Klub Keluarga

Kota Keluarga, Barualte, San Juan, Batangas

Klub Keluarga
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Angel O.
5.0 Stars

What can I say?? Wala ang ganda niya lang talaga, perfect sa mga couples na gustong takasan ang magulong maynila. Tag ulan pero tirik na tirik ang araw dito. We stayed here overnight lang, kasama na ang buffet na breakfast, lunch and dinner nila. Hindi lang ako masyado nag-enjoy sa food kasi mas gusto ko titigan ang dagat. Medyo mabato nga lang, andami kasing pebbles at corals. Kaya dapat may suot ka sa paa kasi instant massage na masakit. Well wala na ako masabi ang ganda lang, may swimming pool din pala sila. :)

Ang babait din pala ng staff nila, kaya will definitely going back.

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it primarily because it's where my bestbud got married. 128540

Kota Keluarga is situated somewhere in San Juan Batangas immediately after the arch. Going there is a bit of an ordeal because of the rough roads (it's still in its development stage). The first part of the place is the residential area and in going there, we had to make this hipster type of signages so that the wedding-goers won't get lost.

The resort is comfortably nestled below the vast lot owned by Kota and because it's a bit off the grid, there's no signal or data (sorry wifi hoarders). 128540

As you go down, facing the beach, you'll see rooms made of metal storages. Have you see those trending architectural bright ideas for small houses? Yeah, those. Each room has its own small veranda for when you just want to stare blankly at the semi-huge waves slapping the corals by the shore. In front of the rooms are small open cottages where you can hang out with your friends and pop a few bottles of chilled beer. When you walk farther to the right, you'll see this cliff and below that is a large space for whatever event or activity you plan to have. It's where the wedding was done, P.S. 128513

On the left sideof the resort is where the large parking area is, below that is the pool where you can swim the whole day and up until 9 or 10pm (if you're not really a sea person). Adjacent to that is the dining area where you'll be having your buffet from breakfast til dinner. I'm not quite sure if they have ala carte since during our stay, we always had buffet food. Right below the pool are the closed, air-conditioned cottages with walls made of glass and the only thing keeping you from being seen naked by the people outside are the curtains. 128513

I love the cottages on this side simply because its nearer the beach and at night while you sleep, you'll hear the waves like it's just outside your door. So calming. 128525 The only downside to this kind of cottage is, it has no comfort/bathroom... The toilet/bath is communal although they have ample areas for your 1 and 2 rituals as well as showering... and the place is always clean, so for those who are finicky, all is well, guys... Unless you're not comfy doing your business outside of your room and you're doing something that you don't like others to see.. or smell. 128513

The service is good, the staff - attentive (not sure though if it's because of the event or it's their standard service). The food, not excellent, but not bad as well. They mostly serve Filipino food... but again, I'm not sure if it's the standard offer or just for our event. 128513

Would I go back here? If I'm a writer who's planning to create an award-winning novel, or just trying to emulate what E.L James has created, or if I want to paint without any disturbances whatsoever, I would.

BUT. If I want a place where I can just relax but still want to have all the comforts of home available to me --- specifically the wifi/data/signal, I won't.

I think, in order for this place to gather more attention and regular clients, they should improve their food, their road, their facilities, and add more amenities.

Unless, their aim is to really help you have a quiet time to yourself... to contemplate and leave the face of the earth even for just a day or two. 128522128513


I think this would be a cool spot for newly-weds, cheesy couples who can't get enough of themselves, or couples who need to rekindle something. 128513

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