Kiwa Korean Grill

Solaire Resort and Casino, Aseana Ave., Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Kiwa Korean Grill
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

This is a really delayed post, I forgot to write it after a series of events happened.

Some members of my immediate family dined here months back while we await for the New Year’s fireworks display. We sat at the side window for an optimum view.

Aside from a few decent dishes we had here, I also loved the impeccable hands on service they gave. I appreciated the staff serving us like it was a typical night. I knew that they too were looking forward to see the show.

Anyway, Kimchi was well done. It was at room temperature, tasty, not too spicy and packed with crunch. It was one of the best, and it was part of the complimentary side dishes.

I also adored the thinly sliced yet packed with fine ingredients on their Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon). Go ahead and dip these with sweet and spicy sauce or thick gochujang.

If you are a bit adventurous, I suggest having some well marinated Yukhoe, it’s a plate of soy based raw beef mixed with raw egg, pear and vegetables.

For dessert, we shared a well loved Korean delight, large Fruit Bingsu. This was a bowl made with fine ice, tons of fruits, corn flakes and condensed milk.

I wished we had our dinner here instead. They also have imported barbecue meats as well as a stretch of classic Korean specialities.

The prices here are not exactly affordable. Nevertheless, if you feel like binging on quality Korean, this restaurant could be on top of your list.

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Birthday dinner surprise last week at this exquisite Korean resto in Solaire, at Kiwa Korean Grill. As we entered the place, it has “the view” of Manila Bay. The interiors are mostly made of wood, makes you feel like dining outside with the Korea feels. Well everything is so neat and beautiful. As usual, it was my date (who knows the “foods”) who call the shots.

Serving size is big, so we only have 2 orders.

🇰🇷Sogalbi Jjim , beef short ribs cooked in soy sauce seasoning with ginseng & assorted veggies.

🇰🇷Battered Shrimp, its like tempura. Served with wasabi mayo and the usual sauce

The place has house tea, served upon request.

Verdict: sogalbi jjim has tender beef and flavorful sauce. It’s a must try.

Fancy place to dine, perfect for date. I love the ambiance. Prices are expensive, but you get the quality of food that you pay for.

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Elise C.
3.0 Stars

Hmm... I was really excited to try this place out because it replaced one of my favorite restaurants, Strip Steakhouse. My father did the ordering and we got the dinner set, some of their assorted pancakes, salmon salad, salmon platter and more. Let me just tell you that they don't have the free side dishes most korean restaurants offer before you start your meal, they have side dishes but they come at a price.

The ambiance is cute, we were seated at a private room wherein you're supposed to spend 15k and above or at least 1500 per person. Their dinner sets for me are quite sulit since there was a time that I kept saying wow there's too much food!

But wait, I'll cut to the chase because I was pretty disappointed with the food. I feel like I could have 10 visits at my favorite korean restaurants for the price we paid tonight (10k+). I didnt enjoy the food at all. I only liked the beef salad which was included in the set, the galbi jim (PLEASE TRY IT, was really good, tender and sweet), the glass noodles (2nd picture), and of course, the KOREAN PANCAKES, which were tiny in serving but really good. The pork bbq was also good and so were the grilled seafood, but not something I couldnt get for a lower price.

They served the warm spicy soup at the end and all I can say about the soup was it was so-so. I don't really enjoy spicy food.

Service is okay, place was clean, but of course, price was high, and menu was a bit complicated, some dishes you even have to order two servings just to be able to order it (?).

Wouldnt really come back, I feel sad that I'm saying all this. Sorry, Kiwa!

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

It was a crazy week full of eating with R's family. We went to several fancy restaurants and one of which is this Korean restaurant in Solaire Resort & Casino. I have never been to Solaire but I recall making a pitch for the high end establishment when I was still with the publishing business so I know that this place is pretty grand.

Hello, Kiwa Korean Grill Dining!

This posh Korean restaurant is located in what seems to be a new section of Solaire as R could not remember this area before.

It opened just a few months ago and it has gained quite a following for those who are very particular with food. The place is beautiful and those who sit near the windows could enjoy the wonderful sunset view. (We reserved a private room though so we just took snapshots of the sunset before placing our orders.)

The menu of Kiwa is very limited. There are only five courses to choose from which comes with sashimi and appetizer assortment, Korean pancakes, Stir-fried Glass Noodles (Chapchae), Spicy Tofu Soup and Dessert. You also have to order in pairs if you plan to get this.

We decided to go with Saenggalbi but Rib Eye version (PHP3,200), Bulgogi (PHP2,800), Grilled Samgyupsal (PHP2,000) and Yangnyumgalbi (PHP3,000).

While waiting for the meats, the side dishes were served.

The sashimi assortment looked amazing and mouthwatering.

I first had a taste of the salmon cut and it was not as soft as I wanted. R told me that the reason why the texture was like that was because it was not sashimi but smoked salmon. No wonder.

