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La Cabrera Grillado & Bar
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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

Ojo de Bife (Rib eye steak) by La Cabrerra: YEY. But not without a very long explanation.
Price: Php4560 (800 grams)

So it was another lonely Friday evening and I had forcefully refused to go to that abysmal place most single people endearingly refer to as “home.” It was Payday Friday after all and it seemed to be an opportune time to try out a new restaurant for this zomato account, which seems to be getting more and more Japanese as I go along.

Luckily, thanks to Facebook’s algorithm, which has been creepily accurate in suggesting restaurant ads on my feed, (feed, facebook, facebook feed, get it?), I exactly knew where my new stop will be.

At the ground floor of 6750 Ayala Avenue, facing the Glorietta open area, is La Cabrera, an Argentinian Steakhouse which opened in July 2014 (I think). It was launched with all the bells and whistles, being the local incarnation of Parrilla La Cabrera by Chef de Cuisine Gaston Riveira, rated as one of the best steakhouses in Argentina. But you know me, I never really heeded to ratings unless I’ve tried them myself. A disclaimer, though. I’m not a pro so most of what I would consider good would just be based on my personal uneducated culinary opinion.

The place looks opulent and rustic, but I won’t go into the details anymore as I’d rather focus describing the food instead. For pictures, you can just go to #instagram or #zomato, I’m sure there are tons of pictures about this place.

“For one,” I told the attendant even before she asked, holding my chin high, adding confidently “and pwede dun sa walang katabi?” They seated me in this darkly lit area of the restaurant, a pathway between the 2 adjacent main dining areas, where two tables were set for those who prefer to be left by themselves.

I ordered the Ojo De Bife, as it came with a promotional offer from Visa (mine is #Citibank; lol, pumaplug na.) where you get a 25% discount for every purchase of Php4K worth of their 800g steaks. I was dining alone and the lady that assisted me thoughtfully informed me that if I don’t finish the steak, I can have it packed to go. Obviously, she has not seen me eat, but I appreciate her being solicitous. I also asked what’s a good wine to pair it with and she suggested the #Malbec, a red that is very popular in Argentina.

Each order comes with unlimited sides, both hot and cold. The cold sides were served first, while the hot ones came in as they served the steak. I really can’t remember all of their names as there were just so much of them on the table. There were 17 sides in all (yes, I counted): 10 cold sides and 7 hot ones. And that doesn’t even include yet the bread basket. Personally, I feel there’s just too much of it that it takes away attention to the steak, specially considering that none of the sides really were any special, maybe except for the humita (creamy soup made from corn kernels, corn puree, cheese and pimiento), the chimichurri (sauce made parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white vinegar) and the pickled red and green bell pepper (sorry, I wasn’t able to get the name for this one). I don’t know what they were trying to achieve with this as it seemed a bit gimmicky, playing on Pinoys’ fondness for anything “unlimited” (case in point, there were 2 version of the caramelized garlic, one hot and one cold – it was practically the same thing served twice). Or maybe, they were just recreating the plentiful aura of an Argentine meal, which wasn’t necessarily designed for single people like me. Who knows?

So came the steak. First impression of course is that it’s huge – it was almost a kilo of beef! This thing can easily feed 2-4 people. But as I mentioned before, I eat like a bear. After placing the steak on the table, the server kindly showed me the doneness of the meat (I asked mine to be medium rare), and then motioned that she will now depart so I can go have my dinner. But it was funny how she said “the night is long, Sir, enjoy your meal,” I felt she was judging me and that she had to remind me to pace myself.

So was it good? Let’s put it this way: The parts that were good, were awesome, but the parts that were bad, were disappointing. Let me explain. I read in the Internet that Argentinian steaks have reached a level of global fame that some critics would use the term “legendary”. The inquirer in me would easily follow that up with a question, “legendary for what?” Nevertheless, that’s a pretty big word if you ask me, and as such, my expectations were justifiably high.

The meat was marvelously tender, seared perfectly with just the right amount of crustiness on the outside. Since I requested medium rare, the meat had some browning on the outer layer but maintained some redness on the center. For the more fancy, this is how it is described by the more learned: Medium rare should have 50% red on the center, has an internal temperature of 57-63 degrees Centigrade, and should be fairly soft, fairly spongy, and slightly springy. What they said.

