are doing a fantastic job reinvigorating our appreciation for Filipino food and more importantly, #pinoypride.

My favorite dish at Kafe Batwan is their Palabok. It's a sure winner. I don't think I've ever eaten anything quite like it. Imagine eating your pancit cooked in crab fat? The flavour is familiar, yet fresh. It looks like your typical palabok but a spoonful of it is enough to make you realize that this is something else... something that is above average.

Another all-time favorite dish is their Twice Cooked Liempo Sandwich. It definitely puts to shame all other pork sandwiches that I've tasted. The pork was tender, flavourful, and all the ingredients in the sandwich, like the kesong puti and bell peppers meld together perfectly!

I guess this is what make Kafe Batwan's dishes stand out: it makes our favorite Filipino dishes more polished. The flavors are still strong but they are delivered in a cleaner, more balanced way.

Tip: Don't forget to try their chocnut Turon. So, so, good!!!


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Eva L.
4.0 Stars

Very good crablets! Very tasty and crunchy 🦀🦀
I thought the Inasal Pecho was really good too!

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Yen D.
4.0 Stars

Lechon Kawali with Sinamak and Chocolate Sauce:
It's your regular fried pork, but what makes it special is the chocolate sauce with sinamak that I mixed together. Weird? Perhaps. But it’s a good kind of weird. This specialty at Kafe Batwan offers a unique blend of sweet-sour that's absolutely smashing! Plus the skin was insanely crunchy! I just love hearing my food deliciously crack and crunch inside my mouth!

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

This review is for my 2nd visit. Yes I'm reviewing my 2nd visit ahead of my first haha! My boyfriend and I spent our last dinner for the year here since he had coupons from DG. We ordered crispy crablets, batwan beef ribs, siniganf fried chicken and the grilled kurobuta liempo.

Minus 1 star for the small servings of their main courses.

I probably would've rated this a 3.5 nearing 3 because of the price but having the DG coupon helped raise this to nearing a 4 which explains my 4 star rating.

Service is prompt. There is this one noteworthy female server (wasn't able to get her name) very attentive among the rest of the staff.

Food review:
Crispy crablets - good portions, crispy as it should be and "crabby" as it should taste. Very good and very... "Entertaining" to eat. I would recommend this if you're like really hungry and want to not get pissed if in case the mains come in a Lil late 128540 Just be careful of the legs they can puncture the soft parts of the inside of your mouth.

Gilled kurobuta liempo - lots of fat but tastes really good. I felt my heart hurting a bit after eating this so be careful. Lots of stuff to raise your blood pressure here. But nonetheless good to try and SHARE so you won't get a heart attack 128522

Sinigang fried chicken - I actually liked the taste of it. Tangy fried chicken. Had crispy skin and juciy meat. My boyfriend however mentioned that it tasted the same or similar to pancake house' pan fried chicken which then got me down cos that's cheaper, had bigger portions and it did taste very similar. So we had to order the batwan beef ribs shortly after. HAHA! Uhm probably won't recommend this. We were expecting this to have some sauce like locavore's sizzling sinigang because we read it wrong on the menu. So our bad on ordering this. HAHA.

Batwan beef ribs - similar taste to the liempo but better in terms of taste and had considerably lesser fat than the liempo as well. We ordered this out of curiosity because we forgot if we had ordered it already during our first time dining in here or not. The description was so mouthwatering we had to order it after a disappointing sinigang fried chicken that had a quarter portion of a chicken only 128528 We both liked this one. My boyfriend couldn't get enough of it. I was too full to dig into this with him as we had buffet for lunch at Lee Hak (review on this will be posted asap). 128539

Ambiance was very good. Clean place. Wish they could make the servings of their food bigger or as much as their servings in Sarsa at Forum BGC. 128522

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Wennifer C.
2.0 Stars

Our department Christmas party was held here. It was my first time to eat here and I wasnt impressed. Ambience was cozy and they sold interesting stuff like vinegar, i think tablea etc.
Appetizer served was toast with three types of spread- one was spicy, one was bland, then the 3rd, i can't explain what it was. But it's leaning more on yuck side. Up next was the La Paz Batchoy, the broth was so salty and sweet at the same time. Strange. Then the main course was garlic rice, with coconut meat and pork liempo (?) barbeque. The sauce was bland, atsara was just right and the meat, was well... , not too good. At least it was tender. Turron with choc nut drizzle was for dessert. It was interesting at first then afterwards i was wishing they hadnt put the chocnut drizzle. Service was ok since our group was the only group at the second floor, so the waiter/ waitress was dedicated to us.
Overall, im thankful i didnt have to pay for this. #12Days

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Yvette E.
4.0 Stars

Ambience is great and food is of great quality as well. It's your typical contemporary Filipino cafe but quite pricey compared with others. They are famous for their BATCHOY and PANCIT PALABOK which I must say, were really good. Their SOFT SHELL CRABS were also good as appetizers. Finally, I would recommend their STRAWBERRY & LEMON MINT SHAKE on the side to avoid cloying since most of their best sellers are salty.

