Kodanda Archery Range

Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Ave. cor. A. Arnaiz Ave., Chino Roces, Makati, Metro Manila

Kodanda Archery Range
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Reopens Mon: 10:30a - 7:30p


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Most Recent Reviews

Will C.
5.0 Stars

Just for the reason that i hit a bullseye on my first shot here im going to rate it 5. Haha.
They had great staff here that will guide you on the propers of archery. I think i spend more or less 500 for the range, gears as well as arrows n bow. 128522

  • No. of Comments: 3
Jen L.
4.0 Stars

the price is good for a beginner ;) php550 per hour including the coach and the equipments, then php30 for the target paper ;)

only disappointment: the place is so small :(

  • No. of Comments: 3
Paul G.
5.0 Stars

Highly recommended!
Must try!!!
At first I thought it was going to be hard and difficult but it wasn't. This is way much better than practical shooting.
Fee is P500 per hour. I had the whole range to myself when I went here :)

  • No. of Comments: 8
Stephee M.
5.0 Stars

I tried to convert my Atenean boyfriend! HAHA! Kidding! 128540

Totally worth my 580pesos! Unlimited arrows/shots for one hour!!

Cool date idea or barkada bonding activity! Be sure to call them for reservation since the place is pretty small, can only accommodate 6-7pax at a time 128152

  • No. of Comments: 5
Maudie V.
4.0 Stars

Two days before, my children tried out Archery here with their uncle and his dad. I watched through protective glass panels spanning the shooting range. That looked easy enough...

So yesterday, I tried it out with two of my children, my brother and his wife. It was a new experience and if not for the fact that this is a costly "hobby" (since I don't see myself using this skill anytime soon to feed myself or others who rely on me), I'd probably be back here more often... Just so I can add a "cool" skill to my resume!

So, PhP550.00 for a whole hour (half-hour is possible and maybe even advisable for first timers as it can be stressful on the left arm as you hold up the bow for long periods) inclusive of equipment rental (1 bow, 5 arrows, arrow bag) plus protective gear (you'll need it for your bow arm as any ricochet by the arrow or the string may cause severe hematoma a.k.a. bruising and for the fingers you use to pull the string), range fee and instructor. The target is placed approximately 7-8 meters away but may be pushed to as far as 10 meters if you're feeling especially talented.

The instructors will just give you cursory basic instruction--you'd better be listening or you'll waste your time making errors. For your sake, I'm posting some here:

1. Left foot over the line, right behind. Hold bow with left, draw string with right.
2. There's a thingamajig attached to the bow you can use to site your target. Close your left eye, site with your right.
3. Insert your arrow to the bow with your right hand. Ensure that the back end clips to the string or else it will fall down when you draw the string. The arrow has three "wings" at the back end with one differing in color from the rest. That different-colored wing faces you.
4. When you draw your string, pull all the way until it is directly under your chin. Don't take too long in holding this pose as your bow arm will start shaking unless you have good muscles there. Count to three as you aim and then release.
5. 1 whistle means start shooting. Do not shoot until you hear 1 whistle as it means all clear! 3 whistles mean no shooting as it is time for you to rest your bow so you can go up to your target and reclaim your 5 arrows. Everyone must finish their 5 arrows before the set is declared over and the 3 whistles are made.

Archery Etiquette:
1. Don't make too much noise as shooting needs concentration. That goes for the noisy cashier who kept on tapping her noisy sandals on the floor. Dude! Totally distracting! But of course, Robin Hood and Legolas never had that problem.
2. Avoid talking to the people beside you on the shooting range especially if you don't know them. They may not want to know you. They're just there to shoot. Hopefully, not you.
3. If and when you get a bull's eye or somewhere in the close vicinity of it, don't react too loudly! Your neighbor may not be appreciative of your achievement especially if it comes at his expense.
4. Don't waste too much time lining up your arrows and aiming them as all other players may end up waiting for you to finish the set so that all of you may reclaim your 5 arrows.

By the way, it was a bit warm when we went there. I guess that's to avoid wind factor. But never mind... You will feel "cool" when you begin hitting the bull's eye. Future mockingjays... What say you?

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Marie H.
4.0 Stars

Learning how to shoot a bow and arrow is a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. My nieces are huge fans of Katniss and Legolas, so they were very excited to try out this sport. That's my niece in the photo by the way.

The place can accommodate only about 7 to 8 students, so reservation is highly recommended. They provide you everything you'll need. All you have to bring is yourself, around P550 for an hour's session, and a sense of humor for all those arrows that either stray or fall flat just a few inches away from you. The staff gave clear instructions and ensured that all safety procedures are observed. There's not much privacy because the glass window which faces the mall area spans the whole length of the wall behind you. But you'll soon forget the onlookers behind you and lose yourself in the sport.

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