Kushikatsu Daruma

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Kushikatsu Daruma
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Helen G.
3.0 Stars

Since my friends were craving for japanese food, we tried this place at Uptown Mall. I liked the interior and you will never ever forget not to double dip because the reminders are everywhere. 128514

I ordered Cheesy Gyudon and three types of Kushikatsu(the fried thing) 128514. I think I ordered the Gyoza, Cheese, and I forgot the other one. They have unusual and hard to remember names. 128514 The food looks good. Btw, they have a complimentary vegetables (lettuce, carrots and singkamas). The taste is not bad but there is nothing special either with the food I ordered. IMO, the food is pricey. Not sure if I will eat here again unless someone will treat me. 🤣 Not sulit eh.

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

With family in tow, my brother suggested we eat here at Kushikatsu Daruma for my Dad's birthday last Saturday evening. A casual Japanese restaurant with a very nice interior, replicating the streets of Osaka with the steel roofing and fences. Newspaper wallpaper dot the restaurant as well as the very cute albeit stern warning of the owner reminding customers NOT to double dip.

We were welcomed by the front of house and quickly led us to our seats, we were 10 in our group with 3 toddlers and a newborn, you can say we were a handful. Kids love "pancit". Good thing we ordered ramen because they preferred the noodles over the donburi. They kept asking for more of the "pancit". LOL. Speaking of ramen, my mom loved the ramen, the broth was rich and silky smooth. Her bowl though had more soup than mine which did not make any sense. Before I was over, my bowl barely had any soup. The Chicken Donburi Bowl was generous, my only qualm though was the dry chicken, it was tough and chewy. We enjoyed the fried sticks we ordered one beginner set and one advance set. A bit of guessing game on choosing the sticks was fun. It was too expensive though for 490pesos for 9 or 12 sticks. You save a couple of pesos versus buying it a la carte for 39 or 49pesos. Still very pricey. Service water was served without asking. Service time was fast, the inside was a bit hot, was it because many diners where inside during our visit. Senior discounts honored.

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Ron H.
3.0 Stars

Food tastes good, but servings are small; not very filling. Also prepare to wait a while because service is slow

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Isha S.
3.0 Stars

I was craving for SOMETHING one night and finally decided on Kushikatsu Daruma's new offering - RAMEN!!

The place was cute, very Japan Japan hahaha. We sat down at one of the tables and perused the menu. The staff were very accommodating and helpful.

Now, I know this place is known for their stuff on sticks but I wasn't keen on paying 40 pesos for a stick of isaw hahahuhu. So we just decided on one of their ramen bowls - Tonkotsu (P320), Potato salad with kani (120 PHP) and an order of Fried gyoza with cheese (P210).

We were informed that you could add another serving of noodles to the ramen for free. Yasss! 128588 The ramen had a nice rich pork broth but I think the grilled pork pieces didn't taste that good for me. The other elements blended fairly well, however.

Potato salad with kani was ayt ayt haha. The fried gyoza with cheese was good at first bite but kind of had this weird after taste I wasn't living for plus it got cloying after a bit.

Anywho, might be worth trying their ramen bowls. They have 4 right now - Miso, Ninniku and Tantanmen aside from the one I tried.

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Vinny L.
5.0 Stars

It’s hard to find cheap eats around BGC, but I’ll let you in on a (foodie) secret: Kushikatsu Daruma’s bang-for-the-buck donburi set meals will be your ultimate go-to dishes for lunch from now on.
Kushikatsu Daruma’s version of a complete meal includes miso soup, donburi, iced tea, and a scoop of ice cream—and I'm totally really digging it at the price of only P265! I promise these quick yet filling chows from this Japanese resto won’t make a dent on your wallet, but will definitely make your tummy happy.

Your choices for the main dish are Gyudon, Chicken Teriyaki, Yakiniku, Katsudon, and Oyakudon. Whatever kind of meat you’re in the mood for—be it beef, chicken, or pork—Kushikatsu Daruma has got you covered.

My favorites are the savory and sweet Gyudon and Yakiniku beef strips. If you’ve got a big appetite, order some extra Yakiniku on the side for only P190!

The set’s miso soup is also one of the best out there. It has bits of mushroom to add in texture and a fuller flavor to the traditional Japanese staple. You can really taste the flavor of the dashi, and it’s also loaded with tofu and wakame.

Now, donburi sets are a clear winner, but things get more interesting at the restaurant when the clock strikes four. Kushikatsu Daruma’s designated Happy Hour is from 4 PM to 9 PM on weekdays. The local beers are only P50, while everything on their Chu Hais menu is on a buy one take one promo. Nothing else can make me say “Kampai!” louder on a Friday night.

