Kandle Cafe

113 Mother Ignacia Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Kandle Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Daven P.
4.0 Stars

Cozy place to enjoy a chill sunday morning. 🙂 The place wasn't crowded when we visited. It is ideal for meeting with your friends or families.

FOOD - 4/5
▫️Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy pasta
▫️SOBA - on a salty side.
▫️Squid salad - Loved it, squid not rubbery.
▫️Cake- forgot the cake we ordered but we liked it.

Place -5/5
super cozy.

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Wilann Y.
5.0 Stars

I'm back 128512. Been hearing about this cafe and was kinda curious to try. My husband and I enjoyed the food quality. Taste was superb! From food to drinks-- it was excellent! A must try and definitely will be back t128512

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

Black Calamares P380
Stuffed Chicken P340
Malagos Chocolate Cake
Espresso P95
Flat White P145

Coffee: Happy with my espresso, whilst I noticed my friend’s flat white was a bit too bubbly. Not sure if it has been sitting for a few minutes before it got served to us. Perhas not their best drink offering, so I’ll have to try something else next time.

Food: Just wow. Everything is just delicious and glad their stuffed chicken was served with salad which is fresh and has the right citrus dressing. Although the black calamares could use some improvement since the batter came out a bit messy and not presentable, but I like it. Crunchy and also not the typical calamares you try elsewhere since batter is made with squid ink.

Place: Fell in love with it the moment we got there. You can dine in their fully-airconditioned room or relax at their al fresco style lounge with plenty of plants and comfy seats. You can grab your favorite drink and snack on your own or let it be your hang out place with friends or family. I also won’t mind going for work meetings, etc.

Price: Be prepared for about P500-P600 if you plan to visit with an empty stomach. I can’t say it’s the cheapest cafe, but quality comes with a price so this is worth your money.

Service: They can use a bit of improvement in this area. It took us some time before everything got served. After placing order, cashier didn’t even offer to communicate estimated time before serving to at least set our expectations.

Overall, it has been a wonderful visit. Will definitely be back.

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Jellybeans i.
3.0 Stars

Kandle Cafe initially made a name for itself with its coffee brews and blends, given that the owners, siblings Khryss, Don King, Leslie and Eli Ong (from a play on whose names came the resto's moniker - KANDLE), were all passionate about coffee culture.

The place is also marked by a design aesthetic that combines warm and homey interiors with nature's beauty outside.

Along the pathway leading to the dining area, for example, abound plants and water feature installations. The steady sound of trickling water and the sight of verdant growths did have a calming effect on my work-frazzled nerves. Wood and metal furniture add a modern touch to the al fresco setting.

Inside, the sprawling space is lit with warm lighting, showcasing the fun and quirky collection of bric-a-bracs and whimsical accents.

This place is designed to be memorable, and to be a setting for great memories.

For our lunch, we ordered:
Chilean Mussel Pasta (Php380). Chilean mussels sauteed in a garlic and white wine sauce served on top of al dente tagliatelle and topped with grated parmesan.

Pork Tonkatsu (Php350). Tender pork loin stuffed with cheese, breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown, served with house-made teriyaki sauce, sesame cabbage salad and blue rice (yep, the color comes from the edible flower they serve it with).

For dessert, we indulged in a moist and heavenly Carrot Bar (Php100), a Lava Cookie (Php55) and a Maple Cookie with Bacon (Php80).

While the food items were definitely a sight to behold, there were hits and misses upon eating them. I think that the pork tonkatsu may be better accompanied by the sweet and peppery tonkatsu sauce rather than a teriyaki sauce which does not bring out as much of the pork's flavor as I would like. The lava cookie, on the other hand, was lacking the rich chocolatey taste and gooey texture that I've come to expect.

That said, we loved the interplay of textures and flavors in the Chilean Mussel Pasta and the moist and richly sweet Carrot Bar.

The servers were also attentive and knowledgeable about their offerings, citing features or ingredients that make their dishes unique as they are serving them.

I definitely wouldn't mind returning here for a nice and relaxed coffee break so I could try out the resto's celebrated brews and more of its pastries.

