La Chevrerie Resort and Spa

52, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa
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Natz G.
5.0 Stars

#throwbackpost Went here to celebrate me and my gf’s anniversary and loved the place so much. Upon checking in you are greeted with a welcome drink at the lobby then you are escorted to your room either on the 1st or the 2nd floor. 1st floor rooms have a direct access to the pool while the 2nd floor rooms offer more privacy with your own private balcony with sofas where you could sit the whole afternoon in just relaxing and enjoying the salty ocean breeze and the view. We got a 2nd floor room and it was one of the biggest and fanciest hotel rooms I have ever checked in to. The beds were luxurious and the kind where you just want to be a burrito in haha, the bathroom was huge and the soaps and shampoo/conditioner was of the branded and good quality kind and not some generic hotel soap/shampoo which leaves your hair stiff as a stick (wanted to take some home but we were just there for an overnight stay and we used the soap and shampoo during our stay and they did not refill) and the room decors/accents were beautiful, quirky, well thought of and placed to give you that homey feel. Moving on to the pool, it is quite small but good enough to laze and play around in. The pool is surrounded by bean bags on one side and sun chairs on the other side facing the ocean, perfect for watching the sunset it. For the restaurant, food is just OK and on the pricey side and you have no option but to eat there not unless you would leave the resort to grab something to eat outside. I guess it’s the ambiance you are paying for with again, well thought off and placed beautiful and quirky decors/accents/furniture, an ocean view and they also claim to have the only wine cellar in Anilao with well curated wines. On to the spa, it was one of the best I have ever been to! It was a great and relaxing experience with great masseuse’s and crashing waves as background noise (not the fake kind that comes out of speakers). Too good that I fell asleep which I don’t normally do when I have massages (or maybe because I was just tired).

Of course, going to Anilao is not complete without some sort of ocean adventure. The resort offers diving packages but unfortunately me and my gf don’t know how to scuba so we settled for a snorkeling tour. You are brought to Sombrero island (30 min boat ride from the resort) on your own private boat and can stay there as long as you want. Light snacks and drinks are included but if you would want to splurge, you can go for the seafood bbq package where a staff member from the resort will cook the food for you in the island while you go exploring the island and snorkeling but I don’t recommend this since the food isn’t that good and again, on the pricey side. (There is a resident friendly dog in the island, don’t forget to say hi and offer him a drink/something to eat!) What you are really here for is for snorkeling which was great! With shallow corals and countless colorful fishes swimming around you which Anilao is known for. I was a bit disappointed though as the island had trash littered in some places and as well as in between corals underwater L

Overall, La Chevrerie (I had a hard time pronouncing this) was one of the best resorts I have been to. Though the food is something they need to improve on and the price they need to lower down a bit, I highly recommend going to this resort.

Tip: keep a watch out in deal grocer as they give out deals here sometimes which offer cheaper accommodations

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Ralph C.
5.0 Stars

Definitely would be worth going back to this!

La Chevrerie prides itself as probably one of the best in Anilao, Batangas – a French Riviera-inspired five-star resort with restaurant, pool, a spa wellness and some other great facilities mostly for scuba diving and snorkeling activities fit for underwater daredevils (lol, kidding).

Overall, we had a very good time: a hands-on owner and manager with friendly resort crew, the vista of Batangas seascape was undoubtedly amazing. The beachfront pool would be very nice to dip in had we stayed probably overnight (as they allow day tours in the resort but without access to pool facilities). The resort was really quite newly opened. The European (mostly French) interiors resonate that of a Mediterranean coastal villa – IKEA-type fixtures, a well done lawn dotted with airy shades of palm trees and wall-hugging paintings in French are seen all around the resort. Only except for the restaurant (well, it would be on a different review though).

Snorkeling? Well it was the bigger part of what we did. The Sombrero Island was quite an experience. We had an awesome time with shallow reef fishes and the corals were good enough for us. Scuba diving was also good to try as they have an in-house scuba diving and training centre mostly for intermediate and experienced divers.

Spa, on the other hand, it was a shame that I did not have time to try. Chichi T might be also doing the spa review though. 9786️ I heard it was good. (Swear, I've no idea at all hahaha.)

The next time in Anilao it will be more fun!

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