The meat had a certain brusquely charm about it, while the fatty parts were just elegant. I did occasionally add a dash of salt (a personal preference) as some bites tended to be a little bland because of the thickness of the meat (the slab was an inch to an inch-and-a-half thick). Maybe if I had the Ojo de Bife Madurado 12 Diaz, an aged version of the steak that I had, I would have felt differently about the salt.

But as mentioned a while ago, there were parts of this adventure that I felt was just not up to my expectations.

I think the steak was not cooked evenly, perhaps because of its sheer size. While I did say that I wanted it medium rare, there were parts, which I think were cooked less than what I wanted. As such, I had to navigate through the meat, cutting it in portions, leaving some parts for reheating, instead of just having one continuous, unbroken dining experience. I am not sure how other foodies would feel about sending back their steak to the kitchen but honestly, the middle part was just unintentionally raw (as compared to it being intentional as in the case of asking them to cook it rare). So issue one, I think the meat wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be.

Issue number two, with all the hype about it being Argentinian, I would expect the meat to be consistently tender. But that was not the case. Despite it being a ribeye, which is supposedly one of the least used part of the cow and therefore would tend to be superior for use in steaks, there were still some parts that were undeniably tough. I had to ask the waiter for tissue so I can gracefully and clandestinely dispose of the “chewing gum”, that meat which you’ve chewed on relentlessly but are unable to swallow because it was just too tough. All throughout this ordeal, I was trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong. I tried cutting against the grain, and cutting along the grain, (I’ve read competing stands of foodies about these) in the hopes that things would get easier. Should I have asked for a different doneness? Should have I ordered another cut? Should have I ordered a different steak altogether?

It kind of reminded me of my experience with Tomahawk Chops and Grill, where they offer unlimited steaks for 799 pesos. Sure you can devour as much meat as you can but the steaks were tough as hell (no they weren’t, they were just fine for that price range, I’d happily go back there). Makes me wonder how different it would be if I tried Mamou’s or Melo’s or House of Wagyu. So the question remains, is this really how it’s supposed to be?

There is a reason why I put the rating right there at the top. That’s for people, who like me, would rather try it out for my self than read a very long review. While my mind was having a hard time finding a middle ground on this one, all in all, the verdict is that the steak was great. The meat was succulent and the marbling was incredible. The side dishes were meh. The only time I was able to really give them attention is in between reheating of my steak (I had it reheated thrice). I think they would receive more appreciation in shared dinners like a date or a family meal. The Malbec was dark and robust, and does wonders in managing the richness of the fat from the meat.

This was a particularly long post. I have to find some form of amusement, I keep telling myself, but what else can I do besides going to a movie or spend my nights sleeping at home. Well, this zomato account is the answer. I choose to move on. I choose to eat my feelings. And I choose to write about it.

#foodiefudihan #foodie #food #lacabrera #makatifoodtrip #eatingmyfeelings #moveonpolvoron #steak #argentiniansteak

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Makati Food Crawl anyone?  Yes,  yes,  yes!   The invite is very timely as i am consuming all unused leaves.  What better way to spend my Thursday than join a sponsored Makati Food Crawl. 

First stop is La Cabrera.  The steakhouse along 6750.  I've read a lot of rave reviews about 'em.  I wasn't too keen on trying them as i am not a steak person.  Preferences aside,  i consider myself as an adventurous foodie and i want to dabble in the unfamiliar every now and then.

La Cabrera is by far the prettiest restaurant I've seen.  I was transported in a different time and era when i entered.  I adore the rustic x old old world x vintage vibe.  The brick walls adorned with vintage cameras and wooden frames. 

Carlo Lorenzana made it possible for steak-lovin Pinoys to have a taste of one of the best steaks in the world.  He brought La Cabrera to Manila.   The Buenos Aires branch goes by Parilla La Cabrea by Chef de Cuisine Gaston Riveira.

Carlo briefly explained the history of the restaurant and what it is known for.  They USDA steak prepared the Argentinian way. 


| Home made bread,  served with butter,  Pimiento and Grioche.  This is just okay, the bread is soft and goes well with the butter.

| Provoleta.  Grilled provolone cheese.  I love this!  Crispy on the outside,  warm,  gooey and  cheesy on the inside.  This is best eaten with the complimentary bread.


