Casablanca Suites, Alternate Rd., Legazpi, Albay

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Most Recent Reviews

Tei A.
4.0 Stars

Traditional local Bicolano cuisine. I liked their Laing, Bicol Express, Lechon Kawali and Turrones de Legazpi. 128077

Service was good, fast and attentive. 128077

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Melinda Grace L.
3.0 Stars

We had our lunch here. We ordered chicken binakol soup, ginataan kalabasa, bangus sisig, and lechon kawali. Was not able to try the lechon kawali because I was busy enjoying my Cajun chicken from Biggs. The binakol soup was too sweet for my liking prolly because of the coconut juice they used. I love "gata" so I did enjoy the ginataan kalabasa. The sisig was too salty and oily. The ambiance and staff saved this review because the interiors and service were satisfactory.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I forgot how much each dish cost but we only paid around P800 total for presentable and delicious Filipino fares.

We started with Chicken Sisig Cigars which was new and delicious. Sisig with mushroom and beansprouts rolled in lumpia wrapper. Having them crumbed before frying added a little bit of crunch. 128076

We also ordered Pandan Chicken. The flavor of pandan was clear as a bell in every chicken portion. The chicken was also soft, juicy and served with mango chili sauce.

We also had their Bicol Express. Other restaurants serve this dish spicy but theirs was spice-y spicy (Haha) which I really enjoyed. It was good but I think Cisyd in Embarcadero served the best.

Filipino food won't be complete without rice. We had adobo rice para sagad na sa pagiging noypi. Served with adobo flakes on top, it was perfect with the dishes we ordered.

We tried Watermelon and Mango shake for drinks and it wasn't a wannabe-shake hehe. It was good!

For dessert, we ordered their turones (photo) for P60. Panalo! I was given more than the amount I paid. pag sa maynila to more than 100 na yan.

To me, this is sulit meal. Sa mata at sa panlasa.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Carlo S.
4.0 Stars

Hi, this is me again writing a review quite fashionably late 9996

My parents, my cousin and I went to Kamias for lunch last Father's Day (yes, fashionably late) after mass. The place gets my props for having one of the poshest interiors I've ever seen in a restaurant in Albay. High ceilings and broad glass windows. Contemporary furniture and elegant design pieces. In a room painted with clean colors, edged by wood panelings and mirrors that give a sense of space. Plus, they got graciously efficient air conditioning which was just spot on because the weather that time was so h-a-w-t.

The location isn't so bad either: just near the hub of Legazpi, and you get a real nice view of Mayon Volcano.

So since it was so h-a-w-t, my mom and cousin ordered buco shakes, and Dad had a mango shake, complete with a slice of the fruit kissing the rim of the glass. I had an Iced Chocolate Mocha, which I slurped clean even before the food arrived 128517 And they use bendy straws. I consider that a huge plus.

On to the food, which arrived fairly quickly, we stuffed ourselves with:

✅ Pandan Chicken - chicken pops wrapped in pandan leaves, served with two kinds of sauces
✅ Lengua in Mushroom Sauce
✅ Chicken Binakol - chicken soup with coconut meat
✅ Garlic Prawns - my personal favorite, I almost always order it whenever a restaurant has it on their menu 128513
✅ Pancit Canton
✅ Kamias Fried Rice with Adobo Flakes

Food was excellent. My beloved prawns were pretty big--as in it wasn't just all batter--and very tender, going well with the two dips they came with. And the pandan chicken made for a fun and different eating experience, with having to extricate them from the pandan leaves.

Good food and good accommodation, Kamias will surely be a mainstay for families and barkadas alike.

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