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Joanne P.
3.0 Stars

This was on my must-try restos because of the raves/positive reviews.

FOODS (ranked according to likeness):

127860Pumpkin Soup (PHP165) 11088110881108811088
I always love pumpkin soups and Kandle Cafe's version did not disappoint. It was creamy. Although, I prefer that bacon slice to be chopped.

127860Cheezy QC Maki (PHP270) 11088110881108811088
Maki + Cheese = WOW! Said by someone who loves both! 10084

127860Praline Sliced Cake (PHP160) 110881108811088
Praline cake is okay. Crust tastes like crunch chocolate. Somehow there's an umay factor.

127860Kandle Burger (PHP325) 110881108811088
I like its overall presentation - that kamote fries and eggy surprise. 128077

127860Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy (PHP310) 1108811088
I expected too much on this pasta but I guess it's not for my taste. 128528

I like the ambiance. It was really cozy. Hopefully, they can move away from the self-service/pay as you order thing because it seems like it does not match on the overall look of their place; not a big deal though.

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Xyberdoc M.
4.0 Stars

Ordered egoy pasta, it was with a salted egg sauce. It was good though pasta was overcooked. The paella balls were very good.

Place is nice clean good for those with pets.

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

It’s rare for a QC place to have both awesome customer service, good food, AND jaw-dropping interiors / ambiance. Kandle Cafe is definitely one of those places.

The place was packed on a Sunday afternoon so I had no choice but to stay at their al fresco area - not really a bad thing since the lighting outside was perfect for taking photos!

I had a latte and was able to try their Vanilla Milkshake and White Chocolate Almond Cookies. The latte was pretty good - perfect balance of creaminess and bitterness, just the way I like it! 9749

Not a big fan of the cookies but if it was on the table, I’d definitely get 1 or 2. I guess my tongue is just not cultured enough to appreciate any other cookie aside from the good old chocolate chip cookie. 128517

The Vanilla Milkshake was an interesting one. I was told that it’s super sweet but when I tried it, it was just okay — and in a good way since I don’t want my milkshake to be too overpowering. The hash chocolate sprinkles blended well with the creaminess of the milkshake.

It’s hard not to like Kandle Cafe. Place is perfect for working too as they have a reliable internet connection.

Overall, it was a great visit despite the rainfall. From the baristas, the servers, the parking guards, the internet connection, the leather couches, the plants, flowers, trees, the food — pretty much everything! They got everything down to a tee! 128079

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5.0 Stars

For the first time I was able to try Kandle Cafe in Quezon City. I was fascinated with the interior of the cafe. It’s spacious and colorful with good quality of furnitures. And very earth friendly outside with lots of greens.

It’s a pay as you order system and rrued some of the bestsellers of the cafe.

127828Kandle Burger for Php325.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(100% pure beef patty stuffed with a cheezy tomato center on a brioche bun with an eggy surprise, served with kamote fries)
“This one is super sulit. They served the burger big and loaded with ingredients. The presence of the egg in the burger complement with the beef patty.”

127828Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta for Php310.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(Squid ink tagliatelle with bacon and salted egg cream sauce topped with 63 degree poached egg, served with pan de mie)
“Surprisingly, this pasta was really good. The creaminess of poached egg blend well with the flavor of bacon and salted egg cream sauce.”

Overall, it was a worth it dining at Kandle Cafe. I think the prices of their dishes are very ressonable with the good quality and delicious food they are serving.

Tip: Go around between 2PM-5PM, the place tends to be full during lunch and dinner.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

My sister is getting married next week! 128562 To wish her an awesome jouney ahead of her on her married life, we decided to prepare a bridal shower event for her last March 25. 🤗

I remember coming to Kandle Cafe last month, and loved my experience there. The good food, and on-point service warranted me to visit again. As such, I decided to get this place for my sister's shower. They have this room which they would let you rent for a certain fee, with majority of the amount to be used as consumable for your food. Their food are on the affordable side, so it's no surprise that you'd be able to try out plenty of food from their menu. 128521

