23 Panay Ave., Paligsahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

A couple of days ago, I was able to go to Komedor in Paligsahan, Quezon City on a sponsored invite, back to back with two other restaurants, namely, Artsy Cafe and Mandarin Sky. I had this one huge feast that’s worth remembering about. Just imagine that I got to try out more than 20 dishes in a span of four hours!

The restaurant got its name from the Spanish word, “comedor,” meaning “dining room.” Komedor definitely seems inviting as its interior design is patterned after a typical Filipino dining area.

What impressed me the most about this place is that the items in their menu are very affordable, considering their huge servings. Komedor’s owner, Jaykie Peñaflor, takes pride in breeding bangus from their own farm.

Speaking of bangus, one of my faves from Komedor is their crispy daing na bangus. It was crunchy on the outside while the inside just melts in your mouth. The meat was very light, with a nice salty taste to it. The fresh ensaladang gulay that came with it complemented the taste of the fish well.

For starters, make sure to order their ensaladang paco. This plate of seaweed and onions bursts of sweet, salty, and sour flavors from cherry tomatoes, anchovies, salted egg, and calamansi.

Gotta love their nilasing na hipon sa aligue, and their pinakbet with chicharong bulaklak as well. Their sizzling bulalo, on the other hand, will definitely take your breath away. Just the mere sight of it would make you go “Wow!” in amusement, given its huge serving. The meat was very tender and their Filipino-style gravy definitely went well with it.

I also enjoyed their tortang talaba at talong. I’d have to give mad props to whoever was behind the ingenious idea of joining these two. The strong aftertaste coming from the oyster actually worked well with the lightly seasoned eggplant.

Everything tastes even better when paired with Komedor’s tinapa rice. The aroma and taste of the smoked fish just works so well with their other savory dishes.

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

A Filipino restaurant, enjoyed their paco salad, tokwa at baboy, sizzling kilawin puso ng saging, crispy bangus, grilled bangus, inihaw na panga ng tuna, inihaw na pusit, kare kare and sinigang na salmon belly. . Guinomis, sekreto ni J, sans rival . Masarap !!!

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Mich M.
5.0 Stars

The place is a bit new but I already love it! Been here on two consecutive Sundays with the family.

Ambiance is well lit, tables nicely spaced out, wallpapers are full of interesting deep tagalog literature, poems.

Service is great, they have a lot of servers and are very attentive to the needs of customers, constant water refills and bussing out empty dishes.

Food is superb! They do have a lot of crispy food and they are delicious. Had the Crispy bacon bagnet served with aioli which is part of appetizers but enough to be enjoyed with rice as a main dish.

Crispy shrimp was an appetizer we had too but forgot to take a photo of but it was good too, the vinegar was what made its flavor stand out.

Crispy Oyster sisig in the photo is served with aoili too and was a wonderful surprise. It didn't taste like oyster to me but more of like fried meat but it was good with the sauce.

Crispy tadyang is one of the favorite dishes of my brother so he had half of the serving to himself and i'm sure he enjoyed it, lean meat with fat that melts in your mouth.

I'm not so fond of Dinuguan but theirs was flavorful and meat was tender, liked it!

Overall, it's great for family dining and would most likely be back to try other dishes. Their menu isn't that extensive but the selection makes you want to try it all.

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