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G/F SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Kuya J
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Most Recent Reviews

Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Waited for my parents to finish watching Kong: Skull Island. Surprisingly, they enjoyed every minute of it, in part because their film viewings of late are free (senior priviledges). They rather wait for the senior days than watching over the crowded weekends. They insisted on trying out Kuya J's latest summer offering, the Ube Halo Halo. Nothing different from their Milky Halo Halo, still has the same 'sahog', silky leche flan on top and crushed corn flakes. This time, ice is made of coconut milk and ube! So creamy and decadent. For only 109pesos this is good to share! We love it. Recommended.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Carolyn E.
2.0 Stars

I worked up an appetite walking all over the mall and then had palabok and lumpia at the Southmall branch of Kuya J. As a big palabok and pancit malabon fan, this by far was the worst palabok I’ve ever had. It had no other visible ingredient except thinly sliced pork which had an off taste. It did not have the natural color and flavor of atswete (achiote) and was on the yellow side. In short, it was off-putting, tasteless and a waste of money. I also had kare kare once before in the other Kuya J branch in SM BF Homes. I don’t understand why they have to add a piece of chewy beef as an extender to an otherwise okay-tasting dish. When we complained, the waiter said they will take it back to the kitchen to tenderize. What a ridiculous solution. Adding an inedible piece of extender on ox-tail kare kare is a cheap trick that is an undeserved insult to the diner. Needless to say, never coming back to any Kuya J branch.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

After buying some things at national bookstore, decided to have early dinner before catching a movie. I let hubby decide where to eat (cos I decided the last time 128513) and we chanced upon kuya J at the ground floor. We've seen it several times but since I'm not too fond of Filipino food, we haven't had the chance to try it.
It was pretty early around 6PM so there were only a few occupied tables. Was surprised by their extensive menu so it took us a few minutes to decide. We got the lechon kawali in regular size, munggo Na may gata and the grilled scallops (in picture). 2 cups of garlic rice too.
The scallops arrived first and they were divine! Ugh Ang Sarap talaga! Mains arrived a few minutes later . The lechon kawali was a bit small but it was pretty good. The munggo was so good! To the last drop! We felt that the food wasn't enough so we ordered the Tokwa't baboy, just meh for that.
Saw that they had a lot of dessert options so I left room for that. We got the cebuano mango cheesecake and suman w mango and tsokolate. The dessert gave this review it's 5th star! Was just going to give 4 cos of the serving size but the cheesecake was just amazing! Served in a mason jar, the first layer is muscovado and graham, cheesecake and mango purée 128525128525128525 the suman matched so well with the tsokolate too!
Will def come back!
Total bill was 1200 I think, not bad!

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Mari G.
4.0 Stars

We ordered:

Regular Crispy Pata
Bagnet Kare Kare
Seafood Cream Soup
Adobong Kangkong
Sisig Rice
Watermelon Shake and Specialty Shake

Sooooo huge crowd when we arrived,super busy for all the crew and yet they are still attentive.
Crew - 128077🏻128077🏻 soooooooo friendly and accomodating
Price - fit for your budget, total bill for all those dishes was just 1400, ftw
Food - honestly nothing so special about it,another version of Max's as I should say,mas mura nga lang.
Their customers are big groups, well maybe kc nga cheap ung food and box office kc it's owned by Jericho Rosales.

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Julie E.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars


Last week when we went here, mom saw the newly opened Kuya J Restaurant on our way to the parking area. We checked the menu and the food looked really good and most are very affordable! I was able to eat at the Cebu branch and I enjoyed everything we ate there especially the baked scallops 128525128525128525 so we decided to try it the next week which is this week, or today. 128513

It was only 1130 but the place was packed and waiting list was long already. We were 4th in line and had to wait for about 20mins before we got a table. The place was simple with bright lights, wooden chairs and tables. Hmm, usual restaurant set up but it was very crowded and noisy. Servers were everywhere, running, shouting and all. It was chaotic. 128552 and from where we're seated, we can see a portion of the kitchen and how everything is the opposite of organized and orderly. Labo labo lahat! 128563 And ugh, the way "whoever it is" is cleaning the plates made us asked for another set of utensils and plates, and we wiped it several times just to be sure. 128560128560128560

In our entire stay here, at least 4 tables complained about the service, the waiting time, how a lot of the items in the menu are not available, how hard it was to get the waiters attention, how unhelpful the manager is, etc etc. And at least 2 groups left very disappointed and chose to not wait anymore for the rest of their meals. 128563128563128563 Yep, that bad. 128529128529

So you wait for about 20mins to be seated, you order and wait for awhile only to be informed that most of your orders were not available. It would be nice if the waiters know what's available and not, that way customers won't be waiting for nothing. And to avoid confusion and annoyed/irritated customers. This was mainly the reason why a lot was disappointed and just left. Puro senior citizens pa man din yun, if there are customers they should serve well, sila yun. 128546128527 For the ones who stayed and just ordered something else, it's frustrating how after just a couple of minutes, the item which was supposed to be not available suddenly became available and you see them serving it to certain tables. Kaya may nagkaka trust issues ehhh!! 128555128548 So the table beside us looked for the manager. The manager wasn't helpful as well. He, just like the other servers, was lost and clueless. 128531 Instead of just admitting their mistakes and shortcomings, he was even explaining and trying to make palusot! 128527

If only the food we ordered were all good, the whole experience would have been saved and this would at least be a 3 star review but food was not that good and worth the long wait and stressful environment at all. 128529

The fried chicken was undercooked. When we cut it, there were still blood. 128563128563 Had to ask them to fry it again. What they served us was too oily naman after. 128527 The ginataang monggo was good. But nothing really special. The mango and tuna salad was yummy! This I liked! Plus it's just 180 pesos only. Fresh lettuce + Fresh sweet mango slices + Crispy wanton wrappers + Crispy tuna flakes + Mango dressing. This was good and I enjoyed it's light refreshing taste. 128513

Overall, food was OKAY LANG. Pwede na. 128566 But serving size is big enough for sharing and in terms of the prices, it's not as "cheap" as it is in Cebu but still good and not pricey (wrt Manila price 128517).

I hope they do something about their service because it's really bad. A lot of the customers were even asking (in a very sarcastic say) when they'll be closing. 128566

  • No. of Comments: 7
Mae A.
4.0 Stars

And these Chorizo Dinamitas will surely have your tongue burning! But in a good and satisfying way of course 128521

Upon first bite of this, I couldn't feel the heat. But on my 3rd or 4th bite, I felt its intense flavor. It was a slow burn but a good one. It's best to dip it with the garlic sauce. 128522

  • No. of Comments: 5