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DC l.
2.0 Stars

Sadly their beef tapa is the worst I've ever had. Rufo's and tapa king serve better tapa. Was really disappointed. Meat was hard- not crispy and not soft either. So it was just tough beef that lacked flavor.

Palabok was good but not extraordinary.

Loved the champorado. small serving though.

I think the food is overpriced. Not sure if I'll give this resto another try

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Jenn N.
3.0 Stars

It really pains me to write this review because I'm a huge fan of Sarsa. Like, if you're gonna ask me what my top Filipino restaurants are, Sarsa will be the first word out of my mouth.

And since Kafe Batwan is another baby of Chef Jayps, I knew it would be really good. Sad to say, out of all the dishes we ordered, I only liked one.

I was so hungry so I ordered soup. My friend and I wanted to share, but we couldn't decided which one to get so we got a Kalabasa Bisque (P220), and their Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy (P450). I didn't like both soups as they were VERY salty.

Their GRILLED OYSTER MUSHROOMS (P250) was so so.. It was a bit burnt and too makunat for me.

PANCIT PALABOK (P295) -- I had high hopes for this as bloggers claim it to be the best they had in Manila. But seriously, I've had better palabok from the streets.

The only thing I liked was their BATCHOY BEEF RIBS that came with soy muscovado sauce and batwan atchara. Really tender ribs, but for the portion, it was a bit too steep at P550. It didn't even come with rice.128557

Maybe I should stick to the breakfast options if ever I go back.

Would have given this 2.5 stars 128532

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Once in a while, my family and I would have dinner out and try new restaurants together. Kafe Batwan is a newly opened restaurant here in Rockwell. We enjoyed our recent Sarsa experience so I suggested we try this place.

We arrived at around 8pm and there were still a lot of tables available. But come 830pm, it starts to get crowded. Best to go here early. 128521

Since it's Monday, we started the week right with good good food 128525 We ordered the following: Kansi Corned Beef with Garlic Coconut Rice, Batchoy Beef Ribs 128076🏼, Inasal Paa, Camote Hash, Pancit Palabok and Camote Fries (not in the picture). 128513128588🏼 We wanted to try the crispy tawilis and crispy tuna skin but it was not available. 128546

Service was slow. Good thing, the food compensated well and made is forget the time it took for them to serve our orders! 128518

Palabok came in first and it was really yummy. Rich crab fat aligue, pusit, crispy crablets and egg ahhhhhhh so sinfully goooood! I'm not really a fan of palabok but this was good. They all liked this one! 9786

The Kansi Corned beef was just okay. I expected a lot from this but it kinda fell short. It was the crispy weird type and the "strips" where too thin I can't taste anything. The coconut rice was good, tasted like garlic sinangag rice but with coconut.

Inasal paa (though small) was super flavorful. It was super tasty and the chicken was cooked perfectly.

But our favorite was the Batchoy Beef Ribs! 128069 Yummy tasty good amazing tender beef ribs that will make you want to eat it all by yourself because it's too good to be shared! 128518128523 It's really really really good! A must try! 128076🏼

We also ordered camote hash and camote fries. I loved the camote hash because of its creamy buttery taste! Sweet mashed potato ftw!!!! Ughh, super good and addicting!!! 128525 The fries was good but tends to be oily and tough. Best to eat it while it's still hot. The batwan dip was weird but good.

Would love to come back here again to try the pork belly, porkchop, crispy tawilis and have that beef ribs and camote hash again!!!!! 128525128077🏼

For dessert, we tried the Turon with chocnut spread. It was good but nothing special or different.

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Gino B.
5.0 Stars

Excellent place for brunch or for hanging out with sandwiches, coffee or cocktails. The food is as goof as you would expect it to be, given its Sarsa pedigree. The space itself is charming, more cafe than Pinoy restaurant. Standout food includes the kansi corned beef with coconut rice, and the crispy adobo sandwich with kesong puti. Worth making a regular habit.

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JOresa S.
2.0 Stars

I went there for the first time. I'm not sure if it's because there's a lot of people that they serve super slow. I even follow up twice for a glass of water. The place is super crowded for 8pm dinner and super noisy. It seems like your in a bar on a Friday night. The place in fairness, was nice.

The food was a bit expensive too. When the food came, it was cold and it was less.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Linlin T.
5.0 Stars

ONE DISH WAS SO GOOD WE ORDERED IT THRICE - New restaurants are notorious for overhyped reviews and over-edited food photos. The reality of that "meh" first taste can be as painful as your last breakup... So much productivity time wasted drooling over their instagram photos! GAHHH!!!

But once in a while in this craziness called the Manila Food Scene, you find a gem in the form of a quiet little restaurant with an obscure name like Kafe Batwan.

Kafe Batwan clings to its' older sister Sarsa's fame and while they have not spread their wings as wide yet, their dishes will send tastebuds flying! Everything we tried was at least scrumptious to absolutely, mind-blowingly superb. Modern Filipino Food done the way it should be.

