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Krazy Garlik
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Most Recent Reviews

Kevin R.
5.0 Stars

Krispy Cuts (P1,195)
6 pieces 40 Kloves Chicken and 6 pieces Crispy Ribs

A filling deal for the family. I enjoyed the chicken the most due to its crispy skin and the abundance of garlic chips. The ribs were also tasty but I unfortunately had more than meat.

Wok Fried Rice (P195 Regular; P325 Large)
Stir-fried rice with chopped shrimp and chicken and braised pork

This is a nice take on fried rice. Not too strong but still tasty. The lack of salty flavor is great for those who prefer milder food.

Chocorama (P195)
Chocolate bar topped with caramelized bananas

This nice and chewy chocolate bar is beautifully complemented by the sweet bananas. It would be even cooler if it was served a la mode, with ice cream on top, but it still stands great on its own. I recommend this dessert.

Krazy Half and Half (P105)
Half lemonade, half iced tea, all good and all unlimited. It is not too sweet and very cool and refreshing.

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Mother's day lunch with the parentals!

I actually never expected that this place would be packed as early as lunch time. But I guess more people were trying to avoid the heavily-crowded malls like Glorietta and SM malls. And having Greenbelt mall with so many options to celebrate would always be everyone's choice then.

So we got seated after a few minutes of waiting. It's kind tight in our place but I wouldn't mind since we're kinda hungry.

We got Sisig Like Krazy as the starter, and we kinda liked it. A bit too oily for us!

Krazy Garlik Veggies - a medley of vegetables like squash, brocolli, french beans, cauliflowers with fried tofu in oyster sauce. One of our favorites and we like how generous the serving was.

Tuna Salpicawesome - Marinated tuna chunks sauteed with cherry tomatoes and olives. Dad pegs this one because he likes tuna a lot! This dish is really flavorful and is actually my instant favorite!

Karne con Salsa Blanca - Tender beef flanks cut into cubes mixed with fresh button mushrooms and black olives, and then braised in white wine and cream. Mom really likes this one particularly because of the great flavor made by the combination of the wine and the cream.

Hara Kiri rice - One of the truly deserved title holder of their rice craze category! Gotta love te spices and bacon in the quite greasy rice. Kanin palang, ulam na!

Our server, Mark has been courteous and attentive to all our concerns and additional orders. Everything we had was good as always that's why Krazy Garlik is one of my top favorite places in Manila!

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Innah Patrishia P.
4.0 Stars

First time I tried Krazy Garlik, I fell in love with their appetizer. I love their creamy spinach bites. Then there's the Pinakbet rice - what I noticed, though is the taste varies each visit I have. I hope they'd keep a standard for that. I like pairing the rice with either the 30 kloves sirloin or the Garlicky crispy pata. For the dessert, I love trying every dessert they have. I honestly give in to presentation before the taste but I would recommend their desserts. Sadly, they revamped their menu and removed some of my favorites, including Sugar Cloud. You must try Charlie's Chocolate dessert! It's a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Bistro Group is really doing an amazing job keeping up with the food industry!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

The new lunch set offerings of Krazy Garlik reminds me of a novelty song "legs legs mo ay nakakatunaw..." (admit it, you sang that line in your head 128514). Believe me, it is as catchy as the novelty song.

Aptly called Whoa! Legs (yeah, the exclamation point is an integral part of the name). This set offers Tasty Chicken Leg Quarters which diners can much on every Monday-Thursday 11 AM-3PM

I got to experience ze Whoa! Legs set by way of a sponsored invite. Our generous host served the following:

Note: These are chicken leg quarters cooked three ways.

Spiced Chicken Leg Quarter served with fresh beans and garlic rice (Php 375). This gets tops honors as i am a lover of anything that involves usage of spices and herbs. The chicken is cooked perfectly and screams flavor. I got to taste the variety of spices inside and out. I had an inkling that they used a dry rub to come up with this result and....i was right! This is a technique often used in cooking various types of meat.

Binagoongan Leg Chicken with steamed rice (Php 375). I only tried a small portion and i was still impressed. This is not the typical dish you can get anywhere, the cooked the chicken in binagoongan cream sauce making it more flavorful.

Inasal Leg Quarter served with garlic rice (Php 375). This falls under the just okay category as i am not a fan of chicken inasal.

Whoa! Legs Lunch was then followed by sweets.

Lokal Blast - A dose of sweet nostalgia in a cup.

| Ube Crema Macapuno
| Buko Pie Delight

Both desserts are good. I like that both is not reeking of sweetness and is not that heavy. This is the perfect ending to a Whoa! Legs feast.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Krazy Garlik's on the far end of Greenbelt 5 so it's a bit of a long walk from Paseo de Roxas for lunch but we were running out of options for lunch so this is where we ended up 128541

Because of the previous |ooloo rendezvoos I attended here, I recommended to the group that we get the Beef Callos since they've never tried that yet. My officemates were quite happy with the recommendation 128513 Hihi

Our staples include their Hara Kiri Rice 🌶 which has bacon and shrimp bits 10084️, the Crispy Pata and their 40 Cloves Garlic Chicken. We also got their Adobo though I still prefer a saucy adobo over a dry/oily one. 128517

For dessert, we got the ice block 128514 kidding! 128514 It's a frozen block of ice cream cake wrapped in meringue. We all had a hard time cutting through it. 128517128584 Good thing we take photos of the food BEFORE it's cut/eaten.

