Kandle Cafe

113 Mother Ignacia Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Kandle Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Hello Kandle Cafe, finally, I was able to locate you 9786

Location is quite hidden at the back of Puregold, near Tropical Hut (Panay) and slightly adjacent to Kettletop. From the outside, the place looked small but the insides are just to-wow-for 10084️A mini water cascade on the right side before the entrance welcomes you, for a moment, I thought I was entering a spa center 128517

The vibe of the place was really homey. An outside dining area is located where bookworms can chill and rest their minds and read to the surrounding nature sounds. 128524 I came around lunchtime and the place was not full nor noisy.

Today, I got to try the following:
🔹Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta (240php) 110881108811088️ -- good for sharing. The creamy white sauce was a bit filling for one person to eat. I find the taste unique, plus the poached egg gave the taste like-ihavenevertastedthisbefore-feeling 128513

🔹Pour Over Coffee (120php) 11088️ -- barista offered this one and he said that it's much stronger than the regular brewed or americano coffee

🔹Piña Rose Tea (120php) 11088️-- (IMO) it just tasted like water 128549

Ambiance 11088110881108811088
Food 11088110881108811088
Service 1108811088110881108811088

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Kandle Cafe, no doubt, has a nice, chill vibe. I wouldn't be surprised if people would visit and stay here to study or work.

🔹Arroz Caldo. This was unique since it had chorizo and tripe but they could probably add more rice so it can actually be called arroz caldo. 🙃
🔹Hot Choco
Both beverages were okay.

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Marivic S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We were looking for a cheap place up north with parking spaces for our lunch date today and came across this one.

We arrived the place around 12:30pm and found a parking space available. We entered the cafe and discovered that the cafe was accommodating more than what we expected, but seats were still available inside. There were also more seats outside, and we opted to stay there.

We lined up and ordered the kandle burger, bbq chicken and the oreo milkshake.

Kandle Burger P250
127828 The Kandle Burger is one of the recommended dishes in this cafe, so I had this one. I had better burgers, but this wasn't bad, since the beef patty was tender and well seasoned. I also enjoyed the crispy sweet potatoes that came with the dish. Serving was huge given the price.

BBQ Chicken P230
127831 The chicken was okay. The pieces were soft and tasty, and went well with the yogurt (I think?) sauce. It also came with around a cup of rice. Serving was less compared to their burger.

Oreo Milkshake P160
127868 I asked the man at the counter on which milkshake he can recommend, and he went with oreo and matcha. I just had matcha last week, so I chose the oreo and I loved it! It was thick and creamy, kinda like a drinkable oreo ice cream.

Service was good. Staff moved with much precision and appeared really neat.

Needless to say, I had a good lunch (burger and milkshake) for less than P500 and was pretty much happy about it. I didn't eat anything after this meal and still felt full throughout the day.

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Zarah L.
5.0 Stars

Matcha milkshake - exactly like starbucks green tea
Matcha Boston cake - lost for words 128076128076128076 moist chocolate cake + matcha = 1108811088110881108811088

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Zarah L.
5.0 Stars

Kape Kanin 127861
Nice place to work or simply kill time. Good service!

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Iyah A.
4.0 Stars

Flat black if you have loads of paperwork to do. This will keep you focused for hours. Their cookie is ok. I usually go for dark chocolate as I watch my sugar level.

Great interiors, they're open for reservations too. A place to have dinner with your family on a Sunday night or wanting to study out. But gee max of 4hrs Na siguro 128517

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

This quaint and cozy cafe is an ideal place to relax with friends or family.

We ordered:
Matcha tea latte (140PHp, if I remember it correctly)
Ceylon tea latte (150PHp)
Tres leches - love this super moist cake

They also food on their menu which we will try out next time.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

There is new cafe that offers good coffee and tea preps, desserts, and main dishes. The place, though located within the proximity of the foodie beat of the Morato area, is quite nicely situated away from the busy foodie joints. This is Kandle Cafe.

The place nicely mixes the concept of 3rd wave of coffee places and mainstream dining. Albiet being located away from the mainstream foodie joints of the Morato and Timog area, the place was packed with an interesting mix of diners.

In their main dining area, some customers were engrossed over their books and laptops (the place offers free wifi). Some were enjoying late dinner and/or desserts. The overflow of diners were seated at their outdoor seating that hugged around the main cafe.

