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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Kartilya is one of the restaurants in the BGC community that specializes Filipino Cuisine. They are relatively new (I believe they set up shop last year) in the scene.

So what makes them special compared with the gazillion restaurants that offer similar cuisine? Easy-peasy... guys...they stand out because of Simplicity.

They dont offer over-the-top deconstructed dishes that would confuse diner instead they opted to offer familiar dishes that would pique your interest.

Case in point, the Liempo Queso Fundido. It is a lovely combination of melted cheese and grilled meat.

On to the blow by blow review, shall we?

The first dish that i mentioned falls on the just okay category. They could've cooked the meat differently, it would be better if the skin is crispy. I'd still give them mad props for mixing two familiar ingredients and creating something interesting.

| Dirty Rice
| Tinapa Rice
| Aligue Rice

All of the rice dishes are good. I am leaning towards the Tinapa Rice as i like the salty x smoky flavor.

Kansi. Sizzling Bone Marrow. *nothing follows* 128525

| Nipa Hut Medley. This is their version of Pinakbet. This is okay as it tastes like normal pinakbet.

| Carioca ng Kartilya. Now this one i weally weally like! These are deep-fried glutinous rice balls. Dem babies are delicious! The exterior is crunchy and the insides are soft and filled with yummy filling (three variants are offered - white chocolate, dark chocolate and chocnut)

Overall, Kartilya is promising, they need to make a couple of improvement on some of their dishes (Liempo Queso Fundido) and add something that will make their dishes stand out.

Three stars for the mains and additional one star for the carioca.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Norman Lester T.
3.0 Stars

Kartilya serves traditional yet exquisite Filipino food.

I had lunch here with my friends one weekday. We didn't have a reservation but good thing there's still available table for us. The restaurant is quite packed during lunch. I initially wanted to be seated outside for good lighting but my friends opted to say inside the restaurant due to hot weather. Not sure why but it's kind of dim inside. Anyway after a few discussions what to have, we ordered the following.

** Liempo Queso Fundido (290php)
Pork belly, 3-cheese mornay sauce. Everyone in the group agreed that this was the winner in our lunch. I loved the combination of grilled liempo and cheese. The meat was tender and flavorful and can be eaten without the dip. The cheese sauce was ooooh-mazing!!!

** Baked Oyster (210php)
3 pcs oysters, bistek butter, garlic, queso de bola. The oysters were fresh and big! I love oysters and I can eat a lot. But hey the last time I ate too much, I got sick.

** Kampampangan Sisig (290php)
Pork, egg, chicharon, oinion, chili. Okay tbh, there are a lot better sisigs in other restaurants than this. It was not sizzling when it was served and the egg on top was already cooked. This might be their style, but I'll skip this order next time.

** Tinapa Rice (165php)
Smoked fish, salted egg, spring onions. I love tinapa and salted egg so I was the one who ordered this. Quite excited for this actually, but it was frown at first bite. The rice was so hard to chew. Ang tigas dude. I'm not sure if it's undercooked or what but it was really disappointing.

Service was okay. The place is huge and the bar area is pretty. I also like the instagram plant in our table. However one of the servers removed it. We kindly asked him to return the plant as we'll use it in our photos. He was kind enough to do what we said and he's all smiles about it. However, another server removed the plant again. Okay. Haha.

P.S. Their Corned Beef Kansi seems interesting.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

I'll admit, one of the main reasons I wanted to try Kartilya is because of the Liempo Queso Fundido. And man was it a good decision! Headed by Lica Ibarra of MasterChef Asia Season 1, Kartilya is a revolutionary Filipino restaurant. Another reason to definitely visit them!

We ordered Kapampangan Sisig, Pinoy Baked Oysters, Kartilya Dirty Rice and of course, the Liempo Queso Fundido.

I absolutely loved the Liempo Queso Fundido! It's your good 'ole "mapapa-rice ka sa sarap!" All that gooey cheese and melt in your mouth pork belly is just amazing. 128525 The Kapampangan Sisig is okay, it's your typical sizzling sisig. Nothing that would set it apart, but it's delish nonetheless! I didn't get a chance to try the Pinoy Baked Oysters though, I had this traumatic experience relating to oysters before that made me hesitant to eat it again. But it was definitely good according to my friends! Heh. 9786

Everything was good so far except for the Kartilya Dirty Rice. I think this one is what you'd call "lumalaban sa lalamunan" rice. Ganon siya katigas, friend! Lol. I wished we just went for the usual white rice instead.