The other seafood cuts were great! Tuna was lovely and the squid cuts had a nice chewy texture. I loved it!

Chapchae was pretty good too as it was not overly oily yet flavorful.

The Korean pancakes are your typical pancakes. If you are trying to watch your weight or save tummy space, you might want to skip this one.

But you have to get a bite of the Korean Pear Kimchi and Pumpkin Salad. Those two dishes were heavenly.

The slight crunch of the pear and faint taste of kimchi made this dish such a great appetizer to whet the appetite. I loved this dish!

The pumpkin salad had a nice mushy texture which was balanced with the crunch from watermelon bits on the base. It was savory yet refreshing. I fell in love with the sweetness of the pumpkin they used. Get a bit of shredded carrots for additional bite.

The salmon salad was great too but I was hoping there were more salmon cuts. I think they just included around six salmon roses in the salad. Nonetheless, the greens used were undeniably fresh!

While enjoying the side dishes, Korean pickled radish and some greens were served. These were for the meat dishes.

And finally, the main dishes arrived. All four courses were prepared in front of us.

The rib eye was the first one grilled and it was spectacular.

The meat was indeed premium beef. It was succulent and tender. Seasoned with a few spices, we got to enjoy the natural taste of the meat. It went so well with the pink salt, garlic slices and red pepper too! 128525

The samgyupsal, which was rated as one of the best samgyupsal in Manila, was delectable! It was also juicy and tender. It was far from the ones I have tried before. It was so good that it can be enjoyed as is. Though of course, taste could be enhanced with a bit of garlic and red pepper.

I went crazy with the bulgogi! It was the type of bulgogi I love! The thinly sliced beef were so tender and the broth was not overwhelmingly sweet. The glass noodles were perfectly cooked and it was cut just right. (I am drooling and palpitating with excitement just thinking about it.) 128518

The marinated short ribs was one of the favorites that night. It was also succulent as the other dishes but the marinade made us flip and our taste buds experience Octoberfest happiness.

We quickly ordered another order of this and rib eye (as we need to order two at a time).

After almost two hours of eating, we ended the wonderful meal with a cup of plum tea. It was sweet with a tinge of sourness. I liked it. (And I heard that it is good for digestion, especially since we ate a lot of meat.)

It was a great dinner and I would love to go back for more! 10084

(Total damage: PHP18,200)

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Yen D.
5.0 Stars

If you are a fan of Korean food, I highly recommend Kiwa Korean Grill Dining. For the simple reason that their dishes taste the same as the ones I have eaten in South Korea during my visit last year.

When I entered Kiwa, it reminded me so much of Season’s Table inside Onemount Park in Gyeonggi-do. They have the same interiors – wooden beams, high ceiling and lots of space in a modern and chic setting with top to floor windows giving you a beautiful view of Manila Bay. I felt like I was instantly transported back to Korea without leaving Solaire.

Another thing that I also pleasantly noticed is that you won’t see the usual exposed exhausts located on top of your dining table. Kiwa uses state-of-the-art exhaust systems located under the floorboards. This sucks the smoke from the griller underneath, keeping your clothes and your hair smelling fresh even if you’re in front of the griller for hours.

Ok. Let’s talk about their offerings. I started with a platter of assorted appetizers, salad, kimchi, pancake and of course, noodles. No Korean meal is complete without glass noodles or Japchae.

And for the main dishes, I had some Yang Nyeom Gal Bi (beef) and Samgyeopsal (pork). Kiwa takes pride in the quality of food they use - fresh, sealed, covered, labelled, stored in the right temperature and follows strict 5-Star hotel sanitation rules and regulations. And unlike other Korean restaurants, the servers at Kiwa will do the grilling for you.

They use grade A+ beef (Japan Wagyu and USDA) that melts in your mouth with a delicious subtle smoky flavor from the charcoal. When you slice it, you’ll see that the juice oozes out from the meat. I just had to give in! It was heaven!

As for the Samgyeopsal, I went gaga over ‘em! I wrapped it in fresh greens, slathered some Ssamjang, popped in my mouth and savored every flavor and fats of it. Just look at the picture. Uhh-hmmm! Don't forget to try the plum tea. It was a great meal ender and definitely helped me in digesting the heavy lunch I had.

Eating at Kiwa Korean Grill Dining somehow transporting me back to Korea through their amazing dishes.


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Jess B.
5.0 Stars

Exquisite interior, first class service, delectable food. It's not a Korean fine-dining restaurant for nothing. I loved the yangyum galbitang - so tender and tasty! The marinated pork and kimchi jigae are mouth-watering. The staffs are warm and will welcome you with a smile. The COO himself, Mr. Park, will make it certain that you will enjoy your dining experience. I will definitely come back again and try the other dishes.

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