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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

Sigh, the garlicky crispy pata for PhP695 was so crunchy I was unable to resist it, oh and partnered with garlic rice, I ate a lot. Like a lot. To balance it out, we also ordered the tofu and eggplant duo for PhP395, which was equally good. They ordered the caesar salad, which I didn't touch. Hehe.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Krazy garlik used to be one of my favorite restaurants because of their garlic salad, crispy pata and the garlic snowflake pizza.

On a whim, after watching a movie at Greenbelt, we decided to drop by for dessert. I say whim, because I haven't tried their desserts before... The thought of having froyo or another coffee house cake didn't appeal to either one of us. I wanted to try their Cheesy Trap- the New York cheesecake- while my fiancé wanted the krazy oreo frito.

The cheesecake was so cute, presented in a rat trap. Literally. Reminding everyone that it is indeed made of cheese!128515 Let me tell you that I was hesitant to eat the cake at firsr, fearing for my hands. But after proving that the device won't suddenly injure my extremities, I proceeded to dig into the cheesecake. It was a big surprise since it was so good! A big slice with a rich and creamy taste and a smooth texture with a slight sour note at the end-- this is what a New York cheesecake should taste like! This was served with a mangoes on the side, but I preferred eating it alone.

The Krazy Oreo Frito is their fried oreos served with strawberry and vanilla ice cream. This is another good dessert, though we both didn't like the ice cream itself. The fried oreos were really good though! We were both pleasantly surprised at our orders. Something to look forward to in Krazy Garlik!128515

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

If you love garlic, then this might be the place to be.

Krazy Garlik is located at Greenbelt, Makati. It’s part of the Bistro Group so you can use your Bistro cards here for some perks. My friends and I reserved a table here for a dinner one Saturday. We were really starving after some last minute shopping so we had the following.


** Smoked Fish Fried Rice (225php / 365php)
This is fried rice with smoked fish, egg, shrimp, and vegetables. Despite having many ingredients, this was not too salty and flavorful. You can still enjoy your mains without the overpowering taste of this fried rice. I just found it too much for the price considering the serving size.

**Hara Kiri Rice (285php / 425php)
As per the menu, this is their very spicy fried rice with chili, chopped shrimp, and bacon. The very spicy warning is an exaggeration, I must say. Yes, there’s a kick in every bite but not to the extent that it’s “very spicy.” However I enjoyed this more than the former. I liked the marriage of all the ingredients and plus factor that it’s so instagenic!


** 40 Kloves Chicken (595php)
One order consists of chicken thigh and leg quarters marinated in 40 garlic cloves. This was served on a bed of their special garlic cream sauce. I remember we asked for additional sauce for this. I remember only having a portion of this order as I am more impressed on their Garlicky Crispy Pata. Talk about the road to Babuyan Island. LOL.

** GARLICKY CRISPY PATA (495php / 695php)
Who doesn’t like crispy pata? HAHA. This is deep fried crispy pork hock, with garlic bits and chili. It’s deadly, but delicious though I didn’t find this too garlicky. I munched on this too much during this visit. Nope, I didn’t call the doctor after but I made sure I hit the gym before going home.

**30 Kloves Sirloin (795php)
This is aged sirloin rubbed with garlic and was served with roasted garlic puree. I was not the one who ordered this so I was kind of shocked when they served this well done. It was hard to eat, but at least it was garlicky. I loved the roasted garlic that came with it. I just put to my head that garlic can lower blood pressure, so I can be more carnivorous, right?

We didn’t have any problems with the service of Krazy Garlik. All went smoothly even water and tissue refills. I also like to commend the server who took our group shots as he needed to take multiple shots using multiple cameras. You know, reunion problems. Everyone will bring camera/s. Haha. I remember after we asked for the bill they served us hot tea in a small ceramic pitcher. I’m just not sure if this is because of our bistro card. Anyway still, it was a fun night.

P.S Krazy Garlik has a beautiful looking bar near the entrance. Although I did not order drinks in this visit, I can say that they have quite nice drink list. Maybe next time.

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Michelle A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

This is a late review for Krazy Garlik. I finally found my photos from my first ever visit! 128517128584

It was a regular Friday and the challenge of choosing where to have lunch is on! I sort of forgot how we ended up at Krazy Garlik but we got here and we had to wait a while for our table.

Awesome awesome awesome! You can actually eat this on its own. The rice packs so much flavor with a kick of spiciness. Everything in it (must mention bacon) was blended in perfectly! I would definitely order this again.

This is a huge crispy pata! The skin was cooked wonderfully!! Crispy crispy crispy!!! The meat was also tender and juicy. At the end of the meal, the bone still had a bit of meat on it. I was too lazy to clean up the bone with the utensils so I asked permission and just took the bone and ate it with my hands. 128584128586 Hehehe!

The onion rings were good. 128077🏼 Big crunchy onion rings.

