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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

I went to go on a visit to Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo and found out that it’s another one of those houses that’s turned to a restaurant, which is something that’s common in Kapitolyo. Karen’s Kitchen have been in the food business for quite some time now so you would say that they’re one of the pioneer restaurants in the said area. It is worth visiting so better make sure that you get your Waze app ready if you’re driving to this place.

Karen’s Kitchen prides itself of a very homey ambience, with artistic interiors. I took the time to go around and take pictures while waiting for my food to be served.

I personally met the owner, Karen herself, who is a mother with so much passion and enthusiasm in managing her restaurant, and she went over the menu with me. She gave me a couple of recommendations and I am happy having listened to her advice.

I had their latest offering at Karen’s Kitchen, which was their truffle pasta. I’d say it’s a bit pricey but you will receive more bang for your buck as this one is a healthy pasta dish. The zucchini noodles give off a nice light crunch with every forkful, and the flavors were just great.

I also tried their adobo sa dilaw, which is Karen’s Kitchen’s unique take on the classic Filipino favorite. It had a nice combination of the pungent, bitter flavors of turmeric and the sourness of vinegar, and went well with the quinoa and steamed okra.

For starters, I got to try their artichoke dip that came together with heart-shaped toasted bread. It was scrumptious! You can tell from the taste of the dip that it was homemade with fresh ingredients.

As for Karen’s Kitchen’s desserts, I had their best selling chocolate ganache cupcake, which is a moist serving of cupcake that’s creamy and luscious in every bite. If you wish to share this sweet thing with your friends, you may also opt to order its cake counterpart.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Ubecado Frozen Brazo. 128154128156

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Monique L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Ubecado Frozen Brazo and their Classic at the back. We got 2 loaves for a Christmas get-together. I was surprised a couple of friends of mine have not tried any frozen brazo at all and I was glad they loved it. Everything worked - crumbly crust, ice cream, and soft meringue.

While it would've been better if the avocado and the ube flavors were more pronounced, we still loved it. 4.5, ok to make it a 5. We were able to slice a block to 6 pieces.

Ubecado is about 700+ and the Classic is a about 650. They also sell a bigger 8" square, about 2 loaves, for about 1200. Their price list on their website is not updated, but still helpful when you want to see what they offer.

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Krizta T.
5.0 Stars

Wasn't able to take pictures, but the food and the ambience of this place is very very nice. Plus all the foods are healthily prepared. 128077🏻

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Yna N.
5.0 Stars

Karen's Kitchen is a Perfect place to bond and hangout with girl friends 128111, sisters 12810510084️‍128105 or with your daughters 128109

I like the creativity of Ms Karen, it was so nice from the sewing machine turned tables to the seats, comfort rooms are clean and cute! What a homey feeling I felt on this great place! I must say, the place is absolutely shabby chic!!!. I think all women who will see this will absolutely loved it just like me128541🤗9786

Upon entering this restaurant we were welcomed by Ms Karen with a cheerful smile and a very acommodating greetings, she assisted us on the menus that was written on the walls and recommended their specialties/best sellers.

We ordered:

Truffle pasta (P395), my favorite pasta, the capellini pasta (or shall I say it was known as angel hair pasta), I loved the creaminess and generosity servings of mushrooms. This order is good for 2 pax, you just informed them if its for sharing because they will just divide it with 2.

Veggie Patch Salad (P235), One of the healthiest recommendation of Ms Karen. This is good for sharing. I liked how they arranged it beautifully. It has thin and creative sliced carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, and quinoa. On the side it has poached egg and vinaigrette dressing. In which you will just combine/mix it to the salad.

and the Stellina's Old Fashioned Lemonade(P60 per bottle) I like the refreshing taste 128523

For dessert:
Green tea Japanese Cheesecake(P155)-
A moistful green tea cheesecake. I loved this! not too sweet and I loved the matcha taste 128518128077🏻

We just observed that serving of each meals takes time. But it did not give us bad impression because of the good ambiance and the homey feelings 128079🏻. Their food has a good quality with a reasonable price.

I'm excited again on my next visit to see Ms Karen again at Karen's Kitchen and try their dishes and yummy desserts128522

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Love at first Sight over Karen's Kitchen.

Lunch time especial with Yna N. We are welcomed by beautiful and cheerful lady at the counter, its Ms.Karen, herself. So nice of her to assist us in choosing our lunch.
The entire menu is written on the wall. Well its easier to decide. Right then and there we ordered, Truffle pasta (P395), Veggie Patch Salad (P235) and lemonade (P60)

Truffle Pasta is creamy with generous servings of mushrooms. They used the angel hair pasta , one of my favorite pasta10084️ mixture has tasty and served hot. This order is good for 2 pax.

