Kantori Yakitori

51-D Aguirre Ave. cor. A. Luz St., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Kantori Yakitori
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Most Recent Reviews

Jervin R.
4.0 Stars

Must try their platter to enjoy more than one stick. And please don't pass on the Wagyu beef stick. :)

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Donna K.
5.0 Stars

Maverick Christopher P and I were in the mood for Ramen. Our first choice will always be Mensakaba but sadly, they were closed and Kuroda was closed too. We decided to try something new and ended up at Kantori.

There wasn’t a legit parking area available, but my car fit perfectly in the slot right in front of the establishment, so I’m not complaining. 128665

We got there at around 4:47 and they opened at 5:00 so we asked their staff if we could wait and just place our orders. Luckily the owner was there and he was nice enough to let us be there earlier than their actual opening time. Their staff was really nice and accommodating, they have us excellent recommendations and we’re definitely satisfied with our choices. 10084

We ordered one platter of assorted yakitori, miso + corn soup, rice and wagyu. Everything we ate cost less than P500! Plus we got free iced tea for sharing a photo of their wagyu on social media. 128077🏻

The platter we ordered came with an assortment on meats. Chicken Breast, Chicken Thigh, Liver, Bacon Asparagus and Meatballs. They were definitely seasoned to perfection. The sauce that came with it just married all the flavors together. Ah, yes. Perfect.128076🏻

The highlight of our early dinner was their wagyu. It was just amazing. It’s that melt in your mouth kind of goodness and at P99 a stick it’s a steal! 128526

The place wasn’t so bad either. I loved how authentic their interior was. The place was cool and you didn’t smell like grilled food after you left despite the fact that they were cooking indoors.

We’re definitely coming back for more Wagyu 10084🇯🇵

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

And this is the perfect place to just chill! Their yakitori choices were a hit both in terms of flavor and price. My gal pal and I could've ordered more but our tummies might be too full from all that yakitori goodness. We also shared that Beerkada Beergarita which was good! 127867

In photos: Saikoro Beef Japan, Beerkada Beergarita and Shiro (Isaw)

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Back again to one of my fave places in BF Homes. Monday is a quiet day for BF Homes mist of the resto are closed. Luckily Kantori is open even on Monday. Kantori is my go to place to chill for some beer while having some great bbq. I love their version of pinasosyal na isaw and the sushi fireball is an interesting kimchi maki in a ball. Definitely one of the place I would recommend in BF Homes.

The owner have open in QC a japanese fastfood named Ta Ke Ho Me. Hope to visit it next time. 9786

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

If you are looking for a place to chill and relax after a stressful day or just laze and do nothing but eat and drink, head out to BF Homes Aguirre and look for Kantori. This place may be a novice in the BF Homes food scene but I think they are beginning to have a following. The place is cool, the owners and the staff are warm and friendly and the food is tasty and well-presented. I already tried almost everything in their menu but what makes me come back again and again is their Isaw and Yummysoba 128536128536128536. I also appreciate the efforts of the owner in experimenting new dishes and cocktails and they ask for the opinions of their customers. Kantori is definitely the place to be in BF Homes.

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Mico C.
5.0 Stars

I was thinking of posting a picture of all the food we ate but because i liked everything we ordered, just posted the menu haha (okay so i took a bad picture of the food and realized it late when we were done)

My favorites out of our set were the butabara (pork belly) and momo (thigh). I think the prices are reasonable, although don't expect huge servings. I had two orders and a gohan (rice). And that was enough. Surprisingly very filling, originally thought the servings were a bit small (my spatial reasoning deceived me, goodness). The food here is honestly deceptive. All of us thought we ordered so little but were all full at the end of dinner. and on top of that, when we got the bill, we found it cheap. *deception* ... The good kind though :)

I'm so happy! Happy friday dinner! This experiment paid off :) will prolly be back soon :) maybe next week.

