Khayil's Bakeshop

Circumferential Rd., San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

Khayil's Bakeshop
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Yda And Mat B.
4.0 Stars

Red velvet cake: Not too sweet, moist, and very "siksik". Sulit for Php650. My kids and I love it. Will definitely try their other cakes and cupcakes 128077🏻128077🏻

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Sponsored Lunch - Khayil Café.

The interior is not too fancy but somehow i felt like i was at home.  The lighting fixture looks vintage.   Mason jars and glass fixtures with light bulbs inside.  It reminds me of an art installation.  An homage to the chandelier. 

The walls are adorned with vintage toy airplanes,  painted wooden planks with different catchy phrases and quotes.  Perfect for someone who has an affinity with words.   Don't expect Nietzsche or Aquinas,  the quotes x phrases doent require a Philosophy Degree. 

We were welcomed by warm smiles from the owners.  Anna gave us the lowdown on how Khayil Café was born.  Their humble beginnings and why it is named as such.  Khayil is the name of her youngest daughter - a common denominator for family-owned businesses. 

Khayil Café started off as a cupcake shop.  They added savory dishes on their roster later on.   The menu comprises of some of the favourite dishes of her son. 


¶ Pinaputok na Boneless Bangus
¶ Crispy Pata
¶ Caldereta
¶ Ribs
¶ Sizzling Bulalo
¶ Hungry John's Burger
¶ David's Overload
¶ Binagoongan

¶ Double Chocolate Cake
¶ Oreo Cake
¶ Red Velvet Cupcake
¶ Mango Cupcake
¶ Chocolate x Caramel Cupcake
¶ Milkshakes

Yes,  they served a boatload of food.  I tried some of the savory and a couple of spoonfuls of the cakes.

° Crispy Pata.  The quintessential high-octane x bar chow x eat-your-feelings food.  Deep fried pork knuckle with some dipping sauce on the side.  I dunno about you,  but i haven't met any Crispy Pata that i didn't like.

° Beef Caldereta.  Tender beef cubes in rich and flavourful sauce.  Good old-fashioned home cooked Caldereta.  No frills,  straightforward and delicious. 

° Pinaputok na Boneless Bangus.   I like fish but i tend to avoid milkfish because of the fish bones.  Imagine my delight when i found out that it's boneless.  Bangus is a lil tricky as it tends to taste a lil muddy when it is not deep dried.  This one isn't!  They know how to cook a mean Bangus fish and they know where to buy the best ones.

° Ribs.  This is one of my favourites.  The ribs are cooked well and seasoned with tyhme.  I can smell the herbs when the plate was served.  Aromatic and really inviting.  Muching on 'em is a feast of the senses.

° Double Chocolate Cake.   Moist and has a rich dark chocolate flavor.  Not too sweet!  Yey!  It reminds me of Poco Deli's Blackout Chocolate Cake.

° Mango Cupcake.   This one i weally like as the flavor is a breath of fresh air.  This is the first time i tried a mango infused cupcake and i enjoyed it.   The mango flavor is on point and it is nor reeking of sweetness.  Very light and refreshing.

Khayil Café is a must-visit restaurant when in Antipolo.  A perfect place to relax and unwind. 

Let us raise the roof for the generous peepz of Khayil Café!

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Jeixel C.
5.0 Stars

A lil bakeshop that's full of love! Their cakes and cupcakes are extremely delish for the affordable price. My personal fave is the Choco Caramel Cake and their Chicken Pesto Pasta. Such a good find128522

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Gercie T.
3.0 Stars

The place is really cozy but the food I ordered is so-so.
I ordered David's Overload (giant burger).
It had bacon, egg, ham, chicken bits, and some greens.
The size and the stuff in there are great but I honestly don't think that there is anything special to its taste.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
3.0 Stars

Simple looking cafe with cake displays by the window and quirky posters scattered across the room.

On the Table
David's Overload Sandwich - light dinner fail! It took me a couple of seconds before attacking the huge sandwich with a fork and knife. It was impossible to hold that thing and get everything in one bite. Interesting mix of flavors. I liked the chicken most. One messy wa-poise meal!
Clubhouse Sandwich - basically tasted like the David
Coffee Almond or Mocha Almond Cake - too dry, icing was good

We liked the chips that came with the sandwiches. Could be Oishi Ridges?

If we find ourselves back here, i would like to try those great looking cupcakes and maybe give their food another chance.

*loved the chalkboard menu
**service was great

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