La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina

The Food Hive Food Park, 80 Visayas Ave., Visayas, Quezon City, Metro Manila

La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina
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Most Recent Reviews

Charles G.
3.0 Stars

Went to try them during the early afternoon to avoid the crazy long lines.

They have other Tex-Mex offerings available but we went for their star, which is the Nachos Ala Bomba. I have high expectations because of all the rave reviews I've seen on my fb feed so here goes.

Once we picked the order up the server poured the chili con carne and cheese mixture on which looked awesome. Nothing like that presentation to really whet one's nacho pallet.

They serve it with 3 different dips (hmmm.. kinda familiar) which comprised of the Spicy Chili, Chopped salsa, and Sour cream. So far so good.

Took the first bite and, although it's good, it didn't move any mountains for me. The cheese blends well with everything else that they've added but I noticed that the chili con carne is a bit lacking. Would've preferred more meat and beans. The nacho chip itself is crisp and light but is a bit on the bland side. Probably to complement the main highlight which is the cheese. The cheese is creamy but lacks some flavorful punch. A little more cheddar or something strong would have gone a long way.

The entire dish is a positive step towards the right direction, and with a little tweaking could be way better. Maybe extra meat or another cheese option? More nacho chips?

But for now I would recommend you instead try Silantro's iteration, which personally set the bar for me locally, and save yourself some time (more branches so the lines are better managed) and money (cheaper by Php10).

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Daylight M.
3.0 Stars

that cheesy nachos ala bomba for 195php... i find this a bit pricey, as compared with other nachos out there...

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Pauie P.
5.0 Stars

Almost close for my rating of Silantro's Beef Nachos. La Carnita's Nachos Ala Bomba is so cheesy but you have to wait for the long line before you can taste it esp on weekenda

  • No. of Comments: 2
Yogo and Cream c.
5.0 Stars

No matter how many times we have eaten this NACHOS A LA BOMBA PHP 195 (or USD 3.89) we can't seem to get enough of it.

The La Carnita grilled combination topping is usually served on top of the grilled nachos in front of the customer. As we had mentioned before, it's a great way to whet an appeite.

It's usually served with one's choice of their signature dips: Cilantro sauce, Chili el Bomba, Tomato-cucumber salsa, and the improved Chili Verde.

Once served, we highly recommend you to eat it ASAP so the cheese is still stringy as you get a piece.

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