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Kawasan Falls
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Nikki C.
3.0 Stars

Just this April, we got invited to go to Badian and visit Kawasan Falls. I was skeptical about going for the canyoneering, but I was eager to see Kawasan Falls. I have procrastinated the idea of going there but now I can finally say, I’ve been here! 128513

From where we are staying, the entrance and parking area towards the falls is about 10 to 15 minutes away. From the entrance, we had to walk in cemented pavement for about 30 to 45 minutes with 6 kids towed in our group. Then we reached natural ground and this starts our ascent towards the falls. The ground is damp and the way is a bit narrow and more climbing. I’m so proud of myself for doing this 128513

We climbed and walked towards the first level where the famous majestic falls have been widely photographed. There were two areas where the people can stay with mono block tables and chairs and an umbrella. Before, there were rafts where you can ride and reach the falls. But just early this year, the local government now no longer allows raft and its raft guides to operate in Kawasan Falls. Apparently, a Singaporean visitor complained about the charges these guides are charging, which is unbeknownst to the LGU’s. So now, no more rafts. But you can still swim in the waters. Life vest is required to swim. Cannot swim without a life vest 128521.

After gazing at the waterfalls and around the area, we then moved the second level. The trek and climb towards the second level is so high IMO.. #sorrynotatrekkingperson 128517 but i also did it hehe #smallproudmomentsformelang .. The second level had less people in it and it’s also where the second to the highest and last waterfall jump if you do the canyoneering.

There’s a part where they had a swing, where you can swing and jump the at the water. My cousin and brother wanted to jump at that waterfall. So they rented life vests and our guide, guided them to up and was able to jump. Normally, they allow it but during our visit, there were lots of people doing the canyoneering, so sometimes they don’t allow others to jump unless nag.canyoneering ka. Buti nalang our guide was magaling and they were able to jump 128521 128166

My impression of Kawasan Falls was different. Photo vs reality ang difference. I always see in the photos, in Instagram how super ganda and all. But for me seeing it, I was like, eto na yon? 128533 Must be the editing or angling how the photos were taken.

But I’m happy that finally I get to see it. Will i go back again? 🤔 50/50 but most probably not! Hehe 128517

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5.0 Stars

I am not really from Cebu and wished to discover new adventures in the place. I'm not familiar with the place when a friend recommended me Subai Cebu.

They introduce one of their packages Canyoneering and was really excited when I checked the activities included. The canyoneering would really require your strength and stamina, most of all the will to go on a wild adventure.

I booked with Subai cebu, what's so cool about it, they're lending their Gopro camera to capture most of our experiences (was with friends at that time). It was a smooth ride since the driver was very friendly and smiling.
Never experienced a bit of boring moment during the trip.

When we arrived at Kawasan Badian, the staff were accommodating and provided us with complete gear for safety purposes. The gears were so helpful especially when some of my friends easily gets cramped legs when swimming.

I never had so much fun in my life. Jumping off from 45 feet may leave you in doubt at first, but if you just gather all your courage, it's worth it. It left me with butterflies on my stomach - in a very good way.

To top it all off, it was the most daring adventure for me. I will never forget my experience during the entire activity. For those, who have never tried Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu, I would highly recommend you visit the place, it's worth every penny.

And if you're not so familiar with the area, you can check out and contact subai-cebu.com, they have very accommodating staff.

Till the next adventure.

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I decided to take the most adventurous experience of all, the Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls! It's only less than an hour drive from the Oslob whaleshark watching site. I'll link the company's Facebook page when I get on a computer, but for now you can visit their blogsite here.
And once we thought our day couldn't get tons more exciting, we were in for a ride of our lives. Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu is going through canyons, diving off cliffs and waterfalls and into a raging river! Well, sometimes, we just slide down a slippery rock or the water is pretty calm. But most of the time, we were wet and wild! So better be prepared. I advise you to wear proper shoes, aqua or hiking shoes that have good traction ans clothing that will keep you warm like a quality rashguard. Of course, if you don't get cold easily, a sleeveless shirt will do. If you plan to wear a bikini, well at your own risk, because some of the rocks are sharp and jagged. All up to you on how you can handle yourself. Also, if you have a watercamera, be sure to have a floatie or tie it around an empty water bottle to keep it afloat. As we were told many horror stories of GoPros getting washed away by the rapids and sinking to the depths of the unknown. By the way, our guide was kuya Louie! He's super cool and A for effort in taking our videos and pictures. I just wish I had put in an antifog paper inside the camera case.