Veggie Patch Salad, good for sharing. Generous lettuce beautifully arranged. It has thin sliced carrots & cucumbers, mushrooms, and quinoa. On the side it had poached egg and vinaigrette dressing. This looks light yet its filling, its a healthy choice too.

Old Fashioned Lemonade(P60 per bottle) refreshing, its brand is Stellina's. 128522

For dessert:
Japanese Cheesecake(P155)- moistful green tea cheesecake. A good one, legit matcha taste128154

UCC special blend (P120) perfect blend brewed coffee and happy though it is served in a small cup. Goes well with the cheesecake

Place: This resto has a homey feeling, the vintage items and shabby chic furnitures are eye-catching. Adorable place to be esp with bffs128111 this place is love themed10084️ their CR is also clean and nice...

Food: healthy menu. The food is great, though serving of each meals takes time. But again, quality food for reasonable price.

Service: servers are cheerful as well as the owner. Happy that we chose this place today128522

I'm excited to go back to taste other dishes and yummy desserts128522

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

We felt like having breakfast food alone weren't that enough to fill our tummies that afternoon. So when the Three-Os (Elaine O, Dennis O, and Roland O) came in to join us, we decided to give Karen's Kitchen a shot. I actually didn't know what to expect from this place but they said that it's one of the best to try in Kapitolyo.

Their restaurant was like an ancestral house that's rebuilt and remodeled for that fashioned look with some nice touch and industrial accents from the outside. And when you get in, you'll be amazed on how it looks like a fancy doll house that's turned to life.

Their menu was written on the board next to the front door – from entrees to delectable desserts and some drinks – you can have almost everything here! Lots of furniture inside, and some eye-catching interiors! They also have a piano inside where Jayson J played an opera aria classic if I had it right! He’s a classical musician, if you may ask! :D

Our group decided to get various selection of desserts from their pastries counter and a few drinks.

Red Velvet cupcake – I had my fair share of addiction to Red Velvet a few years back when I first discovered it. I really like it because it’s quite unique from the red velvet I had before. Still has the same quality but its taste was different in a good way. The server told us that they use beets instead of food coloring in making it red. Nice one!

Sticky Toffee Pudding – As much as possible I’m avoiding sticky toffee pudding because I get to be overwhelmed by its extreme sweetness. And to my surprise, this is different from my first impression. It’s not too sweet, not too dense nor moist, lovely texture.

Amaretto Japanese Cheesecake – Just like what Jayson J pointed out, medyo lakas maka-kampon ni Mamon nito! Hi there Jairus d!!! 128075🏼 Love the chiffon-ish feels of it but for me, it lacks some appeal to my taste just like those Japanese cheesecakes you can find in Green Cheese or UCC.

Vanilla Frozen Brazo – I love this! The flavor, the texture and the amount of sweetness into it. And they also have other flavors aside from Vanilla but I forgot the others though.

Strawberry Shortcake – This could be my least favorite among everything we got. Although no one can deny that it’s good, but it’s definitely forgettable. It’s quite pricey too.

And by the way, they don’t sell slices of cake just in case you saw some whole cakes inside their counter. They wanted to preserve the freshness of the cake so whatever the slices available in there are the only ones they serve.

Karen, herself wasn’t around and I would’ve loved to meet her soon and praise her for her sweet delectable creations!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

To continue our Eid'l Fitr foodcrawl, I requested Karen's Kitchen to be our next stop. Our 1st attempt to visit this place was a failure since they are closed on sunday. Lucky the holiday is on a wednesday and they are open.

This place was one of those place that I'm very excited to visit after seeing cute pictures of the place. The place is like entering a ginger bread house full of cute decors. I love their various teapots displayed and even their chandelier is themed with teapots. Add the entertaining fairytale background piano music and the vibe is just magical. Hahaha.

The group shared various cakes just perfect for an afternoon dessert. The one that stood out for me was the red velvet and sticky toffee pudding. It was the 1st time that I encountered a red velvet that doesn't use food coloring. They use beets for its red color. The sticky toffee not too sweet and love its fluffyness. The Amaretto japanese cheesecake was another cake that I love. I love its strong almond taste.

Overall I love this place from the ambience to the cakes. Would love to bring my pamangkin here she would definitely love the teddy bears!128522

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

This was our second stop yesterday. Most people would probably ask this at the counter - "Where's Karen? Is she in the kitchen?" The owner is Karen Young, who is a famed home baker. The place is very uhm.. Tita-ish. These were my words upon entering -- "Ang lakas maka-prinsesa naman dito." Hahahaha. There were bears and teacups all around. Pops of pastels and the word "Love" all around. I think the restaurant is love-themed based on the decorations and the music. Homey and romantic.