As what I've mentioned before,  i am not a steak person and my knowledge is very limited.

| Asado Del Centro.  Beef Shortribs
| Bife De Chorizo.  Striploin
| Ojo De Bife Madurado 12 Dias.  12-day Wet Aged Rib Eye Steak
| Costillas De Cerdo Con Barbacoa.  Barbecue baby pork ribs
| Pollito Grillado.  Grilled chicken.

Everything they served is fantastic.  What stood out is the wet aged rib eye.  Juicy,  succulent,  tender steak.   The other slabs of meat is scrumptious,  decadent and extremely delicious.  I just died and went to steak heaven.

Note: they served a boatload of sides to pair with the meat.


Panqueque de Dulce de Leche.   Sugar crepes with Argentine dulce de leche.   This is sooo good.  The sugar crepe has a chewy x semi crunchy consistency and the dulce de leche is not overly sweet. 

Dining at La Cabrera is a learning experience for me.  Who knew that preparing one involves a lot of expertise - steak is an art form.

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Raisa R.
5.0 Stars

Masarap pero pricey. Ganda ng ambiance very classy parang Resto sa Europe or bahay sa loob niya. Try niyo yung pasta nila red sauce and steak.

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Kristin A.
5.0 Stars

My regional boss came to town and took the team out to dinner. He was the one who suggested coming here, because he already tried it a couple of times before. Now that's a satisfied customer.

Granted, it's pricey, though maybe not so much by foreign standards. For us local minions, it's a very special occasion kind of place.

127807 Arugula salad - First off, why is there no salad emoji? It's food too! Anyway, I love arugula so I enjoyed this one. One serving seems a little bitin for 4 people, but think of it as just a blip in one long filling meal. The parmesan shavings (and they were big shavings) was a nice compliment.

🧀 Provoleta - I actually expected melted cheese, not this blob. But it was good. The bread it came with was even better hahahaha.

127831 Pollito con Queso Ahumado Y Tomates - this looked small, but it ended up being brown bagged because it was substantial pala. It's actually good but ended up being overshadowed by the star of the menu.

128046 Bone-in Rib Eye 800g - So maybe I'm a bit spoiled because I've had wagyu, and this isn't as soft, but it does have great texture. It was served on a sizzling plate so the heat is somewhat prolonged. The size justifies the price, but it is hefty all the same. It comes with a lot of different side dishes. These were in very small cups, but there were a lot. You can order more of these anyway. My favorite is the bacon and corn, mustard, mashed potato, and the pureed corn and cheese sauce. Pwede rin na yun na lang ang kainin hahahaha.

So that whole lot, for 3 guys and a girl. As if we hadn'd had enough, we still got a couple of desserts.

127854 Chocotorta
127846 Panqueque de Dulce de Leche

Just thinking about it is likely to put me in another food coma. Both quite good. I really don't know how I got the strength walking all the way to my apartment after this.

Service was great. We were frequently asked about anything we want refilled, and water refill is also well attended to.

It is a little intimidating if you're not used to fancy dinners.

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Pricey? Well, yes .... for prime cut argentinian steaks.... why not? That's why we got the Cuadril... Picanha cut prime steak that comes with literally a lot of ( ohh refillable )sidings......cold sidings, warm sidings and the steak sauce.... Super filling and delicioso! 5 stars for satisfying my meat cravings!

But of course before that we tried some side dishes which were equally good.....the sinful and deadly Chicharrones! Regardless of what part of meat it was I just had to chomp on its juicy goodness... Cholesterol much, but well just close your eyes and savor the fat hahaha 12851810084128077🏻

Of course to act as the barrier for this was a serving of Ensalada de Huevo Poche, light and easy greens with capers, parmesan cheese, tomatoes and poached egg! With a hint of balsamic vinaigrette 12852210084128077🏻Mmmm 1008410084100841008410084

Then there was the Chorizo Linguini, pasta in meat lovers galore, definitely flavorful as well 12852210084128077🏻

So having all of these for my meal I don't think there's still enough room for dessert, hehehe12852210084128077🏻127881

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Perry A.
4.0 Stars

If your looking for perfectly cooked steaks this is the place. We had the 15 days wet aged grass fed ribeye which was flavorful and juicy. Prices are expensive so recommend arriving early to take advantage of their 30% off Happy Hour rates menu.

