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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

The Instagram post i saw a couple of days back made me uneasy.  Don't worry,  it's nothing disturbing but it sports a lovely shade of Green.

My favourite bakery now offers Matcha Tarts!  It is a known fact that i am a lover of anything Matcha.  My decision to travel from Makati to QC would not come as a surprise.  I cancelled all plans for Saturday and rushed to UPTC for dem green babies. 

Note:  this is only available in the UPTC Branch

| Matcha Tart (Php 70 each,  Php 390 - Box of Six). 

My knowledge in anything tart is very limited and i haven't tried the expensive brands.   The crust they used is not as sturdy as it crumbles easily.  Texture aside, the crust is yummy, this is the kind that you can munch on sans the custard.  Now,  the matcha custard sports a smooth consistency,  not sure if this falls on the medium rare category.  There is not enough matcha flavor,  i can barely taste it. 

We ordered some refreshments to pair with the tart.  GTL for me and Hot Chocolate for him.

I know what you're thinking,  it's a lil redundant to pair GTL with ze matcha tart.   I needed more matcha taste and the GTL definitely has that.  Kumori made up for the lack of matcha flavor in their tart with their awesome GTL.  I took a sip of the hot chocolate and it is equally good.  Not overly sweet and has the right amount of chocolate flavor. 

Overall,  i am still glad that Kumori launched their Matcha Tart.  Although it failed in the flavor department.  The other components of the pastry is still good.  The yummy crust and the expertise involved in creating a lovely consistency of the custard. They got the basics covered, a lil adjustment in their recipe, maybe more matcha powder and they will surely pass with flying colors.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Back again yesterday at my favorite Japanese Bakery and Cafe, Kumori at GF Urban Turf UP Town Center yesterday morning after fetching my son in school for his group meeting.

Hubby ordered 2 krones for him and our son then mine was chocolate Hanjiku! So good as always. They still don't accept credit cards then they offer free water there.

Their Hanjiku is so soft, bite into the clouds9729

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Nins A.
5.0 Stars

The cheese start was super. I love the combination of the sweetness of the crust and the cheesiness of the filling. I also liked the krone. 10084

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Alyssa Denise M.
5.0 Stars

A curious person would ask, "Why do people line up for Kumori?" 🤔Wondering from the hype people say, from the cheesecakes to their milkshakes, a hungry me got curious and took an opportunity to buy one when the lines were finally not long.

There were only limited items to choose from at around past 7, their cheese tart (in original and green tea), hanjuku cheese, apple crumble, krone, and pudding. I decided to choose the cheese tarts and hanjuku cheese.

Cheese tart. 🧀
It was a bit pricey at first glance. But upon taking a first bite, you'll think that it's all worth it. The original cheese tart (Priced at 70 Php per pc) is very rich and creamy. Be careful in eating as some cream may drip off when you bite. I must say that it's a must try. 128077 The taste is not over the top. The green tea does not have a great green tea taste. It's either it lacks the green tea flavor or my tastebuds have been overpowered by the original. I suggest the original cheese tart between the two.

Hanjuku cheesecake 127854
The Hanjuku cheesecake is probably the one that was the best for me. Japanese cheesecakes are unlike the cheesecakes we see in coffee shops. Think sponge cake but super fluffy and creamy. One bite melts into your mouth. Full filling bursts and you savor every bite. Too bad there weren't chocolate anymore because I think that would also taste good. It's like eating a cloud. I can't properly define how good it is that I just compared it to eating a cloud. It's best to eat it in small portions because even if eaten in small amounts, the flavor is full in your mouth.

Matcha Milkshake 127865
Their milkshakes are usually featured in crazy milkshakes. By night time, their chocolate milkshakes were already unavailable. We opted to order the matcha milkshake. I must say that this has a very strong matcha taste. I also use my boyfriend's reaction to know how strong it is. As a non-matcha fan, he reacts negatively if it's very strong, he would make a disgusted face. If only light, he's able to drink more of it. Lo, and behold, he was disgusted. This is highly recommended for matcha lovers. 128523 However, eating the marshmallows at the side can be a struggle. What you can do is get a spoon, scrape it, and put it on the milkshake.

Would I come back here? OF COURSE! I don't wonder anymore why people would line up for these and buy half dozes or dozens. I now understand why they wait. The taste was worth it. Despite the missing green tea flavor of the cheese tart and the little mishap I had at the cashier, the taste was worth it and the staff was nice enough to help me. Still a highly recommended place. 128523

P.S. I can't compare their cheese tarts to pablo because I haven't tasted the latter (expensive tho) 128184128184128184
P.P.S. I never noticed if sm the block branch has a line but the one in uptc usually has 128694128694128694128694128694

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Mica C.
5.0 Stars

So, I'm trying to ease my way into consuming less sugar. That means (or as it should) that I eliminate dessert from my daily eating habits. But when I feel the unrelenting need to nibble on something sweet, I find myself looking for Kumori's Signature Cheese Tart. At P60, its quite a steal and serves enough light sweetness that's not too overpowering. I also tried their Hanjuku Cheese which I liken to a Taisan slice but with more custard. I love it here. Despite serving long lines they are always efficient and on top of everything. I'll surely be back.

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Giovan T.
5.0 Stars

A remarkable creamy and dreamy experience. I can't get over how incredibly good their Danish Pastry Tube known as the Krone, filled with their special egg custard.

Hanjuku Cheese - Original / Chocolate (48 PHP)
Heavenly smooth and moist egg custard filled cake sandwiched with chiffon cake. Each nib of the cake is such a delight.

Krone (49 PHP)
A flaky Danish Pastry tube that's hollow on display and pipped fresh when ordered. Expect the creamy egg custard to be cold and highly enjoyable.

The have alfresco seating along the hallway.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Finally my favorite Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe is now located at Ground Floor Urban Turf UP Town Center, it's now convenient , no need for me to go to Landmark Makati.

My first Kumori experience was last year as I seen reviews from Looloo about this yummy Cheese Original and Chocolate Hanjuku, tasted like Bite into the clouds ! 1285239729

So when I went to UPTC last October 1, so happy that it's now on its soft opening, the bakery was so nice and this time I tried the Damn so good Flaky Danish pastry , cream egg custard filling with snow powdered sugar, no other than the Krone!

Addition to my favorite at Kumori, will love to try their cheesetarts next time. They also serves drinks and juices , will include it also to my must try on my next visit. Price is worth it and very affordable.

As of now they don't accept credit cards, cash basis as it is soft opening but will soon accept credit cards. Can't wait !

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