Kapeng Mainit

Lot 3 Blk 6 Tropical Ave., BF International, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Kapeng Mainit
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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Kapeng Mainit is located along Tropical Avenue in BF Homes, Las Pinas. It is before the Casimiro Gate, on your right if your coming from Aguirre Avenue or Tirona Avenue from BF Paranaque. Tried it here during the heyday of the 'Beignets'. You can order the plain ones and the matcha green tea filled dusted generously in powdered sugar. It was served hot. During our visit, we were fortunate to get premium seats. Yes, seating capacity is limited and it can only accomodate a small number at any given time. It would be best to eat and not lounge to much during peak hours to give way to other waiting customers, and besides that, you wouldn't want to smell like 'tapa'. After a few minutes you'd be smelling like fried food. I do hope they have remedied that concern now. Coffee was served together with the hot meals. We enjoyed the Tapa 2.0. Beef was tender and the rice fluffy and had a nice spicy kick to it. The egg was runny and glided among the morsels of grainy white rice. Served hot. Serving time can take long so patience is something you may want to pack with you. The coffee though was lackluster. For their name sake the regular brew did not have any strong caffeine taste. Even if you put sugar and cream. And it would be nice if the coffee was actually 'hot' not warm. Over all, it was a pleasant dining experience, try to dine after the lunch crowd. The place is too far from Aguirre to swing back if you decide not to dine here. Give it a try and you might have a better dining experience.

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Margaux A.
4.0 Stars

Lost track of how many grilled cheese sandwiches I've had this past week but this one's worth all the wrong and missed turns in BF. The salsa verde that comes with the Grilled Cheese is an amazing/explosive/gastronomical touch. #comfortfood

Serving time could be better... Not the fastest one especially when you come in really hungry for breakfast.

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

Always love coming to this place. Cozy ambiance and yummy food.
Tapa with Kimchi rice (P215),is a winner! Tapa-poached egg- salsa-kimchi rice-nori flakes : the combination works 128077128523.
Spamusubi (P135), you have the option of either sinigang rice or kimchi rice w/ the spam maki. I didn't like the sinigang rice as much as the kimchi rice though.
Beignets (P175 for 4), ordered half salted caramel filling (too sweet), and half green tea filling. The green tea is my fave here always!
Kapeng Mainit Special (P115), barako coffee served in a coffee press, w/ syrup and creme brûlée flavored creamer on the side - perfect w/ the beignets 128523128076

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Chessie T.
5.0 Stars

Perfect place for merienda with friends/family.128516

Here's what we ordered:

1. Buttermilk Biscuits w/ Honey - reminded me of Popeye's biscuits before but much much better. I just looooved biting the biscuit--crisp, chewy, and delicious. An addicting snack for sure. 5/5

2. Spamusubi - this is basically your spam sushi but with SINIGANG RICE.:)) I was so curious to try the combination and it worked so well. Anything with spam is always yummy. Pairing it with that rice proves the point. 128076🏻 5/5

3. Tapa 2.0 w/ Kimchi Rice - I'm a sucker for beef paired with kimchi rice. The tapa here doesn't taste like tapa though, tastes like sausage! But I like sausage so it was good for me. The rice had just the right amount of spice. I do wish they had more tapa on the plate though. Serving's small if you're really hungry. Still, pretty yummy plus every main comes with free kapeng mainit so it's more sulit. 4/5

4. Corn beef Grilled Cheese - who doesn't like a good panini pressed cheese sandwich? It just takes you back home.9786️ There's nothing special about this though. It's your typical cheese sandwich. Corn beef didn't stand out as much as I would have wanted but I liked the sweet potato chips it came with. Pang merienda talaga. Serving isn't a lot. 3.5/5

5. Green Tea Beignets - What is a beignet? Basically it's like stuffed pillow like doughnuts. Mine was stuffed with a green tea filling that had just the right sweetness. It's really light and yummy. Definitely a unique must try for those who eat here.128077🏻 5/5

Overall, it's a 4.5 here in terms of food. Place is small and cozy, great for catching up with people. Only downside is their kitchen is open and the space, as I said, is small, so they need a stronger exhaust cause our eyes got a little teary from the cooking smokes.128547 Other than that, it's hard not to like. I definitely enjoyed and will come back.128522

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Got the chance to go to Kapeng Mainit on Saturday since hubby had a basketball game in Village Sports Club which was just along Tropical Ave. We do not frequent that part of BF and I was surprised to see that there were a lot of establishments there too, though not as crowded as Aguirre and President's Ave. We were able to spot Kapeng Mainit right away.