I couldn't really describe in words how exhilerating our day was, so better watch the video at the end of this article to see for yourself. If by chance this post has no video, it means Youtube is still processing the video.

Usually, the average canyoneering time is 3 to 4 hours, but we took our time and thank you again Kuya Louie for being patient with us. We ended our canyoneering at Kawasan Falls where rode a swing and jumped off into the blue shimmering waters! It was raining that day and the sight was still awesome! Our trip ended around 4:30 PM and we were served a meal of three Cebuano dishes, rice and drinks! It's all part of the package we paid for their regular rate of One Thousand Five Hundred (P1,500) Pesos! That includes your gears, like helmet, vest, shoes and a dry bag for your stuff. It also includes the entrance fee and the habal-habal (motorcycle) ride up the mountain.

Furthermore, may I stress that to get to the jump off point, you would need to hike along a rough trail. It's really a hard trail and my friends and I joked around that it was not described in blogs. So here I am, telling you the truth, and you can also see it on our video, that that trail is no walk in the park (--er, mountain) and you need to be extra careful, and wear proper attire.

As for the jumping off cliffs, yours truly is a daredevil! I would have jumped off THE TREE (you'll know what I mean when you get there), but my friends didn't advise me to. Sadly the videos didn't really show how high our jumps were. Justice!

After our lunch/merienda, we walked out of Kawasan falls, just maybe a good walk of 15 minutes back to the church where our car was parked. The path is already paved so it's no hard work, and if you wanna head straight to Kawasan falls, instead of canyoneering your way there, you can take this path. Kawasan Falls has a lot of cottages, a restaurant and a few rooms if you want to stay for the night.

There is a bath/shower house just outside the church where you can wash off. It was getting dark and we drove our way to Moalboal White Beach to camp for free for the night. It rained hard, but there were a lot of hostels/homestays there so we had dinner in one of the carinderia first and waited for the rain to stop. When it did, we set up our tent under a huge pavillon tent and slept with the sound of waves rolling into the shore. I guess we were too tired from the day's activities that most of us fell asleep almost immediately.


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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

I'm so back lol akala mo dekada nawala. Back here in Pinas for a short vacay with friends. My friends wanted to try something crazy adventure so I decided to bring to Kawasan Falls kasi para din simpleng makaganti at pahirapan onti hanggang sumuko pero wala mataang. Atapang na tao!

What I love about this place is it's very perfect for me na mahilig sa adventure. They also maintain the cleanliness of the place which is to me a big THUMBS UP kahit madaming tao especially summer season sa pinas.

Things to bring:
_ waterproof camera like gopro
_ drybag
_wear comfy ootd alam mo na

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4.0 Stars

It's a 3-hour ride from Cebu City when we arrived in the municipality of Badian. Then we park our car and change our clothes in preparation of 15-20 minutes trekking to reach our main target... the KAWASAN FALLS.

We pay Php10.00 Environmental Fee before we start our trekking. As we start our journey to reach the falls, some locals were asking us if we want a tour guide for Php300.00. Luckily, one of my friend been here already and told them no need.

While walking, we noticed that most of the visitors on that day were foreigners who enjoyed the adventure of Canyoneering. Few meters to reach the main falls, we can smell the fresh air, hear the humming of the birds and see the clear water flowing. It's one of the best feels while we're doing the trek.

Kawasan Falls is very lovely. The bluish water of the falls make it more prettier. We rent a raft for Php300.00 for 30 minutes and another Php300.00 for a table. The staff who assisted us provided good service while we were in the raft to reach the waterfalls. He's kind and attentive. He didn't charged us it's already included in the payment of the rented bamboo raft. That's why we gave him gratuity.

Warning: Be cautious who ever approached you. Some of the locals who offer their service were opportunist. They overpriced.

Overall, Kawasan Falls is one of the best place for Cebu if you are looking for extreme adventure. I enjoyed playing around the raft while we were in the waterfalls. If time permit, I want to go back again and try the Canyoneering.

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

Unbelievably breathtaking! 128166

With just Php 20 entrance fee (environmental/maintenance fee), you can enjoy a 101% beautiful waterfalls within reach!
Kawasan Falls is known for it's canyoneering adventure which costs Php 1500 (all-in) but we decided to just check out the falls since it's our first time and we're not yet ready to try canyoneering (considering peak season) 128652

From Cebu city, ride a bus from South Bus Terminal, fare is around Php 160-200 and a 4-hour ride. Choose a seat by the window on the right side because you'll definitely enjoy the scenic view on the way. Once you reach Badian, there are signs pointing to Kawasan Falls, you can just inform the bus conductor to drop you off at Kawasan falls.