Anyway, everything is kinda expensive here except for their cakes. I think 900 for a whole cake isn't bad if it's really good.

We got the following:
Sticky Toffee Pudding, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Strawberry Shortcake, Amaretto Japanese Cheesecake and Frozen Brazo.

My favorite was the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Not as sweet as the one in Cafe Juanita but I still liked it. The Japanese Cheesecake was smooth and moist. The Strawberry Shortcake, was a little overpriced for me. Sorry. Haha. The Red Velvet and the Brazo were good as well.

I really wanted to try the chocolate cake I saw on their display however they don't serve in slices. Sayang. Overall, the place is good for a paminsan-minsan na date or titas/titos Sunday lunch. (Not sure if they are open on Sundays tho.)

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Our second stop yesterday. Because Dennis O , Elaine O, and Roland O brought their frustration to us, instead of going to kissako, we went here instead. I myself did not regret going here. But be wary, it's pricey here.

One description: tita of manila stay place. So fancy. So cute and full of love. Red and white with touches of brown are its main colors. Sofas, teddy bears, piano, tea cups, and all mad hatter's things. All other customers were leaving when we arrived. Just good for a loud cake time for this group. Pwede ba pang tito rin? 128518

Keep on reading i have a GREAT FIND along this review. I was surprised also am the only one who ordered a drink (golden one)

128204 hot chocolate Lindt
This drink is super sinful. Thick milk chocolate. Drop in the Lindor chocolate ball and die of sweetness.

128204 strawberry shortcake
Chiffon base. Cute and light. Strawberries on top and inside. Not so sweet. This is more on tea time.

128204 128525128525 RED VELVET cupcake
If you love chocolate tasting red velvet, you're not gonna love this cause this is different! My search is over. Healthy it is cause it does not use chocolate and food coloring. Beets are used to maintain this cupcake red! I love it! Mejo walang lasa pero it's healthy. The white chocolate and cream cheese on top are the sinful parts. Good for tea or coffee

128204128525 amaretto Japanese cheesecake
This is another favorite! It's mejo chiffon base with parts of cheese cake stuff. Almonds on top. Mejo kampon ng mamon (haha Jairus d!) pero the taste is one of a kind. It tastes a bit almond nutty and i think with a mix of triple sec? Ok for coffee

128204 frozen brazo de mercedes
Four layers while other brazo de mercedes has ice cream, this one does not have. At the bottom is a thin layer of graham crust. Above it is ice cold heavy custard followed by a light custard filling. The previous tastes like yema while the latter tastes like egg. Then comes the soft merengue that tastes slightly sweet and cute. On top everything is a sweet spray of caramel. Good for tea

128204 sticky toffee pudding
This was okay. Good for coffee. This is not airy. I was not able to enjoy this as this taste similar to banana cake? 128541 we found hair on the first serving

They don't sell slices of cake. They only downsize it to "preserve freshness" daw.
No wifi connection here so just enjoy conversing with your friends and taking good photos as well. CR is great and has forest feels. Ang daming tissue papers. The service was dominated by server Max, an uber professional parang anak ng may ari. Pero she's really good at serving and answering queries.
I also love the background music--beethoven, satie and some more classics! Parking could be a bit difficult. I parked near kanto style where walking could be a great distance for someone ho's not used to walking. 128538

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Kim L.
5.0 Stars

Spot the layers of this frozen MATCHA (!!!) brazo de mercedes -- thick fluffy meringue on top of matcha ice cream, frozen custard cream and matcha flavored chiffon cake! It was rich, not overly sweet but very decadent. The matcha was not overpowering with mild bitter aftertaste which was just perfect. The crust could've been better though if it had more texture and crunch like that of candied nuts or crushed grahams. The most challenging part for this dessert is slicing and getting all the layers because they serve it rock cold; so thawing at least 5-10 minutes before digging in is a must. Be extra patient because I wasn't! #lessonlearned Hahahaha!128513

The apple crisp peeking behind deserves some attention too. I loved the succulent apples and the buttery streusel with toffee sauce. We finished the entire thing in 5 minutes! And I swear the last bite made me wish they were bigger or maybe, our appetite should get smaller?128539

Service was a bit slow though but Ms. Karen was nice enough to talk to each customer to make sure that our stay and the food were pleasurable.

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Dana P.
3.0 Stars

Our client used to send us Karen's Kitchen Red Velvet Cake on our birthdays so when I was out with my former officemates last night, we decided to get 1 whole cake to share for dessert. 128522 127874

The place is small, dainty and it looks like a cozy American home. I must say the owners put so much effort on the details of their decorations. 128077🏼 There was an old oven there, the tables were made from old Singer sewing machines, and their chandeliers were designed with tea cups. 128150

Anyway, I'm giving them a 110881108811088️ this time coz the cake they served was still a bit frozen. 128533 The bright red of the cake didn't even show and it looked brownish. I had difficulty slicing it too because it was still hard.

