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Fox Square Bldg., 53 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

Kuya J
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Will C.
1.0 Stars

My first experience with kuya j was good and it was at another branch. Saw this branch just opened so we decided to dine here instead of other options like tuanx2 and others.

We ordered karex2 bagnet but was given bagnet only instead, we were hoping that karex2 would be a nice mix to our meal since other dish was a grilled one. But then it was already served and were very hungry so we just accepted it, the one that really makes this a terrible experience was the other dish (tuna belly) that really stinks, the more that were closing in on the belly the more the smells worsened. We call the attention of the server and they acknowledge the smell while offering us if we want to order another dish which at that time we already lost our appetite.

We ask for an explanation but all of them were clueless. Since we already consume some part of it, we ask if they could provide us some report so that if ever something happened to us, there would be a baseline on what happned that night, we were played along that night as they shifted from they will produce a report to not wanting to do one. We later learn from the one in charged that night that there were similar incidents like these happened on other branches. 128544

And lastly it was a tasteless remark from their server to tell us that the fish was almost finished when we call their attention. It was consumed 1/4 and we call their attention afterwards. Such @$$//_&.

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Muffy T.
2.0 Stars

Heard good things about Kuya Js and i was excited to try it out. Ordered what we were craving for: crispy pata, tokwa't baboy, and chorizo fried rice.

Quite a few items were not available so we settled for the chorizo rice. It really wasnt "chorizo" as it was just sweet ground pork mixed in orange rice. Serving was adequate, but it wasnt savoury enough.

Expected the classic "bits of pork and tofu swimming in a sweet-salty-sour sauce" tokwat baboy; but got the pretentious version of it. This dish was oddly plated and disappointing. Tofu was sooo dry and there was very little pork. The sauce was also more like sweet soy sauce - it was over reduced and the flavours were not balanced.

The crispy pata was the only good thing we experienced from Kuya Js that night. Flavourful, crispy, and tender! Unfortunately, it wasnt enough to change how i felt about the place.

Overall, food was so-so and service wasnt all that good either. Theres a reception area without a receptionist to seat you. The servers had no idea what was available and what wasnt; and they were a bit slow to respond to our needs even though there were only 3 tables occupied. Nobody smiled either, and they seemed pretty bummed to be there.

Had high hopes, and i guess today just wasnt anybodys day.

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Alexandra N.
3.0 Stars

Service was super slow 128566

Food was okay

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