Kopi Roti

NAIA Terminal 1, NAIA Rd., NAIA, Pasay, Metro Manila

Kopi Roti
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Charlzz C.
3.0 Stars

Great way to have some refreshments while waiting at the arrival area of NAIA 1 .

I was amazed by the lady staff that she was only manning the store she prepared and cooked Kaya toast while pulling tea or making iced coffee.

Ordered iced tea tarik as I'm a fan of Southeast Asian items.The tea they used were brewed and not the powdered one,a big plus.Though the tea was not that full bodied I still like the traditional process of making this drink .The sight of the froth was appealing.

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Jemicah J.
3.0 Stars

Thought I would enjoy this coffee shop but then because jollibee was farther I rather chose the latter and I badly need an iced coffee coz of the weather result. The place was hot and poor from any conveniecy for air, the good thing is the staff easily accommodated me.

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Eunice S.
4.0 Stars

Hay, our airport looks really depressing. As in, parang pier in some faraway island. 128533 Anyway, choose: Jollibee or KopiRoti? Since I don't see Kopiroti often, I choose the latter.

I missed their coffee bun so I got me one plus an Iced Milo cup. Perfect snack while doing the waiting game 128522

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Salie D.
3.0 Stars

Because of a heavy downpour last Saturday night, the flight of my sister from her vacay in HK was delayed by more than an hour.
We were in NAIA at 1145 pm and waited for another 45 minutes before my sister arrived.

The waiting area on the 2nd floor is where you'll find this Kopiroti branch. We were so glad it existed here because we're already so sleepy from waiting and Jollibee nearby is already closed.

I got me an Iced coffee.. Nothing great but somehow helped increased my energy level to be awake till 2am that night!128522

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Sherwin S.
3.0 Stars

There's more butter than kaya in their kaya toast. Place looks very run down.

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Eunice Erika B.
5.0 Stars

Kopi roti's Kaya Toast are definitely to die for! 12783810084128076

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Albert T.
2.0 Stars

The biggest problem with waiting for 3 hours for a flight is that you are surrounded by sooo much food temptation. (good excuse to looloo 128516)

I could not resist sampling another one of their Kopi Buns, especially before boarding. (Ironic though since their will be a lot of these buns where I'm going)

While the bun was served warm, it didn't seem like it was fresh baked, unlike its counterparts in Pergola Mall. It was tasty, yes, but at the same time somewhat "makunat" already. Major let down. The server-cashier apologized and did not even bother to offer any excuse. I guess she knew the state of the buns and decided to serve them anyway. Poor decision. 128545128545128545

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Melody T.
3.0 Stars

Since I just had two choices in the NAIA 1 arrival area, Kopi Roti or the Jolibee take-out counter, I chose the former because they have seats and I missed their Kopi Bun. However, their Kopi Buns were already made and packed individually in plastics so who knows how long they've been there. I asked them to reheat it and it made it okay, though not as delicious as I remember them to be. I do still like their coffee because it's strong. Minus star for the hot place, but plus one for the friendly staff.

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