Kota Beach Resort

Bantayan, Cebu

Kota Beach Resort
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Shareen B.
3.0 Stars

Have you watched Camp Sawi? This is where they shot the movie and it's not how I expected it to be.

I was a bit disappointed with their beach/shoreline, it was really dirty (human trash) and the beach smells bad (IDK why) ๐Ÿ™„ Guests also don't have privacy since lots of other tourists go to Kota Beach just to have a photo w the Camp Sawi signage.

Nonetheless, the people of Bantayan are really friendly - I think despite that we weren't able to enjoy the beach (bc it really lacks privacy), atleast we enjoyed how hospitable the people are.

They also have a bike for rent for only Php 150 for 24 hourse 128690

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

The rides (land and sea transportation) to Bantayan Island are not pleasurable for sure. From Mactan-Cebu International Airport, we had to take a cab to this bus terminal to bring us to the ferry that brings people to Bantayan Island.

Since we took a bit of time to enjoy our lunch, we missed the last air conditioned bus heading to the ferry. We were stuck in a dilemma of whether to shell out more money and rent a van or ride a sauna bus. We opted to rent a van. (We were lucky to find two strangers heading to Bantayan too and were willing to share the van's rental fee of PHP3,000.)

Wrong move. The van was just as bad as a non-AC bus! It was so hot inside that I hyperventilated! 128562

The ferry ride was also not so good as it was filthy and extremely crowded. 128561

Words cannot describe my happiness when I finally reached Bantayan Island. The horrific rides have come to an end. (Or so I thought. Sadly, the ride back was worse as it was way hotter and there was this undesirable stench in the ferry that would make you dizzy and see the "light".)

After a short tricycle ride, we have finally reached Kota Beach were we spent 2 nights.

The place is humble looking but has a beautiful shore. We all got beach front cottages (PHP3,000 a night) to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. 127749

R suddenly felt sick on our first night and missed dinner. (<--Proof that I'm not kidding with how crazy the trip is to get to this island.) With R not around, the others and I headed to the resort's restaurant for supper.

We ordered a bunch of dishes as we were really famished. It was a long day of traveling and we all wanted hot meal to cap the night.

However, the resort does not seem to be equipped with enough manpower and resources to serve at least 3 tables. It took them over one hour to serve a sizzling plate of sisig (which was really good).

After countless follow ups, we found out that our other orders will take another hour (or even two) to be ready. We then decided to cancel our orders and head elsewhere.

Thankfully, breakfast was a lot better (despite the battle with flies). Our pre-ordered meals were ready by 8 a.m.. I must say, their simple danggit breakfast meal was great!

The beach was great too! Fine white sand and clear blue water. There were also a lot of hermit crabs. We had fun catching it. (We released it before heading back to Cebu.) Watch out though for jelly fish!

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

I choose to LIVE
I choose to FLY

A week ago, my friends (Jaizen and Kat) and I went to Bantayan Island; and stayed there for 3 days. In took us 4 hours bus ride from Cebu North Terminal to Hagnaya port and 1 hour boat ride from Hagnaya Port to Bantayan Island. We went straight to Kota Beach Resort, rested for awhile and went to the beach. We chose Bantayan Island coz we just wanted to chill. It was a serene feeling just being in the beach -- sitting in the beach, watching the sea, kwentuhan and listening to music.

We rented a bike coz it's more, covenient and we go anyplace we wanted to go to.

If I'm going to go back here, I prefer staying back here at Kota Beach Resort. The resto's are near, either you could walk or ride a bike and the beach front is perfect rather than the beach at Anika's! 128076๐Ÿผ

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Eunice S.
5.0 Stars

Look at that pristine beach! The water's so clear, the sand is so fine and this place is paradise!

It took us 4-5 hours by land and by boat from Cebu City to reach Bantayan Island. One helluva a long ride but the trip was worth it. We stayed at Kota Beach and got a cabana priced at P1,500 per night. We were 3 girls so we just had to split it at P500 per pax per night served with breakfast. The room had 3 single beds, a T&B plus A/C. There's no activity at night, a whole lot different from Boracay but I think I'm much more for this kind of serene beach. I wanna go back to this place soon!

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Vero C.
5.0 Stars

It's been more than a year since I went here with 2 of my good friends. I really loved this island though travel is really long (especially if you're nursing the hangover of the century).

We stayed at Kota Beach. I think I made a mistake of booking an economy row house since the room was really only intended for sleeping. There was nothing to do there since there was no TV. Booking a cabana would've been a better option. And I swear I'll do that next time.

Also, when travelling to Bantayan, make sure you stay for 2 nights as travel time takes 3-4 hours. Another day would've been great for island hopping and exploring caves.

I'd love to go back and I sure will. When that time comes, I'll make sure that I'd stay longer and explore the island.

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