The place was small and can get cramped when full. There were just about 5 tables. Their menu didn't have much but since the place was named Kapeng Mainit, I was hoping that their specialty would be coffee. But then again, I went here for the Beignets.

I got an order of Matcha Beignet and an Iced Mocha. Cherienne got 1 choco chip and 1 double chocolate chunk cookie.

The Matcha Beignets were great! An order would give you 4 pieces of warm and soft beignets, which are just doughnuts, oozing with matcha filling. All 4 were dusted with powdered sugar making them look gorgeous. I would say that I liked them but can get really sweet because of the sugar and they don't taste good anymore when they're no longer warm.

Then their "Best Seller" Iced Mocha. Gah! If it was just for this drink, I'll give it 11088️ Seriously! I thought I had the worse Iced Mocha in Icings but this one - goodness! I was expecting brewed coffee at least since they didn't have an espresso maker but NO! They used instant coffee (the powder type) then added powdered chocolate and cinnamon. I know since I saw the staff put everything together in a mason jar. He even used Mc Cormick for the cinnamon. It tasted bleh! For 110Php, justice please lol It was as if I was drinking flavored water - no coffee taste, not even chocolate. All that I tasted was cinnamon x water 128563

The cookies were okay. 35Php each, don't get them! Good thing I didn't get their C3 - 3 cookies with ice cream on top because I'm sure it wouldn't do the calories justice.

If not for the beignets, I would give this place 11088

Definitely not giving them another chance 128530

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Another hit for BF Paranaque this time its along the quiet street of Tropical Ave. Unlike Aguirre ave. Tropical Ave is a much less crowded area of BF Paranaque and just starting to have restaurant opening in the area. Kapeng Mainit is near southville school and its a very small coffee shop which serve delicious meal and dessert. Its owner are part of the celebrity clan the eigenman and poe.
We tried their own version of beef tapa kimchi rice. This is a refreshing twist to the old tapsilog. Their version has the egg poached and the kimchi rice instead of the sinangag. I love their tapa combined with slight spiciness of the kimchi rice and the poached egg was a beauty on the plating. They also serve their rice meal with kapeng barako which is a nice add on. The best part of this resto is the dessert. They pride themselves in serving beignet. Its a french donut kind of pastry. I love both the greentea and chocolate version. The freshly baked beignet is served hot with confectioner sugar poweder. It was very good and a first time for me to eat this kind of pastry. Another great dessert is their freshly baked cookies with scoop of vanilla ice cream. I love the chocolate cookies it was very soft delicious. The calamansi cookie was also good reminds me of lemon cake.
Overall this is a complete resto good meal, great dessert and hot coffee. Definitely will be a resto that will make names in the food scene.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Kapeng Mainit was in BFF this weekend and I was so excited to check their Beignets! Sounds so sosyal and complicated, these are actually just doughnuts. They were offering free samples so I took advantage of these and popped one Beignet after the other while making chicka with the seller. These little babies were so good!

Warm and soft, covered with snow sugar, they were so simple yet hits the spot. I also got the chance to try their Matcha Beignets which they injected with Matcha cream and covered with Matcha x powdered sugar.

They have other flavors such as chocolate and strawberry. Didn't really buy from them 128518 since I found it really expensive! 160 for 4 not so big pieces and you can't combine even just two flavors 128530

Maybe when I get to their Cafe in BF, I'll order but last weekend I was just so happy (with no shame lol) to munch away a lot of pieces from their free sample tray 128514128514128514

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Jerico C.
3.0 Stars


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Donna K.
1.0 Stars

One rainy evening we decided to check this place out coz we didn't want to go far.

