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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

I've been having back problems for a while now and when I saw that dg was offering vouchers for karada, I decided to give it a try.
The AP (Atlas + Pelvis) and BT (Body Treatment) procedure lasted a little more than an hour. First you will be asked to fill out an info sheet with your medical history etc and where you feel pain. I was also asked to change into their very comfy joggers and a shirt.
The ate who did the AP on me asked some questions about my pain history etc and then we proceeded with the stretching and alignment. Apparently, Hindi pantay Ang legs ko! My right leg is a tad bit longer making it the weight bearing leg. She also told me to relax my neck and she was able to crack all the bones! Twice! Grabe nakakagulat pero what a relief din. She was also able to crack all the bones in my spine! Wow!
The second part was more like a massage but with more pressure. A bit painful pero nakaka relieve din.
I still have one more voucher to use and I can't wait to go back. Might even make it a monthly thing! Srsly mas Na relieve ako kesa Sa PT.
Also, my PMS headaches and period pain have noticeably lessened!
Shameless plug! Pls watch my review here https://youtu.be/mthKjJf7Ieg

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Julienne D.
5.0 Stars

Disclaimer: this is a long review which contains medical terms (but I tried to simplify them the best way I could). Also didn't take much pictures for the privacy of other clients.

Karada is not your typical massage salon. Their principle is a mix of Chiropractic treatment and massage. I go here whenever my I can't take the back pain from my scoliosis anymore (I have dextroscoliosis - thoracolumbar).

They have different services you can choose from depending on your need. I chose the AP Balance + Body Treatment (60mins)

The process went on like this:
(1)You will be offered warm water to drink (maybe its part of the body preparation)
(2)They will ask you to change into a loose shirt and sweatpants. They have changing rooms with available shirt and pants
(3)You will be assessed by your therapist. History will be taken and recorded
(4)They will explain a bit and begin the therapy right after (sometimes the therapist will explain to you stuff regarding your symptoms and its correlation to the bones and muscles)

My therapist always starts with the AP Balance - which has my most and least favorite parts. My most favorite is the neck alignment because it really relieves the tension from my head to my neck to the scapular area. Which feels basically like having a thorn removed from you. I always feel so relieved after. Its like heaven, I swear! Specially when you hear your bones crack a little - yes there's some bone cracking involved but I think they have a term for that which doesn't sound dangerous and scary. You just have to stay still and listen to the therapist's instructions. Anyway, to my least favorite part, its the bone alignment. Its painful and uncomfortable, when this is being done to me. I would always wish for it to be over soon. But this pain's the kind that you'd feel very relieved after. Also there's no aftermath of the pain. No bruises or anything. So I guess like how the famous saying goes, there are some things in life that are worth the pain. And this is definitely it for me.128521

The second part is the Body Treatment, which is composed of different stretching methods and loosening of stiff muscles. I'm not that knowledgable to explain the whole process but its not as painful as the AP but equally relieving.

The experience was overall great. You will learn how your bad posture really affects you, and eventually take steps to improve 'em. (This is where I found out that crossing your legs and bearing weight in one leg is bad for you.) If its your first time, I suggest that you take the AP and BT combination to get the most of the experience. You can choose for either a 45min (1,495php) or a 60min (1,695php) treatment. They also offer Foot Treatment - which I already tried before, and is also good. I think you can also have the option to have a Japanese therapist, but if course of a more expensive price. All the treatments are quite pricey but it will save you a lot of time going back to the usual massage salons, not feeling fully relieved and in buying pain relievers thats not good for you in the long run 128523

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