King Sisig

Shaw Blvd., Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

King Sisig
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Most Recent Reviews

Patricia Louise T.
3.0 Stars

I'm not actually a huge fan of pork sisig, but since it's the best seller, that's what I had.

🔹The texture of the sisig was alright. Although I was expecting a little crunch in it, but it wasn't there.

🔹The flavour:
It has a nice balance of sweet (Because of the mayo), salty and a bit bitter (Because they toasted some parts of it). And I had some soy sauce-vinegar on the side, well, because I like it. 128513

It wouldve'd been better if it wasn't a bit 'fishy/malansa'. That's my only issue.

I think I paid p99 for my 'unli-rice' take out. Which's composed of 2 cups of rice and a larger serving portion of their sisig. For me, it'd only come after Sisig Hooray. 9996

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Monica S.
3.0 Stars

With an extensive selection of sisig to choose from - pork, chicken, bangus, seafood, beef tapa and lechon tapa – combined with unlimited rice which is priced not more than two hundred pesos, King Sisig certainly proposes ‘sulit’ meals!

I settled on having Sizzling Sisig Pork for only P99 for lunch. There was really nothing special with their meal except the fact that I was sooo hungry that time and somehow craving for sisig. Well, I almost had 3 cups of rice. So I was plainly satisfied with it. But absolutely, full!

Also, I was amazed with their Anghang Meter for I had the option to decide on the intensity of spiciness I prefer varying from mild, medium, hot, extra hot to super hot. Great!

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Mickey S.
2.0 Stars

After a friend and I caught up with each other over a successful happy hours session at a nearby bar, our need to sober up a bit and our love for sisig led us to power-walk several blocks to King Sisig.

We started off with the pork sisig. It had all the makings of greatness, but I felt the portion size was a bit diminutive, overly runny from the juices and water, and the pork bits were barely crispy or sizzling. The assortment of diced green and red peppers along with white onions added some lovely color and needed crunch.

The bangus sisig was a little dry and could use some kind of sauce for flavor and, I preferred the egg top center so when pierced its yolk would spill all over the dish. In this case, the egg was served on the side (like an actual sunny side-up egg).

We also gave the Lechon sisig a try. Another miss. Didn't even remotely look or taste like sisig (tasted like stir fried lechon to me), but, it was flavorful and the lechon bits were tender.

The servers are prompt and friendly and you cannot beat the prices! Not sure I'll be back soon though.



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Yna N.
3.0 Stars

They have variety of sisig to choose, from pork, chicken, bangus, seafood, beef tapa to lechon tapa.
From ala carte, unli rice, group meals to combo meals and they also have ANGHANG METER, frim mild, medium, hot, extra hot to super hot.
Cheap and the servings are ok!

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