This visit was for nightcap. I decided to try one of their Tea Latte preps and pair this with one of their pastries.

I must say that I loved their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. The huge cup was filled to the brim with a minty-lightly sweet- creamy tea prep. I loved that the latte was nicely tempered /steamed giving the beverage the perfect velvety texture and temperature. The Moroccan Mint tea nicely pronounced with the creamy latte .

I also loved their Apple Crumble Cake. It was a marriage between an apple crumble pie and cake. The base was made of moist sponge cake that was topped with caramelized apple bits flavored with cinnamon then topped with a yummy ,buttery crumble crust. The pastry was served with a siding of whipped cream and a delicious rich vanilla sauce.

Since the place was packed, service was a bit slow as servers seemed to juggle between tables. Perhaps, at this point, this was forgivable since they just opened recently. But I must say that I appreciate the fact that the owners (run my
an entire family-mom, dad, and kids) were likewise active in trying to seat and serve customers. One was even busy with the baristas preparing the beverages.

Our next table neighbor were having main meals. Judging from the dishes that they got, the food looked quite appetizing. Will surely try Kandle Cafe's mains next time. Will also come back for their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte and will try their other pastries.

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Nico B.
5.0 Stars

Thumbs up for the place, its cozy and i really appreciate their furniture and garden. It's a perfect place for couples to hang out. The food is also highly recommended, though its a bit pricey but sure is worth it! So, better come and check them out! :)

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

I AM IN LOVE with this place!!!! It's the perfect neighborhood cafe! Designed like a industrial Brooklyn Loft with touches of brick, leather and bathed in yellow light, It's a beautiful space that is energetic yet homey. Kandle is the place you can Spend an afternoon with your laptop or an evening with your family. For food I recommend the Egoy and Eggy Pasta and the Chicken Paella Croquettes. A deadly and sinful pairing but we Yolo-ed it up. For dessert, you can't go wrong with their cakes - we liked the strawberry shortcake. Wanted to try others but we were too full. Definitely a place to return to.

Notes: Can get loud when full. And it does get full.
Smokers not allowed, anywhere. a good thing for non-smokers like me. We can sit al fresco without worrying.

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Alexandra N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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5.0 Stars

Right after our dinner get-together, we headed for coffee and dessert. Jaymar suggested the newly opened cafe along Panay called Kandle Cafe.

You wouldn't see the cafe from the outside because it is located a few meters away from the gate. By the looks of it, it was a house reconstructed to be a coffee shop.

The interiors are really cozy! The lighting sets a mood, and the setup of the stools, tables and sofas are inviting for a good conversation or a deep thinking alone time. Why not if you are greeted with a fountain at the entrance and a lush of greens at the back? At last there's another place cozier other than Starbucks or the dimly or overly lit cafes in the area.

For our orders, Jaymar tried the Merengue Kisses which were overly sweet. Really not a fan of merengue but he did enjoy it so I think it's a treat for guys who are into real sweets.

goddessified U tried their Tres Leches cake. This moist cake definitely killed it! It was not that sweet but it was super delicious! This is perfect for tea.

I ordered their Tiramisu Crepe which reminded me of my favorite Crepe Cake of Starbucks. Sweetness level is again, perfect. I partnered this with their Kape Rice tea because I was thinking it was the same version of Baguio's but then I found it weird because it tasted oily. Though I enjoyed how it was served with the glass pour over.

Also asked the waitress why Kandle was spelled with a K and not a C - she told me that it was the acronym for the names of the owners. They're brothers I think. Kool.

With a perfect ambiance, cozy interiors, free wifi and great food, Kandle Cafe will be another sure hit for cafe tambays like me! Go pay 'em a visit!

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

Came across one of the sexiest cafe's in the North. A few blocks from Quezon Ave and near ABSCBN, i think this is now my favorite cafe in the area.

I loved the ambiance, well thought of, and shouting homey on its every corner. Definitely makes you feel at home. Very relaxing place. I spent a lot of time there writing my reports. They have power outlets and free Wifi available. Hooray!