The room is already super nice, so we only had to add a couple of decorations and voila! We were good to go. 128525 The room comes with sound system you could use, as well as plenty of chairs and tables. I ordered a some of their food for the group to share, 2-3 orders of each. I also let each guest choose their own drink, as they have plenty of coffee and non-coffee options to choose from. Here's what I got for the group:

✅ PAELLA CROQUETTES (Php 280 - 5 pcs) - 110881108811088
This tasted good, but was a bit too heavy for me. Instead of the usual potato croquettes, they used rice (paella). It is filled with cheese and some chicken (which was not that evident because of the overflowing cheese). It's quite pricey too, but I guess just a ball or two of these will fill you up quickly. 128512

✅ CHEEZY QC MAKI (Php 270 - 8 pcs) - 11088110881108811088
A unique and modern take of the usual sushi rolls, this is a unique dish that deserves the attention of the diners. Though, I have to say that the cheese once again masked the taste of the other ingredients: as I don't really remember tasting the salmon and kani in the rolls. 128517

✅ MR. EGOY AND MS. EGGY PASTA (Php 310) - 1108811088110881108811088
I got this the last time I was here, and I made sure all the guests will be able to taste this amazing concoction from Kandle Cafe. The salted egg cream sauce matched well with the homemade squid ink pasta, and mixing the sous vide egg in made it even yummier! 128149 I won't ever get tired of this pasta. 128522

✅ SEAFOOD MARINARA (Php 420) - 1108811088110881108811088
I didn't get to taste this, I was too tired to eat too much. 128514 But I heard a lot of good things about this. I was suprised that it was served in a big platter, great value for money for only Php 420. There were plenty of toppings too! 128149

✅ KAMOTE FRIES (Php 90) - 1108811088110881108811088
I loved this! It's not like the usual kamote fries we get from our neighborhood stalls. But I loved this more! It's screaming HEALTHY, and I loved how they used different types of kamote for this. The colors are so attractive! 128076

I didn't get to try this too, but I didn't hear much about it so I'm just leaving the rating blank. It's an off the menu offering, but it's clearly one of the best things to have for your pica pica chikka sesh. 128521

✅ FOR ME: MATCHA KITKAT MILKSHAKE (Php 190) - 1108811088110881108811088
Most of us got milkshakes for our drinks, and here's what I got for myself. I was surprised when my drink was served in a big tall glass -- sulit already for just less than Php 200. Tastewise, I liked how rich the milkshake was. I think they have really put in a lot of ice cream before blending, which made the drink super creamy! The matcha taste was there, though I wish it was earthier and less sweet. The Kitkat contributed to the sweetness too, but its chocolatey taste was a welcome addition to this tasty drink. 128154 Nevertheless, it's one of the best ones I've tasted!

Thank you to Ms. Lesley (owner) for all the support and help she has extended to us to make this event a success. I also appreciated how accommodating all the staff were. All our needs were addressed properly, and the event was super smooth because of them as well. 128522 If you have small functions or events and would be needing a private room for it, I highly reccommend Kandle Cafe. Staff are courteous and professional, and food is super good! 128149 It'll definitely be worth it! 128521


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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

Last Saturday, Josh and I invited V to have lunch and movie with us, since we wanted her to have a Valentine's day celebration despite E being miles away. 128522 Since she had to bring her puppy, Walnut, to the vet that morning, we tagged along; and later on decided to bring him along for lunch. 128156 While travelling, I searched for dog-friendly restaurants, and stumbled upon Kandle Cafe. Since none of us have tried it there, we decided to pop in for a meal.