(not in photos)
We also got their signature garlic chicken and it was good too. But I prefer pork over chicken so I ate more of the crispy pata. 128514128055128584 The chicken was juicy and flavorful. So glad it wasn't dry! Hahaha.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

I MISSED KARZY GARLIK SO MUCH!!! Even before |ooloo, my small family have been frequent diners of Krazy Garlik - mostly in ATC and New Port Mall. I swear by their Krazy Garlik Salad, husband loves their Grilled Pork Chops while my daughter can finish up two orders of their Mac & Cheese for kids. When the foodie scene exploded, we kinda drifted away from the restaurants of The Bistro Group, including Krazy Garlik. That's why a call for a rendezvoos here was an instant YES!

I know for a fact that Krazy Garlik changes some items in their menu occasionally and I kinda liked that since regulars always have something new to try. This sponsored dinner was all about their new dishes inspired by Classic Filipino favorites that have been given some modern twists. Honestly, I was excited for this dinner.

Starters: Salad and Spinach Bites

> Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad for 325Php/525Php

We started off with my love - Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad. It was as good as I remembered it to be. The dressing gave the stand out flavor - nutty with some citrus kick, it had a good contrast of sweet and salty. The greens were crisp and the fried wanton strips added texture to this salad and the chicken strips were tender.

> Creamy Spinach Bites for 245Php

It was my first time to try these little bites and I fell in love at once. They're delicious and uniquely plated, served inside a wooden box! These are crunchy deep fried wanton wrapper stuffed with a mixture of cream and cheese and spinach. Gah! Do not miss this when in Krazy Garlik!

After teasing us with these two starters, they started serving the mains! Let me start off with the rice --

> Smoked Fish Fried Rice for 225Php/365Php

Fried rice with lots of garlic, strips of smoked fish, fried egg, shrimps and veggies. I liked the strong garlic kick and the saltiness from the smoked fish.

> Hara Kiri Rice for 285Php/425Php

If you love all things spicy, then, this rice is highly recommended! Garlic, chopped shrimps, bacon, crab roe and lots of chili in this sticky yummy rice! The flavors were bold and will tickle your taste buds. I wish I had high tolerance for spicy food because I would love to eat a lot of this. Honestly, it can be eaten by itself, no need for viand!

Then we had the following mains ---

> Ilocaloco for 325Php

This is Krazy Garlik's take on a classic Filipino favorite - Pinakbet! Mixed veggies and shrimps simmered with shrimp paste, topped with chicharon bits and fried garlic slices. I loved the strong taste of bagoong that went well with the garlic. The veggies were cooked just right. If you're craving for this dish, this version will not disappoint!

El Callos Capitan for 395Php

This is Krazy Garlik's version of the classic Spanish Callos. Callos is basically an ox tripe stew. There is danger when including ox tripe into any dish because it tends to have a funky smell and taste when it's not properly cleaned. Krazy Garlik's version didn't have any nightmare taste or smell in it! The ox tripe squares were perfectly soft and tasty! Basking in a rich tomato base sauce with paprika, the dish had generous heaping of chickpeas, cheese on top and some olives.

> Pumpkin a la Bagnet for 395Php

A thick and rich puree of pumpkin served as the bed of perfectly crispy pork belly, sauteed shrimps, perfectly crisp french beans, juicy cherry tomatoes and garlic slices. I loved the flavor from the puree that went well with the veggies and surprisingly, even with the pork belly!

> Super Dapper Sinigang for 545Php

This is not your ordinary salmon head Sinigang. It's a leveled up sort of version in an unforgettable sour soup! The soup was so tasty with a deep sourness that's not from your usual powdered mix. It has this deep tamarind flavor that warms the soul. The fermented soybean paste added flavor broth gave it that signature saltiness that I loved.

> Creamy Beef Rendang for 475Php

If there was one dish that stood out and would go back for, it's definitely this! A nice take on Beef Rendang, this version had more cream in it than usual. Tender beef cubes, rich and creamy coconut cream broth and that much needed spicy kick makes this dish knock out good! Best paired with plain rice, you can also opt to enjoy this with the pita bread it was served with.

> Adobo Loco for 495Php

A Krazy Garlik Classic Favorite, the tender meat, the rich sauce, the nice garlic flavor - something that you should not miss!

For dessert, we had the following ---

> Hola Crema Catalan for 150Php

My favorite Krazy Garlik dessert! Creme Brulee that has the right sweetness, creamy and thick, torched sugar on top and some roasted candied garlic! Make sure to try the candied garlic with the brulee.

> Baked Alaska for 195Php

This is more like your ice cream cake. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate sponge cake, covered with soft meringue with some parts that have been torched, make sure to let this dessert thaw for a while coz it's served frozen!

> Krazy Oreo Frito for 150Php

Your usual fried Oreos, this version is served with vanilla and strawberry ice cream scoops, and a wafer stick. Can't go wrong with fried Oreos.

Overall, the dishes served were delicious. Personally, there is no single dish that I can rate below 4 stars. Each one was carefully though of, nice twists to classic favorites and good flavors. Price points were not over the top too!

Thanks again Peanut D. for this invite. And as usual, it was nice to see you Roegan T. Reich T. EJ B. Unisse C. Kevinross B. Will C. :) Hope to see you again Paolo S. and Eboy D.!

