Kuwago's Island Grill

Madison Square, 4 Pioneer St. cor. Madison St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Kuwago's Island Grill
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Margot D.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

We felt bitin after our videoke/pizza party at my friends's place (mainly due to curfew). Everyone wanted to drink more beers and so we decided to look for some bars nearby.

We were supposed to go to Tides in Shaw but we thought a live band with a bottle of beer would be better. So we ended up at going to Madison square in Pioneer but the place (that my friend suggested) didn't have a live band that night. We went to Central but we were declined because some guys from our group weren't wearing shoes and they don't allow unclosed footwears inside. So we have no choice but to leave and settled for Kuwago's.

We opted for the videoke room that doesn't have any room charge but was not exclusive for us (they will also allow other group who wants to use the karaoke with you). Well, we didn't use the karaoke and just had some fun conversations and thank God, no other groups came in. 128513

Their sisig was good but the meat was cut to very small pieces. More like shredded pieces of meat. Lol. The nachos was so-so and good enough for its price (that I already forgot lol). A bucket of beer costs Php250.00, a little pricey but it was okay though.

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Abby C.
2.0 Stars

3 stars for the bangus sisig and cold beer.
128078 for the staff who took our orders, he seemed like a random person who walked inside the place and suddenly decided to take our orders, he is completely unaware of the items on the menu, and clearly not familiar with the drinks besides beer. Tsk tsk.
128078 not enough separate rooms for videoke.
128078 poorly ventilated.
128078 poor lighting. Well i know, it's supposed to be dim there. But heeey.. I had to use my phone's flash light to see the menu, and the staff was just #pataymalisya. Oh welllll...

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

No pic on this review.

Supposedly, we should be going to Starbucks in Forum but it's already closed. The other cafes near the area were already closed, Sunday effect!?

Going down to Madison square, we saw Kuwago's bar was opened among other establishments beside it. We just decided to have few bottles as the last ride of our so-called "foodtrip".

The place wasn't full, only few customers were drinking. We ordered for Gilbey's premium (since we thought beer wasn't a good idea and Tanduay ice was overrated) and Chicken BBQ.

The service was fast as what we're expecting. The chicken BBQ on the other hand was so-so. For 85 bucks, they'll serve you 1/4 of the whole chicken. Not bad at all!!!

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