Khalil's Business Lounge

Rizal St., Daraga, Albay

Khalil's Business Lounge
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Seph B.
5.0 Stars

All iN. From meals, coffee, and desserts. Good place for business meetings and friends hang out. Personalize cakes are perfect!

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Carlo S.
4.0 Stars

First week of second year college sucked. College sucks. Good thing places like Khalil's exist just in the vicinity of the school I go to. It opened just last year and I do hope places like this continue springing up around Legazpi.

At first, Khalil's Business Lounge might sound too, er, corporate in an uninviting way for mere students like me. But once you enter, it really just looks like a decent cafe-cum-restaurant, with minimalistic interiors including clean lines, plush sofas and darkwood furniture. The business part of the name you can find in the desk installed on one side of the room where a few computers are situated, which reminds me that the whole place is a wi-fi zone. I've seen a lot of business-y-looking people here lots of times, doing paperwork and other business-y stuff.

Then there's me who just came here for the food 9996

Their menu's got most of the stuff, from coffee to smoothies to cakes and pastries, and even rice meals. The photo above's from my first visit here since the school year started. It's a drink called Iced Cheesecake Latte and it tastes remarkably good. A creamy blend of just the right hints of coffee and cheesecake, and at only P75 this one's a winner. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a sucker for anything cheesecake (and coffee). I munched on their burrito while enjoying my drink and I must say it had that flavorful burrito taste albeit it wasn't made to be that authentic.

All's good here but the only gripe I had was that it took quite a while for them to serve everything despite the fact that there were only a few people that time. They're really friendly though and still fairly attentive.

Ultimately Khalil's Business Lounge is one of the better food joints in Legazpi, for business and non-business people alike. Good food and good hangs of a real cafe for a great price. And it's just a leisurely walk away from my school. Holla.

Btw I'm the one who requested the looloo team to add this place to their database. So yes, Khalil's, I am expecting a discount the next time I visit. Loljk.

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