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Kevinross B.
3.0 Stars

Really got excited when I got invited again by Peanut D for another sponsored looloo rendezvoos! 128556 aaaand as with almost all the rendezvoos I've attended, I was early for the event. It gave me time to look at their menu since it's my first time at Krazy Garlik. I was also approached by Teah, their marketing representative to ask me if I wanted anything to drink. She also gave me a brief description of what they were gonna serve us for that night. With that being said, on to the food!

1. Krazy garlik salad - Sweet dressing. Not sure if the dressing was peanut sauce or something? Not really my type, but since the veggies were fresh and crunchy, I would still take it. Hehe. 110881108811088

2. Creamy spinach bites - A cream cheese Samosa-like appetizer that's very cheesy. This one I loved! It came with a dip, but it didn't have a strong taste.. So I didn't mind dipping anymore. 11088110881108811088

1. Smoked fish fried rice - Normal fried rice.. I expected it to be salty like most fish fried rice are, but it wasn't. 110881108811088

2. Hara kiri rice - Spicy fried rice. This should be eaten last IMO. Once you eat this, you will not be able to taste anything else, unless you're you love spicy food like Reich T. 128514 Me, I would still like to enjoy other flavors aside from the spiciness. 110881108811088

3. Pumpkin ala bagnet - The pork was a little bit salty. Hmm, it was ordinary for me. 110881108811088

4. El callos capitan - Not a fan of tuwalya like meat. So I didn't enjoy this as much. Though it looked really good with that melted cheese on top! 1108811088

5. Creamy beef rendang - Good! Spiciness level was just perfect that you could still taste the other flavors. Meat was also tender. 11088110881108811088

6. Souper dapper sinigang - Sour and thick sinigang. Some may find it too sour, but for me, it's just right. 110881108811088

7. Ilocaloco (Pinakbet) Very salty. The bagoong was dominating the whole dish! I dislike this. 128533 11088

8. Pork adobo - Super tender pork and it really tasted good! A dish I would recommend ordering.11088110881108811088

1. Hola Crema Catalana - Creme brulee and candied garlic?? Weird taste. Not my type. Hehe. 128567 I would eat the creme bruleee alone though.

2. Baked alaska - Nothing really special except for the looks. 9996🏼️

3. Krazy oreo frito - Oreo frito with vanilla and strawberry ice cream was really good! My fave among the 3 desserts! 128077🏼

I really enjoyed this looloo event! Got to see familiar faces like Clarissa P Reich T Roegan T and EJ B then got to talk to other looloo reviewers for the first time - Eboy D Unisse C Will C. Paolo S . Thanks for inviting me again Peanut and Krazy Garlik for sponsoring this event! Hope to see ya'll again soon! 128522

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Paolo S.
3.0 Stars

What better way to enjoy my first time at Krazy Garlik than at a Looloo rendezvoos!!! A big thanks to Peanut D, Roegan T, the Looloo crew, and Krazy Garlik for the invite and for putting this sponsored event together.

My first time at Krazy Garlik in the company of happy foodies, and for freeeeee??? How could i say no! 128513 The goal of this whole eat-up was to further introduce Krazy Garlik's new dishes, called Tasty Twists, which puts together some old familiar favorites with new garlic-y twists.

After we all settled, the appetizers started trickling ontonour tables. First came plates of their Krazy Garlik salad. It was a great way to get the appetites going with its chicken strips, crunchy wanton wrapper shreds, and sesame dressing. I honestly didnt find anything unique and "crazy garlic" about the salad, but it was good!

Next came a mysterious wooden box that said "Don't be shy, open me!" and "it's crazy good!". A bit cheesy, yeah, but lo and behold... what was inside was indeed cheesy! Literally haha! They were called Creamy Spinach Bites and looked like Indian samosas with spinach and cream cheese filling. Think fried wanton stuffed with what resembled Tostitos cream cheese spinach dip. This stood out for me and i'd order this one on my own. 128076

Then came our mains, and they came in en masse! We all scrambled for position to take pictures at good angles, maximize the lighting, arranged the plates, and stood on our seats to take flatlays. I took a step back to look at the group, and at the other diners calmly eating. Yeah, we were definitely the crazy cloves in this bulb of garlic haha.

We had 2 rice dishes, the Hara Kiri Rice and the Smoked Fish Fried Rice. The former was packed with spice and had shrimp, bacon, shreds of chili, and fish roe. The latter was like sinangag with dried fish, shrimp, and egg. Both had a generous amount of toasted garlic bits mixed in. But between the two, i enjoyed the Hara Kiri more and found the spice just right. But don't take my word for it... The others said medyo gumuguhit siya haha.

For our soup they had us try the Souper Dapper Sinigang. It was good, sumptuous salmon sinigang loaded with your favorite sinigang veggies. I honestly didnt find anything too much out of the ordinary with this one.

The vegetable dish served for the evening was their version of pinakbet called Ilocaloco. This one i found to be too much on the salty side. The amount of bagoong was probably at "Krazy". If they lessened the bagoong and went Krazy with the garlic, it might have been better.

Then our main "ulams" were indeed dishes we were all familiar with and either had at home or in a friend's home at some point in our lives.

Adobo Loco
- As the name implies, adobo. The pork was so tender, i surmise they used a pressure cooker on the pork before cooking it in the adobo sauce. Even the garlic cloves were mushy to the touch!

