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G/F The Sapphire Bloc Bldg., Garnet Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

Kko Kko
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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

Glad there are more restaurants opening up at Sapphire Bloc.

Tried their Samgyupsal and their Original Fried Chicken. Both were tasty and can be added to our office lunch options.

Limited tables inside and service is quite slow. Hope they improve.

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

I haven't eaten Korean food since my trip to Seoul two years ago. After that trip I felt that I already had enough of it so I was not eager trying Kko Kko.

After lunching there today, I can say that I am happy that I decided to try Korean again. We had an overload of Kimchi, the Bibimbop was excellent especially with the tutong rice and the spicy sauce. i also love the yang nyum chicken. It reminded me of Bonchon but much better. The servings are big, the skin crunchy and the sauce so yummy.

The staff were also helpful and prices reasonable.

I will be back soon.

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

I went back to Kko Kko to have lunch with the wife earlier today since she knows that it's always a good thing to eat fried chicken. Hehe. So off we went to Kko Kko. It's more crowded today which is good, coz I'm happy for my friends who lead the operations of this place.

So for today, I ordered the 2 piece fried chicken, using original and spicy combination. They really just use thigh and leg parts, which I didn't know from my last trip in Sept. So now you guys know.

The original is the cheapest flavor 2 piece at P178, while the Yang Nyum and Snow are at P208. They now have a full menu, vs their soft launch menu back then. And I like that they explain dishes that aren't self explanatory by their names alone, since we aren't Korean.

The original, though cheapest priced, is by no means the least tasting. For the fried chicken, it's seasoned with salt and pepper & Korean spices, and isn't mixed with sauce so if you want plain crispy fried chicken, this one is very good. I forgot to ask for sauce or gravy but it's pretty good as is. I chose to make the leg part the original fried chicken so I didn't really need gravy. The spicy version is a sauced up version of the crispy fried chicken, it's a bit sweeter than spicy, but it was quite good, too. 4.5/5

Things are better now in terms of operation, so kudos to the team. I'm raring to try their bibimbap and cheese fondue next time.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Kko Kko is a newly opened Korean restaurant in Ortigas. It's hero protein? CHICKEN! Chicken is a very big thing in Korea, and, according to its owner, TV host and budding restauranteur Grace Lee, fried chicken is enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and in many variations.

Grace has re-branded and tweaked her and her mom Mama Lee's baby, Hoolala, to Kko Kko! And Kko Kko's first branch is well located at The Sapphire Bloc's Garnett Road side, a few steps away from Emerald Ave, Ortigas, and 5 minute brisk walk away from either Metrowalk or Robinsons Galleria. (the original Hoolala is not too far away, at Escriva Drive near UA&P).

I'm really digging the interiors. It has modern take, beautiful lighting fixtures, great high ceiling accent wall adorned with plant boxes, and a nice blackboard filled with customers' compliments and well-wishes. I like the coziness of the place.

In Kko Kko, different kinds of fried chicken are featured:
1. Original - crispy fried chicken marinated in Korean spices with a choice of regular or spicy
2. Yang Nyum - crispy fried chicken tossed in a sauce of your choice
> sweet chili
> classic soy (probably closest to Bon Chon)
> oh-my-garlic (which is the same sweet taste as classic soy but with garlic taste)
3. Snow - crispy fried chicken tossed in a special powder, either cheese or fire chili

They also have a boneless chicken chunks version of the Yang Nyum.

Our orders:
2 piece Yang Nyum chicken with rice (at P208, added P58 to upgrade the rice to kimchi fried rice. I picked Sweet Chili and Oh My Garlic. The sweet chili is as it should be. For those who love sweet chili sauce. And their skin is still very crunchy so the sauce enhances the experience. But the winner is the Oh My Garlic. The kimchi rice was good though could have been made spicier. I liked the flavor.
Sweet Chili 3/5
Oh My Garlic 4.5/5
Kimchi Rice 3.5/5

Snow Chicken, half order at P238. Cheese is our flavor. And this one is also a winner.
Snow Chicken 5/5 especially if you like stuff like cheese popcorn or powdered and flavored chips. Their cheese profile is a bit on the sweet side, which works well with the crispy chicken.

I went here Sept 1st, about 2 weeks into Kko Kko's soft opening. Understandably, they've got to iron out some kinks in the dine in staff, as our bill was wrongly computed. They changed it naman easily so no harm no foul. I mentioned it to the owner as possible improvement point and she received it very well.

I'm gonna try it again for sure, especially the cheese fondue appetizer (with onion rings, spicy fries and boneless chicken). This was too much for me and the wife at the time for the full size at P988 but they've since launched a half order at P588 which is good for other customers to try.

Kkokko also has other Korean dishes like noodles, rice toppings (even a Japanese katsu), spicy Korean soup, other bar chow and bibimbap. I also loved their Green Tea and Lychee iced tea drink. P138 but worth it, served in a tall hour shape glass.

So for fried chicken and Korean cuisine junkies looking for something different, Kko Kko's your place; it's got a modern take on the Korean fried chicken, plus an affordability and quickness to it that's perfect for the fast paced Ortigas Center.

They'll be opening a few more branches soon in Manila, UP Town, etc. For now, enjoy this in Sapphire Residences.

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YVette C.
2.0 Stars

I already feel bad that this will be their first review.. Ohwell.. I will give a second review on my next visit.

We came here for lunch. We ordered Chicken Cheese Fondue P588 half, Kimbap beef P158, and Japchae P128.

By the time we placed our order, Kimbap was served after 5+ mins, Japchae was served after 12+ mins, then Chicken Cheese Fondue was served after 30+ mins (reference point is when the order was placed). That was so BAD and unacceptable for the main/highlight dish that we were all looking forward to. There were a few customers but still 30+ mins is unacceptable. ❌

So I nicely asked the waiter why it took that long, he said sorry and that serving time is 15-20mins.. OK interesting info. 128563. Then I asked for a complimentary because I believe we deserve it.. The waiter returned with One glass of raspberry(?) drink. OK again 128563 we were 8 pax on the table. This is embarassing.. So I said if he can give a pitcher instead of a one glass, he just said sorry. I then looked for the Manager, turns out that the Manager is the Chef, he explained to me how they work in the kitchen, first come first served/cook basis on the order slips. (Of course). Still, it does not justify the 30min waiting time and the one glass complimentary. Facepalm.🤐 I ended it by saying OK (quite stressful to argue) then continued eating my meal.

The food.. There was no trace of korean cuisine/spices on any of the food. Ohmy. The cheese chicken fondue was a great idea, but we were expecting more of its flavors especially the cheese which was not that satisfying cheeseloving feeling, yet we enjoyed it (I like the taste of the chicken tenders on it). Kimbap and japchae, hmm yeah just plain food, it could be better.

I commend the tall waiter because I think he was challenged by my questions and the situation, yet he handled it well and was pleasant all through out. The Chef was unpleasant to talk to, he wasn't even apologetic9996🏼️

Next time, I will order the Chicken Combo meal and wouldn't ask for a complimentary Haha will just tell them that they need improvement.

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