We got there a bit early, so we checked out the nearby Korean Mart, before heading back to Kandle at exactly 11 AM. We adored the front porch of the restuarant, and right then and there, I knew that we were up for something unforgettable and extraordinary. Here's what we got:

✅ For V: BBQ CHICKEN (Php 250) - 11088110881108811088
This is a plate that looked so fresh, you'd almost feel guiltless if you don't eat the rice. 128513 The grilled chicken was actually very juicy, something we don't often find in barbecued meats. The portion size of the chicken and veggies was quite big, too! They serve this with an awesome red wine vinaigrette dressing, which you may aak your server to refill if you'd fancy more of it on your greens. 128521

✅ For Josh: SOBA (Php 280) - 11088110881108811088
We were in love when this was served in a cute three-tier plate and bowl combo. The colors of the various components just popped like that. 128525 While the noodles itself was not as authentic as those you can get in Japanese restaurants, Josh appreciated everything around it. He especially loved the chicken karaage which was both juicy and crispy! 128525

✅ For Me: MR. EGOY & MS. EGGY PASTA (Php 250) - 1108811088110881108811088
Where else can you find a pasta dish that is affordable and uses fresh pasta? 128525 This dish is made with fresh squid ink pasta (take note, the squid ink is mixed in when the pasta was made, and not as a sauce) sautéed in smoked bacon and onion, with light cream sauce. I love how their poached egg was done perfectly! 128076Mix it in your pasta, and enjoy a creamy but not overly cloying pasta dish. 128156 Since the pasta is freshly made, it is a bit thicker that your commercial dried pasta, but when cooked properly, is still as al dente as can be. I totally recommend this! 128525

9749 Drinks:
✅ For Josh: COLD BREW (Php 150) - 11088110881108811088
For Josh, there was nothing really special with this, but it is good coffee. I am not a fan of black coffee, so I didn't bother to try it. 128517

✅ For Me: MORROCAN MINT TEA LATTE (Php 150) - 1108811088110881108811088
Oh I loved this. 128525 The slight minty and smokey taste of the tea, coupled with the creamy milk with foam, definitely made my tea loving heart jump with joy! 128156 It comes in these cute brightly colored cups that will surely brighten up your day. 127774

127856 Desserts:
✅ MATCHA BOSTON (Php 130) - 11088110881108811088
The chocolate cake in this was really fluffy and moist! The taste is very rich, but was a bit too sweet for my liking. 128586 The matcha cream was seemingly mixed with white chocolate, and while it lacked the matcha taste and was not as strong as I expected it to be, the cream paired really well with the chocolate cake. 127851127861

✅ BROWN BUTTER COOKIE (Php 35) - 11088110881108811088
It's the first time I tried this, and it tastes heavenly! With a nutty and caramel-ly taste because of the browned butter, these cookies are as indulgent as you think they are. 128586 Eat with caution! Haha. Though, I wished their cookies were more chewy and less crunchy, but the taste is already good. 128521

✅ MINT CHOCO CRINKLES (Php 35) - 1108811088110881108811088
Mmmmm. I love mint chocolates, because the way the minty taste cuts through the fudgy chocolate always makes me weak in the knees. 🤤 These crinkles are no exception: the aroma of the warm crinkles, with the chewy fudgy chocolate and mint flavor, is definitely something I would come back for. 128156128156128156

For the price point and quality of food, it was definitely worth it! 128525 Not to mention, service was top-notch: polite, quick, and with follow throughs. Kandle Café was without question, one of the chillest cafés I have been, as of this writing. The ambiance was super nice, whether you're seated inside the instagrammable restaurant itself, or like us, at the al fresco area, that's equally nice, with its lush green decors and plants around the area. (This is a great area to take photos of the food, because: Natural Light!!!) 128154 And the best part about it is you can bring your furry friends to dine with you!!! 🤗 We sure had fun eating and playing with Walnut that day. 128021

Kandle Café is a place I can definitely recommend, whether you're there to chill alone and catch up or work or that favorite book or series, hang with your friends, have a date with your significant other, or simply have a humble brunch with your mom. 🤗


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Melodee N.
5.0 Stars

ORGASMIC. One word that best describes the food that one would find at Kandle Cafe.

Located at Mother Ignacia in QC, just in front a "beer house" that's amusingly called Obeertime (haha), is an oasis for good eats. The facade is a creatively designed unfinished style concrete wall. By the way it looks from the outside you'd think there are hidden gems inside. And I'm not mistaken. As you walk through the entrance, you'd be surprised with the space - it has a lot of greens that gives you the feel of immediate comfort.

The interior is nice. Wood and metal combined. The old and contemporary seamlessly weaved together.

