Sta. Ana Ave., Davao City, Davao del Sur

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Brent J.
5.0 Stars

Chicken Parmesan Crusted is 10084️! 128539127837

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Suzette C.
3.0 Stars

Came here to buy cookies but it was like the last time. it was too hard. Do i keep getting the bad batches? Or is this is really how their cookies are?

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Krishna M.
4.0 Stars

The great thing about keepsakes is its interior inside, every corners of the place has it's cute designs. Food wise it is affordable, you can choose whatever variants you want, may it be pork, chicken, beef, fish dishes, or desserts, hot or cold beverages, name it and they all have it.

The funny experienced I had in this place though was when we went inside the music being played was "Blank Space by Taylor Swift" but as soon the song finished, the song replayed on and on, until some customer were finally complaining "wala na kayong ibang tugtog, po?" and at last they finally changed the song, after 3 songs it got back to Blank Space again and played repeatedly. The staffs must be having a LSS on this song. 128569

But it is a place for students, good for thesis making and tambayan during breaks. 128077

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Charlene C.
3.0 Stars

New branch of keepsakes!

St. Ana branch is new place to haha. The compound place is new & it's not my first time to dine here but i guess my 3rd time haha.

I just want to pinpoint what happen when we dine here haha. I just DON'T LIKE THE STAFFS HERE. Haha. Read the review of Suzette C for elaborated experience hahaha! The staff were very very snobbish, like we were there i think it was 2pm, there was not so much people in the place.

First we ordered then next, we wanted do sit in the cutie seat as you can see in my picture. BUT they won't allow us kasi for 6 daw eh 4 lang kami, zzz edi wow? Haha. But still the hell we care, we still sitted there.

UGH. YOU SEE? Is that the way how you treat your customer?! Haaays! Nonetheless, i would understand the situation if there are a lot of people in the place but nah! No, 128074128074 hays moving on haha. HOPING TO IMPROVE the attitude of the staff towards the customers psh.. to more good service please?

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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

I have not been to davao for the longest time and I always find time to try new things because since I last came here a lot of new establishments popped up out of nowhere! 128514

Charlene C recommended this place maybe because she knew I'm going to love the ambiance--artsy and crafty person right here 128587haha.

The Interiors we're nice and the display of cupcakes and cookies we're very appealing as well! :)

I am now not use to seeing affordable prices. stuff in Davao is unbelievably cheap! Not in a bad way though. cost of living here is definitely more affordable than in Manila.

A plate of baked spaghetti for 75 pesos?! That's really affordable and it was really good too! The amount of melted cheese on top was just right with amount of spaghetti under it, but wait, there's more, it comes with a glass of iced tea! Seriously?! 75 pesos in manila would have been just the glass of iced tea!! Honestly speaking! 128514128514

Along with my baked spaghetti, I ordered 3 cookies. Their cookies are for 10pesos each, that's super cheap! I got the choco chip, oatmeal and graham cookie. Taste was okay, but it was kinda hard. But to think, For 10 pesos, that was okay! Their strawberry crinckles (i tried it from charlene) it was really good!:)

Now for the service. I was kinda turned off. We were first seated at a small table near the counter and then when a bigger table freed up, we asked them to clean the table for we are planning to move to that table. The waiter kept on insisting that table is for 6 persons (we were only 3 at that time but other friends are on their way) and I told them that we have company coming. Then he again repeated that it's for 6 persons only. Then I again insisted that we are expecting more people. After they cleaned the table, they placed the "reserved" card there but we still sat on that table. I mean it's quite offensive because that was a good couch seat, we would want to sit on a comfortable chair, why stop us? It's our customers rights. I mean we wouldn't be kupal if there is really a big group who wanted to occupy first, but the cafe was quite empty. There were only 3 sets of customers there. 128547

Plus, the order of us 3 was way more than the order of the previous group of 6. Psh!

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