You don't need a guide when going to Kawasan from the highways since it's just about 15-20mins. walk and all you ahve to do is follow the trail/people. Unless you'll go for canyoneering, you need to hire a guide.

They have a bamboo raft for rent (Php 300) where you can go under the waterfalls and take videos/photos. They also have a lifevest for rent for Php 50 and also a go pro for rent 128076🏼

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

One of my bucketlist in Cebu city. 10084️ I still can't imagine that I've been here last July. Kawasan Falls is located at Badian, Cebu a 3hrs ride from the city town proper. A clear turquoise water that looks like a gatorade flowing in the falls. So glad to finally see this place.

- Booked a flight from MNL - CEB via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Airasia etc.
- Once you arrived at the airport get a taxi/cab to take you to South Bus Terminal. Or ride a habal habal.
- Ride a Ceres Bus Liner in the terminal to have more convenient travel to Badian. (Php 120.00)
- Tell the driver to drop you off at Kawasan Falls or Matutinao Church just beside the entrance of the kawasan.
- You don't have to hire a tour guide because you'll just gonna walk for about 20mins.

Php 50.00 - Life Vest
Php 300.00 - Bamboo Raft
Php 300.00 - Cottage
Php 100.00/person - Bamboo raft to the falls activity
Php 100.00/person - Food for lunch

Also try the famous canyoneering in cebu! You can ride a bus again or a tricycle if you booked a hotel near kawasan falls. 9786️ Much better if you do a DIY Tour to kawasan falls you can spend less instead of having a group package.

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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

I can finally cross this off my bucket list! Hehe. The local government opened the canyoneering site again to the public last September, if I remember correctly. Better go on a weekday during off peak season (NOT summer hehe) and really early (they open at 7AM) if you want to avoid the crowds. We did that and practically had the river to ourselves.

It's a very beautiful place and photos don't do it justice. We joined the Kawasan Canyoneering Tours, which is headquartered in Matutinao Beach Resort in Badian. It costs P1500 per person, which includes a lifejacket, helmet, bottled water, fees, a meal after the activity, the habal-habal (motorcycle) ride to the jump-off point, and a guide. Our guide Lito was super friendly and nice. He was the one holding the GoPro to take photos and videos. He knows all the photo spots and told us how to pose (i.e., hug the rock) LOL. It was pretty funny.

The activity took us 4 hours, including the snack break and photo ops. It was super fun! To those who want to try it, expect more walking/trekking than swimming/jumping. Anyone can do it but those with sedentary lifestyles will surely get tired. Hehe.

I researched what footwear to use prior to the trip and many recommended to wear aqua shoes (which you can also borrow from the tour operator!) but I chose to buy my own because I have small feet. If I were to do it again though, I'd just wear crosstrainers/trekking shoes. Parts of the trail were slippery and aqua shoes offered very little traction. I would also wear leggings instead of shorts because the lifejacket they provided has a leg harness so that the jacket will stay put even when you jump, but that caused chaffing on my leg.

I also read you're not allowed to wear sunblock so it's better to start the activity early in the morning when the sun isn't as hot. Also, it's better to call and reserve a slot ahead of your trip.

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Bernadette T.
5.0 Stars

With just one day for leisure, we get to schedule our awesome canyoneering experience in Badian Cebu. It's our first time to do this, the hiking and jumping off the cliff. What an awesome experience, though our fear is getting in the way. LOL. This is one of a kind experience for us, thank you also to our tour guide for helping us out and for encouraging us to face our fears! Because in the end, it will all be worth it.

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Nicko R.
3.0 Stars

Nature has given us a beautiful waterfall to experience and enjoy. Unfortunately, it is being abused at an alarming rate. If you are looking for a pure nature tripping trek, this is not for you. The site is littered with trash. Some trash have found their way to the river. No one cares to clean then up. Everybody is so busy making money out of the tourists that nobody cares about the garbage filling out of the the bind and plastic bottles strewn along the path.

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5.0 Stars

KawaSAN na you? Dito na me! 128517

Finally got to try the famed Canyoneering adventure at Badian, Cebu. A good 3 hours away from the city center, an adventure like no other awaits you. Be ready to let go and just jump, literally.