As for the food, I got the Mr Egoy and Ms Eggy Pasta. Flat thin pasta with squid ink (thus the black color) plus the light cream sauce and bacon bits made it a must try. good to share by two. heavy meal for me.. prices were not cheap but it was something i am willing to pay for the quality of food and the ambiance. really nice!

I also tried their Matcha Milkshake and it was good. Somehow similar to Starbucks but less sweet and putting it on a tall glass made it look cute. 128077🏻

Since I stayed there longer than usual, I also tried their kimchi tortilla which was good. Sweet and spicy sauce was a good mix, imo. Quite difficult to eat though but I did not mind getting my hands messy 128514

Kandle Cafe is usually open quite late at around 12noon till late night. Will be back soon, definitely!

5 stars for the ambiance and food! Drinks and cakes I have to try on my next visit!

I hope my photos give justice 128514

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I am glad there are new cafes opening in this area near my place. And after reading a couple of reviews, I decided to visit last week.

Kandle Cafe has a very relaxed ambience. Too relaxed, actually, when I went because it was very gloomy and it was raining cats and dogs. 128517 But if you need to study/work, trust that you can do that here. Power outlets are everywhere, so... 128521 They also have tables outdoor, and it's a nice area conducive to studying or improving your productivity. When I have to work out of office, I normally just use my own mobile internet. But Globe's signal inside Kandle was poor that I had to ask if they have wifi. Fortunately, they do. But unfortunately, it was slow too. 🙃

Food... I ordered their Ms. Eggy and Mr. Eggoy Pasta. Fresh squid ink pasta sauteed in smoked bacon and onions light cream sauce, with 63-degree poached egg & parmesan cheese, garnished with crispy bacon. Whew! It was good but, I never thought I'd ever say this, I think there was too much of bacon. It doesn't look like it but the taste was too overwhelming and a little too salty. The dish's texture was rough, I'm not sure what's causing that. Serving size was ok, I think it can be shared by 2 people.

I'd have to go back to try other dishes, and their beverages, of course. 9786

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Jaja M.
5.0 Stars

I love everything about this café! Omg the ambiance, it's soo peaceful, you can now say goodbye to the overrated starbucks and other overrated coffeeshops.

I ordered chocolate milkshake and sat in a corner of their al fresco dining, it was so nice to sit there and here the chirping of birds, the cascade of water minus the occassional sound of tricycles on the road haha! The only down side is that as it gets dark, there are mosquitoes, though they're aware of it and have alot of mosquito killing machines 128516

Inside there are some who likes to stay in the comfort of the airconditioned room and study their hearts out, or better, some were sleeping hahaha ♡

I also had a taste of their lemon tea, boy their tea dispenser is soo cute! I'd go buy one for myself 128521

I also ordered their calamari in ink squid, i'd give it ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤

I will definitely be there often 128523

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

I have been reading reviews of this new place in the north and since it is along the way from the wedding that we have attended, we decided to check this place. Nested along the busy street of Mother Ignacia, this new hip coffee shop/restaurant is already making a buzz and starting to have a following.

The Place. 127969 I super love this place.
I love the interiors and the homey feel.
I love the mix and match of furniture.
I love the aquarium (it is located before the café door); it gives an extra aura of relaxation to the place.
I love the big space and the high ceiling, it made me feel free and not suffocated.
I love the plants; go green!
I love the different center pieces (ours is a big garlic :P)
And most of all, I love that they do not allow smoking inside their premise.

The Food. 127860127835127858 Avant-Garde.

Spicy Quid Salad
You’ll not go wrong with this colorful and flavorful dish. I love the refreshing taste that the fish sauce vinaigrette brings, the crisp of the fresh lettuce and carrots and the chewy texture of the squid.

Ms. Eggy and Mr. Eggoy Pasta
This freshly made squid ink pasta is creamy and the serving is generous.

Yay! I love the latte art 9786 I love the balance between the espresso and the steamed milk.

I wish we had more time to enjoy the place, will definitely come back. 128077128077128522


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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Finally a new 3rd wave coffee shop in QC. North metro seems to be lagging behind the South when it comes to 3rd wave coffee shop. But finally a new one opened and so far it did impressed me.

KANDLE Cafe is just along Mother Ignacia. The place look small in the front but once you enter the place you'll find it spacious. Got a nice garden al fresco tables outside and great interior inside. Love the glass windows giving the place a feel good vibe. The owner did well with the design of the place. The name KANDLE is also a playful mix of the initials of the Ong siblings (K-D-L-E). Cool combination of initials.

