3/F Shoppesville, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

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Ken P.
1.0 Stars

Contrary to what their signboard says, they don't serve the best tacos in town. I don't know what's worse... their ultra-salty taco filling or the old, snooty lady who took my order.

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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

I've been craving to taste the Tacos of Kamicos again since it reminds me a lot of childhood. Tuwing naaalala ako, iba yung feeling, nakakamiss. Whenever my family and I go to Greenhills, it is a must to have our Miryenda at Kamicos cause we just really love their tacos!

Although their rates have increased a lot - I remember from P38 pesos per taco now it's up to P68 per order of 1 taco 128543; I still keep coming back. I've been reading a lot of bad reviews on Kamicos, but it never stops me from going back.

My boyfriend and I decided to have our dinner here. Surprisingly, they already have combo meals now which makes it more affordable if you plan to order a lot.
We ordered the 3 PCS TACOS + MEATY QUESADILLA (4slices) + 2 Red Ice Tea.127863all for P450.


🌮 The taco shell is obviously fried. If you're a taco lover you might find this quite different from other Tacos since it's fried. Meaning oily talaga. Unlike others na dry yung tacos. Pero for some reason, I LIKE IT THAT WAY. My boyfriend said, he still loves Pancakes House Tacos the most!

🌮The meat is served hot. Plus the meat is tender. Parang ground beef na lutong bahay, ang sarap.

🌮It comes with cheese, diced tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. They are all simple but fresh. One thing that I liked the most is that it is SIMPLE DELICIOUS. Straightforward. YUM!

Okay here it goes. It breaks my heart to admit their cons, but they quite have a lot.
I FIND IT VERY EXPENSIVE for the serving. Imagine just eating 4 baby slices of quesadilla and drinking a red iced which tasted like powdered strawberry. YIKES!!!🙄
✖️The owner is very MASUNGIT. Ever since we were young this is something we've tried to ignore. The fact that the owner is so MASUNGIT. She frowns a lot and don't even smile and greet customers as if she just wants you to buy and never come back again. Even my boyfriend noticed this.
✖️The store doesn't have a welcoming feeling that makes you don't wanna come back again.
Sad to say considering they increased their price already, they didn't improve the serving. Well yes, their interior became more fancy and they have chairs and tables now which they didn't have before but WALANG HUSTISYA yung serving nila.

Do you think i'll still come back here despite all that negativity? A yes because it really is something special to me. It's like a reminder to me of good memories but maybe i'll just come back once in a while whenever I miss it, unless they improve on their services.

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Patricia P.
3.0 Stars

it's very pricey but food is good, taste-wise. didn't like the shell they used for tacos though, it was too oily. loved their pizza too.

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Nica O.
2.0 Stars

This small ass plate of nachos with tiny bits of beef, salsa and cheese costs Php 260 128533128533128533

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Rey T.
1.0 Stars

DO NOT EAT HERE. Overpriced. P450 for 3 small tacos and 4 tiny slices of quesadilla and 2 iced teas?! Jeez. Ganun na ba kalugi? The taco is advertised as the best in town. Its not. Its baaad!!! Oily taco and filling is mostly cheap cheese with sprinkling of what I would guess is minced meat. Same with the quesadilla. Tinipid ang laman.

The worst part of our "dining experience"....yes, it gets worse--is the lady that tends the store. Sorry but she is a bitch. Doesn't smile, smirks when you ask questions and has that tone, what do you call it? Yes a bitchy tone. Again, sorry. I get it that people have different personalities but if you cant smile stay the f@&k away from any sales/selling job!


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