Karaga Falls

Rodriguez, Rizal

Karaga Falls
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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

Unknown to many, Karaga Falls is actually one of the nearest waterfalls from Metro Manila. 128561

But don't expect much! It's only a few meters high. But the good thing about it is that not a lot of people go here. In some occasions, you can even have the whole area to yourself!

My friends and I, together with my dad, biked all the way from QC to see what our friend has been raving about for weeks. Most people only know Wawa Dam, so they just stay within the area of Wawa Dam. 128693🏼

To get here, you'll need to go deep inside the town in Wawa Dam and find a bangkero. The river is almost impossible to cross on foot, about neck-deep if tried. 127946

The bangka that we got can carry 2 bikes and 2 people. It's a 3-min ride to get to the other side of the river. 128675🏻

Great looking pillars/hills await as you cross the river! 127745128507127755

Once you've crossed the river, you'll have to trek/bike for about a kilometer. Then, you'll end up in another river that's about ankle-deep. Following the river for another 500 meters will lead you upstream, near the foot of Karaga Falls.

A couple of cottages/huts are available for rent (Php150) as well. The water is cold and crystal clear! The falls also has a part where it can sit a couple of people. Perfect spot to talk about mountain bike upgrades, politics, and problems about love. 128514128299

Here are some tips to help you survive the trip to Karaga Falls:

1. Bring lots of water! 128167
2. I'd recommend hiking/camping sandals since you have to cross a river.
3. The bangkero charges Php20 per head (roundtrip). But please do give more.
4. There's a store at the foot of the falls. But make sure you bring your packed meal. They don't sell a lot of food here. They do have canned goods which you can ask to be reheated.

Here on earth, there's no heaven. But there are pieces of it. This is one of them. 128527

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