Kingsfort Café and Restaurant

1080 Don Quijote St., Manila, Metro Manila

Kingsfort Café and Restaurant
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Gayla b.
4.0 Stars

Made loads of memories at this place. We will be here every after class--or even before or even rather in class! hahaha. Nope, it's not really a coffee shop, It's a bar! We usually do drinking here and go home or back to school loaded! lol We like the place and we call the owner 'Mother' for she has a mother like figure. lol. And she gives free pancit if it's your birthday! Amazing woman she is. hahaha. Miss your place Mother! 128513 (Picture shows me and PD makin a pinky promise on something that we can't remember over beers.)

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Judie C.
2.0 Stars

Because it's our final exams, I wanted to stay in a cafe or any milk tea place. I wanted to drink coffee or milk tea and have some dessert to chill my mind and body while studying. Due to the high demands of cafe and milk tea places during this season (finals week/exam week), most of them are full.

Few days ago, upon walking, I discovered this cafe and told myself that I should try this place because I think few people go here. So yeah, I visited this cafe a while ago to drink coffee, eat, and of course, to study.

My boyfriend and I were shocked when we found out that they don't serve coffee! We were like "Seriously?!". A cafe without coffee?! Weird, right? But we decided to just stay because we don't have much time to find another place.

We ordered Breaded Pork and Lechon Kawali. Actually, I ordered Lechon Kawali because I thought of eating it with Mang Tomas sauce, but I was really disappointed to see that they served it with gravy. -_- It wasn't even yummeh, or at least yummy-looking. Their Breaded Pork wasn't even fine. -_-

For me, this place needs more improvement, an over-all improvement.

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