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Kalanggaman Island
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Mj D.
5.0 Stars

Worth it kahit malayo 128522128077🏼

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Jaypee D.
5.0 Stars

Probably one of the best sandbars I've been to, Kalanggaman Island in Leyte features a long stretch of beautiful sandbar with a majestic view where the sky and the white sand beach meet.

The fun part of my stay was the overnight camp. Although we've experienced a not-so friendly weather during the night, the bonding as one group -- take turns in preparing meals, stories over alcohol, group games -- all of these made up our memorable stay in the island.

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Franz Mae S.
5.0 Stars

sobrang ganda ng lugar..worth it ang byahe..hindi ka magsisisi

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Jen S.
5.0 Stars

Kalanggaman Island is so beautiful. The white sand, its clear blue water, and of course its sandbar. The LGU was able to maintain the natural beauty of the island and it is being carefully taken good care of the local government.

You can start planning your way to this beautiful island this 2017 to see it for yourself how lovely the place is and stay there for overnight just like what we did.

You can book a flight from Manila to Tacloban. Then, head to Abucay terminal where you can ride a van going to Palompon (150/head). The trip usually takes about 2-3 hours. Yeah, nakakapagod but trust me the travel time is really worth it when you reach your destination. Upon reaching the terminal in Palompon, you can buy food in the nearby market since there is no food being sold in the island. And then make your way to the tourism's office of Palompon. Just about 5 minute walk from the terminal or you can opt to take a sidecar (5/head).

Tip: be sure to make reservations before visiting. Why? The boat costs 3,000 for 15 persons. Having other groups to join you will cut your expenses. BUT you have to deal with them regarding the pick-up time the next day as the boat who send you there will also be the one to pick you up once. If you don't want any hassle and you have the money, have the boat for yourself. Hahaha!!

Boat: 3,000/ 15 persons
3,500/25 persons
4,000/ 32 persons

The boat ride takes about 45 minutes up to 1 hour. While the entrance fee costs 150/ head for day tour only and 225/ head for onvernight. The rent for the tent costs 300 and could fit up to three persons.

There is toilet and changing rooms but you're not allowed to use shampoos and soap to take a bath. This is their one way of preserving the island. BUT the kuyas of the boat who brought you there will provide you fresh water for rinsing. 128522

Stay there for overnight to see the beauty of the sunset and the sunrise. Even the moon at night when it shines so bright at night.

Sooo, there you go! You now know how to get there! It's time to get going!! Don't forget to bring flashlights! And of course, FOOOOOOOOD!! and water to drink!

Check out some of my pictures below 128522

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Kevinross B.
5.0 Stars

What I love about the Philippines is that it’s never too
late too late to go to the beach! In fact, it’s ALMOST always a good time!

Me and my college friends booked a flight to Tacloban last
year for our eastern Visayas trip a few months back. Since our travel date was last July, we prayed and hope that our trip wouldn’t be that rainy.

On our first day in Tacloban, we bought some groceries and
on the next day, went on a 3.5 hour zigzag ride to the port at Palompon. And there we went on a 1 hour boat ride to Kalanggaman. Before leaving the port, we were
given a quick orientation about the island and how to segregate our trash. They also provided us with gallons of water for our shower/dishwashing needs since the ‘poso’ on the island just pumps the water out of the ocean. We had to make sure we conserved water as much as we could!

Just by looking at the island from afar, I could already
notice the pristine beach it’s boasting all over social media! It was amazing! I couldn’t wait to run on the sandbar and jump in the water like a kid!

128184 Private shuttle ride from Tacloban to Palompon – P2500
128184 Boat ride to Kalanggaman Island (Roundtrip) – P3000
128184 Tent Rental (Good for 4) – P300
128184 Solo shuttle ride from Palompon to Tacloban – P3000
128184 Tourist fee - P225, Student discount – P60

Some tips (especially for overnight stay):
128204 Buy groceries for your food and drinks before
going to the island.