The whole experience was just epic. Luckily I was able to drag 3 of my friends to join me in this #BuwisBuhay adventure. We got island trek tours and they were very prompt and accommodating. They endorsed us to Roger and Budoy, our local tour guides who were really hands on and very fun to be with.

The whole trail (around 7-8 jumps) + the Kawasan Falls at the end (an additional 1 jump that's not required) will take you around 3-5 hours, depending on how "brave" you are and how many people doing the trail are. Luckily our bunch was adventurous so the tour guide would let us go on the long jumps to beat the lines (there are shorter jumps but everyone lines up there).

If you're scared of heights, this is one way to curb it. Hahaha. The jumps would range from 20 to 60ft (the last one at Kawasan). But you have options to skip some of the jumps (traverse down na Lang) but sayang! The only required jump is the first one. That for me was the scariest (and the last sa kawasan mismo). After that, sugod na!

It seems scary but just follow all the instructions of the guides and just stay calm and you'll survive!

Some tips:
- no need to put on sunblock (they discourage it actually) as it will affect the water daw
- go early! It gets busy before lunch
- wear long shorts or leggings if possible
- wear rubber shoes or a good pair of aqua shoes
- bring some extra money for the Bbq before the last jump (TRUST ME, best Bbq of your life since you're so tired haha)
- you can bring small snacks but be mindful of your trash
- be sure to bring a floater for your GoPro, maraming nawalan na
- WAG MAGALANGAN! Especially for the running jump (those who stopped abruptly were the ones who got injured before)
- just ENJOY! 128588🏼

Sorry for those who want to try it this summer, they're temporarily closed from June 1 to up to 2-3 months as they're making sure everything is in order and they accident-proof everything again (this summer 3 people got injured daw).

But definitely the experience was worth it! Don't mind going back again again! 128077🏼

Follow my Cebu adventure at www.instagram.com/ChubbyPeroHappy


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Kat Kat Y.
5.0 Stars

This is about a recent trip we made to Cebu last month. We did not want the usual "city tour" and so we opted to go to the more adventurous side of South Cebu. It was on our second day that we did the canyoneering. We were staying in Oslob and it took us two hours and two buses to Badian where the activities took place.

Our canyoneering activity started with a quick talk about the Kawasan Falls, which is the end goal of canyoneering, and a little do's and dont's during the activity. We were also required to log our names to have our arms stamped because according to the Kawasan personnel--"no stamp, no canyoneering" (hahaha!)

Right after that briefing was when the real adventure began. We hopped into our habal-habal (of course, with our Kuya Driver) which took us a bit closer to the jump-off point. The ride was about 10 minutes, a mixture of smooth and bumpy road. I suggest that you take that time to just relax and enjoy the ride because the next thing you know, you are already jumping from a 16ft high cliff 128522

After the motocross-like ride, we walked for about five minutes towards the first cliff. I tell you, it was nerve-wracking!! It was a torture for me to watch the people ahead of me jumping about 16ft into the water. But whatever, I had to jump--there was a line of people waiting for their turn and how could I reach my Kawasan-Falls-goal if I'd chicken out? And so, I took all the courage that I could, closed my eyes, and jumped. The next thing I felt was the ice-cold water as my body submerged into the clear river. But...it was one of the best feelings I've had so far. As I surfaced, I was shouting and laughing so hard because I could not believe that I was able to do it.

The whole canyoneering took us four hours and ended with a very rewarding swim at the beautiful Kawasan Falls for all the jumps, slides, swims, and treks through the canyons. All the views were stunning, the river was clean with blue waters, and Mother Nature was at her finest that day. Everything was perfect. The canyoneering activity and the Kawasan Falls were indeed South Cebu's gems.

- Make sure to have your breakfast before doing the activity. You will need lots of energy.
- The package usually includes the vest, helmet, and the shoes. I don't recommend using aqua shoes as the activity is more of trekking than swimming. Plus, you might want to wear something with a tighter grip in the wet rocks.
- Bring an action cam! 128513
- Use of sunblock is prohibited.


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Mei O.
5.0 Stars

Canyoneering at Badian is probably one of the most memorable adventures I've had. Why? It's when you experience all emotions and feelings - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance and this is how this review will proceed.