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Shellah Marie R.
3.0 Stars


The place is nice. Interiors are great. Soo Japanese-ish. Lol.


So here's what I ate..

Chicken Garlic, Prawn, Camembert Cheese, Chicken Intestines, Pork Intestines, Classic Kushikatsu : All of it almost taste the same. The taste was okay. Dipping sauce was great (wish they could provide additional bowl for double dipping) Their Kushikatsus taste the same as the ones I bought in Legarda station. The only thing that separates it from the one in Legarda was their sauce ☹️

Yakiniku Beek : It was good but nothing special.


Staff seems to be nice




Did I enjoy it? - Yes
Will I recommend this? - Maybe
Will I come back? No

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Jai S.
4.0 Stars

Finally tried this place. Was surprised that there were only a few people inside, despite that it was during lunch time rush - is it because the hype already died down? 128517

Had their lunch set and ordered a couple of sticks

Lunch set composes of miso soup, iced tea, a bowl of gyudon (there are other choices) and ice cream for dessert. For 265 it was not bad.

For the fried sticks (hahaha) what I got was:
- squid
- potato
- white onion
- shitake mushroom

Food was okei.. the gyudon was too sweet for my liking. In terms of the fried stuff - the shitake mushroom stood out amongst what I ordered. Oh and the "no double dipping" sauce? It was okei. Somewhat it tasted like a watered down version of the bull dog sauce.. 128514 IMO the fried stuff tasted much better without it.

With the stuff I ordered damage was around 500+ Will I go back? Probably if someone would treat me. 🤣

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Breaded and deep fried. I had a feeling I would not enjoy my dinner here and sadly it was just ok for me. The company was great as always 128521 Maybe I can eat about 3 max. It's the oiliness I think. I did like their chicken bituka. Tasted clean. But I prefer everything they served grilled. The fish I ordered was so tiny at 60 pesos.

My kiwi chu-hai needed more alcohol. For that price it should have more. Tried the matcha and it was too bitter for my liking.

I can't see myself returning for dinner. But drinks with friends will probably get me back here. With a beer instead of the chu-hai. I'm happy for everyone else that enjoyed their time here 🙂

Came in here a week after they opened.

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

I came here as soon as they opened. 11 am.

Haha we were the first customers. I was pretty excited to try this place out ever since they opened. In Osaka, I heard people had to fall in linw just to eat here so I was pretty sure it was darn good.

We immediatelu chose the set for 480 pesos- 9 sticks. Pretty pricey don't you think but oh well.
It was worth a try.

I do love the interiors on this place. We get it haha no double dipping ! From the staff's shirts down to the tissue it says it.

Our orders came in quick.
My fave was the beef one! The first one on the list. That one was yummy and the best out of all that I've tried.

Final verdict: the sauce really is soo goood. A combination of sweet, salty and sour! Haha i love it. Pro tip: ask for a spoon so that u can scoop the sauce because nakakabitin talaga. The sticks were good but to be honest di siya nakakabusog eh...

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Weena D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Karissa M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Finally brought Alec C here! He loved it too. He said the sauce was awesome with the katsu chicken hearts and gizzard.

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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

Kushikatsu Daruma is a Japan-original concept, brought to Manila by the ever growing and evolving Tasteless Group (Bad Bird, Fowl Bread, HITW, partly Le Petit Soufflé, Ping Pong Diplomacy, Wrong Ramen, Hanamaruken Ramen, Freezer Burn, to name some), and led by its owner Charlie Paw. Like Hanamaruken Ramen, Kushikatsu Daruma is of Osaka origin. The Kushikatsu is said to have started in Osaka almost 100 years ago in 1929 at a bar; the term is derived from two words in Japanese, kushi (or skewers) and katsu (deep fried and breaded cutlet of meat). Unlike the Robatayaki or Yakitori style sticks, Kushikatsu typically has only one food item per stick.