128204 If you plan to have lunch there, buy ready
cooked food so that you won’t worry to prep for lunch and have more time in the

128204 Target to finish cooking your dinner before the
sunset. It can really get challenging to cook when there are no lights.

128204B ring flashlights, power banks, portable fans.
There’s no electricity on the island.

128204 Close your tents at night. There are lots of mice
at night.

128204 Place is nice for sunset/sunrise time lapses.


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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

Breathtakingly beautiful clear waters and view of the gorgeous ocean. It is really as beautiful as they say. 128525

3 hours van/bus going to Palompon port. 1 hour boat ride to the island. It was a challenge going there since we missed the one and only scheduled bus ride to the area. We had to take a van which costed more than our estimated 150PHp bus fee to the port.

Boat ride costs around 3,000PHp good for 15 people, unfortunately we were only 7 so we split the boat fare with each other. Environmental fee was 150PHp.

Despite the unfortunate events we experienced the view and the pristine waters took our breathe away.

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Late Review: One of the best beaches in the Philippines.

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Khaila C.
5.0 Stars

Who wouldn't love this place? 10084
Another paradise on earth! 128525

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Jay R.
5.0 Stars

It is becoming a popular destination for adventure seekers like me. I first learned about the island on Facebook and I immediately booked a flight going to Cebu. Normally, travellers who visit the island take the Tacloban route. Since we want to visit more Islands, we opted to go to Cebu first and tour Bantayan and Malapascua Islands (Which I'll write separate reviews later).

Kalanggaman is a small island located in the western part of Leyte. It is barely an hour away from the port of Palompon. If you're coming from Cebu, your gateway to the island is Bogo Port, it's 2-3 hours away from Cebu City. We travelled to Kalanggaman from Malapascua Island. Travel time is 2 hours.

The Island is famous for its amazing sandbars, crystal clear water and white sand. Local tourists need to pay an Environmental Fee of 150 pesos; 225 pesos if you're planning to stay overnight. Make sure to bring enough food for there's only one Sari-Sari store present and it only sells bottled water and sodas. Visitors are only allowed to swim on some parts of the island due to strong currents, so make sure to read and follow what's written on sign boards. Be a resposible oxygen consumer! 128540

You will fall in love with the place. If you want to swim, chill and enjoy the sun minus the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, Kalanggaman Island is definitely "THE PLACE"! 128525

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Jonathan E.
5.0 Stars

“One of the best sandbars in the world.”

This is just one of the many good things I read about Kalanggaman island in the past years.

So when I had the chance to travel to this island, you would understand why I was so excited. Kalanggaman is about 45 minute boat ride from the town of Palompon, Leyte. As a travel blogger, I was lucky that I was invited by the Tourism Promotions Board of the DOT to take part in a familiarization tour in Region 8. And one of its prime destinations is Kalanggaman Island.

By the time we arrived at the municipal hall, we were welcomed by the staff of the local government. Then escorted to the second floor for a briefing before we travel to Kalanggaman.

The town's officials gave a short talk.

One thing that struck me the most was the elaborate plan of the local government to protect the island. They have a strict system that regulates the number of tourists going to the island. Everyone should contact the local tourism office first before going. Walk-ins are not allowed.

After the talk and snacks, off we go to Kalanggaman.

I was fortunate enough to join the huge boat together with the town’s Tourism Officer together with our friends from DOT, tour operators and media partners.

It was bit of bumpy ride going to the island, but the motorboat was big enough to handle the waves. After about 45 minutes, we were welcomed by this pristine beach with white sand. I was amazed by the beauty of Kalanggaman.

It was nice to see the local government prepared such a beautiful dance number as a welcome for us. We were all overwhelmed.

After some quick rest, it was time for lunch.I admit I love food. So I couldnn’t magine myself not getting too excited about the food no matter how hungry I was because I was so focused on the beach, on the long sandbar on the left side of the island.

