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Fried Chicken

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Anch B.
5.0 Stars


I ordered 2pcs of drumstick (149php) and Garlic buttered rice. And wew, is it just me or does their chicken taste better? I got their spicy one because that's what i liked the last time i visited so....
Also. Bakit mas maanghang???? 128576128293
Winarn naman nila ako before i placed my order though pero nabigla pa rin ako huhuhu

Infairness naka ubos ako ng 3 cups of water because of how spicy it is but daaaang. So damn worth it pleaaaaase. Ang sarap!!
Ngayon naiintindihan ko na ang ibig sabihin ng "love is pain" Luh? HAHAHA. Kidding aside it's super delish! If you like spicy foods, i'm pretty sure you'd loooove this!!

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

I love love love their chicken! I could eat here everyday. The sweet and salty flavour of the chicken is great with their sticky rice and pickled radish.

This particular branch has a hit or miss service. Today the servers were unattentive and a little bit masungit.

Still, i really enjoyed my food.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

As a result of a fail plan to try la lola yesterday, here i come back at the UPtown center grounds to TRY again.
But then i realized that la lola is for dessert, so kyochon to the rescue.
All the while i thought that kyochon is like bonchon. I was wrong. It is definitely different as this is not a fast food chain.
Kyochan i could consider fine dining as they have a menu-bill out system.
I get to sit immediately, browsed the menu to find they offer salads, fried chicken series(original and spicy).. Now this, may be now similar to bonchon's food choices. They also have sets for 2 and 4, some other korean style dishes and desserts.
I then just ordered 2 pcs chicken and 4 pcs chicken tenders. It took a while.. Like 15 mins for the chicken to be served.. As they said they have a process on cooking their chickens (seen at your paper mat)
128204original flavored small (2pcs) drumstick
The flavor was salty and a bit garlic. The description said it was addictive... I dont think so.. It was just that and it wven tastes oil. As in cooking oil (this was my experience).. It was just a little notch higher than your lutong bahay fried chicken.
128204soonsal chicken strips
Soonsal (as described in the menu) is a special batter to coat the chickwn tenders. It has rice crispies. They offer jambalaya sauce or honey mustard sauce to go with it. I chose the jambalaya sauce. (if you wanna try the other dip, you will have to pay 40pesos)
That breading is quite thick... In the picture you see those tenders are perfectly shaped. But truth is, the chicken tenders are irregular in shape, and the batter has to do its shaping to make it presentable... The dish is somewhat cloying (forever gratful to Peanut D fir the vocabulary LOL) after a while. So really, the dip really saved it. The chicken were all right naman, but nothing special. 128532128517

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Rhency L.
4.0 Stars

Had their Ceasar salad with grilled chicken in Orange dressing and it was SO GOOD! You know for sure that they use fresh ingredients 128079🏼

The chicken wings, no matter how flavorful they were, were small!!! Considering that it's on the pricey side, I think they should make the servings bigger.

(not to mention their endorser is Lee Min Ho and his face was everywhere 128525)

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Patrick B.
5.0 Stars

Finally had the chance to try Kyochon! 128517

Ordered original and spicy wings. I don't really like eating wings because I find them hard to eat. But it's worth it!

I really liked the spicy wings. Ate it with kimchi rice and it's a good match! It was very spicy though. The server warned us about it and I still tried it. But it was tolerable. I just need to drink more water.

The original wings was good as well. Crispy, tasty and comforting.

I'll be coming back for sure. 128522

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Sabrina P.
4.0 Stars

We only wanted to have light lunch so we ordered green salad with grilled chicken (P160) and Soon-sal wrap (P120?). The dressing choices for the salad were blueberry and orange. The server mentioned that blueberry was better, so of course that was what we got as well. For the Soon-sal wrap, the choices for the chicken were soy garlic or spicy. I chose spicy!
I liked the food actually. Perfect for a light lunch! Chicken was moist and very tasty. 128077🏼
If you're in a hurry though, you may get impatient since waiting time for the food to be served is really 15-20minutes. We weren't rushing that time so we gladly waited for our food. 128522
Can't wait to try the other dishes next time.

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Margarita O.
4.0 Stars

Honey wings were yuuum! Grilled chicken was good too, but their spicy chicken is definitely for heat-lovers only lol

Lots of flies around tho, not sure if this is just a UP town problem...

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Jef B.
4.0 Stars

Pricy but tasted good! 128077🏻128523

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Muffy T.
3.0 Stars

Had the very flavourful original series, and the very spicy red series chicken. The original is sweet and salty, while the latter is hot. Both orders of chicken were juicy and tender.

The Chicken, rice, and picked radish really made a good meal.

Unfortunately, this branch still has to improve on their service. Jobert our server gave us the bill as we were eating. I found it really rude since we didnt ask for it yet. I felt like they were ushering us out 10 minutes before closing. 128078🏻

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