Their style is pay as you order. A lot to choose from in their menu. These are what we've tried so far:

Mr. Egoy & Ms. Eggy Pasta 127775127775127775127775127775
Squid ink pasta sautéed in smoked bacon and onion. With light cream sauce, poached egg garnished with bacon. The mix of flavors were just ummm-perfecto.

Soba 127775127775127775127775127775
Fresh green tea infused pasta, chicken karaage, tamago, toasted nori, pickled ginger, shitake mushrooms, raw quail egg in Japanese soy. So creatively done.

Pompano Pasta 127775127775127775127775
Pan fried Pompano fillet with tomato salsa with aglio olio as base.

Chilean Mussel Pasta 127775127775127775127775127775
Pasta with white wine garlic sauce generously topped with sautéed Chilean mussels.

Black Squid Calamares 127775127775127775127775127775
Deep fried squid smothered with squid ink. It comes with Kandle's homemade mayo dip. Salivating now.

Kandle Burger 127775127775127775127775
100% pure beef patty with cheesy red pesto, sautéed onions, tomatoes, and greens. Comes with orange kamote fries.

Bulgogi Sandwich 127775127775127775127775
Homemade sirloin beef with savory Korean bulgogi sauce. Comes with thinly sliced potato fries.

We also had cakes for dessert. Tiramisu, Macha, chocolate. All great endings to a hearty meal.

Price range is at P210 - P350 per main dish but all worth it.

Kandle Cafe is a must-visit, must-try, must-repeat.

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

Being asked about the idea of having a book date in a coffee shop reminded me of people who stay at coffee shops for hours — how do they do it?

Let’s be real, it gets noisy inside especially when customers start pouring in. How can other people stay for hours to study / work? 🤔

This past Saturday morning, I had the chance to check out this cozy cafe along Mother Ignacia Ave. We arrived at 11AM but the parking lot was still closed. We gave them a call and asked them to open it for us! 128556

We were welcomed by the staff with smiles and excitement - what an awesome way to start the day!

It was hard not to pull out our phones / cameras to take photos. The place looked amazing! I’ve been here for dinner and it wasn’t as pretty as it is in the morning. Natural light helped highlight every detail of this cafe.

I ordered their Cheesy Piggy (ham and cheese sandwich, Kandle style, Php210) and my friend got their Mr. Egoy & Ms. Eggy Pasta (Php240).

My sandwich was just a typical (but huge) ham and egg sandwich. Bread looked old but it tasted okay. The ham saved the sandwich as it was salty in a good way. Loved the ham!

The pasta that she ordered had fresh squid ink, sauteed in smoked BACON & onions. It also has poached egg garnished with crispy BACON and toasted pan di mie. Tried it and I loved it! Too bad I was already full because of my sandwich. I could’ve asked my friend for more pasta. 128514

I also liked their cappuccino even though there were grains on the foam (which it should not). At least it wasn’t as bad as Starbucks’ very foamy cappuccino. 128517

Taste-wise, the espresso was strong. It had a kick in it that kept me awake for hours!

My friend got an order or Iced Latte. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it but it was in a huge mason jar-like glass! Sulit if you ask me — and it actually tasted good! This is a must-order if you plan on staying here for hours.

Speaking of staying for hours, we were here for over 4 hours. Crazy. Funny how time flies! It did get loud inside when customers started arriving but good thing I brought headphones with me. I just used the “Windy” app which plays nature sounds such as raindrops, a flowing river, chirping birds, crickets doing their thing, etc. It helped mask the noise inside the cafe.

Overall, I’d definitely come back! Maybe stay longer to finish my book! 128077

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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars

Kandle’s facade is a tall brick wall and entering the cafe gives a secluded impression. It is located along the busy street of Panay Avenue. The interiors is set to be warm, quiet, and cozy.

Design is modern industrial with use of quaint installations. It seems to follow a palette of earth tones with solid steel chairs providing the pop of color. Place is well-ventilated and SMOKING IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. There is an al fresco seating with a lanai filled with garden plants. The outdoor area has a roofing and surrounded with electric fans.

