Kwentong Bagnet

85 Sct. Fuentebella St., Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Kwentong Bagnet
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Most Recent Reviews

Bibien T.
3.0 Stars

Bagnet. Bagnet, bagnet, bagnet! 128111

If you've watched the awesome movie, "I'm Drunk I Love You", then you'll probably get why we suddenly had an intense craving for bagnet. 128514

We were looking for a place in QC that serves good bagnet, so we researched and found this restaurant. I don't know why it's called that way, but it seems like there's some hugot here lol. The place is quaint but cute, with about 6-7 tables.

As for the food, we both got the Kwentong Bagnet meal (165 PHP) with an add on of Ensaladang Mangga (55 PHP). We also got extra sauces of the Spicy Gata and Salted Egg Sauce (15 PHP each). A Kwentong Bagnet meal with an extra sauce is cheaper by 9 PHP than the bagnet meal with special sauce. Hmm... go figure.

Their bagnet is what a bagnet should be. Perfectly seasoned, with super crunchy skin and soft meat. The downside was that mine still had hair on the skin. 128552 Also, for the price, the dish could use a bit more meat. The salsa side was icky. It tasted like medicine. 128547

The ensaladang mangga was super good, but then again, almost all ensaladang manggas are good. 128540 The bagoong that they used was yummy, too.

The spicy gata sauce was creamy, tasty and hearty, but it was not spicy at all. As for the salted egg, it was a bit too oily for me, although my boyfriend liked it.

The vinegar condiment was a good accompaniment to the bagnet. I think they used a local spiced vinegar, but I'm not sure from what province. Maybe Ilocos?

All in all, the flavors from Kwentong Bagnet are great (except for that weird salsa, blech), but they could improve more. Will be happy to come back to try their other flavors, but I would have to do some exercising first before I do! 127939

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Melodee N.
4.0 Stars

Sinful, deadly, delicious. 3 words perfect for Kwentong Bagnet.

Kare-kareng Bagnet, Salted Egg Bagnet, Pinakbet na Bagnet, Laing Bagnet, Sisig Bagnet, the classic favorite Kwentong Bagnet. All the kinds of bagnet you can possibly think of, they probably have it here. You can partner it with Plain Rice, Aligue Rice or their Kwentong Bagnet Garlic Fried Rice.

I say that this place is for the millenials. They have the heart that could take the cholesterol. If you don't belong to that generation, better be careful. Those arteries ought to be working right. Though they also have non-bagnet dishes like Tinapa Pasta, but that's really corny. You don't eat that in a bagnet place.

Will I be back? Yes, maybe I can eat here twice a year max.

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Dexth L.
5.0 Stars

superb bagnet cravings 128076

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