Kanpai House of Ramen & Teppanyaki

Diversion Rd., Balagtas, Batangas

Kanpai House of Ramen & Teppanyaki
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I love discovering new places at batangas and thanks to Zai M this place has been added in this place. The place was nearly ghostly when i visited but i know this place is mostly got customer in the evening since the place do offer alcoholic drinks.

The place offers two teppanyaki tables that offers around eight seats each. But since i was just with a consultant whom i was touring for work, we just looked at the curry-rice set/ donburi and bento box set.

The price range of this place if you don't want set teppanyaki will be 250-400php which the serving is not bad.

128204128525 salmon teriyaki bento @380php
This was my order. It got three slices of maguro (tuna) sashimi on shredded radish, kimchi, Japanese rice topped with black sesame, and that gorgeous slice of moist salmon coated with teriyaki sauce, sprinkled with white sesame seeds all on top of savory mixed vegetables.
The Japanese rice was not that stick. So I'm not liking the rice
Wait. Did i see kimchi there? I was kind of baffled for a moment.
The salmon was really good. Sweet and moist as i mentioned.
This also comes with a shitake egg soup and pickled veggies as appetizers.
Don't forget the banana that were uber sweet but i like it

128204 ebi fry curry @350php
Four pieces breaded prawns which the body has been shelled off. The warm Japanese curry with potato, carrot, and onion balls is served separated. The ebi i was not able to taste, but the curry was mild tasting and very good to go with rice. This order also comes with the shitake egg soup and the pickled veggie.

There's a common CR at the far end of the restaurant. Don't try to go up because their second floor is just their stockroom. The parking space is a lot because it is located at a gas (total) station and there are a lot of restaurants in the area as well. Thee'a no wifi available.

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Zai M.
4.0 Stars

Kanpai is one of the three Japanese restaurants here in Batangas City. Bilang na bilang lang 128514128514 I’ve been here twice already but was not able to make a review the first time so I combined the pictures and review in this post. Haha. Place is nice. It is located in one of Batangas City’s foodie commercial center, Total Gas Station. 128513 We ordered the following:

🇯🇵Dragon Maki (Php 300) – Huuge! It is served with mango slices in between each piece. It tastes good. Crunchy center and kinda spicy.
127836Kanpai Special Ramen with Gyudon (Php320) – Sulit na for the price since it comes with gyudon and salad. It has 4 thin slices of meet, vegies and egg. Broth tastes good but I liked Hinomaru’s (another Japanese Resto here in Bats City) Tonkotsu Ramen better than this. Noodles are cooked better here though.
127836Shoyu Udon with Gyudon (Php290) – First time to eat Udon! It had the same toppings as the special ramen. The broth tasted okay. However, I would choose their Special Ramen over this.
🇯🇵Maki Platter (Php 675) – 32 pcs of Maki! Maki heaven!
🇯🇵California Maki (Php 250) – Cheaper than Hinomaru’s but I liked theirs better than this (Kanpai’s)
127844Ebi Tempura – I forgot the price but it tasted good!
Overall, we had a great dining experience in Kanpai. I would come back to try their rice meals next time.

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