Kampai Sushi Bar

LG/F Robinsons Place Antipolo, Sumulong Highway cor. Circumferential Rd., Antipolo, Rizal

Kampai Sushi Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

3.0 Stars

TONKOTSU RAMEN | I went to @kampaisushibarph and tried their new ramen dish.
Yung ni-serve sakin ganito siya, hindi siya photogenic. Lubog na lahat nung laman. 128517
Tapos yung steamed dumpling nya, sobrang lambot at lusak, ang hirap i-chopsticks kasi nadudurog.
Pero nung dumating yung asawa ko, same kami ng order, ang ganda ng plating sakanya. Pero yung dumpling, lusak pa rin. As per taste, iyang ramen na yan, lasang pork chicharon. Masarap siya kaya bawi nalang yung presentation niya. At saka yung dumpling masarap kasi masarap yung sauce.
Sa price, P248 yung Ramen then add P50 for 3pcs dumpling (promo).

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Lydia G.
1.0 Stars


We ate here for lunch and my companion got food poisoning/diarrhea after. We didn't eat anything/anywhere else that day.
I called them up that night, and asked them to have the manager Jonmali to call me up the next day. I don't want any other person to get sick because of their negligence.

Jonmali, the manager, called me up and was full of excuses. Told him my companion ate nothing else except lunch at his restaurant. I had to remind him that he owed me an apology before he finally apologized and promised to investigate and to sanction staff, if needed.

Jonmali offered to send an ambulance, or to have my companion checked into a clinic. But of course it was too late by then, because we treated him at home, and he was already recovering the next day. He didn't need hospitalization. I politely declined, and ended the call with a 'thank you.'

A few minutes later, Jonmali accidentally redialed me and I overheard him ranting to co-staff about me and my complaint, even using curse words. He ranted that he offered to send for an ambulance and pay for check-up, but I declined. Somehow that made him think I was exaggerating my complaint.

Getting your customers sick is no joke. And to think we left a good tip.

Don't eat here. You'll get bad to mediocre food. Bad service from their manager Jonmali.

They get you sick then the manager Jonmali rants about you to his staff if you call up to complain.

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Jay S.
4.0 Stars

Great food. Typical Japanese food here. Serving's just right. Price is also okay. Fried Gyoza is excellent in my opinion. Will definitely go back here. 128523

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YVette C.
2.0 Stars

I didn't take a picture because I didn't plan to make a review on this. However, I just have to let this out..

As we stepped inside, I was surprised that it was so small and could only accommodate 4 tables. It gave out the feeling of "masikip and kulob". But good thing they have tables outside.

The staff were amazing. They were very knowledgeable on the food and were easy to talk to. The food however tasted sad. I did not get the satisfaction of eating a japanese food. We ordered bento box tonkatsu (best seller) and beef yakiniku, and a bowl of miso ramen. Food was worth P248 each. The bento box has a small serving while the ramen was good for 2. All tasted cheap, and there was no hint of the typical japanese food. The beef yakiniku has plenty of onions; the tonkatsu has "taba"; the miso ramen noodles were too simple. (I initially thought that Tokyotokyo was better). So it wasn't that bad because I was able to finish my food but it was not close to good either. After eating, I already felt sad for the restaurant. But was happy at the same time that a lot of customers were coming in.

Lastly, there were 2 televisions; one on Local channel and one on Cable(?) LOTR was showing. The "Showtime" segment made me feel that I was eating at a carinderia. Maybe this added to the feeling of "no japanese vibe and cheap tasting food".

Perhaps ordering Sushi would be a better option next time. 128556


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Tenten C.
3.0 Stars


Was meaning to try this place for a long time. It did not disappoint but did not wow me neither.

Place is quite filled with guests as they are also serving beer.

Fish quality is not top notch.. But it was okay.

Sushi is okay too. Not done well though as it is falling apart when I dip them in soy sauce.

Tempura did not deliver the expectations I have with good quality made tempura.

Prices are reasonable as well.

Music and ambience did not match the theme of the restaurant. Its a Japanese restaurant but they're playing spanish/latin instrumental music. Which I find very odd.

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