The air-conditioned area is divided with a glass wall making it appear more spacious. Every corner gives a sense of privacy.

Kandle burger (P250) as describe in the menu is made with beef patty squeezed in with cheesy red pesto, sauteed onions, tomatoes, and greens with kamote fries on the side. The patty is juicy but I actually find it too small for its price.

Service is good but the food is just average. Still the most decent coffee shop in the area for intimate meetings and catching-up.

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Sabi ng aming kliente,
Kami raw ay magmemeryenda sa KANDLE Cafe...
Nung una hindi ko inaasahan ...
Na matatagpuan mo siya...
Sa nagdidikitang mga maiingay na kainan,
at kung anu-anong ganap na mga tindahan...

At dahil sa tahimik ang Cafe sa labas,
ay talaga namang kapansin pansin
ang kanyang yumi at ganda!128522128522128522

Habang nagmamasid sa loob,
walang tulak kabigin at di kataka-takang
ang istilo ng Cafe
ay may pagka-makabagong industriyalismo...

ladrilyong gawa sa luwad,
ladrilyong matatagpuan sa mga tren na tumatakbo sa ilalim ng lupa, pang-tuberong mga tubo,
malalaking tipak ng kahoy
at tabing na gawa sa tela metalika...
bawat elemento ay masasabing nasa uso ngayon
at napaka-pinterest-ey....hehehe128522128522128522

Sa siyudad ng Quezon,
maaaring ito ay bago sa paningin...
pero sa lungsod ng Makati,
itong klase ng istilo ay matatagpuan
sa bawat sulok at kanto 128522128540

Mabalik tayo sa usapan meryenda...
Laking galak ko sa napili kong Kani Stick Wrap with Tortilla,
Dalawang mala-lumpiang sariwa ang pagkabilog ...
ay higit pa ang palaman

maliban sa hinimay himay na laman ng alimango!
Dagdag pa rito ang nakakabusog na pambalot...
torillang may halong mais,
Atsaka meron pa..
hiniwang pipino, karot, repolyo
at masarap na sawsawang malikha!

Ang asyanong bersyon ng burrito 128522128522128522
Siya namang napaka sariwa ang pagkakahain mismo!12852210084128077🏻

At syempre pa para hindi naman ako mabulunan
ay sinabayan ko ng inumin nilang kaktel ng gatas
na siyang may lasang banilya! 100841008410084

Talaga namang babalik ako dito,
Dahil ang binebentang sinaunang mga bisikleta
at motosiklo sa gilid,
ay tunay na nakakabighani!

at hindi lang yan
pangkagamitang hardin
ay siya ring matatagpuan
na nilalako sa gilid ng daanan12852210084128077🏻

Wagi ka, KANDLE Cafe!


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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

One ramdon night that my boyfriend thought of bringing me here. You have to understand that he is not a coffee person so having chosen this place was a big surprise. The place was IG-worthy and playlist was good too -- calm and soothing!

We tried their Bolgogi Sandwich, Bloody Mary Shrimp Pasta, Matcha Shake (for him) and hot white mocha for me! A bit pricy but I would say it was value for money!

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Chao H.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Pam L.
4.0 Stars

Located beside a Puregold grocery, you wouldn't think that there's a cafe this nice on an ordinary-looking street.

The cafe is surprisingly huge and they have parking spaces although I'm pretty sure they fill up pretty quickly. The interiors looked really nice!

We went there on a Friday night and it was packed. My friend was able to get a tiny table for two, but we were able to quickly transfer to a bigger one when a group left. They also have outdoor seating.

We ordered the Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta, which I was hesitant to try at first because I'm not a big fan of squid ink. I was happy to find out that there's no squid ink sauce -- it was the noodles that were made out of squid ink. It had a cream-based sauce with bacon bits topped with poached egg. The dish was delicious! The sauce was creamy and the noodles perfectly cooked.

We also ordered the BBQ Chicken, which was more of a salad I suppose because of all the greens in the dish. It was also topped with poached egg. The chicken was also good and the dish itself was very healthy!

For dessert, we decided to get the strawberry shortcake and cappucinos. The cake was okay, it wasn't that bad but it wasn't memorable either.