We tried out of their dishes and coffee.

9749Spicy Squid Salad - I love the way they plated this dish it was kind of artistic. The contrast of green and red was very artistically beautiful. This dish reminds me of a korean squid streetfood that I've tried before. Works well with the fresh veggies. This is something that I would love to order again. Just a little more spiciness would make it better.

9749Ms. Eggy and Mr. Eggoy Pasta - a cute name for a dish. Its a squid ink noodle pasta thats why it got that Mr Eggoy in the name.128514 I like that they made it a hard noodle gave it a chewy texture and the light creamy sauce worked well with the smoked bacon. Ms. Eggy or the poached egg with the parmesan cheese gave the dish a final punch. This dish is good for sharing. Eating this alone might got an umay feel to it.

9749Dark Mocha Latte - this one is good love the bitterness flavor of it. I also love that weird glass with some kind of bubble design in the bottom got me thinking at first if the inside of the glass is melting128517. The only complain I have with my drink was that it was just warm and not hot.128522

Overall I love this place and happy that its just so near my sisters place. Great ambience great food great service.128526128077

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Kandle cafe

Thanks to @dennis for the suggestion. It's not bad afterall! I thought it was a small place because of its pictures at instagram but then i was surprise it got a big space! It can accommodate about 50 pax. There's also an al fresco area for smokers. It has a good CR, wifi and electronic plugs 128525

I already scanned on their menu prior to visiting and its not that cheap. I came and saw obviously the owners are hands on on the operation. It was jam-packed that Tuesday night so i have no choice but to be seated on the bar type along the wall.

128204 spicy squid salad @250php
Greens were few i could count it actually, but the squid were satisfying, the spicy sauce is not that spicy. It got some salty taste. The dressing of the greens complement the sauce. The thing is it's not that presentable. How i wish they'd put everything in a deeper plate. It was just flat making the serving small.

Too watery taste. Thumbs up on The latte art though. I remembered yardstick when i saw the cup. I say drip cafe is a lot better.

128204spiced chocolate cheesecake
I dunno why they named it spiced. There was no hint of chili in there (i asked if they meant chili for spiced, they said yes) but the taste was good anyway. The crust seems to be a bit salty-nutty which was good. The cheesecake mixture is a bit dry, tastes like lemon too (dunno if they intend it to be that way) it's also covered by a considerably stick chocolate the pumped with a "spiced" (not) whip cream.

2nd visit
128204 Boston cream cake @120php
There's no 'cake' in the label. So in my curiosity i found out that it is a cake after all it's dense, cold and moist in the middle then becoming dry on the edges. So all in all it's a 3 layered cake 2 cream layers in between and A cold chocolate ganache on top. The ganache did not taste that chocolatey, the main taste was milky-vanilla. Creamy and cold.

128204128525 dark mocha latte @145php
This i think would sell more than their latte and i advise you to get this as well. It's contained in a weird double-glass which is unique. It tastes homey dark chocolate. They do really have great lattearts. Chocolate is considerable thick and not watery. Serving is big. I got filled by just drinking it. (I suddenly remembered it tastes like Xocolat's xocolat latte) 128540

What could be a possible good choice of drinks here could be their teas and tea lattes. For the cakes, i keep on missing the praline cake which is their best seller cake (we'll still have to see). A visit with the family is a nice idea but only sit on chairs with a good tables--not on the circular ones since the sofas are low for a decent and comfortable dining experience. I think sofas and low tables are just for light snacks and chitchats.

It's a place not really seen from the outside since you'd be walking a short walkway prior to the dining place. You'd get to pass by their crew room, an aquarium and finally their place.. The walkway is connected to their smoking area.

So on my second visit i finally knew why it was named kandle cafe. No candles here. It's composed of the four sibling's names who runs their 1st business--K-D-L-E--(Khryss, Don, Lesley and Eli)

Not bad even on a Thursday noon they got a lot of customers. I like ambiance here this hour compared to my night visit. Almost sunset rays passing through the glass interior. Acoustic feels and soft talks are the best combination of ambiance in a cafe in an afternoon. 128513

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