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Ja O.
3.0 Stars

Just ok. Too expensive.

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Crissy B.
5.0 Stars

As always, my family overordered. HAHAHA. I don't remember the official and fancy names of the dishes we ordered, but I'll do my best to describe them anyway...

Chorizo Appetizer - I didn't taste it, but it was a very large serving and my family said it was very very good!
Salad w Parma Ham, Mozarella, Tomato, and Arugula - Very simple, but very flavorful! It tasted super fresh and it was seasoned perfectly 128076
Parma Ham Bruschetta - Too good for words huhu i don't even remember what else was on the bread, besides the ham but whatever
Tomato, basil, and Parma ham (??? I think??) linguini - Noodles were perfectly al dente, serving was HUGE, and it rivals my favorite tomato basil pasta from Gino's.
Flank steak, medium well - Melt in your mouth steak goodness 128525
Grilled chicken - This one was for me AHAHA never thought grilled chicken breast could taste so good and could be so tender.
Some Argentinian cut beef, medium rare - I personally liked this more than the flank steak, while my parents think otherwise. It's a leaner cut of meat, but it tasted just as good and as sinful as a fattier cut.
All the sides - They gave us at least ten sides, so I don't remember most of them but they're very very very good and addicting! Good thing the servings are small, otherwise i would have filled myself up on these..... Which leads me to their complimentary bread served at the start.....

I LOVE THEIR BREAD 128557128557128557 A good restaurant for me has great bread; therefore, I conclude that La Cabrera is one of the best restaurants I've been to since their bread is excellent!!! It comes with butter, pimiento, and a salsa, and huhu I would come back just for this..

Shoutout to our waiter, Mark, for always refilling my glass without me asking to, for being so knowledgable about the menu, and for being so friendly!

PS: They also give free lollipops when you leave hehe

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5.0 Stars

La Cabrera Manila:

Complimentary Bread - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Chicharrones - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Rigatoni con Oliva - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Pollito Grillado - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Churrasquito de Cerdo Marinado En Chimichuri - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Panqueque con Dulce de Leche y Helado - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


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Bianca B.
5.0 Stars

Husband took me here for our anniversary :) this used tl the old Lolo Dad's in 6850 :) loved the ambiance of the place! It was cozy yet romantic, servers were very accomodating and were able to explain the menu very well.

It was indeed our lucky night because the Argentinian chef was heading the kitchen that night :) these were our orders:

Empanada- me being a big fan of empanadas, i forced my husband to order this for starters. The empanadas were big and were filled with delicious chunks of tender meat, chimichurri went well with these babies as well :)

Steak with unlimited cold and hot side dishes- definitely a winner and worth every penny! The steak was succulent with just the right amount of fat. It was cooked to perfection as well. For a more flavorful steak, i suggest to order it medium :) the side dishes were all delicious, especially the hot dishes! Husband and i probably had 6 refills or more, ganon kasarap!:)

We ordered panqueque con dulce de leche, which was basically sugar crepe with dulce de leche and homemade ice cream. Such a sime but delicious dessert! Imagine our delight when we discovered that it was on the house from the chef, given as a treat for our anniversary :)

We spent about 3k for dinner (we also got a bottle of wine, the cheapest at around P800, but the taste was superb!). Definitely worth the price and will go back in a heartbeat if husband saves enough to take me back :)

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5.0 Stars

This restaurant one of those places were you just raise your hands & surrender all your inhibitions. Everything we ordered was divine and sinful as well. You'll definitely get a kick after all the oil and rich flavors you will experience.

I made a mistake of ordering the chicharones when I was with senior citizens and two guests with cholesterol and acid problems.. Oops. I had no intentions other than to try it & I didn't expect it to be that "evil" haha but if you have the heart and healthy triglycerides then keep the bowl close to you! 128514. As for the provolone cheese, it was melted to perfection. The jamon salad serving was fresh and they didn't skimp on the prosciutto but funny that they actually did on the greens instead. Lol. Sad though since arugula are a fave of mine. The carbonara pasta is really one of the best we've had! The servings were generous too. We even got to take home some of the left over. As for the chicken with cheese, man oh man. It was so tender you wouldn't believe it was possible for chicken to be that tender and the cheese.. It Went so well with it along with the diced tomatoes. As for the main event.. Lol.. I was hesitant to come here when I read that the food is a little different if the the Argentinian chef wasn't around. I forgot to inquire ahead so I just went on ahead and risked my calorie count. Like I really care, Lol. But Gladly, the 800gms of the prime rib eye was cooked and seasoned evenly. I love how they rendered the fat well and how crusty the outer layer was but didn't have the burnt flavor. It wasn't the most tender steak since it was on a medium-well (for the sake of my parents) doneness but I'm not disappointed at all. As for the side dishes, I missed most of what it was as the servers just briefly mentioned what they were but I loved more than half of it. Just Writing about it make me want to go back already!