Denial. Once you reach the jump off point, you'll see people lined up to start the adventure of a lifetime. You'll see people jumping, laughing, having fun, and of course there are those scared frozen at the top. They'll block the whole line and will feel no peer pressure. Good luck if that's your friend. Hypothermia is not fun when you've all waited 30mins for your friend to do the mandatory jump.

Anger. You continue with your trek. It's around 7.5km mixed with jumps, a little spelunking, river trekking, swimming, and barbecue stops in the middle. You'll feel mad that your legs are giving up on you, why you signed up on jumping off a 30-foot rock to splash on freezing water. You'll feel pissed off that you're still going to trek 3km when you're already catching your breath. You'll be slightly annoyed at your friend who doesn't want to jump. But you know you'll get over it soon.

Bargaining. When you're at the top part, you'll start thinking, I should've opted not to jump. I should've said I'll just trek around the rocks and risk my back from slipping instead of me jumping off this cliff. Now everyone's egging you to jump. They're cheering you on. And you have nothing but pride left in your body but it's okay. It'll be okay, because you have your friends meeting you down there and you don't really have a choice actually. Hahaha.

Depression. This is the part when you realize the trek is about to end. You'll feel sad that the wonderful time you had trekking, swimming, sliding, swallowing water, jumping, and cursing is about to end. You'll look back at how beautiful Kawasan Falls is and know that after that, you're coming back to your hotel and drop dead from exhaustion.

Acceptance. And now you'll know how beautiful the Philippines is. You'll see that you made the right decision jumping off to start the trip. You'll realize that even if the adventure has ended, you'll be thankful that it happened. You'll look back and tell everyone you meet that you just had the time of your life in Cebu.

I just did! Now it's your turn to experience it and share how canyoneering is something everyone should try. 128526

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5.0 Stars

...decided to celebrate my birthday by doing the canyoneering adventure here at kawasan and all i can say is this is the prolly the best bday experience without alcohol and being sober! Hahaha!

... Only downside some areas are littered with rubbish and the main falls itself is too commecialized.

... The canyoneering itself and the cliff jumps was definitely a great experience.

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Jaevonne P.
5.0 Stars

Let me take you down south to stir your adrenaline through an activity called Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu. It's treking, sliding, swimming, climbing and cliff jumping all wrapped into this 3-4 hour extreme experience! Trust me, this is something worth 'falling' for! It's an exciting process of letting your inhibitions go under the might of their towering marbles mystified by a lush of tropical vegetation. Each jump, be it 5 or 50 ft, is like crashing through a flowing glass that gives you that pride as crisp as how it sounds. You will feel it's a better 'you' rising through the waters after the final jump and no matter how scared you are throughout the process, YOU DID IT! And yes, it was a 'fall', but it was a 'fall' for the right reasons and perhaps the best 'fall' anyone can witness128521

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Part of the dumaguete trip was a quick visit to cebu to have a canyoneering adventure. I've been to Kawasan Falls before but all we did was relax on the falls. This time we learned that there's a thrilling adventure that you can do. Canyoneering from the peak of Kawasan falls. It was one hell of an adventure. Each jump was so heartstopping while getting treated by the wonderful turquoise clear water. It was an adventure that I would like to keep on doing because of the nature beauty of the place. The adrenaline rush will just keep pushing you forward and no turning back! As I say it Philippines is so beautiful just waiting to be uncover. 128526128077

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

FINALLY!!! I'm back in making reviews for looloo 10084

Last weekend, I had the chance to attend Sinulog Festival. Since we were in Cebu already, it was a good chance for us to explore the Queen City of the South. What better way to explore is through going out of the city! So after the party, Paintensity, we went back to the apartment first to get our things and off we went to Kawasan Falls!

Kawasan Falls is located in Badian, Cebu and you can see the works of Mother Nature - clear blue waters and pristine waterfalls.The blue water really looks like the drink, gatorade! We were not able to cliffdive because the locals watching over Kawasan Falls didn't allow anymore due to an incident before. In order to cliffdive, you have to do canyoneering. (Canyoneering will be checked off my bucketlist next year!) We were only allowed to swim and go to the falls. You can rent a lifejacket and/or rent a raft. The nice thing about renting a raft is that the guide can bring you to the falls and let you experience how strong the current of the falls is.

Here are the ff. prices needed to pay when in Kawasan Falls:

300 - rent a table
300 - rent a raft
300 - for the guide (we were able to get this for 200 since we had a local with us and got a bit discount)
50 - lifevest

From the city proper, it will take you 3hrs to reach Kawasan Falls. From the entrance, you have to walk uphill to reach the 1st waterfall. You don't have to worry since it is just an easy walk towards the 1st falls.