El Callos Capitan
- i enjoyed the tomato sauce and mixed it with my rice. The meat, no so much, since i'm not a big fan of liver, laman loob, tuwalya, tripe, or anything too exotic. 128517

Pumpkin ala Bagnet
- Bagnet!!! Bagnet is as good as bagnet gets. Period. The saltiness of the bagnet went well with the pumpkin mash it came with. The plating and arrangement was eye catching too.

Creamy Beef Rendang
- This and the bagnet were personal favorites. Tender beef in creamy coconut sauce generously topped with garlic! They executed this dish really well!

We ended the evening with dessert. Krazy Oreo Fritos, which were basically fried and battered wicked oreos with ice cream. Hola Crema Catalina, creme brulee topped with candied garlic. Sorry Krazy Garlik, but the creme brulee was weird haha! Maybe an acquired taste? The garlic didnt go well with creme brulee, even if candied. A bit of a Catch 22 here, without garlic it wouldn't be "unique", with garlic it was maybe a little too unique haha. Of the desserts served, the Baked Alaska was my favorite. Ice cream cake sandwiched between layers of chocolate chiffon, and covered with meringue!

Overall, my only gripe is that, though mostly tasty, a lot of the dishes werent probably something i'd go out of my way to get at Krazy Garlik. Most of them can be found elsewhere and just as good too. Well, maybe except for the rendang, bagnet, and spinach bites... that i'd troop to Krazy Garlik and go a bit Krazy for. 128521

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Alright!!! a |ooloo rendezvoos invite from Peanut D. could not have come at a better time, it was perfect on a tuesday night since i got other things to do for the rest of the week. AND since i've been a good boy and was skipping gym time for the last 3 or 4 weeks might as well keep the momentum going and make myself skip all the way from EDSA to Greenbelt 5. Was a bit late but just in time where other |ooloo reviewers are taking turns to capture that mouth watering shot of the foods we were about to devour. :)

So before i give my candid opinion on the food items, gotta mentioned that this event was sponsored by Krazy Garlik :)

Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad - i skipped this one and went straight to the mains but little did i know this would be one of my top 3 picks for the night. As with the usual salad it has Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken strips + sesame lime dressing & peanut sauce. Add in wanton strips. For me its a perfect appetizer or something in between mains.

Hara Kiri - Fried rice with chili, shrimp and bacon. It looks good and it surely looks spicy. You can literally see the red powder on the rice but don't be afraid coz it wasn't that spicy or at least not too spicy. It was perfectly cooked compare to last time i visited here.

El Callos Capitan - When i first saw this, i thought its a pasta but a second look confirm that its an oxtripe dish cooked with tomato sauce with cheese + olives. I personally prefer tripes to be cooked in some other way but considering how soft the tripes turn out in this dish, it was worth a second spoonful after everyone got their share :)

Souper Dapper Sinigang - Soup was thick and with rich tamarind flavor, no wonder everyone loves it. Cant comment much on the fish since i can't remember having it on my bowl but the soup itself is something worthy of the praise.

Creamy Beef Rendang - Spicy level here is something worth mentioning. If looks can be deceiving then this dish is the perfect example not underestimate its spice level underneath its creamy sauce. Though i think having the beef abit thicker would be better.

Pumpkin ala Bagnet - Although i personally think that the Bagnet was abit small, salty and looks much like a liempo than bagnet. But having a slice and dip it into the pumpkin sauce does the trick. Shrimp was too dry :(

Adobo Loco - This dish came in last and i immediately notices its tender meat which taste equally good. One of my fav.

Creamy Spinach Bites - Deep fried wanton wrapper stuffed with spinach and cream cheese. Inside the beautiful box hides this perfect gyoza like dish with flavorful cream cheese inside. Perfect in between salty foods.

Smoked Fish Fried Rice - Reminds me of the salted fish rice on the usual chinese restaurant.

Hola Crema Catalana - The lightly torched creme brulee that is not too sweet (which is good) but too bad no candied garlic left :(

Baked Alaska - On the outside it looks like a regular devil's cake but its inside is what makes it even better. Vanilla Ice Cream that doesnt melt that fast. Good for 4 or 5 peeps.

I requested for a cool drink and order their Pretty in Pink (very manly) :) haha, but seriously i was interested with how honey garlic would taste like when mixed with guyabano and strawberry. The guyabano flavor was strong and strawberry was bit too sweet and with those 2 bold flavors i can hardly taste the garlic but the trick was to smell the drink first before taking a sip. :) There.

It was nice to meet |ooloo rendezvooz friends Reich T. , Clarissa P. , and Unisse C. First time meeting @roegan, Kevinross B. and 2 more guys (sorry didn't catch their names or forgot but there's still next time).

