Kowloon House

A. Francisco Bldg., Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Kowloon House
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Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

No photo, sorry. It was a take out and doesn't look appealing at all. 128513

I wanted an asado but there's no more! So I had the bola bola instead. I like their siopao-- meaty and tasty! 10084️ Love how it's not all bun part. 128540

  • No. of Comments: 2
Noodle Boodah E.
4.0 Stars

still looks and tastes the same as in the late 70's! Pork paos, bola bola, pork and sharksfin siomais! Kowloon takeout along white plains is a good stop for those looking for a quick way to have a good and heavy merienda just like us late this afternoon! Jumbo paos are still w their original sausage slices and salted egg! yummy!!

  • No. of Comments: 4
George C.
3.0 Stars

Nothing satisfies my siopao craving better than a giant Special Siopao from Kowloon House.

Too bad it was sold out last night and I had to make do with bola bola siopao. It was so good and filling at 60 for 2 pieces. We ordered siomai which was so-so but was kinda sulit for 55 cause it came with 3 big pieces. The bf tried their Asado Mami which was a good find as it came with generous servings of meat and the soup tasted good. Sesame oil always does the trick. Late night cravings all for under 200. :D

  • No. of Comments: 1
Dinni H.
4.0 Stars

Classic siopao and mami! Good to have this rainy season. It's cheap,will fill your tummy and as what i said classic! Reasons why its not a five 127775because they charge extra for the sauce and the place is small. Other than that its all good!

  • No. of Comments: 1
Theresa L.
4.0 Stars

First time trying out Kowloon House's Siopao! 128517

Since I was looking for a good tasting siopao. (Bola Bola Lover here! 128587) And because I was really disaapointed with Goldilock's Siopao cuz they used to have pretty nice siopao before. What happened now?128542

Kawloon House's siopao is like a Puto siopao. So it's like a "puto pao?" For only 60 pesos, it was sulit! And pretty huge! 128561128561128561 The sweet bread like puto is enjoyable to eat even on it's own. 128522

Now with the filling, it's GIANT! I LOVED it! Really huge, filling and siksik! Not the flour stuff! You can really taste the meaty taste plus the chunks of chinese sausage plus huge salted egg in the middle! SO MUCH WIN! 128525128076

The picture seems not that biggie bola bola, but believe me, it's giant! Now they are included in my fave siopao already! 128077

  • No. of Comments: 10