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Mishua M.
5.0 Stars

If you're a travel junkie, don't forget to write this in your list.

My friends and I don't plan everything when travelling. We just make sure to buy food and bring enough cash before heading to our trip destination.

We arrived at Badian around 3 in the afternoon twas a 4hr bus ride from the city. We did not actually know where to stay for the night 128514 So we ask from locals and they told us to go to Lambug. What I like in Lambug is the long beach shoreline but not really the sea coz it's kinda "lumuton" HAHA! But the room where we stayed was nice. We paid 1500 for a two-bed room with a fan + comfy bed with sheets and blankets *better than the one we had in Alcoy.

Since we just have a two day off from work, we need to maximize our stay. We enjoyed the beach and the sunset right after we have settled our things.
Kawasan falls is just within the area so around 8am the next day we already left Lambug to go to Kawasan bringing only chips, cash and of course 128247 to keep memories. It was the best decision to go early because we get to take great pictures of the area heading to the falls and of course, the falls itself128516 without having "photobombers" HAHAHA!
I suggest, walk going to the falls than riding "habal2" because you would enjoy the clear to bluish waters you pass by + you'll save 50php just by walking 128514128514
The water looks like a pool because of the color and it's very cold 128513 128016
Nothing beats what nature can offer128521

We enjoyed the Kawasan best during this first trip of 2016 with the gang.

There is a resort right across the entrance to Kawasan.*if only we knew HAHAHA!

*That's me photobombing the natures beauty.

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Raia D.
5.0 Stars

Trying something outside the box calls for something like the Kawasan Canyoning/Canyoneering Adventure.
Located at the south of Cebu, town of Badian is a 3-4 hour drive from Cebu City (depending on traffic status) and in case so, just give an allowance.

In planning to go there, make sure you have a sure contact - a guide. Well, we are blessed to have an awesome trail guide, Ragazzo Nuotatore.

So he made all the arrangements covering from the place where we could leave our important stuff, safety gears, the motor ride, the food plus an added bonus of great pictures.

The place were we left our stuff was clean and our stuff were all secured and intact. Well, you don't wanna lose something. Also, you would wanna have a good bath after some tiring moments - the CR is indeed clean. 128513

The adventure is indeed worth it. Not only because you got to face the fear of jumping but you got to see how magnificent the place is - the rock formations and the cold crystal clear water.

Jumping off, walking, swimming, splitting every inch of you is what you will be doing there. So try to set your mind about it. It is not the scary adventure, but then, your courage and endurance is needed. As for me, its something i don't usually do but i enjoyed and went home without regrets, i felt renewed. Haha.

I left all my aches in the Kawasan Falls, just exchanged it with muscle aches.

The moment you try to connect with nature by starting with this adventure, the moment you wanna go and see more of it.

And bow i realized that doing something outside the box sometimes ease the stress away.

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Raia D.
5.0 Stars

Canyoning in Cebu. 128513

What made you jump that 50 feet?

Well, obviously, its what you came for. And yes, you wanna jump. But it isn't easy as saying so. 9996🏼️

Our minds have the capacity to over think - what if i would hit my lower back and break my coccyx, what if i can't stick my legs the whole time during the jump, what if i can bend my knees and extend my hands and hit my thigh and other parts of my body, what if i can drink lots of water and it will go directly to my lungs, and most of all, what if my body would hit a stone?

Then, when you are on the edge of jumping, your heart beats fast and you tremble. "Kulba lagi, ngano ni?" Hahaha
I guess you exactly realized at this point that you are a human being for having all those body reactions.

All you know is when you took that one step, you are really going down now. And unless you tried it, that is when you realized that the fear is only created by our stubborn mind.

Nothing as planned goes exactly the way you wanted it - everything changes the moment you jump in. You just have to make your body flexible enough to take the impact of the water - the tendency is you have the highest chances of hitting your buttocks directly on water instead of your feet and it would hurt a lot. Ouch!

But then again, jumping off it is worth it. Its like jumping all your stress away and when you are able to rise up above the water, you feel renewed. 128513

That is LIFE, unless we take the risk of doing something, we will never know what lies ahead. Expectations will always be there - but we have to accept the fact that there are far better outcomes in life than what we are expecting. It our flexibility matters.

Canyoning once is enough - im good to have whole body muscle pains one time only. Hahaha

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