I took a very quick lunch to finally get a taste of Kalanggaman.

Together with my buddy, Joshua, who is also a travel blogger, we explored the long beautiful sandbar of Kalanggaman.

As I walked through the sand, I remember telling myself, “So this is it, they are really telling the truth when they said this is one of the best sandbars in the world.”

It even surpassed my expectations.

After exploring the sandbar, I saw some paddle boats along the shoreline. There are actually a lot of activities to enjoy in Kalanggaman like kayaking and paddle boat riding.

I was really satisfied with the island’s beauty and also the activities. After about an hour, I finally get a chance to swim and enjoy the pristine, blue beach. Oh it was relaxing.

Kalanggaman Island is indeed a proof that tourism can flourish without sacrificing the conservation. The town has been getting quite good income from tourism, but they never compromise the environment.

Palompon, and the island of Kalnggaman, is showing all towns in the country how tourism is done.Kudos!

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Jelly Mae S.
4.0 Stars

Kalanggaman Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. The water so clear and blue, the sands so white like powder. This isle is in Palompon, Leyte, Philippines. It looks like a smaller version of Boracay Island. What is unique about it is its magnificent sandbars, both stretching at the end of the island. Unlike other beach resorts, this island is not always crowded. When you get here, you’ll feel like you’re a castaway in a beautiful way because the island will be your home for the day and you can do everything you want including – swimming in its crystal blue beach, snorkeling to see its majestic underwater gems, kayaking and many more. 128522127796127811

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Jecila S.
5.0 Stars

Breath taking crystal clear water, the famous sand bar, not so powdery *medjo mabato* shore line pero white sand and star gazing at night with my family made my kalanggaman experience a special one.

From palompon took a 1 hr boat ride. We stayed overnight paid 225.00 for the entrance, 3k for the pump boat min of 15pax. If you're planning to go to kalanggaman, call first the tourism office for reservation.

WALANG FRESH WATER SA ISLAND. WALANG PANGBANLAW NA TUBIG. :( i took a shower at tourism office the following day. Free use naman, so no problem :)

May medic team and may mga police so safe naman sya! Free use of grilling station bring your own uling, you can rent tent if wala kayong dala, 300 tables 50php chairs 10php beach bed 50php.

Sure ako, babalikan ko sya :)

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Nicko R.
5.0 Stars

A strip of sand and coconut trees, clear water in a 360 degrees angle. It is at the end of the world and it's magical.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

This island is the one of the best islands I've been to!! It was worth all the travel. 128525

From Malapascua Island, we took a boat at 9am going to Kalanggaman Island. The boat needed around 15 passengers to leave. It costs P1000 each going on a daytrip including lunch to Kalanggaman.

It's about 2hours away from Malapascua. We reached the island by 11am. It was mesmerizing. I cannot explain the feeling, but the island is soooo amazing. Crystal clear water, white sand and the famous sandbar. Just wow. There were cottages where you can stay from. It costs P250 only per group. And we decided to join our boat group.

The boat men prepared lunch for us and we had grilled chicken and pork. Well I was expecting seafood but it's just the pork and chicken with soy sauce. Nevertheless, since we're all starving, we finished the food.

We went swimming, snorkeling, taking a lot of pictures and really enjoyed the island. Though the sand was not fine, but still, the beauty of the place tops it all.

I was quite shocked that even on weekdays, there are too many people visiting the place. It's crowded, so we get the chance to take photos while others are busy eating.

We left the island by 3pm and reached Malapascua Island by around 5pm.

I'm still amazed by its BREATHTAKING beauty. 128525128077🏼

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

An island known for it's pure white sand and two long sandbars.

We came from Malapascua Island, 2hours drive by boat. The ocean was so calm. We enjoyed our ride with few foreigners on the boat.

Entrance fee to the Island is P150.00 for locals and P500.00 for foreigners. Quite expensive though.