TAWILIS (pictured) any good relationship starts with a winning first impression and that's what you'll get with their crispy tawilis as an appetizer... With a started this good you can't help but have high expectations for the mains

MADRID FUSION BATCHOY SOUP - a rich soup with warm flavors that perfectly hug the soft slices of kurobota in this dish make it really world-class

BATCHOY BEEF RIBS - this is the dish that sent our server back and forth thrice scratching their heads with disbelief because we simply could not get enough of this dish! Cooked and marinated to perfection until the beef melts in your mouth... This discharge must not be missed

PALABOK - a classic comfort food upgraded to a cleverly executed dish! The extra depth from squid ink and the crunch from the soft-shell crabs teach us that you can always find a new way of looking at old things

SINIGANG FRIED CHICKEN - at this point you'd think they would probably mess-up on the next dish but a perfectly juicy fried chicken came out on a plate and we devoured all of it!

SWEET POTATO MASH - side dishes deserve their time in the spotlight if they are as decadent as this sweet potato mash... Creamy with the faintest hint of butter, this mash potato is a must-add to your meal

OVERALL while filter-free and superb food is a rarity, it makes it worthwhile when you can finally find a gem like this to call your next biggest food discovery!

  • No. of Comments: 2
Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Awesome. Yummy. The beef ribs was good. I'd order it again. Inasal tofu salad and nose to tail sticks are worth a try. I'd come back to try the other items in the menu.

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4.0 Stars

"Batwan... Can we finally figure out what've been doing wrong..." Okay, last ko na yun. Hahaha 128517

Finally got to try Chef JP's new creation - Kafe Batwan. I was already about to leave Rockwell when Dastine S texted saying, "I'm at Kafe Batwan, dinner." Poor thing, she was eating all alone. So I had to be a gentleman and accompany her. #wuw hahaha 128514128514. Kirby G Chichi T and Zia M soon followed because we're clingy like that. This is proof that it only entails an offer of good food to drag our butts out of our work or homes. Hahaha

I'm glad to say this new resto is even way better than Sarsa... And I love Sarsa. But I was already kind of getting bored with their food. Lo and behold, chef JP surprises us again with this new masterpiece. And I'm loving it.

At first I was a little bitter because it replaced my all time favorite steak place, Bistecca. I have mourned the passing of this fine resto for the nth time. So when I found out Sarsa was replacing it, I initially wasn't to keen to try out the restaurant that was replacing one of my favorite joints. #bitterOcampo

Dastine S and I ordered the Bulalo Beef Ribs and the Kansi corned beef. The corned beef was okay but the Bulalo beef ribs were a slice of heaven itself. It's so sinful yet so delicious. It's the perfect combination of "this might shed off 5minutes of my life" and "damn, and sarap nito mhen!" It was so soft and juicy and it melts in your mouth. Definitely a winner here.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dishes are still distinctly Bacolod inspired but it has a new feel. It's fusion food that still remains true to the Bacolod cuisine's promise - good hearty comfort food.

I will definitely come back for more of that Bulalo Beef Ribs 128525

Ps: we tried the sizzling budbud and I found it just okay. I'll definitely go back for their oyster mush 128523

  • No. of Comments: 27
Dastine S.
5.0 Stars

There's something about ilonggo/negrense food that i find to be both complex in flavor and at the same time, warm and comforting. So when my meeting-over-dinner turned to a o-eto-kunin-mo-bye-na drop off, i knew where to eat my feelings lest suffer the night rush-hour traffic going home.

As usual, i took a chance at the karens, and voila! Instant company! Isang text lang, basta pagkain, parang nagtteleport sa bilis makarating.

Kafe Batwan is chef Jayps' newest restaurant that's hinged more on the cafe side of things. When we were there, we saw how hands on he was with the dinner service. The interiors of the place i must say, is a balance of quirky and homey. I love how they optimized the high ceiling by having their lightbulbs dangle from long cables. It allows for the place to breathe and at the same time, adds a unique character to it.

What we had:
Kansi corned beef - kansi is beef heaven. When its corned and made to crispy strips, matched with malasadong scrambled egg, combined with rice,you get breakfast euphoria. Make sure to combine all the elements in a spoonful with a dash of vinegar. Namit! 128077🏼

Batchoy spare ribs- this dish is awesomeness on a plate. Meat that is rendered to tender perfection, matched with cane sugar sauce.. Just one bite and you know you've hit gold 128076🏼128513

Sizzling budbod- for dessert, we had a bisaya favorite, (a favorite of mine as well) the budbod. Chef jayps upped the ante for this classic favorite by serving it on a hot plate and slathered it with sauce. It was generally good, but personally, i'd still go for the budbod as it is. Something with smelling the budbod wrapper transports me to the easy, laid-back life in the province.128077🏼128074🏼

Overall, Kafe Batwan offers classic negrense favorites in a new, creative light. 128077🏼128513

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