Kushikatsu Daruma, at a Glance:
> Food & Beverage: 1277751277751277751/2
> Service (Dine-In): 127775127775127775127775127775 wait staff are very attentive, enthusiastic, and they even holler per drink order! "(unintelligible Japanese), Super Dry!," shouted one, and the others chimed in unison as well)
> Kitchen Service: 127775127775127775127775127775 the kushikatsu's were impeccably and consistently panko covered, golden in color and crunchy outside but rightly cooked inside; delivery of orders exceptionally fast, and this included additional orders
> Ambience: 127775127775127775127775 just on a few weeks' run, it has a cute casual dining feel, but there's a homey atmosphere to it, just like an establishment I'd walk in on a busy night in Osaka or Tokyo after work; but it's really at the 2/F of Uptown Mall which is fairly swanky. Simple decorations with extra emphasis on No Double Dipping (on the katsu soy sauce) in many many signs inside and out.
> Value for Money: 127775127775127775127775 sticks are cheap seemingly at P39 to P59 per stick. P39 for a range of selections and P59 for the 2nd range. Only two sticks skew away, a foie gras at P199 (the most expensive stick) and Japanese Oyster at P129.
OVERALL: 1277751277751277751/2 (round off to 3 coz a 4 just seems too much praise)
> Worth a try - Yes (for those who appreciate Japanese food, skewered food, and most especially panko-crusted deep fried food, so this is like the next evolution of the katsu craze that started about 5 years ago with Yabu)
> Worth a return - So-so for me. To explain, it's got nothing to do with quality of food, variety of selections, price and service. I'll explain more under Verdict.

>> if you're looking to eat a decent amount and don't want to overthink things, try their Beginner level or Advance level, giving you a no-brainer variety of sticks. The Beginner level (9 sticks for P480) doesn't save you much money but the Advance level gives your taste palette a bigger challenge for deeper or stronger tasting items while providing you a bigger savings (11 sticks for P480 vs. around P560+ than if you ordered these separately).
>>The Foie Gras stick was good but less satisfying since it was breaded. Ironically. The camembert stick, the fish cake, the garlic chicken were good, too.
>> Do order the chain rice, it was awesome! Plus the Yakiniku rice or just Yakiniku ala carte to lessen the cloying taste of breaded deep fried stuff. The pork intestine (isaw) is better than the chicken I saw.
>> It's at the 2/L beside Fely J's, overlooking the fountain side. Park underneath the mall or have your car valeted along 36th Ave.

> VERDICT: Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the katsu craze. While I eat deep fried & breaded, I'd like a variety of textures and tastes, and it normally doesn't permeate across all of my orders. In Kushikatsu Daruma, everything is deep fried (uhhhhhh, except the drinks and sides), so there's a cloying feel to my eating everything breaded and fried, and an uneasy homogenous taste of the breading after a while, despite the great flavors within and the good balance of the dip. Oh did I mention the dip? The katsu soy dip's flavor-- slightly sweet, salty and tartness -- is very good. But perhaps a variety of 2 more sauces would help but I'm guessing they have to stick to the original concept first before suggesting tweaks to better suit the local market.

It's not as big a home run as Bad Bird, Fowl Bread, Freezer Burn or Ping Pong Diplomacy for me. It'll be a hit among those looking for a next step to the katsu craze and a great choice for drinking sessions what with offices nearby. But I'd be satisfied to have tried it.

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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

I've been looking for a legit kushikatsu place in Manila since I've first tried the dish back in 2015. I was really excited for Kushikatsu Daruma to open that we went there on their opening day. 128517

I'm happy to say that for me, it tasted the same as the ones served in Japan. And there's not much difference with regard to the price per stick. I like that they have a recommended set of sticks to order for beginners. I really liked the garlic chicken, classic kushikatsu, and the camembert cheese. The dipping sauce is also on point. They serve a free bowl of lettuce, carrots, and another veggie (singkamas? I forget!) instead of usual cabbage as appetizer.

They also serve rice, dessert, and alcohol here. For those looking for a more Filipino-style meal, you can order a side of rice with your kushikatsu for that ulam-and-kanin feel. For me though, it's better to eat them as is. 127842

I'd say that this is the nicest Daruma branch -- it's decked out in bright colors and "no double dipping" signs. They even have screens playing animations of what may happen if you dare double dip. 128541 The place is also decorated with modified daruma dolls bearing the face of Kushikatsu Daruma's angry chef mascot, who's prominently displayed in their restaurants and store fronts in Japan.

Service here is really good! I will be back again soon! 9996🏽

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

I've been waiting for this place to open since I heard about it. I love japanese yakitori and was curious what it was to have a katsu version of it. The place is located in Uptown mall. The place is decorated beautifully and better than its Japan branches. As you order the waiter will orient you of their special sauce no double dipping rules. I got to try out their Chicken Gizzard, Camembert Cheese and Chicken Intestine. I love all of them and I bet this is best eaten with a bottle of beer. The downside of it was the flavor of each stick was not too distinct since they all tasted katsu compared to having them yakitori style. Pricewise per stick was around 40-60PHP so be careful you might not notice a get a bill shock in the end haha..