We arrived around 11 am.. Photo ops. Swim and enjoyed the breathtaking views.

Lunch was included on our fees. Regular cost is P800.00 but we had a discount. We only paid P500.00 each with my two friends.

It was sumptous. Grilled fish and meat and chicken curry. So good to eat when you're in the middle of nowhere...hehehe..

We left the Island by 15:00.

The next time I'll come back, I'll definitely bring my tent and spend the night here. Given that I have everything. FYI, no fresh water on the Island.

Amazing exeperience indeed10084128077128153128540

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Another adventure is waiting just an hour of boat ride from the Hinablayan town (old name of Palompon). I've heard so many good reviews about this islet located in the western part of leyte. We were overwhelmed as we approach the island. The turquoise sea and crystal water was so inviting, I wanted to jump even before we reach the shore. The white sand extends from one sandbar to the end of the other sandbar.

The islet have sandbars on tips resembling the wings of a bird. The word "LANGGAM" in Cebuano means BIRD so that's probably the reason why it got the name Kalanggaman.

If you're planning to visit Kalanggaman island, you need to communicate with the Department of Tourism (Palompon).They only allow 500 heads (weekend only)
They'll also arrange the pump boat that will bring you to the island.
Contact: 09173037269
Kuya Ruel (Head) 09082639933


Day Tour:150.00
Overnight: 225
Boat rental fee is 3,000 ( 1-15 persons only) You can also rent a cottage for 250.00 only.

If you're a solo traveler and want to save more money here's my TIP for you:

- You can negotiate with the other visitors about the boat in that way you save money. You just have to talk about the agreed time to return to the port.

- You can call the HINABLAYAN OUTDOOR for you to arrange your visit. They'll include you in a group tour. Here's what they offer:

-Overnight Package:
Local: 1900 per head
International: 2,400

Round trip boat transfer (Palompon-Kalanggaman-Palompon)
Food (Lunch, Dinner and Snacks)
Environmental and Permit Fees
Entrance Fees
Tables, Chairs and bench recliner
You can also request your favorite seafood at a different price.
A special halo halo will be served before going to the island.
You contact them thru 09227228218 and look for Raymond Piqs. You can also check their facebook page for complete details. As of this month, they're fully booked except next month. Their store is located outside the tourism building.

From Tacloban, ride a tricycle going to Tacloban New Bus Terminal. Once you're there, look for a van that has a signboard Palompon. The last stop is the Palompon Terminal. The fare is 125.00 pesos only. It takes 3 hours of travel from Tacloban To Palompon. Once you're at Palompon Terminal, ride a pedicab and tell the driver to drop you at The Tourism office. The pedicab fare is 20.00 only.

Due to the recent incident reported, the visitors coming from Cebu are no longer allowed to enter the island. They need to register first at the Tourism's office in Palompon.

DO's :
Scorching heat of the sun is more fun in Kalanggaman. Make sure that you'll bring your swimming gears. You can also rent a Kayak for 100.00 for 1 hours.Beach volleyball is nice too. Make sure to waterproof everything and keep your valubale things with you all the time! Place your tents near the shore to see the billion dollars stars at night.

-Don't swim, kayak on the left side of the island because the waves are strong.
- Don't swim if you're drunk!
- Don't bring anything like starfish, corals etc!
-Pick up your trash

There are two policemen on duty to make sure that everything is safe and secured during their stay. Lifeguards are also visible in the area to ensure the safety of everyone.

Indeed, it's a very memorable visit. This pride of Palompon is just another reason of why it's MORE fun in the Philippines!

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

Blame it on social media why we went to Malapascua-Kalanggaman! Ever since the first post we already added it to our list, so this 1 day leave long weekend - we decided to give it a go!