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Another |ooloo rendezvoos invite from Peanut D! Whenever the rendezvoos is in Makati, it's just hard to say no since I'm already in the area everyday. 128541

I've dined in Krazy Garlik once before with my officemates for lunch. But I think I forgot to write a review then (and now I can't my photos...) But since this is a |ooloo rendezvoos, everything we had was sponsored by Krazy Garlik!! Hurray for free food! 127881

★ AMAZING KRAZY GARLIK SALAD [Php 325 • Php 525] 10084
I love this salad!! It was a bed of lettuce with chicken strips and wanton crisps tossed in their own homemade sesame lime dressing and peanut sauce. The dressing was the best!! I wanna know how they make it so I can pack this for lunch everyday when I want to diet! 128514

★ CREAMY SPINACH BITES [Php 245] 10084
It was really funny when this was served. It came in a wooden box and when the waiter placed it on the table it was closed. But he immediately opened it and we were quite amazed that it contained food. We thought it had utensils. 128517 So inside we found deep fried wanton stuffed with cream cheese and spinach. I really enjoyed this as well. It was so creamy!! Would have been better if the wanton wrapper was crispier.

★ HARA KIRI RICE [Php 285 • Php 425] 10084
Hara kiri in Japanese, literally means to cut open the stomach. I guess I can understand why this would be named Hara Kiri Rice because of the spiciness. To me, it was spicy, but not intolerably spicy. This is my fave!!! 128525 It was so flavorful and I just couldn't stop eating it! It had bacon and shrimp bits in it and you can also see that they mixed in some roe too! 128525 Yummm!!! More please?

★ SMOKED FISH FRIED RICE [Php 225 • Php 365]
I only tried a little of this because I'm not a big fan of fish. I expected it to be quite salty because it's smoked fish with shrimp, egg and mixed vegetables but compared to the Hara Kiri Rice, this is a bit lacking on flavor. But it's a good contrast to all the flavors we had for the night.

"Salmon head simmered in fermented soybean broth" That's the description in their menu. 128514 Again, I'm not a fan of fish and I really didn't like having to pick out the bones so I just got the soup. It was sour and thick, which I like for sinigang. Despite it being a salmon head sinigang, it didn't have that fishy taste to it which is really good.

★ PUMPKIN ALA BAGNET [Php 395] 10084
Their bagnet was quite good and a bit salty. The pumpkin sauce at the bottom was thick! I liked this one because the bagnet was flavorful.

Krazy Garlik's version of a classic Spanish dish which has tripe as it's main protein. I don't really eat tripe but I tried one and it was quite soft and tender. The sauce is quite good too.

★ CREAMY BEEF RENDANG [Php 475] 10084
Really tender beef cubes!!! 10084️And that coconut sauce is really something else too! This is also one of my favorites from tonight's menu. Would definitely order this again next time I visit.

★ ILOCALOCO [Php 325]
Krazy Garlik's take on the classic pinakbet. I found this quite salty and the bagoong was really overpowering. I got a shrimp from this dish and found it a bit hard to peel it cos the shell was really stuck on the meat.

★ ADOBO LOCO [Php 495]
Krazy Garlik's version of adobo that has less sauce but is still packed with great flavor. This was EJ B's special request. Hehe! 128541

Really creamy créme bruleé with candied garlic on top. I really liked the créme bruleé! I tried a small chunk of the candied garlic and found it a bit weird. It didn't have that really strong garlic taste but after chewing it for a while, you really notice the garlic flavor.

★ BAKED ALASKA [Php 195] 10084
An ice cream cake wrapped in meringue that need really a lot of strength to slice into. Hahahaha! 128170🏼 It's good that they kept it really frozen before serving it. 128077🏼

Wicked oreos with vanilla and strawberry ice cream and a chocolate wafer stick. 128077🏼

PHEW!!! That was a lot of food for one night!! As usual, it was a great |ooloo rendezvoos! Thank you to |ooloo and Krazy Garlik for the invite and the food! It was nice seeing familiar faces – Roegan T Clarissa P Will C – as well as new faces, Reich T Paolo S Kevinross B Eboy D EJ B. Hope to see you guys again, soon? 128540

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I'm using my inner voice as i say this.  The looloo fairy paid me a visit.  I am invited to a feast and it involves a boatload of garlic and i should bring my krazy old self.

Now,  I want you to look at the pendulum,  follow its movement with your watchful eye.  Now,  pretend that i haven't reviewed KG yet.  Look at the pendulum,  listen to my voice...

|oo|oo rendezvooz at Krazy Garlic! 


| Krazy Garlic Salad  (Regular - Php 325, Large - Php 525).  Romaine grilled chicken,  homemade sesame lime dressing & peanut sauce.  Topped with fried wanton strips.  I'm not really a salad person hence my decision to take a raincheck on the colorful plate.  While i was convincing myself that eating leafy greens will make me taller,  i noticed the reaction  of the crew while munching on ze salad.  I therefore conclude that the KG Salad is Krazy Good.  

| Creamy Spinach Bites  (Php 245).  Deep fried wanton wrapper stuffed with spinach and cream cheese.  I felt like i gained a lot of strength and agility after the first bite.  Blame it on Popular Culture and Spinach.  Seriously,  this dish is delicious.  Light and refreshing,  a perfect start of a meal.

