Kartzone Bar

F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu

Kartzone Bar
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Christa U.
3.0 Stars

It's funny how the first go-kart place that I've been to is not even in Manila, but in Cebu. On our recent trip to Cebu with cousins, my cousins decided to head over to this go-kart place.

Getting there is pretty easy, as it's just along the same road as Ayala, though much further ahead. It's behind Jollibee, right where the entrance to the drive-thru is.

Price-wise, I think it's pretty good - Php400 for 8 laps around the track. You can even get it at half the price, Php200 for 4 laps, but I think just doing 4 laps won't be enough to truly bask in the go-kart experience. The price already includes the helmet, the kart, and a pre-drive briefing which is a requirement to go on the track.

Experience-wise, I have to say it's so-so. The track is good, but not too large and wide so it's a little hard to overtake others. Also, with the kart, I had a bit of difficulty with the brake pedal, which you have to press all the way for it to truly stop. This was a little scary when I was making turns because I was afraid I would miss the curves and go into the barriers.

The thing to note is that being an actual driver doesn't help much in driving go-kart. Or maybe, if you're a generally defensive and safe driver like me, it can be a detriment. Especially since there are no windows and barriers on a go-kart as compared to an actual car.

Overall, it was pretty okay. The best time to go would be on a weekday, before noon, as apparently it can get busy after noon. The problem is that it's in a pretty open place with not much trees, so the sun can get really warm and glaring while driving. Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes. I wore sandals, which worked, but I assume wearing closed shoes would have been better and easier when pressing down on the pedals.

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Ben A.
3.0 Stars

Its still open.

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Gladys M.
5.0 Stars

When we went there the price for an 8 laps is 400 and 200 for 4 laps. We're using the kart that can occupy two persons for my friend is afraid to drive, I don't want to leave her while we are enjoying. 128514

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