Kainan sa Balanghay

Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Macapagal, Pasay, Metro Manila

Kainan sa Balanghay
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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We were supposed to go to Pampanga for a foodtrip today but we changed it to lunch at seaside due to bad weather. We went to dampa at around 12:30pm and parking was full (although there were a few slots available).

We then walked around to see the restaurants and checked a few of the menus. I've tried dampa only twice: the first being a disappointment and the second being a total enjoyment (different restaurants). My friend also has his own experiences with the restaurants (one of which is this one). Since we were really hungry, we didn't get to check out all the restaurants and went with this one.

We entered and noticed there weren't a lot of people in the restaurant despite it being a Sunday lunch, so seats are quite easy. We were shown to our seats, but we still needed to shop for our seafood so we just told them to reserve the seats as we'll come back for them.

If you don't want to go to the market, I think you can ask them to shop for you instead. In our case, we wanted the full experience so we went to the market ourselves, and these were what we got:

CRAB - P700 for 1kg
SHRIMP - P380 for 1kg
MUSSELS - P100 for 1kg

After shopping for our seafood, we went back to the restaurant and gave these to the waiter. He weighed each of the seafood (cooking fee depends on the weight) and asked us how we wanted our seafood to be cooked. Here's what we chose and my thoughts about them:

CRAB - Deep fried with salt and pepper
This was okay. It wasn't what I expected but it wasn't bad. I've been looking for the salt and pepper taste I've tried at the other restaurant, and this didn't match that.

SHRIMP - Buttered Garlic
I liked this one. I'm not sure how the shrimp from my former experience was cooked, but it pretty much seemed like it was also buttered garlic, but this one had more flavor. I really haven't tried buttered garlic shrimps that often so I'm not sure about the taste, but I liked how the flavor of the butter was infused in the shrimp. I liked it too much that I was sipping the shrimp heads, something that I've never done before.

This was okay. I didn't appreciate it that much because I think the margarine they put in it was too much that it's almost all I can taste, despite having the cheese in there as well. It's the first time I encountered baked mussels with that much margarine (I'm not sure if you should even put margarine but I didn't like the combination).

Our total bill was P735, including the bowl of rice, all good for 3 people (and yes, we finished everything).

Staff was good. They were nice and friendly and very attentive to our needs, for a minimal service charge (although before we entered they said that there's no service charge and they'll throw in a 10% discount)

Ambiance is okay. It's not that messy and dull as I imagined dampa restaurants to be. It was also cold and they had a television.

Overall, the experience was okay, but I think I'll still be trying out other restaurants in the future for me to find me my perfect dampa restaurant.

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