Kiss The Tiramisu

G/F Three Central, Valero St., Makati, Metro Manila

Kiss The Tiramisu
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Kyrylo S.
3.0 Stars

Kumain ako ng Injeolmi Tiramisu. Matamis na matamis iyon kaya hindi ko naman masyadong gusto. Ang injeolmi ay Korean rice keyk. Meron lang ang tiramisu ko ng tatlong maliliit na injeolmi. 128532

Gusto ko bumalik sa susunod para sa Matcha Tiramisu.

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Monique S.
3.0 Stars

I am a dessert person, especially Ice Cream, so when I read an article about "Kiss the Tiramisu", I immediately included this in my mental list of restaurants to visit.

Kiss The Tiramisu is located in one of the inner streets of Makati making it perfect for dessert hunters opting for a quiet place to burn time. The whole place was nice and has a clean and modern aesthetic feel. The interiors of the place, specifically their chandelier made up of clumped wine glasses, grabbed my attention. Their bright colored flower table centerpiece gave a pop of color to the whole place.

Their food selection consisted of Ice Cream, Cakes, Espresso and Non-Coffee. I ordered the Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream.

The soft-served ice cream placed in a small transparent goblet made it different from the usual presentation of ice creams in dessert places. However, the taste was okay, creamy but not at par with how I expected it to be. The Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream was priced P265 so I somehow expected it to be a bit different from the other ice creams I have tasted. But overall, I still had a great dining experience there. The staff and ambiance were inviting and the vibe was definitely relaxing, away from the bustling streets of Makati.

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

When I took a sip of their Kissing Coffee, I haven’t forgotten it. It’s creamy and strong at the same time. Something I’ve never tasted in other coffee shops. I am definitely recommending this for the coffee lovers out there.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

I know this place isnt doing too well in terms of review but somehow i still wanted to try it out.

Midas Touch at almost 300, is kinda expensive but having gold flakes/paper on top seems interesting. It was instaworthy but overall i dont think the taste is worthy of its price.

Gold flakes doesnt taste anything, while ice cream was too sweet.

Worth a try but not something youll be keep coming back for. 128512

  • No. of Comments: 4
Chizbun - Cherrie P.
5.0 Stars

Kiss the Tiramisu is a chic cosmopolitan ice cream place at Three Central, Salcedo Village, Makati, literally a stone's throw away from my office building. For me, it is reminiscent of a jewelry shop or a posh shoe store. I personally liked their lighting fixtures, huge goblets or wine glasses that seem to trickle down to a sparkling point. Very innovative!

We were able to taste both their coffee and ice cream offerings. The focus on the tiramisu was evident, from the strong coffee flavors to the layers of the different components in each beautifully created drink/dessert.

Tiramisu Cream Cheese Latte P245
- Definitely a pick me upper. The cream cheese balances this strong cup. It's one of my favorites in this line-up.

Matcha Latte P190
- The matcha flavor is on point and not too sweet. Very authentic. I like the comforting light green matcha color too!

Tiramisu Affogato P235
- An ice cream you can drizzle with an espresso shot! Makes the coffee experience more interactive, and definitely Boomerang-worthy!

Tiramisu Ice Cream Latte P265
- This time, it's coffee topped with ice cream, making this cup extra flavorful and creamy. Beware of milk moustaches! Hehehe

Ice Cream
Each ice cream concoction comes in a gold-rimmed goblet. Although made of plastic, you can let the staff wash these pretty containers and take them home. Talk about souvenirs! This beats platic coffee shop tumblers! Hahahaha

Classic Tiramisu P265
- Their first flavor, the original Classi Tiramisu is the embodiment of the fusion of Italian tiramisu and Korean ice cream. The layers of mascarpone cheese, ice cream, cocoa powder, coffee and more cheese marry well to create this decadent dessert. The light Korean ice cream is perfect with the tiramisu underneath. I say light because it is not cream heavy like most ice creams we are accustomed to.

Matcha Tiramisu P285
- With the classic tiramisu ice cream as base, this comes with lots of green matcha powder on top. The matcha flavor is not too strong and again, the Korean ice cream was the perfect canvas if you love matcha and tiramisu.

