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G/F SM City San Mateo, Gen. Luna Ave., Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal

Kuya J
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Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

RECOMMENDED: Cheesy Buttery Scallops 9786️ we ordered 2!
Not fond of their calamares; fast service that day; free wifi

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Ron F.
3.0 Stars

We went to Kuya J SM San Mateo last night for family dinner.
We ordered:

Adobong Manok sa Gata at Pinya (No Picture)
It's definitely unique. It does not taste like your usual adobo nor does it take pinuntahan manok. But unique does not mean special or great.

Bagnet Kare-Kare (1st Pic)
I think I was expecting more peanuttyness. It almost tasted bland. Banger should have made it special but... meh...

Sizzling Sisig (2nd Pic, after the egg has been mixed)
Their Sisig tasted different, I don't know if I like it or not, somehow it does not taste like sisig that I used to know, can't say it's better though.

Ampalaya Con Carne
Ampalaya mixed with strips of Beef (I think). I think it's a version of broccoli with beef, ampalaya replacing broccoli. Ampalaya tastes bitter, sauce was good. Still, it's ampalaya and I think they were not able to raise the status of ampalaya from being bitter to better.

Grilled Stuffed Squid
The barbeque sauce was great, if only the squid would be more tender, then this would have been a great dish. Serving time is about 20 minutes.
Dish Presentation is great (makes you want to attack as soon the the dishes are placed in).
There was a crew that seemed like shouting at other crew (not angry though, just communicating with other crew), it's very distracting and seemed unprofessional.
All in all, service and crew are good.
*They gave us a rice platter, because they weren't able to serve our orders at the same time-with our rice platters finished up before the other dishes came.

Overall, I can't say that I like them; but definitely won't be on a 'never going back again' list. They just need to improve on the food and the place would be great. They are serving Filipino food and we know that the best tasting Filipino food are those that are passed on from generation to generation within families, that's their competition, they really need to up their game.

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Happy U.
2.0 Stars

5-19-2016 we just ate in kuya j sm san mateo and we are very dissapointed. The staff are not friendly it takes too long for them to refill our glass of water, they dont have intiative. it takes too long to serve our food like 20mins and the place is not even cramped then why so slow?. We ordered chicken barbecue and its also very dissapointing. It doesnt taste grilled, it only taste like barbecue sauce. Their pork chop also a fail. My sister and mother said their pork chop only taste like average. Their fried chicken wings taste good though and their halo halo too taste good and unique. When we left the place the waiters did not even say thank you to us they just stare. Epic fail, fail fail.

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Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

GRILLED SCALLOPS P230 (2 orders)- 10pcs of buttery cheesy scallops - RECOMMENDED!!

SINUGLAW P230 - marinated grilled pork belly (5 small slices - sigh*) tanigue soaked in vinegar (but more like in watery mayo) plus sides of thin few pcs of kangkong or spinach?

LECHON KAWALI P235 (regular) - crispy but nothing special, was shocked to see the size sabe ko ITO LANG? LOL!

SIZZLING GAMBAS P295 - small shrimps, sweet and spicy but more like spicy sauce (commended by all of us hehehe!), with egg

LUMPIA PRESKO P95 (2 orders) - Fresh spring rolls


RIPE MANGO SHAKE P85 (2 orders)
SHAKE OF THE DAY P95 (refreshing 3 fruit combo)

TOTAL BILL: P1,830 for 6 pax

RECOMMENDED: Grilled Scallops 128077 and Shake of the Day

Pricey food for its small serving; staffs were attentive; trained to take group pics 128518; fast service compare to my first visit; FREE FAST internet to keep you busy while waiting hehe!

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Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

Small serving for its price
15-20min serving time

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