The place was cute and all but the food? Maaaan so damn expensive. It wasn't worth the quality or quantity if you'd ask me. I had their Grilled Cheese Tuna Sandwich (P150) and I was expecting an actual sandwich not an hors d'oeuvre! Super bite sized! Didn't even taste P150. I could've whipped something better at home for a quarter of the price. MC's rice meal wasn't too appetizing, sana nag Siningag Express na lang kami. 128530

Oh and don't let me get started on how you're going to reek of "kitchen" when you leave. I highly suggest that they keep their kitchen closed kasi kumakapit sa damit at buhok yung amoy ng niluluto nila and that's one of my biggest pet peeves.

Attendants aren't that knowledgable about their menu, when you ask what's in it they'd answer the name of dish. Like srsly? 128514

A total waste of P400.

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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Cute and cozy place! Translation : sarap tumambay dito hehe!
Their specialty : the beignets 128523128523128523
We ordered the chocolate and green tea filled beignets , P155 for 4 pcs. I liked the green tea variant more ( green tea addict here 128587). Served warm, the beignets are crunchy on the outside w/ the filling oozing out as you bite into it 128077
C3 : 3 pcs of cookies topped w/ vanilla ice cream ( P160) . You can choose a mix of cookies - oatmeal choc chip, double choc chip, green tea ... You'll be advised that it'll take about 15-20 mins, since the cookies are always freshly baked. The ice cream was perfect with the warm cookies 128076
Kapeng barako, P50/ cup.
Its worth all the calories 128055128061 will definitely be back.

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Pau G.
4.0 Stars

I'm not a fan of eating Pinoy food in restaurants but this particular restaurant I was willing to try because of the "Sinigang Rice". This item on the menu did not disappoint since it really tasted like sinigang! Just the right amount of sourness paired with the sweet marinade of the chicken tocino. My comment? More chicken! The spam musubi was also good, though not as great and innovative as the Sinigang rice. The beignets were yummy! It's done just after you order it making it warm and a bit crusty outside and soft inside. I liked the classic beignets better than the Chocolate-filled ones though. Price is comparable with other coffee shops, may be even a little cheaper. Definitely worth the drive to BF Homes. #QueenMuncherPH

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4.0 Stars

With all the new HITW restaus popping up and closing down in BF faster than you're nail grows, I see this place hyping up real soon but will it be worth it? Probably.

First of all, I'm glad we didn't get bad service like all the previous reviews had. (I honestly think we're born lucky with good staff service when it comes to restau's, as we barely experience bad service128519128540). The staff were attentive and food was ready in about 10mins. So a 11088️ for that.

As for the food, well it was a hit & miss. For appetizer, we had the spam and hash corn. The spam with kimchi rice was interesting and new. Loved that. The hash corn? That's canned corn topped with three quail eggs and popcorn with tidbits of bacon with a dash of spice. Skip that shit. It's ridiculous. It's like a having a weird personal odd mix of food which you thought is so good everyone would like/should try it, except this one is not even that odd to try128530. Moving on...The tapa with kimchi rice is a little bland and short on the serving of beef, the egg was perfect though. The chicken tocino was good and the garlic rice was really buttery, good quality of rice too. Had I known there was a sinigang rice, I would have ordered that! Me and my bro have always paired the two since we were kids and it's comforting to know we're not the only ones who enjoys that sort of pairing haha We also tried the pork adobo which was on the sour version, it's ok though the meat was a little tough.

For dessert, we had the cookie ice cream sandwhich, beignets in chocolate & green tea plus the 3c (3cookies, 2scoops of ice cream). The beignets were okay. It was served warm and had a generous amount of chocolate/green tea powder, it was soft and chewy but didn't have consistent amount of chocolate filling inside. Some had more and others too little128533. I think they should drizzle it more with choco syrup on the outside to add more flavor. I like it still and really goes well with their coffee too. As for the 3C, we ordered the choco chip, oatmeal, and green tea cookies. It was served warm, soft and chewy. Nothing really special, I've had better ones. The ice cream sandwich in double choco chunk was good though. I liked that it was dark and not too sweet.

All in all, it's a great place for merienda or quick meals as the menu is simple and the place is really small. The serving size is good to share and priced reasonably. Hope they get more creative and improve for the better because the place has really good potential to last in BF.128522.

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Paolo S.
3.0 Stars

For the food alone, I'd be giving Kapeng Mainit 5 stars without batting an eyelash. I loved everything - the tapa 2.0 with poached eggs and kimchi rice, the tocino with sinigang rice, their C5 cookie skillet with 5 cookies and 4 scoops of ice cream, and their green tea and chocolate beignets.