Overall this place is more of a 2botts kind of place and will not suggest for lunch/dinner. Plus point each table got its own power outlet. Hooray for the lowbatt peeps. Haha..

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

A little taste of modern Osaka right here in Manila - say hello to Kushikatsu Daruma!

Kushikatsu Daruma is a franchise from Osaka, which serves little deep fried skewers of fried meats, vegetables, and other bite-sized ingredients.

It was an enjoyable visit because of the good food and great ambiance of the place. A few stand out dishes for me were the:
- chahan rice: smokey fried rice with bits of beef and vegetables
- yakiniku beef: melt-in-your-mouth beef cooked in a sweet soy sauce
- kushikatsu sticks: potato, onion leeks, camembert cheese, chikuwa (rice cakes), prawn, tonkatsu (pork), chicken and pork isaw, and shitake mushroom.
- DESSERT (which i hope is on the menu by now): matcha ice cream with crumbled sesame cookies
- beer number 1: light and slightly fruity

The kushikatsu sticks are light and flavourful! Very enjoyable and currently priced between 39php and 59php. Aside from what was on the menu during my visit, there are also plans of offering premium ingredients like foie gras and oysters *fingerscrossed*

As you walk in you would see many MANY reminders not to double dip! The sauce (think sweet, a little tart, and slightly runny pork tonkatsu sauce) for everything is placed in the middle of the table and used by everyone - so dont even think about double dipping 128581🏻

Another fantastic restaurant concept brought in by the Tasteless Group, Kushikatsu Daruma is a fun must-try in Uptown BGC.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

I found out about Kushikatsu Daruma from the previous #looloorendezvoos I was privileged to join, the group's owner and restauranteur Charles Paw said that it was opening soon - given the experience I've had from his other restaurants, I knew this place would also be a hit.

When he's thinking of new concepts (like Ping Pong Diplomacy) or he's bringing in a franchise from his travels (like Hanamaruken) - he has made them successful with well-thought of menu creations and one can expect well-trained staff on each dining experience as well.

Now on the the restaurant review - the is famous for the line "no double dipping" as the restaurant motto, this is made evident by the fact that the sauce is the specialty of the whole chain. The combination of the sauce with the breading creates that special unique taste - that it actually does make you want to double / triple dip it! There are signs / posters / video animations of why you shouldn't double dip, so make sure you follow the rule else you'll get launched into space!

The menu is very simple, with you ordering kushikatsu sticks either as a "beginner set" or by piece individually. We didn't order the set since there are some variants that we don't like nor were we adventurous enough to try their "advanced menu" which has the innards as the kushikatsu sticks. We ordered the gyudon as our carb for the meal to complete the experience.

We found the classic kushikatsu as our favorite, together with the chicken breast, the kurobota, the tuna and the chikune. (Fish dumbell dumpling) The veggie kushikatsu sticks give you that other taste you're looking for as you eat your meal. Now, they're of course nice enough to give you options for that wonderful dipping sauce - you get a bowl of lettuce with carrots and 'siniguelas' to complement your meal. The carrot sticks balances your palate, while the lettuce leaves give you that opportunity to get some more of the sauce onto your kushikatsu!

Now, granted that you're a fan of fried food, you'll probably enjoy it very much! But I gotta admit, even if we prefer grilled yakitori skewers over kushikatsu - it's the sauce that makes the meal great!

Service as expected was top notch, interiors well-thought of, and the best sign forever of a good Japanese restaurant - is when you have Japanese diners. When we ended the meal, we probably had more than a dozen sticks, but those Japanese folks by the bar area probably had 20 sticks each!

Over-all - flavor, taste, and value for money are all present in another restaurant of the Tasteless Group. Admittedly, it's not your "daily fare" type of meal but it will be that type of "craving meal" that you tell yourself that you want every now and then!

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

I was really excited for this!
Kushi (skewed) katsu daruma is the latest from the tasteless group. They say it's popular at japan.

I say that the place is large. It can accommodate about 70 pax. And for those who needs charging station for their dead electronics, this could be a place for you because, it's full of power outlets, talo pa ang cafe.

Well, kushikatsu comes in bitsize.
128204 camembert cheese @59PhP
128204 classic kushikatsu @59PhP
128204 tsukune (chicken ball) @59PhP
128204 pork loin @59PhP
128204 shiitake mushroom @59PhP
I liked them all. Border of it's okay.
They're all pulutan guys!

