Kamo Japanese Restaurant

Damosa Gateway, Mamay Rd., Lanang, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Kamo Japanese Restaurant
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Suzette C.
3.0 Stars

Charlene C has been raving about this japanese place where she gets really yummy okonomiyaki. But we didn't order okonomiyaki. WHAT HAPPENED. HAHHA

We got there during peak hour. There were a lot of cars parked but the parking spaces are very wide. It can cater everyone even if all restaurants will be full. Thumbs up for that. 128077

The place had around 5-6!restaurants beside each other but it didn't matter whichever restaurant we go or whichever table we get, because you can cross order between those 5-6 restaurants. This place is perfect for group of friends who can't decide where and what to eat. (Ehem. Kaya yata dito kami

We chose to eat at Kamo. They had seats inside but we are a group of 5 and no table that big was available, so we chose to sit outside. It wasn't very hot anyway, just a few mosquitos and a baby cat128570

I ordered the Tamago appetizer. These are like egg rolls. 3 pieces for only 50 pesos! That's super cheap. And for my main meal, I ordered the croquette set. Croquettes are something like potato balls with meat and veggies inside. Included in the set is a bowl of rice, pickled veggies, soup, and vegetable salad. This is really really cheap for 150 pesos!

The tamago appetizer came in first and i was excited. i took the first bite and damn, it was super salty! As in sea water salty! We didn't understand if this was how it's suppose to taste. What I know, it should be somewhat sweet and creamy. We didn't complain right away because we want to watit for all our orders to arrive first. Mahirap na baka anong gawin sa orders namin 128514 Jennifer T also ordered the gyoza appetizer. Check out her review and see what she thinks. :)

When my set meal arrived, the serving was very generous. Two big "patties" of potato. It was good, especially with the sauce but I just don't feel like eating it together with rice. Too carb-y. 128514 but individually, everything was good!

After all my friends' meals arrived, i immediately called the waitress' attention. I told her that I'm not sure if this is how it's suppose to taste but it's super salty. And all my other friends agreed. She said that it's not how it's suppose to taste. It should be sweet so she got the appetizer back and brought it to their open kitchen.

By the way, the cook is Japanese guy. This place is quite authentic, if i may say.

I stared at them while talking about the tamago I returned and the Japanese man's face looked confused. He got his condiments and started smelling them. That's when i realize that he might have mixed up the sugar and salt. Instead of putting sugar he placed salt on my tamago. We didn't receive any apology for that. Just saying...

The replacement tamago took very long to come back. We all finished our food already and still, the tamago was nowhere to be found. So i asked them to wrap it as take out. Extra charge of 5 pesos for take out box.

I sent jen and charlene home and on the way, Jennifer T was complaining that she felt weak, she said she's pretty sure it's because of the amount of MSG in her food. I couldn't agree more. I felt super thirsty after eating. As in my lips are really dry and my throat and tongue feel and taste different! 128546 i drank like half of the pitcher after our meal, i didn't realize that time why i was too thirsty. And now that jen pointed it out, I started feeling it too.

I'm so disappointed that my first time experience was not that good but visiting this place will not be the last time. I still have a lot of restaurants to try and maybe give kamo a second chance, cross order nalang! 128539

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Chantal C.
5.0 Stars

One of the simplest restaurant but also one of the best ramen place to dine here in Davao, for me. According to my dad, the ramen is authentic.

I forgot my order, but you can see it in the picture (oppps, really sorry!) i love the ramen so much, especially its texture. It's chicken soup btw.
My dad ordered the Miso Soup. It was also good. My mom commented that it's not an ordinary Miso Soup, where the taste is really salty. 128077
Lastly, my mom ordered Tempura (served with plain rice). She was pleased because the Tempura was big! She thinks that it was prawn inside, not shrimp. But we're not that sure, it's really a big size for a shrimp!

Another advantage in the restaurant is that you can order from other restaurants outside too! There are a lot of choices. Just tell the waitress and she'll call the other restaurant incharge to take your order. 128076

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