Mains and then some

| Hara Kiri (Php 285/425).   Very spicy fried rice with chili,  chopped shrimp and bacon.  The moment the server placed the bowl on our table, i knew that this was destiny.  The labuyo on top is winking at me,  asking me to give it a try.  Others find it spicy,  I don't.  It is not spicy enough for the Dragon Lady.  Har-Har.   The rice is cooked perfectly and really flavorful.  Apart from the chili,  there is some smokiness due to the bacon. This is my favourite dish of the night.

| El Callos Capitan (Php 395).  I wanted to like this  dish but my bias got in the way.  I only eat tripe when Kare-Kare is involved.   The rest of the gang have nothing but praises about this dish though. 

| Souper Dapper Sinigang (Php 545).  The last time I've had their Sinigang was a month ago and for some reason,  i can't remember how this tastes like.   I am happy to report that i remember ever detail as i write this review.  I'm guessing they tweaked the recipe a lil bit.  The soup is thicker and reeks of tamarind flavour.  The usage of tamarind helped in toning down the fishy flavor of the salmon.

| Smoked Fish Fried Rice (Php 225/365). smoked fish,  egg,  shrimp and mixed veggies.   KG can do no wrong with fried rice.  This is equally good too!  I usually skip smoked fish every chance i get as i dont like the strong aftertaste.  This is the exception as the dish is cooked with restraint.   I guess the chef is well aware of the strong aftertaste hence he made sure that the proportions are on point.  It takes a level of sophistication to have restraint and maintain a well balanced flavor.

| Creamy Beef Rendang (Php 475)   This still remains my favourite.  Biased opinion as i like any dish with coconut milk.  The only comment i have is that - there's not enough heat.

| Adobo Loco (Php 495). I Iove adobo! This is cooked well, the meat is very tender and it is oozing with adobo flavor. I hope they added more garlic though. Ever heard of Adobo sa Bawang?

| Llocaloco (Php 325).  Pinakbet is hard to pull off as this is a classic in Filipino Cuisine.  Add more and get lost in translation .  Add less and you compromise flavor.  KG's execution is of perfect accuracy as the dish stayed true to the beauty of a classic. 

| Pumpkin Ala Bagnet (Php 395).  BAGNET!  No one in their right mind can say NO to Bagnet!  This is sinfully delicious.


| Baked Alaska (Php195).  Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate sponge cakes,  encased in meringue.   As what I've sa I'd before...this is the result of an illicit affair.  The lovechild of Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sponge Cake.  This is the king of all frozen cakes.  Best paired with a cup of black coffee.

| Hola Crema Catalana (Php 150).  Spanish creme brulee,  topped with candied roasted garlic.   I distinctly remember this dessert as this is the one we ordered during my first visit at KG!  Don't you just love the cracking sound it makes when you break the caramelized sugar on top?  The candied garlic adds a wonderful flavor contrast to the creamy custard. 

It was a fun night.  Dinner with fellow foodies is always fun.  It was nice to meet new faces - Paolo S Eboy D Unisse C

My rendezvooz buddies - Kevinross B EJ B Will C and Clarissa P

Thank you |oo|oo and KG!

Note:  Kinikilig pa din ako sa keychain. 

Okay,  you may stop look looking at the pendulum.. On three...


Peace Out! 


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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

During my first visit at Krazy Garlik Alabang Town Center (now closed) i had fond memories of their 40 cloves garlic chicken! It came with a whole roasted head of garlic. But in recent times and penny pinching perhaps they have lessened the garlic which is unfortunate for us garlic lovers! I had a mini heart attack when i received an email from Peanut D that i, a relatively unknown newbie here at Looloo was asked to join their "rendezvoos" as they call it. I emailed back a day before the event to confirm my attendance. And because they are featuring Krazy Garlik!

I arrived 15 minutes early since i was in the area to buy tickets for the upcoming Spanish Film Festival. The place was cool and from my recollection had a recent upkeep. Our small group was served with a feast of all their new concepts of old Filipino favorites. There was the Bagnet in Mashed Pumpkin with a side of french beans. I like the consistency of the mash but find it salty. The bagnet is not really bagnet but a slab of liempo that was not even crispy. Its overall look of the dish reminded me of the one served in Locavore. I like it probably best paired with a cup of plain rice. The Salmon Head Sinigang sa Miso was something! It was good and the soup base was thick because of the miso. Again best paired with plain rice. The Beef Rendang was probably my favorite of the night. It was soft and moderately spiced. The pinakbet was good but i dont know if the others noticed, the 'sigarilyas' or winged beans was old. It was tough and chewy. Fresh 'sigarilyas' should be soft and has a definitive crunch to it. The Rice Bowls served is recommended. I like the Harakiri Rice. For those who like it fiery hot, now this one is for you! The new dishes are devoid of garlic. Except for some with a bit for garnish. For a restaurant supposedly known for innovative garlic dishes i did not see it last night.

Dessert of ice cream in different variations. Nothing noteworthy but the fried oreos is too sinful. I love it. I was never served a clean cup for my tea. Overall it was still a good dining experience. I was hoping for the old favorites of Krazy Garlik.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event by the Bistro Group. I did not pay for my meal.

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4.0 Stars

Invites from P! Which means food trip! Yehey! 128588🏼

It’s a Looloo Rendezvoos at Krazy Garlik Greenbelt 5 branch. Krazy Garlik is a member of The Bistro Group that brings TGI Fridays, Italianni’s, Bulgogi Brothers, etc. and watch out for the opening of their new restaurant this month, Denny’s at Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City.

It’s all about garlic at Krazy Garlik. From it’s name the restaurant offers garlicky dishes. This is not my first time to try their dishes, my favorite is the Pork Adobo.

