Kusina Luntian

Dela Torre St., Baler, Aurora

Kusina Luntian
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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

Our fave resto at Baler. We really see to it that we dine here whenever we are at Baler. Super sarap here. I love their paco salad and wapang wapang na liempo. The ambience here is so relaxing and laid back. It’s not a fancy place just honest to goodness food. The owner, kuya biboy as well as their staffs are very accommodating too. 9786

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Denise J.
5.0 Stars

This was the saving grace of our Baler trip! 128076128076128076

We were all kind of bummed out about the rainy weather and the harsh waves but fortunately, Baler’s food is still as good as ever so the trip wasn’t a total fail.

One of the places we really enjoyed was Kusina Luntian. It looks more like a nipa hut than it does a restaurant but it’s all part of the experience! You take your shoes off, sit down on the floor, and eat with your hands. It takes them quite a while to prepare the food (I think everything’s made-to-order) but it was ok because it gave us time to chill and talk to one another.

Their bestseller is the Wapang Wapang na Liempo so a bunch of us ordered that. I enjoyed every bite of it and it was extremely satisfying to dig into it with my hands! The meat was perfectly charred on the outside and tender and flavorful on the inside. The salted egg and pako were delicious touches to the dish as well. Also, props to them for their food presentation skills! The food looked gourmet and very Insta-worthy! 📸

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Jecila S.
3.0 Stars

Sabe ng nanay ko, "normal na liempo anak" Haha. The presentation si good.. can't go wrong with itlog, maalat man yan o hindi, masarap sya syempre! the pako? Medjo pangit lasa. Hindi sya medjo.. pangit sya! Haha.

The place, Maganda sya kasi di mainit.. sa lapag ka uupo they have spoon and fork pero nagkamay ako, feel na feel. Hehe.

Try it guys 128069

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Jerrick S.
4.0 Stars

Must try po.. 128525 tapa for 99 pesos. Best pag my kasamang vinegar..

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Kyle B.
5.0 Stars


Ang labo ng picture pero shur ako sa sarap. Lelz.

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Candice N.
4.0 Stars

Kusina Luntian will take you back in time, no cutlery, banana leaves, makeshift bamboo house as dining area, an open kitchen where the owner slash chef makes his "gourmet" grilled set meals. Everything was cooked perfectly. The have an unbelievably delicious chili oil! I've never tasted anything like it 100841008410084

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

A must-try when in Baler!!!!! We stayed in Baler for 2 days and ate at Kusina luntian for like 3 times. Haha that's how much we like this place. It's not your typical restaurant. Dont expect too much as it is only a kubo type. They offer several dishes and all were delicious. Yes we tried everything in their menu. All meal includes salted egg and paco. The paco really tasted fresh. And i dont know whats in their rice but its addicting. They also cook the viands only upon order. The first time we ate there we ordered separately. Then on our next visits, we ordered everything and they served it boodle style! We also tried their banayad na whiskey (took home a bottle for only 35php) and desserts. Also, the food were served in a banana leaf and they do not have utensils so you have to use your bare hands. Hehe Please do visit whenever youre in Baler. Super recommended. The owner is also kind! And his staffs were really accomodating. Hihi Too much love for this place. 128156128156128156

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

On this road trip - one should not miss eating in Kusina Luntian for the experience. 128077

The place won't be for everyone for sure -
1. You'll be eating on a banana leaf
2. You'll find Filipino comfort food as the only items on the menu
3. You'll be eating using only your hands as they don't have utensils

Now, read those same reasons why I loved the place. 128556

More than the cozy surfer grill ambiance - that won't be enough to earn the place it's stripes. The food has to be good, and it really didn't disappoint. We got the adobo, the liempo, the bangus, the BTK (or simply grilled eggplant with bagoong) and the tyan ng tuna na sinigang sa miso.

The soup was served on a clay pot, the rest was served on a banana leaf with half a salted egg, half a tomato, and seaweed seasoned with a sweet vinaigrette. It was cooked well, grilled meat being juicy, rice firm and enough to fill you after tiring yourself on the beach.

Very reasonably priced, all of that with drinks ended up being Php490. 4 happy folks who enjoyed eating with their hands, delighted on how cozy it was. I will highly recommend this to everyone on looloo for a great experience on a family restaurant in Baler.

P.S. It's not on the main road (which is Buton) where Costa Pacifica is. After Charlie Does Cafe, turn left before Yellow Fin Bar and Grill. Follow the road towards the left and you'll see the huts of Kusina Luntian on the right.

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Karleen C.
4.0 Stars

Must try:

Wapang Wapang na Liempo - their best seller!
Paco Salad - loved it!
Babayad Whiskey - so good!

**Meals are served in banana leaves and you must eat using your bare hands :)

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