K'na Boyet sa Baywok

Malvar Rd., Baywalk, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

K'na Boyet sa Baywok
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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

After we finished our city tour in Puerto Princesa on our first day there , I told our tour guide from Kara Travel and Tours that after Cathedral which is our last stop to bring us into a local cuisine in Puerto Princesa for our dinner before we go back to the hotel . We wanted to have a taste of a local Palawan cuisine. They are into seafoods there and grill, She mentioned some famous local cuisine like Kinabuchs, Kalui and Badjao,, but we decided to go to Baywok, yes that's right, the spelling is right!

When we were dropped at Baywok it's like we were in a combination of roxas boulevard na dampa sa MOA. A lot of seafood stalls to choose from and our guide recommend the K'na Boyet., it's one of the best in Baywok.

It was full that night and all that waiters are busy taking orders. Similar to Dampa, you'll buy fresh seafood then papaluto nyo.

We got sinigang na isda, liempo, sisig, this delicious butter and garlic lobster. This lobster is damn so good! Then we had sisig but the question is what kind of sisig , pork or crocodile 128010128518 K'na Boyet serves this crocodile sisig and were not sure if ours is pork so most of us did not eat much the sisig.

The price is parang dampa din. What's nice in Baywok is you can walk along the park beside the bay, can feel the cool air and sea breeze at night

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