The place is lovely! I love the wooden furnitures and the obvious Filipino feel of it. Plus the servers are very accomodating. All smiles and attentive to your needs. One Kuya was super attentive that he removed the "Instagram Plant" from our table because he thought that it's taking up space. But we asked him to put it back for photo op purposes and he just smiled and returned it. Haha!

Price is okay. Good value for money. If you're around BGC and looking for good Filipino cuisine, definitely check them out. 10084

  • No. of Comments: 6
Edison A.
5.0 Stars

Kartilya was the guidebook of the Katipunan, a revolutionary society founded by Filipinos during the Spanish regime. As the name implies, this restaurant lives and breathes Filipino (the millennial Filipino).

We dined in and got to taste the Liempo Queso Fundido, Kapampangan Sisig, and Pinoy baked oysters.

The sweet seared liempo drowned in melted cheese hits every tastebud with flavor that is perfect with bread and/or rice.

What sets their sisig apart from other sisigs is the perfectly cooked 63-degree sous vide egg - and of course it's kapampangan so expect the best.

The oysters are fresh and complimented very well with garlic, butter, and queso de bola.

Their Chef is a MasterChef Asia descent - Chef Lica Ibarra's signature dish, Queso de Bola Bibingka Souffle is also available in this restaurant.

Good price, great food. 5/5

  • No. of Comments: 2
Reich T.
3.0 Stars

The Kartilya ng Katipunan  served as the guidebook for new members of the organization, which laid out the group's rules and principles. The first edition of the Kartilya was written by Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto will later pen a revised Decalogue.

Sorry,  i had to google the definition of Kartilya.   Instinct dictates that word has something to do with the overall theme and food of the restaurant and i was giving into my own confirmation bias.

Rumor has it that the Chef is of Masterchef descent.  Yey! Cheers to  Redundant Rhyming (i made that up).  I've seen a couple of reviews but i don't feel the need to visit them during the first few weeks of operation.  Yes,  i am one of those non-conformist foodies.  After a productive meeting at Toby's,  Clarissa P and i decided to have dinner somewhere.  Kartilya it is. 

Conveniently located at Two Parkade,  the joint is hard to miss as every passerby would see their signage while crossing the street (especially if you wear glasses and your situational awareness levels is through the roof).


Me likey Kartilya as it reeks vintage.  The wooden furniture,  the capiz shells and the overall vibe it exudes.  It felt like i was inside one of those houses in Calle Crisologo.  


¶ Kamote Chips with Salted Egg Dip.   It is official,  i am a victim of the salted egg phenomenon.  Man,  the dip is wicked good!  I didn't mind the excess oil from the chips. 
Whoever came up with the idea of capitalizong on the richness of the salted egg yolk deserves a  Pulitzer. 

¶ Liempo Queso Fundido.   Grilled pork lying comfortably on a bed of cheese.  This dish passed with flying colors in the Visual Category.  Sad to say it failed in the Taste Category.  Cheese is awesome,  liempo is awesome but when paired together,  it's not as awesome as i want it to be.   The cheese tasted a lil iffy (not in a bad way but there is something that is not sitting well with my tastebuds).   The liempo is a lil tough for my liking.   And they could have at least made the skin x fat a lil crispy. 

¶ Tuyo Aglio Olio.   All hail for the Savior!  This is the best thing that ever happened during dinner.  One of the best Aglio Olio's I've had so far.  The dried herring is phenomenal as it is not overly salty.  Al dente noodles,  perfect seasoning...Magnifique!  The only comment i have is that there is not enough pasta.  I dont want that decadent olive oil x dried herring concoction go to waste. 

¶ Crispy Adobo Sa Puti.   This is Raymond P 's order.  He joined us for dinner.   I didn't try the meat as i was too full.  Took a small bite of the baby potatoes and i liked it.   I taste adobo with the veggie,  this is a testament that they mean business.   Adobo is a national treasure,  it will be sacrilegious to make a lame interpretation of a classic,  we don't want to offend ze Adobo Gods. 

¶ Mango Infused Taho.  I like Taho,  i used to wake up really early every Saturday and wait patiently for Mang Fidel.  He is the taho guy of our street.   Kartilya's version tasted a lil weird,  i think the chilled part didn't sit well with me.  I prefer the retro version.

Dinner was okay,  some dishes impressed me,  some didn't.  Kartilya falls in the "Just Okay"  category.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Ever since its opening, this restaurant has been put in the end part of the list since i a not into filipino cuisine. Until the day the K's finally met for a small KKK eatup.

