100 Roxas Ave., Davao City, Davao del Sur

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Raymond G.
3.0 Stars

Please add me in IG:raymondguagua

Review Deck: KoffeePauze (Davao)
Davao's Roxas Extension is a memorable place. First, back in college I pass this place for many intentions. That included looking for an affordable food stalls with friends, going to a classmate's boarding house to finish a project or borrow a book, and a waiting place for a jeepney ride en route SM Ecoland. Secondly, on September 2, 2016 a bomb was detonated in the night market killing 15 people and wounding 70 others. A clear terrorist attack intended to create disorder in what is the most livable city. Since the attack, Davaoenos have proven to arise from any forms terror.

Now that my feet brought me back to the concrete roads of Roxas. I traverse the street to take snaps of my alma matter's (AdDU) towering facade and enjoy the night market once again. Hitherto, explore interesting coffee shops where I can spend time reading and browsing the web.

Type #KoffiePauze in facebook and instagram and an assortment of pictures of friends with coffee, desserts and frappe comes up promoting a re-opened KoffiePauze in Roxas Extension. Previously located in Maa, the cool cafe has since relocated to a new and bigger location at 100 Roxas Dormitory.

KoffiePauze (a dutch word means coffee break) gives their customers 6 hours free wifi connection in a mega blast airconditioned cozy place. A fantastic area to finish those last minute projects. Their various coffee concoctions, frappes and smoothies are A+ instagram worthy. I wasn't able to order any of their dish offerings or snacks since I wasn't in the mood fo light dinner. Yet, I took time to read some comments from their FB page, tripadvisors and lolloo and it looks like this is "on the fence". I would love to taste any of these for sure when I get back so I can share my first-hand experience. But for now, let me take sip of my photogenic banana-mango smoothie.
Here's my verdict out of 5 11088️.
Food - 110881108811088️.5
Instagrammability - 1108811088110881108811088
Price - 11088110881108811088
Customer Service - 110881108811088
Overall - 110881108811088️.5


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Charlene C.
2.0 Stars

Long time no reviewing hahaha.

Searching for new coffeeshops in davao & saw one on facebook. Hello koffie pauze! 128149 base from the pictures that i saw, the interior was just very very unique, pretty, cozy & kinda spacious!

So we decided going here. Btw i was with Suzette C Jennifer T this time. We ordered drinks, like frappe! I ordered their match frappe & it taste good though, love the blend of their matcha128154. Yay! After, ordering drinks we decided to eat their rice meals here because we were already kinda hungry & saw that other people were eating it too hahaha. We ordered their, breaded pork chop (this was my order kinda dissatisfied with the taste because the pork was very very hard + some kinda saltyyy. psh.. & cordon bleu (it was kinda okay okay not that good also) & lastly the chicken teriyaki (it was okay but it was too very saltyy!!) Ugh hahaha. The food is really not very good hahaha sadlyyy....

Also!! Suzette C ordered a cupcake, i guess it was chocolate cupcake. Sadly, it tasted very bad -(lasang goma?) --- 128530 hahaha read suzette review about how the cupcake tasted haha.

All in all the coffeeshop ambiance was good, it was really big & cozy place to stay. Most especially they have a 2nd floor & the interior was kinda unique though. I just don't really like their food & cakes but the drinks were okay. Hoping next time they'll improve the quality of food & cakes that they are selling 🤔128521

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Suzette C.
3.0 Stars

I saw this place from Chantal C's snapchat and I fell inlove with the minimalist wood + white interior design! I got so excited when Jennifer T and Charlene C told me that we'll go there for coffee.

we got in and I immediately love how spacious the place is. There are a lot of tables available. They even have a second floor! You want a long conference table for 8, they got it. You want a table with lounge seats, they have it. A japansese style floor seating, a long bar-sharing table, normal dining chairs or even intimate and modd lighted tables, they all have it. The lighting was also very bright, so a lot of people come in to study too.

We initially ordered ice blended drinks and a chocolate cupcake, but we saw the waiter serving rice meals, we got hungry so we ordered meals. They have a short menu for rice and we 3 decided to order different meals so we can try 3 kinds of viand. I ordered their cordon bleu with rice. Among the 3 meals, my meal was the one with the least complain from the 3 of us128514 head over to Cha and Jen's looloo to check out what they think of their food.

Oh by the way, I ordered their Jo's Special ice blended. They said it was their best sellers. I'm not sure why, but I just find it normal. The usual coffee blended drink. It was good but nothing really special.

And about the choco cupcake I ordered... We ate it after we ear our rice meals and I first took a big bite. It tasted really bad as in it taste like burnt and it has no sweet taste anywhere in that cupcake. I did not understand what was happening inside my mouth so I had Jen and Cha try it and according to jen it taste like rubber or plastic. It really does! I was hesitant but I did complain. I initially asked her what that chocolate cake was and how is it suppose to taste. Is it dark chocolate, milk chocolate etc. i wanted to know. Ehat they just told me is that it's freshly delivered today. Turns out even them, don't really know what it is so I got my cupcake and told her na "miss, tikman mo nga, if ganun ba dapat yung lasa" she brought it to the kitchen then when she came back she offered to change it to red velvet. Kasi kahapon pa daw nadeliver yun. Okay... So you lied to me huhu. We just brought the red velvet home. I never tasted it, I was so turned off. 128514

It looked good in the photo though. 128514 small but terrible. 128514

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