I think the staff noticed we liked our stay, so they asked us to answer a survey. Ha! Good going. :)

Anyway, happy weekend everyone! Enjoy! :)

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

It was stressfull day raining everywhere. So we decided to chillax in Kantori Yakitori. For me this place is one of the best and most promising new addition to BF Homes. Yakitori or sosyal na barbeque is gaining popularity this days in metro manila. But Yakitori maybe one of those that standout.
The place is very nice, I love the cool japanese samurai inspired wall art. The place have big chalk board for their menu and latest offering. You could also view your yakitori being prepared on their grilling area. The place is really quite nice.
We tried a variety of yakitori on their menu. Here are what stood out for me.
🔹sushi fireball - it was a fried sushi on a stick and served over a shot glass. It was really nice with a little kick of spiciness.
🔹chicken isaw - their isaw is similar to how Sarsa Kitchen prepare their isaw. The isaw was clean and flatten. I love this type of isaw very delicious
🔹Chicken Gizzard - your typical balunbalunan. Taste great and good when eaten with beer. Nothing special but I love it.

One of the reason yakitori is also famous is because of its beer cocktail. In this visit we went for their Christmas offering the Christmas beer.
🔹Christmas Beer - beer cocktail mix of cinnamon, lambanog, beer and apple. Taste great it was like drinking a cinnamon roll whith a little kick of alcohol.

Overall Kantori is a great hangout for relaxing drinking session. The crew was also friendly and very fast in assisting us. 2 thumbs up for this great new addition to BF homes. (Plus point the playlist was great) 128521128076

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Since we still have 45mins to spare and this is just across where we're meeting our friends, we decided to try this place first. We were lucky since the area's still not yet full so we got a table right a way. Yayy!!! 128588🏼

Since we only want to try it lang, we only ordered 3 types. The Saikoro Beef (145), Shiro (40), and Adparabacon (45).

The Saikoro Beef 128046
-We were supposed to try just the Gyu (Rib-eye; 85pesos) but our uber proactive server suggested we try their special, the Saikoro beef -- ang beef na galing Japan since it's better than the Gyu and well, pricier. But yes, it was indeed better and yummier and oh my melt in your mouth goodness!! It was very very very very tender and very very very very tasty! 128525128525128525128525 Pricey but worth it! Sarap!!! 128077🏼

The Shiro (Chicken Intestine)
-the only isaw I eat are the ones from Mang Rauls so I wasn't planning to try this one but again, our server forced us to order this. According to her, this is their bestseller and what most of their costumers are coming back for. And she even said that this is not just your usual ordinary chicken intestine because they slice and cut it open, so it's flat and you get to see the inside, that it's clean and safe! 128518 So this is the "Sosyal na Isaw na pinalaki sa Ayala!" 128514128541 It was okay and no weird bad aftertaste. Pero mang rauls pa rin talaga 128517

The asparabacon was okay. A bit dry and sad. 128566 Nothing special. You can skip this one.

Service was pretty fast (except for the part that they forgot our other order so we had to wait 15mins more just for it 128527) but still okay. Our server was very nice and jolly. She recommended a lot of dishes we should try and even described them just so we would be forced and tempted to try it (which almost worked but we're disciplined enough to resist since we're still eating later! 128517128541). But everything looked good and yummy, we're definitely coming back! Plus they're not so pricey, as well!! 128513128077🏼

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Chanced upon this place one late evening after work. Been noticing the attention its been getting and wanted to figure out why.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out that this isn't your typical yakitori place. It's more like yakitori with the volume turned up. If you had a free hand to re-create these Japanese favorites as far as the imagination can take you, this is it.

Gorged on a mix of both the traditional and modern yakitoris such as the beef wrapped asparagus, quail egg, fried tofu with bonito flakes, rib eye, and a giant meatball that you dip in sauce and raw egg. Good, good stuff.

The place has this modern neo-Japanese vibe and is great for bringing friends for a fun night of drinks and yakitori sticks. Definitely gotta try their signature shots and cocktails next time! You might even catch Kelly, the charming and engaging owner, making her rounds helping out to make sure everyone's a happy customer. 128077

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