The place is nice; it's a two story restaurant that has a homestyle interior. It actually does not look like a two-storey restaurant from the outside. The place could accommodate at least 30 downstairs and another 20 upstairs. I like that it's a 'lukewarm' feel inside. The tables are a bit level to your chair--that's one discomfort that i observed. The ambience upstairs is cooler than downstairs.

We get to order:
128204128525 liempo queso fundido @290php
Now the recommendations are true! This is the ultimate appetizer. I never knew that fats and cheese go well with each other. This dish got good chops of pork belly with mornay sauce! Just make sure to eat this right away so to really experience the best out of it (it was a good thing that even though it took us time to take pictures of it, it was still that damn good!)

128204128525 chicharon bulaklak @210php
Pork raffle fat never tasted this good. Honestly it was not totally crunchy, but tge taste--especially combined with its herbed salt was stellar. The spiced coconut vinegar for me was easily ignorable because it does not taste that salty/spicy. Kristin A personal favorite!

128204 inihaw na pusit @350php
Its presentation was really stellar! Who would have thought something black would be that nice?! The serving is a bit small for 350, but the way its cooked and the overall taste of the dish was good. The chimichurri was the kick factor. I never thought chimichurri with squid would match that well. Elaine O and Dennis O love this dish

128204128525 nipa hut medley @250php
Ever longed for kare kare but don't like the tripe and all? Get this! I love how thick the peanut sauce is. There's a medley of pinoy veggies (squash, string beans, tomatoes, eggplants and okra). If only we could ask for extra peanut sauce?? Pretty please?? (Patrick V can i pose your picture with that kawali on top of your head? Lol)

128204kartilya dirty rice @165php
This was our main carbo for the night. It generally taste like garlic rice, and looks like brown rice--but it's just seasoned with Kartilya's secret spices. Definitely a signature rice dish. I just wonder what's the difference between this and their house garlic rice... this dish is good for 2-3 pax.

I really enjoyed the experience! I never thought this place would make it in my list of good filipino restaurants. Russel F good thing umabot ka. There's no wifi available here and their CR is located at the ground floor.


  • No. of Comments: 10
Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

The Kaladkarin finally met up again the other week to celebrate the Octoberean kiddos in the group.128515

First stop was Kartilya! Ever since I first heard in IG that MasterChef Asia contestant Lica Ibarra will be heading this revolutionary Filipino restaurant, I was really dying to try it out. Filipino food have been twisted, deconstructed just to bring something new to the familiar and common cuisine. Kartilya succeeded in doing this bold evolution of our fave Filipino dishes. 128521

So we tried out some of their amazing dishes first was the Liempo Queso Fondue. Wow never thought in my life that a grilled liempo is amazing when combined with a fondue. The charred smokey taste of the liempo really blend well with the light flavor of the queso. This was so good that the cheese was completely licked to the last drop! Second later the other dishes was served one after the other; Kartilya Dirty Rice, Inihaw na Pusit, Kare-Kare and Chicharon Bulaklak. The Inihaw na Pusit was beautifully plated but serving was a bit small than I imagined it. This was my fave dish of the night. The squid was so soft while the salsa and Chimichurri sauce gave it a contrast in flavor. Chicharon Bulaklak was a crazy sinful dish with a hint herb salt to have an healthy food effect hahaha. Love this sinful dish. Kare-Kare was also creamy good, but I tasted other Kare-kare better than this. 128526

Overall I love this new Filipino restaurant and can see that there so much they can do to revolutionize Filipino Food. Was also starstrucked to see Lica Ibarra, Sayang we weren't able to take a picture with her. As their tagline says it was indeed a Dining Revolution.128522128076


  • No. of Comments: 11
Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Had dinner with the usual kaladkarins the other night. The place is really small but luckily we got a table right away! We were seated on the second floor, right across Lica Ibarra of Masterchef Asia Season 1 who is the executive chef of Kartilya.

First served was the Liempo Queso Fundido. Pork belly and a 3-cheese mornay sauce. I loved this one! The liempo went well with the light cheese. If I'd come back, I'll definitely order this again. Then the Kartilya Dirty Rice arrived. I wasn't able to take a photo. Sayang.

Then came the Inihaw na Pusit which was OK for me. It was served with a chimichurri sauce, salsa and a squid ink mash.

Next served was the Kare Kare but I was not able to try it as I was scared na baka may bagoong. (Hindi ko na rin napicturan.) But they soon served the Chicharon Bulaklak which was good especially with the herb salt! 128076🏻

Overall, service was good. The food was good as well. The winner was definitely the liempo! Hihi. 128055

  • No. of Comments: 9
Rosey D.
4.0 Stars

Brought our balikbayan friend here who was of course missed the Filipino dishes. We have ordered Liempo Fundido, Boneless Bangus, Kapampangan Sisig and Corned Beef Kansi plus of course, 2 sets of rice all for P1,600. Not bad when you enjoyed the food and the company of your good friends.