I'm planning to bring my mom here because I'm sure she'll enjoy the look of the place. Hopefully then, they'll serve their cakes with the right temperature.

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Lumix A.
5.0 Stars

Substance and form combined. Substance, because the food is excellent. Form, because the ambience is inviting. It's almost like visiting a favorite aunt who cooks the best desserts in the valley.

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

When you get older, Christmas is no longer about getting gifts. It is now all about getting... fat. But if I get to stuff myself with good food, I am a-okay with it! And thanks to the long break, I finally got a chance to visit the restaurant in Kapitolyo that I have been eying for almost a year... Karen's Kitchen!

Hello, Karen's Kitchen!

The place is oozing with charm. Each corner is Instagram-worthy and every piece on display has a story to tell. I have never been to a place as warm and beautiful as this one. It was definitely made with love and a lot of thought.

Since the place is small, I made sure that we get a table and dropped Karen a message to reserve one for us. She then suggested that we pre-order as some of the dishes take time to prepare. (Some dishes take as much as 45 minutes to cook.) It sounded like a great idea. Less waiting, more eating!

I ordered Squash Soup with Squash Flower (PHP175), Mushroom Truffle (PHP395) and Karen's recommended Dalandan Chicken (PHP345). We also ordered Strawberry Juice (PHP165), Red Velvet Cupcake (PHP96) and Sticky Toffee Pudding (PHP144). Karen insisted we try Raclette Japanese Cheesecake (PHP205) and gave us one on the house.

First served was the squash soup and it was divine! It was the perfect texture for pumpkin soup. It was thick and creamy, sweet with a bit of spice. The bread stick was perfectly soft and flavored too! We were off on a good start.

Next served was the mushroom truffle pasta and it smelled heavenly. You could undeniably smell the aroma of truffle.

And the taste did not disappoint. It was creamy and the taste was not overpowering. I loved the soft bits of mushroom which added texture.

The Dalandan Chicken was prettily plated. The server told us that to fully enjoy the dish, you have to put a bit of orange and sauce on the chicken. And so I did and it was delicious. It added zest to the dish. But if you skip the orange, it would just be your usual juicy chicken.

The strawberry juice arrived right before desserts and it was made fresh and 100% strawberry! For PHP165, it was a steal!

Now for desserts...

The red velvet cupcake is dense and is not that sweet. I liked the cream cheese frosting. It was a thin layer though. Wish it was thicker.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding, one of Philippine Daily Inquirer's 2015 top desserts, was really (really) good! I was pleasantly surprised that it was warm. It was one gooey piece of sweet heaven! I would love to buy more of that!

The Raclette Japanese Cheesecake, one of the newest creations of Karen, was moist, light and the perfect partner of tea. It was the priciest dessert we got but it was worth it!

And since the place was just like home, it made everyone feel more at ease. Soon, I started chatting with the couple beside our table. They even made me taste their order of Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (PHP135, available in vanilla, matcha, strawberry and ube) which was pretty good too. Oh, and yes, we became that close in less than 5 minutes of chatting!

It was a lovely meal and I had a sweet surprise from Karen... all my desserts were on the house! Thank you, Karen!

I can't wait to be back and try the squid ink quinoa and chocolate ganache.

P.S. This is not just a dessert place.


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Jayne Marie W.
5.0 Stars

My craving for a good Red Velvet cake led me to visit this love-themed restaurant in Kapitolyo.

Karen's Red Velvet Cake was really moist and soft. When I tasted this, I initially thought that THIS IS THE ONE. It must be! It was moist enough, not too crumbly and the icing was good (and cream cheesy!).

I was ready to label it the best ever red velvet cake but something told me that the search wasn’t over.

But I must say that I really smiled after the first bite…and the second…and the third…. Believe it.


Know any good or better Red Velvet Cakes?

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Tan M.
5.0 Stars

Late upload.

From my Amah's 85th bday and this was the best red velvet and chocolate ganache combi ever.128525128525

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Princess Ann R.
4.0 Stars

Love the place! So cute, and everything is instagram worthy, though the pasta are good, it was not fantastic. The cake is something you will crave.

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Tinapie P.
5.0 Stars

Love their Red velvet cake, cupcake and even the frozen red velvet cookie. Tried their Chocolate Ganache cake and it was also heavenly. Their restaurant is cozy and dainty, you can hold private parties good for max of 30 pax at a chic high-tea like area. Parking is a challenge though just like any other place in Kapitolyo. I haven't tried their meals, I think pricing is a bit affordable.

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Love love their creamy , not too sweet red velvet cake ... YUM!!!

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