Injeolmi Tiramisu P265
- This is my favorite of the ice cream line-up. I love the soy powder-infused chewy injeolmi bits in this cup. The injeolmi's texture is similar to a rice cake, and tastes nutty and beany at the same time. This nutty soy flavor mixes well with the ice cream and makes this cup the most interesting of the bunch.

Midas Touch P295
- Every Kiss the Tiramisu franchise allows one customized flavor relative to the franchiser's country. The owner, Ms. Shirley Vy, chose to highlight the Halo-halo and gave it a posh, more exquisite version. Layers of homegrown flavors like ube cake squares, leche flan bits, curtains of caramel sauce, and crushed barquillos topped with Korean ice cream and that shiny edible gold leaf. The gold leaf makes you feel like a high roller indeed!

Kiss the Tiramisu is such a refreshing posh alternative from your usual coffee and dessert joints in the area. I recommend this to guys who would love to impress their dates, to a group of corporate Titas who would love a sweet ending to a humdrum lunchbreak, or to couples ending their workday together. This makes for a perfect spot for a first date too! :)

Personally, I will go back to try more of their coffee and their boxed cakes. And yes, another perfect goblet of the amber-colored Injeolmi tiramisu ice cream!

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

My first kiss 128139 haha! Tried their classic tiramisu ice cream and it was good. It was around 250+ but it was worth it. I’ll try the other flavors next time.

The staff were friendly and guess what? You get to take home the goblet 128076🏻

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Jean I.
1.0 Stars

A total let down. First the server (cashier) wasn't totally paying attention, we ordered 3 coffees but she only got 2, I ordered Matcha tiramisu but what was served is just plain tiramisu. Didn't even bother to repeat our orders & no offer to changed it.
The price is not worth the soft-served. SM & 7-11 have better soft serve.
I didn't get what I paid for. It feels like I was robbed hahaha. Not going back.

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Isha S.
2.0 Stars

Been wanting to try this for a while now, especially since they came out with a version of their soft serve ice cream with literal 24k gold on it. Like yaaaasss kweeeennn!!! (because yo girl is bougee af) 128120128120128120

Anyway, place looks sleek and clean. The bathroom's in the other building tho lol. Staff were nice and keen to help you out. They serve ice cream, cakes and coffee. Pretty straightforward, prices in the 100-200+ peso range.

So of course, I got the Midas Touch (P295), the aforementioned soft serve ice cream with the gold!! It was served in a gold-rimmed plastic goblet. There was ube, there was flan, and there was disappointment. The soft serve wasn't creamy. It was quite icy and melted fast. Taste was only sharp and pronounced the first bite and then it kind of fades into oblivion quickly afterwards. Eh, at least my poop will glitter.

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Reich T.
2.0 Stars

I didnt know Kiss The Tiramisu existed till i saw an online article about them. The write-up reeks of praises and a deluge of adjectives on how awesome their product is. Like any curious foodie, i was intrigued and very eager to try them.

After a mini Vietnamese Food Crawl with my dear friend, we decided to swing by. They occupy a small space that can probably fit 15 skinny people. I cant remember how the interior looked, truth be told. But i can remember how their matcha tiramisu tastes like. This is something i cant shake off easily.

Here goes:

Matcha Tiramisu (Php 285). Expensive, i know. The ice cream was served in a plastic goblet (i guess half of what i paid for was for the gold goblet). What’s inside is their Signature soft serve with Mascarpone Cheese, matcha sauce and matcha powder.

Well, the matcha powder and sauc
was awesome but the ice cream is such a letdown. The consistency is on the icy side and is not as thick and creamy as i wanted it to be. There’s supposed to be some cheese in there but i cant taste any. The melted ice from halo-halo is way better.

One of the owners (i guess) asked for feedback and we politely said that the consistency is off. She said that there is something amiss with their ice cream machine.

Uhmmm...okay...Why bother opening if the machine is not working properly. I guess they di dy do anything to rectify the issue based on the feedback i got from Clarissa P (she visited after a couple of days)

Kiss The Tiramisu. All that hype for BLAH.