The journey is the one part of the decision on if it was worth it. We got the package from the boatmen to bring us to the island, cook our lunch and bring us back. Perhaps in a bit of selling the pitch, I was told that the ride to the island was 1.5hrs - our ride to the island took 2 since the waves were a bit high. (Maybe on the smoothest of days it will be 1.5hrs.)

Once you get there though, you start to see the reason behind the hype - the island is really unique. The sandbar is formed by the meeting of 2 currents from opposing sides, one of those places as you walk on the end parts of the island where you feel the waves crash on you from 2 sides.

The foreigner couple we overheard said it best, there are nice beaches here and in the other countries they've been to - but this is a unique sandbar in all their travels. Picture perfect postcard worthy with the fine sand and maybe the clearest of waters akin to El Nido or Coron.

Some observations when you're there -
- there are Leyte local government employees there. So it was good to see a receipt when we rented a cabana.
- it's organized that everyone can cook in a common grill, so it saves everyone from needing to start their own fire.
- water is deepwell water by "pozo-negro" so you pump your own water
- washrooms are common use, slightly delapitated but still usable and private. Locks are damaged but does the job
- most of the folks there dive and the island is a lunch stop

The ride back was the wild part. Blame it on the moon, the wind or the weather in general but by my estimate was maybe 2-4 feet high waves. No question though that the boat could take the pounding, but it did make for a long and difficult ride back which now took almost 3 hours and it was practically raining the entire time.

Definitely worth going to, but pray for nice weather - and bring your adventurous side!

Tidbit of Trivia: The caretaker told me that a Star Cruises cruise ship already stopped by with their guests a few months back. It's being discovered already so see it while it's still in its own raw and pristine state.

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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

I love this island! It's a beach lover's dream paradise! Fine powdery white sand, clear azure waters, coconut trees. There are no resorts in the island. We camped by the beach. I set-up a hammock and slept there. It was very breezy and quite chilly at night because of the strong breeze/winds. I hope they keep things this way so it wont get abused by commercialism.

Kalanggaman is ♥️.

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Pol Y.
5.0 Stars

Another beautiful island in the visayas region, a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. From Palompon, Leyte it is an hour away via pumpboat to the island.
Crystal clear water, fine white sand, and hospitable people awaits the adventurous people who dares to the adventure!
Enjoy!!! 128526

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Van G.
5.0 Stars

There is nothing more relaxing than a quiet moment with the natural world where you hear sounds of the waves lulling you to sleep. It is a stunning contrast of the bustling city full of jostling crowds and piercing noises of vehicles.

A few months ago, I and my former colleagues from work agreed to visit this beautiful beach island called “Kalanggaman” located in the municipality of Palompon in the province of Leyte. Ever since I heard about this picturesque destination, I can’t help but be in awe each time I search for it on the internet. It seems that the list of adjectives describing the place is never ending and the images are an enticement to my vivid imagination. It is said that it was called “Kalanggaman” (langgam a visayan word for bird) because the 2 opposite sand bars resemble wings of a bird hence the name.

The 5-hour boat ride via the Medallion Shipping leaves Cebu to Palompon 9:00pm and arrives at Palompon 2:00 am or 3:00 am depending on the hour the boat leaves Pier 4 due to unforeseen delays. The boat fare is P390 economy and P490 tourist accommodation. It would be best if you are a group of 10, to better get the VIP room which can cater 10 persons equivalent to the value of 10 people paying for tourist accommodation.

Once you arrive early at the Port of Palompon (around 3am), you can stay and sleep while waiting for the time or you can opt to visit their “putohan” which is the best place to get puto (sweet sticky rice) at P10 per saucer plate and sikwate (local hot choco drink) at P5 per mug. It’s a perfect way to experience the local life in the raw.

The first trip to Kalanggaman Island from Palompon Port via a banca is 5:30 am so as early as 5:00 am you need to go to their Eco-tourism office for the orientation and registration including payment of fees prior to riding the pump-boat. There are only 12 pump-boats (bancas) allowed to carry local and foreign tourists to the island since they restrict the number of visitors to 500 persons only per day. The reason is to keep the island from overcrowding so that tourists would be able to enjoy the place at its grandeur.