Meeting our host for tonight Roegan T in a cozy and warm interior of the restaurant with full of Krazy Garlik logo in the wall, he introduced Thea of Krazy Garlik and had a good conversation with her. Unfortunately, we knew that some branches of Krazy Garlik already bid us goodbye, like in Resorts World Manila (which will be replaced by another The Bistro Group restaurant, Italianni’s) and in Promenade, Greenhills. And for garlic fanatic don’t be sad, they are planning to open another branch in Bonifacio Global City on the first quarter of year 2017.

While having a good talk, the hors d’oeuvre arrived. We started with 2 big plates of salad and a box of pastry.

Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad for Php325.00 & Php525.00 (Romaine lettuce & grilled chicken strips tossed in our homemade sesame lime dressing & peanut sauce. Topped with fried wanton strips) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“The salad is good, especially the dressing, I also like the freshness of the Romaine lettuce and crispiness of the wanton. This is one my favorites for tonight’s food trippin’.”

Creamy Spinach Bites for Php245.00 (Deep-fried wanton wrapper stuffed with spinach and cream cheese) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“I am addicted with the 6 pieces spinach and cream cheese puffed. It taste really good and I am delighted with how they presented it inside the box. It’s like I am opening a special gift.”

One by one the main course and bestseller dishes were served. We have 2 kinds of rice, their own versions of Callos, Pinakbet, Sinigang na Salmon Head, Bagnet and Beef Rendang and the special request, my favorite in Krazy Garlik, the Pork Adobo.

El Callos Capitan for Php395.00 (It’s their own version of famous Spanish dish “Callos”) – 110881108811088️ 3/5
“I do eat “tuwalya meat, I don’t know what’s with the taste maybe because of the garbanzo. It’s just okay with me”

Ilocaloco for Php325.00 (Krazy Garlik own version of Pinakbet composed of mixed vegetables, shrimps simmered with shrimp paste and topped with chicharon) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The Pinakbet is delicious but they need to lessen the saltiness or it is better to pair it with just a plain rice.”

Souper Dapper Sinigang for Php545.00 (Salmon head simmered in fermented soybean broth) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Another favorite of the night, I ate almost half of it. The Salmon Head Sinigang is not fishy.”

Creamy Beef Rendang for Php475.00 (Creamy beef cubes simmered with spicy coconut cream broth. Served with pita) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The beef is so tender and it taste delish. It’s just too spicy for me.”

Pumpkin ala Bagnet for Php395.00 (Deep fried for belly topped with sauteed prawns on a bed of mashed pumpkin served with cherry tomatoes and string beans) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The Bagnet and Prawns compliments with the mashed pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and string beans. Just reduce the saltiness of the mashed pumpkin”

Adobo Loco for Php495 (Krazy Garlik own version of Pork Adobo) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“They change the plating although I miss the old one but this is a little bit more dry and flavorful compare to the saucy one before which was served in a hot clay pot.”

Smoked Fish Fried Rice for Php225.00 & Php365.00 (Fried rice with smoked fish, egg, shrimp and vegetables) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“This is “sulit” even without “ulam””

Hara Kiri Rice for Php285.00 & Php425.00 (Very spicy fried rice with chili, chopped shrimp and bacon) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“If this rice is not that too spicy I can finish the whole bowl of it. Ang sarap! Panalo!”

After digging the main course, this is the exciting part, dessert! We had 3 kinds and it all served with teas and coffee for all of us.

Hola Crema Catalana for Php150.00 (Their own version of crème brulee topped with candied toasted garlic) – 110881108811088️ 3/5
“I am not used to eat crème brulee with garlic, it taste weird.”

Baked Alaska for 195.00 (Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between scrumptious chocolate sponge cakes, then encased in meringue) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The ice cream is frozen, you need muscle when cutting the cake”

Krazy Oreo Frito for Php150.00 (Vanilla cream-filled cookie served with strawberry and vanilla ice cream topped with wafer stick and cookie crumble) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“The dessert is very simple but I like the way it’s done. I love it.)

Krazy Garlik accommodated us well while we were eating. The staff were very alert especially in refilling our empty glass with water. They were also attentive in our needs like providing us napkins, additional plates and utensils.

Even if I am a vampire I will go back here to eat my favorite Pork Adobo and my new favorites, the Salmon Head Sinigang and The Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad.

Good to see you again fellow Loolooers Reich T, Clarissa P and Kevinross B and nice meeting you Paolo S, Unisse C, Eboy D and Will C

Thanks Peanut D for the invitation and Roegan T for hosting the event and special thanks to |ooloo crew for the prize of my 1,000 reviews. Finally, I have my Looloo notebook now! Yehey!127881

Thank you Looloo and Krazy Garlik for accommodating us.128521

The event was paid and sponsored by Krazy Garlik.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Pedro J.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Gem D.
4.0 Stars

Had to order chicken because we were with an eight year old and it did not disappoint. The garlicy crust of the chicken blends well with the gravy. It's a dish that a kid would truly love. We also ordered Krazy Tuna Belly (wasn't able to take a photo) and it had the right lemony taste combined with lots of garlic. Both dishes went well with the tinapa rice which you can eat on its own.

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