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Mae A.
3.0 Stars

To be honest, I was hesitant to try this one out. I was put off by the price that I had to do a lot of thinking if I should visit this place. I decided to finally try it out along with my buddies on a seemingly lonesome evening.

The place was spotless that night. We did go on very late in the evening. I’m unsure if it does get packed since it was still a bit new then. The interiors seemed very grand and luxurious. The golden details really stood out to me.

I had a couple of bites of their Matcha Tiramisu Cake (P275). It had a very mild matcha taste, and best eaten upon serving.

Their Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream (P265) looks luxurious doesn’t it? The presentation really is the key here, and what makes it so darn expensive. I’m just happy that I got to take home that golden cup (which broke after a few days). The sweet treat itself was carefully prepared for. Each layer was meticulously added in the cup. In terms of taste, it was good. I liked how the ice cream was on the creamy side and not bordering on being icy. My only wish was that the mascarpone cheese to be a little more. I was left hanging when I found out that it was stuck towards the end.

As much as I want to go back and try the other flavors, it really was just expensive. To be honest, it’s okay if I don’t take home the cup. I mean, it broke after a few days so why bother keeping it. The desserts were pretty good but I could get a more satisfying sweet treat that’s priced at a lower fee.

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Clarissa P.
2.0 Stars

Being the Tiramisu Crazy that I am, I was so excited to try this place out! After seeing the rounds of posts in social media highlighting how good and drool worthy their offerings were, I knew I needed to visit! Despite the negative feedback of Jairus d and Reich T, I still went just because... TIRAMISU LOVE lol

Just before the |ooloo Figaro rendezvoos, we went to Kiss the Tiramisu first. Sandy P and I went ahead and ordered while waiting for Vinny L. Their Tiramisu Cake wasn't available yet when we went because they were still waiting for a machine or whatever. FINE. I got the Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream and Sandy P went for the Matcha Tiramisu Ice Cream. For the price tags that these orders came with, you would expect to be blown away! 260Php for the Classic Tiramisu and 280Php for the Match - that ain't cheap. The small serving was a factor to consider too!

Served in a goblet with some gold accents, these cups were rather gorgeous! So IG worthy! After taking some snaps and swapping orders for more picture taking, we decided to settle and try them out.

The Classic Tiramisu had their signature soft-serve with Mascarpone cheese, cheese sauce, cookie bits, coffee sauce and a dusting of cocoa powder. So pretty! One thing we noticed right away though was the ice cream. It melted so fast! We took spoonfuls after the next, trying each variant. We were silent for sometime, maybe trying to get to the "wow this is so good" moment which didn't really occur. I mean, the Mascarpone cheese added a good flavor dimension, true to a Classic Tiramisu cake, the cookie bits added texture. Though needing some more coffee kick, the overall flavor composition was okay. BUT the ice cream was such a let down! Not worth the price tag. I mean, we were expecting Milk Cow smooth, creamy and milky but what we got was super icy! It was worse than Jollibee's Sundae and would take McDo's anytime! Vinny L was right in describing it - frozen condensed milk!

The Matcha Tiramisu Ice Cream had a good Matcha Kick but had the same ice cream fate as my Classic Tiramisu!

I was so disappointed that I went ahead and asked their staff if that's really how the ice cream should be like. They asked me what's wrong and I explained. The staff told me that there was something wrong with the soft-serve machine. It's supposed to be repaired and calibrated! I mean WTF was that! Others also reported the same days before our visit! I mean, if they knew that they were serving sub-standard quality of their product, they should have stopped operations at once or acted to get the machine repaired RIGHT AWAY! I just felt it was unfair for customers to pay that price and not get the right quality of the product. SO DISAPPOINTED! Soft-opening status is NOT AN EXCUSE!

Vinny L attested that the quality was poor since she tried it in Korea already.

Urgh! Even brought this to the attention of the owner through IG but she didn't seem to know about it and mentioned that they will investigate. Oh well...didn't hear from them again.

I hope that they got their machine fixed and I hope that's really just the problem. But right now, I can't reco this place. Not worth your $$$ 128527

Let me know if you have a different experience.

Rating with 1108811088️ instead of 11088️ because their staff were so kind and accommodating 9786

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