The tapa and kimchi rice is a tried and tested combination, yet they still nailed it with their own twist using a poached (instead nof fried) egg. The sinigang rice with the tocino was interesting too and delicious.

Dessert, the C5, was the highlight for me. 5 - yes, FIVE - cookies, namely: green tea, calamansi, chocolate chip, double chocolate, and oatmeal... baked and topped with 4 - yes, FOUR - scoops of ice cream.

The reason I'm giving this 3 stars is because the service was terrible. We waited for over an hour for our food, and so did the other table. To quote a girl from the other table: "dumidilim na paningin ko sa sobrang gutom, di ko na kaya magbasa ng menu pag kulang pa order natin". The restaurant manager didn't seem to take his job seriously, joked around, fumbled with the operations,and everything was a mess. The cook was confused about what to do and they both ended up stressing each other out over orders from TWO tables. I hated it when the manager would assure "malapit na sir, mabilis lang yan sir" with a confused look and obviously didnt know what to do.

Some semblance of order came when the owner arrived and took over. But it was unfortunately too late.

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Ney O.
3.0 Stars

Hubby & I have been hearing raves about this place in social media, and since it's very near our place, we decided to spend our Saturdate here.

Not impressed with their famed beignets. We tried their powdered sugar and chocolate-filled variants (p120-150), the batch we got is still raw in the middle - a big letdown.

What we enjoyed were the rice meals - ze hubby got the Tapa with Kimchi Rice while I ordered the Chicken Tocino with Sinigang Rice (about p190 each) - two thumbs up for these simple yet yummy dishes!

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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

What do you do on a windy rainy day? Of course, go out and look for a quaint and cozy place that serves good food and hot coffee. A description that fits Kapeng Mainit to a "T".

This small "almost hole-in-the-wall" place is easy to miss. It's located along Tropical Ave in BF Parañaque which is off the regular dining strip along Aguirre Ave. Only one parking slot is available and it's right in front. The place is small but gives off a warm vibe because of the predominantly wooden interior. The kitchen and prep area doubles as a bar and order station so diners can watch as their orders are cooked and prepared.

We first tried the Spamusubi and Tuna Grilled Cheese. The Spamsubi is caramelized spam wrapped in Sinugang Rice and Nori. I love the combination of flavors. The sweetened spam is a childhood throwback which actually marries well with the slight sour taste of Japanese rice soaked in sinigang broth. The nori brings it all together in one flavorful stroke.

The tuna grilled cheese does not disappoint either. While the serving is a little small for me, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in flavor. The US Mozarella and Cheddar complement the tuna from start to finish. Sides of kamote chips and salsa verde round out the dish.

For dessert we tried the Chocolate Filled Beignets and C5.

Ever since watching the movie "Chef", we have been curious about beignets. So, when we saw beignets on the menu, we ordered without a second thought. I have to admit, I wasn't really impressed. It tasted like the donuts you could buy from the neighborhood panderia.

The C5 though was more of MrSweetTooth's style. Chocolate chip, double choco chunk, oatmeal, green tea and calamnsi cookies were laid in a warm skillet and topped with 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream. That, to my mind (and mouth) is a heavenly combination.

Their signature barako coffee does not look like much when served, but I most definitely enjoyed the slight acidic flavor tempered with half a teaspoon of brown sugar.

This place may be slightly off the beaten path but still worth the visit. 128522128522128522

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars

Poor service. Please please please do something about your service please please please please. The place is small, really small. Good for around 15? and there were a total of 6 staffs (cooks included) 128529 They could have strategized to make things "orderly". But sadly..... 128529 and the aircon's not even working. It was hot inside! 128532

We ordered Grilled Cheese (140) and Beignets/French Donuts (160). But they forgot the grilled cheese so we just cancelled it. And the Beignets, bestseller? I was expecting freshly made, warm, soft and pillowy beignets/donuts but what was served to us was the total opposite. It was chewy and super sweet (not even the pwede na kind)!! Really disappointing. 128532128078🏼

Brought the beignets home, heated it in the toaster and Anthony's mom liked it. I think it's better when eaten warm! 128527

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