We din't get to try any dessert or wines but I heard they have pretty good malbec wines there since it's an Argentinian restau. As for the price, I think for the service, ambience, serving size and food quality, it's worth every penny. 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻

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Rachel L.
5.0 Stars

Overwhelming sidings!

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Telle B.
5.0 Stars

I love the steak at this place!!! 10084️ sooooo good and expensive 128557 good thing I ate here for free haha! We got the following: 3 orders of Ojo de Bife (500 g), 2 orders of Ensalada Caesar, 1 order of Provoleta, 1 order of Provoleta con Jamon Crudo Tomassecos y Albanaca, 1 order of Alfajores, 1 order of Panqueque con Dulce de Leche y Helado and Chocotorta! We ordered a lot as it was a group thing haha and we were all very hungry! 128514

-Ojo de Bife: 128525128525128525128525128525128525 I'm not much of a steak person but OH EM GEE!!!! This is sooooo good!!!! It's so flavorful and tender! Plus, it comes with unlimited sides!

-Ensalada Caesar: 128525128525128525128525 it was good but a bit salty because of the cheese.

-Provoleta/ Provoleta con Jamon Crudo, Tomassecos y Albahaca: 128525128525128525128525128525 cheese that's soooooo good! Salty but I loved it! Make sure to order it soft as it hardens eventually.

-Alfajores: 128525128525128525128525128525 its my first time to eat Alfajores and its sooooooo yummy! And the cookies were big too. Good for sharing 128077🏼

-Panqueque con Dulce de Leche y Helado: 128525128525128525 too sweet for me but still delicious! My colleague Andie loved it!

-Chocotorta: 128525128525128525128525 this dessert is good but really sweet (for me) as its composed of layers of creamed dulce de leche and chocolate cookie crust topped with cacao powder. 128561 I had to drink a lot of water after this haha!

I love their food! I hope I can go back and have more of the steak! Winner steak dinner!

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Leigh B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Ria K.
4.0 Stars

Loved the aged rib eye and the sidings were just so yummy and perfect!

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Ivy T.
5.0 Stars

Excellent steaks! The sides were so good we felt everything else on the menu was unnecessary - except for the Provoleta which was wonderful!

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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

There are steaks and there is La Cabrera's Ojo de Bife (Ribe Eye). The only way to describe this is humongous, ginormous, legendary! In my stomach this felt like the whole cow! Despite its size (all 800 gms of it), this wonderful slab of meat was tender and easy to slice and chew. Credit goes to the chef who lovingly grilled this to medium. Each mouth satisfying bite was juicy and flavorful.

This seriously deserves a visit from Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I can picture him cutting into the steak and the camera zooming in as he takes on a mouthful.

So, my advise for when you do visit, come with an empty stomach!! 128540128516128525

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Quey D.
5.0 Stars

Everything at this resto, owned by Argentinian chef Gaston Riveira, was perfecto - ambience, service, food (from complimentary bread and spreads to free lollipops in a wooden rack). Their grilled provolone cheese and Argentine dulce de leche were both ethereal! Will definitely try their Bife de Chorizo (comes with several hot and cold side dishes, unlimited refill) and Panqueque next visit!

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Carmina R.
5.0 Stars

Sides haven! Unli sides! We ordered chicken barbeque, steak and the cheese (forgot the name but it's melted cheese). Everything was yummy. The dulce de leche cake was too sweet for me

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Sas R.
5.0 Stars

We had the cheese something, chicken bbq, rib eye and the dulce de leche. Everything was sooooo goood even the side dish i lovd the chimichuri! Steak was tender melts ib your mouth!

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