My only complaint is that the acoustics in the cafe is bad. The noise from the big group from the other table reverberated around the room, which ruined the cafe's ambiance. If you're going there to study, better avoid going during lunch or dinner time.

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April H.
2.0 Stars

My then bf and I went to Kandle Cafe for a quick date. Emphasis on the "QUICK".

It was a Sunday afternoon and the store was in a lull. The lunch crowd has already cleared, the students probably still at home mentally readying themselves for Monday, and the dinner service hours away. When we entered, we immediately loved the interiors! I felt the Feng Shui was spot on-- the water by the entrance and the rest of the place had a good flow. Very understated and yet fun with the colorful accents of multi-colored chairs and knick-knacks all over. Great floor plan and a clean bathroom are checks in my book. Very stylish indeed.

You order at the counter and they will serve the food. I had the Mr and Mrs Eggoy pasta and he had the BBQ chicken. We planned to share the Tres Leches and I, forever alone regarding caffeine cravings, had the Iced Latte. I knew the place was owned by siblings whose names started with the letters K-N-D-L, hence the name of the cafe. Apparently the siblings were very hands on about the place.

We waited for the food in peace. Initially. The BBQ chicken was served already. We followed up the pasta several times because we were hungry. The staff kept saying that they were just making it. I kept looking at my watch because we were going somewhere after, so I know. The pasta was served 32mins AFTER the chicken. I was pissed. Apparently, something went wrong with their pasta maker. They were improvising with the pasta. I really told the staff that they should tell us what happened and not just expect us to keep waiting.

I initially wanted the coffee to be served with the cake but I already asked for it. Caffeine calms me down and I needed it. I felt myself scowling. I know that it was a mechanical malfunction that can happen, but we were due to go somewhere else after. The whole snafu caused us our time to rest, because we had to rethink our plans. I DID NOT APPRECIATE IT. I was already asking them to cancel the order but they kept "reassuring" me that it was coming. It did come. 32 minutes after our initial order came.

When the pasta came, it was really thick and the texture was weird. IT WAS NOT GOOD. It felt like it was too starchy. I waited that long for this? Come on. Maybe it tasted different because they improvised, I don't know. But, it was not good.

They gave us an additional cake in a hazelnut flavor to apologize, which I think was decent of them. I also did not understand why the owners themselves didn't reassure us. By the looks of it, there were 3 of them present at the time. There were two other tables occupied. It would have been better if they themselves explained the situation, we are still customers after all.

In the end, I think they should have admitted that there was a problem and let us choose if we want to change our order. I think they served us something substandard and it was unfair to us. We didn't really want the extra cake, though that gesture was appreciated. We wanted to stick to our schedule, so I would have rather changed my order than wait that long. I'm not being unreasonable. I'm a busy person and I have other things to do than eat at the cafe.

The BBQ chicken was just ok. The tres leches cake was ok. The hazelnut cake (don't really know what it is since I didn't order it) was good. Iced latte is as expected, nothing special.

Would I come back? Maybe. But I found my visit wasted. Rather than putting us in a good mood, I left slightly dizzy from the hundred or so times I rolled my eyes. So that's the feeling I remember when this store is brought up.

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Em D.
3.0 Stars

I was super excited to try this place out but............ 128560 The food they serve isn't great. Actually, it wasn't good. I was excited to try the Cheesy Piggy (their version of a ham and cheese sandwich) but the sauce was weird and there were just too much onions. The bread was also soggy. 128531 The pampano pasta was dry and so bland. I also tried their arroz caldo, which was the only thing I liked. I thought they put chicharon pieces through the barbecue sticks (seen on top of the bowl) but I realized it was just soggy fat. 128553128553128553128553128553

I also liked the white chocolate mocha. Their desserts are probably better than their food food items. 128543

Food = 1.5/5
Ambiance = 4/5
Price = 3/5
Service = 3/5


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1.0 Stars

Ambiance- 4/5
Arroz Caldo - 1/5
Pampano Pasta- 1/5
KANDLE Burger - 1/5

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