To promote the local government's solid wastes management program, the tourism office staff will give you 2 black plastic bags for garbage disposal purposes: biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. The bangkero (boat-man) will ask for it before you leave the island so that they can dispose of the garbage properly. This is in line with the government’s campaign of not littering in the island to preserve its dainty splendor.

Getting here consist already half the adventure of the vacation because the 45 minute to 1 hr pumpboat ride going to Kalanggaman is a bumpy challenge; but it’s all worth it once you see from afar the attractive white fine sands on both ends even if you haven’t set your foot on it yet.

Due to its powdery white sands, this strikingly attractive islet is said to be a top contender for the most beautiful beach in the Philippines which is home to a plethora of pristine beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. This captivating place brings summer to a whole new level. It gives a different meaning to “basking in the sun” where you can be officially sun-kissed and time seems to be idle in this heavenly place. While being attracted to the island’s façade that is both remarkably beautiful and immensely eye-catching, the other side of the island is a bit stony and jagged. Nevertheless, it did not lessen the magnificence of the island itself.

There are cottages spread across the center of the island and 2 watch towers to keep an eye on the visitors/tourists. There are toilets cum shower which are not that clean but at least they have available comfort rooms ready for use. Also the whole of the island is powered by Solar Energy.

There is also a place designated only for grilling fish and meat. Activities in the island include kayaking, camping, swimming and strolling.

If you decide to stay overnight, the rate is different and you have to bring with you your own provisions such as tent for camping. No need to worry while sleeping at night because there are coast guards / police that are station on the island 24/7. However, if you opted for day use, the last trip from the island back to Palompon Port is 5pm.

Kalanggaman Island (Entrance / Conservation Fee)

Regular Rate Day Tour:

International Tourist - P500
Palompon Residents - P60
Non-Palompon Tourist - P150
Non-Palompon College Student - P40
Non-Palompon High School Student - P30
Non-Palompon Elem. Pupil - P20
Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen - P120

Overnight Rate:

International Tourist - P750
Non-Palompon Tourist - P225
Non-Palompon College Student - P60
Non-Palompon High School Student - P45
Non-Palompon Elem. Pupil - P30
Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen - P180

Private Pump-boat:

P3000 - 15 capacities below
P3500 - 25 capacities below
P4000 - 30 capacities below



Kayaking Rate: 150 per hour (max of 3 persons)

Important Note: You have to call the Eco-Tourism Office of Palompon ahead of your scheduled trip to avoid inconvenience. Bring water for drinking as well and food.

For Inquiry and Reservation, please call:
Eco-Tourism Office: (053) 338-2094, 0917-3037-269, 0917-3037-267
Website: www.palompon-leyte.gov.ph

Contact Persons:

Cleofe Paloma - Rivera
Municipal Tourism Officer
email: cleo_rivera@yahoo.com
mobile: +63 917 303 7267

Christopher Montebon
Booking Service Desk Officer
Mobile: +63 917 303 7269

How to get there:

Via Manila:

There are no direct flights from Manila to Palompon so the best way is via Tacloban which is approximately 2 hour bus ride to Palompon. Bus Fare is P80.

Via Cebu City:

You can either go there via Cokaliong Shipping Lines or Medallion. But since Cokaliong does not have a Saturday Schedule, you can go via Medallion Shipping.

Via Nailon Bogo, Polambato Bogo, Maya Bagay or Malapascua Island.

It would take 2-3 hours to the island from Bogo, Bantayan or Malapascua Island. Bus Fare Cebu City to Nailon Bogo is P120 (2 hrs travel time), Maya Bus Fare is P160 (3-4 hrs travel time) and Malapascua P180 (4 hrs to 5 hrs travel time)

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