Though only thing that I noticed that the place is quite small especially at night to chillax with a couple of drinks. Well, should try soon.

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Kindred P.
5.0 Stars

The queso de bola ensaymada soufflé will change your life

  • No. of Comments: 2
Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

Palabok re-invented with fettuccine and aligue sauce. Superb!

  • No. of Comments: 1
Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

Revolutionizing traditional Filipino dishes by MasterChef Lica Ibarra, like the inihaw na liempo in cheese sauce (in photo), palabok fettuccine in aligue sauce, tofu sisig and her award-winning soufflé to name a few. Try it out! 128077128077128077

  • No. of Comments: 4
Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

New restaurants never fail to attract me like fly to light. I just have to try it ASAP. And so when T posted a teaser of her newest business venture, I got curious and plotted it in my foodie calendar. But I guess I was busy with other things and forgot about it till Abe C shared an Instagram post announcing that the said restaurant is now open.

Hello, Kartilya!

This new Filipino restaurant sure made me drool with its photo of Liempo Queso Fundido. For Kartilya, liempo is not enough to tease the tastebuds that's why they drowned it with cheese. I showed the said photo to an officemate and he hurriedly called someone to have dinner there. (Do not underestimate the power of cheese!)

Since my favorite date is still miles away, I bugged some of my favorite foodies if they are game to visit this new restaurant on its first day. Well, most couldn't make it as they already made plans or were too far away to make it. A though, the instigator, changed his mind and decided to tag along.

We arrived around quarter to 7 and the place was half full. Not bad for a first dinner service.

The restaurant, which used to be Wolf & Fox Gastropub, is well lit from the inside (it is dark outside and the place could be mistaken as closed) and the walls are decorated with capiz windows. The tables have dark finish too with designs that could pass as your furniture stored in your provincial home.

I was already a bit full from my quick stop at Poco Deli (which opened nearby) so I just went with the dish that made me almost bite my phone, Liempo Queso Fundido (PHP274). I wanted to stick to just one dish but I couldn't resist the Pinoy Baked Oysters (PHP152) and Pinoy Sausage Platter (PHP385).

Service was quick and our Liempo Queso Fundido was served first.

It was not as overflowing with cheese as I imagined but it was still one cheesy dish. A noticed that the fatty part of the liempo was not charred till crispy. Apparently, you could request for the chef to grill the fat and serve it crunchy. We found out a bit too late though.

The liempo was grilled just right as the meat was tender, succulent and had a lovely smoked taste. The cheese was rather mild and very creamy but went well with the grilled meat. Personally though, I want my cheese with sharper and tangier taste but I get why they went with a safer choice.

The Pinoy sausage platter featured sausages stuffed with sisig, adobo and tinapa. Just by looking at it, we had a hard time distinguishing which one's which. It was a different story though when we tasted each one. The sausages' flavors were very straightforward that you'll easily know which one is sisig, adobo and tinapa.

The sisig sausage was a bit sweeter than expected. It actually reminded me of longganisa more than sisig. Perhaps if it had slight crunch and saltier taste, it would be closer to sisig. The adobo version was also slightly on the sweet side but you could get a hint of the soy sauce base of the Filipino favorite dish. The tinapa sausage was a bit dry because of the smoked fish bits. It was also the saltiest among the three and was best complemented by the simplified version of sauerkraut. It would have been nice if there was also vinegar on the side for a more Filipino taste. (Side note: A pointed out that the garlic bread was so hard that he feared his teeth might fail him. It was indeed hard so best not to give these to gran gran.)

The Pinoy Baked Oysters was my favorite that night. The lovely fresh oysters were topped with garlic, queso de bola and butter.

The freshness of the oysters was undeniable as I could still taste the seafood's natural sweetness despite being topped with garlic, butter and cheese. But the sweeter part was its pocket friendly price. I could finally have my oyster fix every day!

While enjoying our meal, we got to chat with Jan and Trina of Kartilya and we found out that their head chef is Lika Ibarra, a former MasterChef Asia contestant. Her signature dish, Queso de Bola Bibingka Souffle is also available for diners who have room for dessert. Unfortunately, we didn't and had to stop with three light dishes. I'll be back though to try that one.

Oh and they also have a nice selection of wines and cocktails. 127866127864127863

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