128204 matcha chuhai @280PhP
My drink for the night. I say mas matapang pa yung nasa can. It's bitter because it's matcha. But i liked it that way.

They got rice meals if you want your stomach to get filled.
No double dipping here. Lol. Because they just leave the dip on the table. No refills or change dip or whatsoever. It's like "communal" dip, next customer uses your dip. The dip tastes sweet btw but i prefer it thicker.

Oh, the can next to it are for your empty sticks. I suppose they're clean naman? 🤣

It's a little underwhelming. 2.7-2.8?

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Patrick V.
3.0 Stars

It was another biglaang kitaan with Jayson J, Christina R and Norman Lester T.

I was really full from having dinner that night so I just ordered Chicken Gizzard, Quail Egg & Chicken Heart. Everything was just OK for me. Usual fried food on a stick. The signature sauce was good though. It was a good mix of sweet, sour and savory.

Maybe I just picked the wrong ones?

I loved the interiors. The neon signs and cute designs made the place very vibrant and appealing sa mata.

Overall, it's a good place to have beer (But I don't drink alcohol anymore. Lol.) and meet-up with friends. I would probably come back, but not anytime soon. 9996🏻

PS: All other sticks on the photos are Norman's.

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

Even before Kushikatsu Daruma opened, I was already eyeing to try this restaurant because of curiosity - why "no double dipping"? Well, I am not very knowledgeable about any other Japanese fares except for ramen, katsu and tempura which is why I got very excited when I got the invite for another looloo rendezvoos at Kushikatsu Daruma.

The restaurant is a stunner with its modern Japanese set up. The place looks amazing and every section is highly instagrammable. It's no longer a surprise as any restaurant associated with Charles Paw and Tasteless group is one for the books. The place looked busy with staffs going here and there taking orders and serving food and people having fun.

I did a little bit of research while we were eating. Kushikatsu is also called Kushiage and is any skewered meat or vegetable covered in panko crust that is dipped in a thinner sauce shared by customers - the very reason why it's not allowed to double dip. It's hard when you're a Filipino fond of eating street food like kwek kwek, proben and fishball because contrary to what Japanese think that double dipping is a disgusting manner, Pinoys find it normal and a communal way of enjoying the food. As Muffy T said, resist the urge to double dip. Ilang beses ako muntik sumawsaw but thank you to Muffy and Ruth S. 128514 With 90% of the diners being Filipinos, I think that not all customers are compliant to this rule. I suggest that they should install an alarm system when someone flouts.

The restaurant offer more than 30 kinds of Kushikatsu, for PHP39 or PHP59 per stick, and they're still planning to add a few more on the list. Kushikatsu Daruma also offer sets; Beginner Level with 9 sticks and Advanced Level with 11 sticks both priced at PHP480.

My top 3 Kushikatsu favorites:
•Shiitake Mushroom - not sure if they infused it with truffle oil
•Prawns - bright pink and white, signs that the prawn is properly cooked
•Chicken Intestine - unlike the one sold in the streets, Kushitasu's chicken intestine has a clean taste but still managed to season it perfectly so it won't taste dull.

Although each one of us have our own favorites, one thing is for sure, each kushitkatsu is perfectly made with just the right amount of panko crust firmly hugging the meat or vegetable. You do not have to worry about the crust falling off even after you dip it in the sauce.

On the side, we were served with Chahan and Yakiniku Beef. I find the latter a little bit disappointing. The beef was good but the taste do not play along with the pronounced flavors of the kushikatsu especially when dipped in the sauce. Also, the serving size was too small for the price of PHP190. The Chahan Rice on the other hand tastes really good and was the perfect pair no matter what Kushikatsu you pick. You will love its smokiness.

I paired my Kushikatsu with Lychee Chu-Hai. I don't like fruity-carbonated drinks and I hate lychee but this one I enjoyed, surprisingly.

Chef Noel gave us a sample of Beer Number 1? Haha I don't know if that's the brand name please feel free to correct me. Not pilsen, not light. Somewhere in the middle and it's really good with their Kushikatsu.

We were lucky to try their desserts after some "parinig". 128514 They served us their Matcha and Salted Caramel (ata). Sorry forgot to take note of the desserts but both are delicious.

Thank you looloo, Charles and Tasteless Group for having us that night. It was really fun and filling. Was nice meeting other looloo reviewers for the first time, Unisse C Bernisse C Julie L Rocky R and of course haha Ruth S Mary Love S EJ B Muffy T Marjorie G Kristin A

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